The Law of One: Catalysts and the Mundane

If you've explored the Law of One material then the concept of a catalyst should be relatively familiar to you. For those of you who have not come across this material, The Law of One is a book series by L/L Research comprised of channeled transcripts from a source calling itself Ra. A catalyst, as it is often used in this material, can be defined as an experience or choice within an incarnation that has the potential to accelerate or develop our spiritual polarity in terms of negative or positive orientation. It is often used to describe a particularly challenging circumstance that is in fact meant to aide us in refining ourselves spiritually. Here is a strong example from the material itself. 

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Shamanic Perspectives On Disclosure With Lujan Matus

The following article offers an interview with expert shaman Lujan Matus over a series of emails, with a focus on his perspectives on disclosure. Described on his website as having been "initiated at the age of seven and instructed in parallel realms," his offerings lend a glimpse into the capacity we all have to become what he calls "awakened seers." He has devoted himself wholeheartedly to the task of healing humanity by waking students up to their abilities as seers and in his estimation, if one percent of the population is able to achieve this awakened state of being this will become a catalyst that creates the exponential change we are all seeking. 

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Divinity and Oneness: The Potential For Cosmic Growth In Analyzing John McCain’s Brain Cancer

by Simon Esler

We are each beholden to the pressures of the high intensity, emotionally fraught global circumstances facing humanity at this time. This is an utterly incredible time for humanity as we rest on the horizon of immense and powerful changes in the realms of social organization, technology and consciousness. It is manifesting in so many different forms on so many different levels, from interpersonal relations to shared attention on large scale events. As we attempt to apply clear-hearted awareness and formulate our perceptions in terms of the events arising we are truly employing the most powerful expression of our free will. Pulling us in the other direction, away from applying our clear-hearted awareness to the challenges of this great change, is our social conditioning. These social distortions are extremely difficult not only to remove from our being, but to even identify in the first place. It requires calm focus, diligence and rock solid communities to move through these challenges in a way that sheds this social conditioning and all the entrapments it has been designed to sustain. 

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