The Meaning of Life

(Barbara H Whitfield RT) I had a near-death experience 45 years ago. It still seems like it happened yesterday. The highlight was what is called “A Life Review.” There I saw a cloud with thousands of bubbles and in each bubble was an event from my life. Time seemed to flow in a linear sequence and at the same time I seemed to be bouncing around in each bubble. I don’t think I could have survived this startling experience if it wasn’t for the incredible Energy holding me.

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We Need to Feel to Heal

(Lissa Rankin) As I’m trapped in my house because the air quality where I live in the Bay Area is incompatible with life, as I’m sheltered in place for six months and gave up all summer travel because I want to be a responsible community member and don’t want to hurt anyone who might be at risk of COVID, I am wrestling with how we live in a world where our president doesn’t believe in climate disasters and some doctors with public influence are denying the danger of COVID. I can only make sense of all this by viewing disaster denialism as a trauma response that deserves our compassion.

The post We Need to Feel to Heal appeared on Stillness in the Storm.