Videos I’ve watched and may be of interest (as of 4-29-21) (links only)

Here are a few that have perked my brain / mind / heart / Spirit.

Santa Surfing
All fun and unveiling…
4/26/2021 – AZ Audit/Crypto CEO / Seth redacted docs / One fall they all fall
4/27/2021 – Media Melts down! 10,457 Votes to Flip AZ! More Mr. Pool posts!
4/28/2021 – Judge Martin denys Dems TRO/ Kerry exposed/ Tucker said what?

Ep. 2461b – Light Will Destroy The Invisible Enemy, If One Falls They All Fall, Judgement Day
Ep. 2462b – [DS] Panic, “Demean & Destroy Campaign” In Place, The People Have The True Power
Ep. 2463b – Panic Everywhere, America Deserves The Truth, It’s Going To Be A Very Hot Summer

Simon Parkes
2021 04 25 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

VIDEOs of Interest related to the CPAC-SOTU of 2-28-21 (via Santa Surfing, x22, Simon Parkes)

Yes, many are calling the DJT CPAC speech of 2-28-21 (related Kp blog post), the unofficial “State of the Union”. Well, in any event, here are three videos I’ve viewed which discuss a few points from that talk. Not promoting any one over the other. Each has their own view of that talk.
(related Beachbroadcast article)

(via) Simon Parkes 2-9-21… “Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes and Tom Numbers”

There are quite a number of fascinating number synchronicities and connection made in this group conversation. They talk about the financial system coming in, and a variety of other items. Also the numbers indicate that DJT is still “in charge” of things, and the planetary process is still unfolding to unveil that.
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Tom Numbers

Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward and Tom Numbers video


Those that know me, know that I am not a big fan of gematria.  The analytic side of me distrusts it. But hey that’s just me… some are big fans of it.  Perhaps this is the universe throwing it in my face?  LOL… It’s got me laughing! 

I grew up in Scottsdale Arizona, spent the first 26 years of my life there. I was born in Mesa (Scottsdale didn’t have a hospital back then).  My essence frequency corresponds to the frequency of Gold (as does Trump’s).  I did a lot of back packing in the Superstition Mountains. I rocked climbed “The Monk” on the backside of Camelback Mountain.  

Simon Parkes 2-6-21 VIDEO… “6th February Update”

This video emphasized that we will never get everything from the current operation (which is basically a military operation). They do not, and will not, share information that could compromise the mission(s) going on.
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Simon Parkes February 6, 2021


Update 1: Fixed the video URL

There is much disinformation/misinformation in play right now for various agendas.  Feel the information as it comes at you. Do you feel off kilter when when you get it? Then you know the frequency with which it was sent.  It seems particular bad on Telegram.  

Rather than disparage certain pundits (some of which I know a lot about – but truth always outs) I’ll just say that of them all I like Simon Parkes and Sean Stone.  I think their personal frequencies and their genuineness.  Some of the others are as transparent as brick. 

I do greatly appreciate Simon’s reasoned tone and sense of the every day man.  Same with Sean Stone. I may not always agree with everything Simon says, but I do think he’s making the best effort with the information he has on hand.

Simon Parkes 1-22-21 VIDEO… “Latest Interview with Simon Parkes”, by Doug Billings

Fairly “short” video (thanks to G, via BP, and a couple others who pointed this out) that has some “breaking” type information. Excellent interview.

One bit of new data is that, in three states, they are “seeing the Light” (“horrors”) about B and are moving to decertify their votes for B.

Here is a link to an audio MP3 (edited to remove loud music; 17 MB). Below is a player for those who like those.


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