ShariRaye VIDEO 6-2-21… “Trump Won!!!!!!! Order To Cease And Desist! Birx Arrested!!!!! Banks Closed!!!!! Nesara”

Thanks to whoever sent this to me. I viewed it and almost immediately felt a strong “hit” of truth from it. At least it resonated for me. Here is a link to ShariRaye’s Bitchute channel. I’ve not heard of her before, and of course, it is for each to discern for themselves how this relates to them.

Cease and Desist all Covid vaccines per President Trump!!!!!!! Med Beds coming to all states!!! NESARA/GESARA being activated right now! Birx arrested, Fauci on the run? Assassination attempts; Arizona Flips? Georgia stolen ballets; Food shortage? Russia Gold standard; Tribunals; CDC and WHO owned by BP;

There have been 50 Assassination attempts at President Trump! There was an assassination attempt against Luchenko. Putin found out, they grounded the airplane and arrested them off the plane! Bank of America ATM’s down! QFS!!!! Look up your Birth Certificate online and see how much they made off your Birth Certificate.

Food shortage?????? Many countries are Gold Backed!!!!! Tribunals at the WhiteHouse and an Island in Argentina!