Shawn’s message "No Coincidences"

From: Terran
Subject: Shawn
Date:  3/21/2019 6:21 PM wrote:

Shawn to Terran:

You just reminded me of something. A couple of days ago after I read the latest filings [by Heather] I was at work and I thought of H. I told her in my mind how incredible I think she is and said thank you. When I looked down there was a paper heart on the ground. And I “heard”  

“no coincidences”.

Terran note: The recent filing of HATJ can be found here: . Currently I do nor have a file repository service that I trust.  I used to use SCRIBD, but that requires a paid subscription now, and I don’t have any trust in the future of Google docs or Dropbox.  BZ is our archivist and does an amazing job keeping up on all the paperwork from the courts.

To: Terran
RE: Shawn
Date: Mar 21, 2019 at 10:50 PM
speaking of shawn and hearts…a funny: throughout this operation there have been many universals at each place and every part of said operation…there is one that has a truly wicked dry sense of cosmic humor and bravado that shines brighter than any star and keeps everything and everyone focused on the end/beginning result…

for valentines day, she made us all pink hearts and said with a mischievous smile, “here’s a ‘heart on’ (play on hard on, lol)”…she’s the one that did the hustle dance with me, denice, and another 🙂

my gratitude and love to shawn for her awareness, and beauty (inner and outer)…there are no coincidences…ever 😉

bunona notte
hugs and loves