Uranus Entering Taurus Validates Astrology & The Zodiac: Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes & More

At the time of writing this article, Uranus had been in Taurus for less than three days and its effects have already been highly noticeable. Whenever Uranus or an outer planet changes signs, or is about to change signs, it could begin to become obvious in the weeks prior and during transition into the new sign. The cusp of signs are highly sensitive points and with Uranus it tends to more blatant.

Uranus rules natural disasters, unexpected sudden events, disruptions, and even accidents. It is also associated with many other things, both positive and negative, which I covered more in my previous New Moon article. Taurus is associated with the Earth, nature, and the physical.

The last time Uranus changed signs was on March 11th, 2011 literally happening as the Fukushima occurred. At that time, Uranus was moving from Pisces into Aries. Pisces is associated with oceans, and Aries is a ‘charging forward’ type of energy, which was reflective in the Tsunami. Within hours of Uranus entering Aries, there was explosions at the nuclear power plant which was more reflective of Aries because it is a Fire sign.

In the weeks leading up to Uranus entering Taurus on May 15th, the volcano in Kilauea, Hawaii started erupting. Then four days before Uranus transitioned, a volcano in Merapi, Indonesia erupted. Although this is one of the world’s most active volcanoes, this eruption came completely unexpectedly.

Volcanic eruptions and lava are a combined Aries/Taurus energy. Lava is fiery and it shoots out of the Volcano which is more of a Aries energy (Fire sign), however lava hardens to rock when it is dried which is more Taurean (Earth sign). Also, this Hawaiian volcano was accompanied by earthquakes which is also more reflective of Uranus in Taurus as opposed to Aries.

After Uranus changed signs, the conditions in Hawaii have worsened, a ‘Red Alert’ had been issued, and a much more sever eruption had occurred during the early hours of May 18th shooting plumes of ash 30,000 ft into the sky. Geologists are saying that it may continue to get worse with the potential of hurling large boulders, which is also more Taurean.

Uranus changing signs could also manifest in other types of natural disasters, however, the ones that reflect the energies of the signs will be more prevalent.

There have also been a highly unusual amount of earthquakes in other areas during this transition period. At the time of this writing, their have been earthquakes in California, Oklahoma, New Zealand, Philippines, Mayotte, Argentina, and Tonga shortly before and after Uranus changed signs. Many of them higher than 5.5 magnitude on the scale. Although earthquakes are not rare and happen frequently around the world, there have been a higher amount than usual during this period. This combined with the volcanic activity have gotten the attention of the mainstream media.

Another Uranian manifestation occurring are the severe storms happening in the North East of the United States which is the most populated part of the country. This began on May 15th and a ‘state of emergency’ had been issued in New York as a result. Damaging winds, tornadoes, and strong downpour of hail have occurred with several people being killed. There is concern of flash flooding and blinding downpours to occur as well.

In content that I had released previously, I had mentioned these possibilities occurring. You can see that in the video embedded below which was published on May 12th.

These events and manifestations that occur when a planet changes signs validate both astrology and the tropical zodiac. Another great example of this is the #MeToo movement which initiated the week leading up to Jupiter entering Scorpio in early October. Scorpio is associated with secrets, fears, and sex. Jupiter rules the media, it can be revealing, and in Scorpio can help to overcome fears.

In recent years, people have been disputing the zodiac to be incorrect due to precession, which is the constellations slowly moving from where they were. However, the tropical zodiac which is primarily used in Western astrology is not suppose to be aligned with constellations, it is based on the relationship between the Earth and the Sun.

astrology, astrology readings, carmen di luccioThe Sun enters Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) on the Equinoxes and Solstices which are also the beginning of the seasons. Then we have a ‘fixed’ sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio Aquarius) in the middle of each season, and a mutable sign at the end (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).  Four seasons with three signs each is how we end up with 12 signs in a symmetrical and balanced layout.

All the other planets that we observe are calibrated to this Earth-Sun relationship based on the distance that planet is from the Sun in the sky based on our perspective here on Earth. For example, as I am writing this article when the Sun is at 26 degrees of Taurus, and Venus is 31 degrees ahead of the Sun, therefore Venus is at 27 degrees Gemini of the Tropical Zodiac.

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