French Court Orders the Removal of Smart Meter for Health Reasons

A French court has ordered the removal of the controversial Linky electricity smart meters from 13 homes, for medical reasons.

The country’s tribunal de grande instance (TGI or the civil court) of Tours studied the case of 12  plaintiffs against the Linky meters.

The court denied 108 of the claims and accepted the remaining 13. The court recognized a probable link between their medical complaints and their Linky smart meters.

According to the court, the complaint included a seven-year-old child living in Tours, who was in “a state of chronic fatigue” and having “difficulty sleeping.” A medical note claimed the symptoms “could be linked to the Linky meter”.

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Using the ‘law merchant’ to protect ourselves from harm

By AL Whitney © copyround 2017
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We have been exposing the commercial nature of our government and legal system for several years. In fact we recommended using a legal notice for smart meters in the Lawfully Yours guide since it came out in 2014. So, it is exciting to see this concept advanced by others, like the InPower Movement.


Here is an article by Dr. David Mercola regarding this effort:

The more folks begin to understand that we call government today is just an interlocking franchised network of corporations engaged in commerce – the sooner we can restore some sanity to our poor exploited planet.