Snakes in Our House

By Anna Von Reitz

Snakes don’t like to be exposed and observed. They like to lay around camouflaged and safe. We are making that impossible for them.
As more people wake up, and start actually observing the world and using their critical thinking skills, it will become impossible for these guys to operate. As more Catholics and Freemasons realize that their organizations have been used and abused in Bad Faith by these Actors and that they and their organizations have been set up to take the blame for all this crappola, there will be action and counter-measures.
Despite all the resentment and violence and howling, the sale of “Indulgences” that sparked the Protestant Reformation did ultimately result in reform of the Roman Catholic Church. This present situation where they have been caught buying and selling babies, committing acts of pedophilia, buying and selling birth certificates and baptismal certificates, etc., is a hundred times worse than selling imaginary Free Passes to commit sins.
The many sincere and devout Christians who have considered themselves Roman Catholics will now see what the “Roman” part of that name implies and drop it to form a new Catholic Church that is finally free of the pagan Roman/Babylonian taint.
This remnant should be allowed to keep a substantial portion of the Church assets and continue to provide non-profit services to the communities they serve. They have done nothing but good and are innocent of what these monsters have done “in their names”, much like Americans are innocent of the many evil things “the US” has done in our names.
In the same vein of preserving what is good and getting rid of what is evil, the new national governments should take a role in preserving the art treasures and libraries and major church buildings like Notre Dame and Chartres Cathedral. These are “more” than church buildings. They are a testament to humanity about our past. The libraries and art treasures should be made much more accessible to broad scale public access and appreciation, via digital copies of the manuscripts, translations of ancient texts, and photo archives.
The Truth is, as usual, more complex than we would like it to be, and the Truth is that while the Roman Catholic Church has fallen into great corruption, it also has preserved history and provided comfort for many generations of people in need of help and comfort.
As deeply outraged as I am by much of what has gone on, it would be very unwise and unjust of us to unleash any wholesale, one-size-fits-all retribution against Catholicism—especially at the same time as we are asking and expecting the rest of the world to understand that “the US” isn’t the same as “America”, they need to grasp the fact that this hidden, pagan, “Roman Church” is not the same as the Christian Catholic Church.
Many things are not what they have seemed to be.
The Roman “Church” is not the same as the Catholic Christian Church.
The “US” is not the same as America.
The British Monarchy is not the same as the British Government.
Deceptions of this kind abound and our first and most necessary action is simply to realize this, discern all the horse hunks we’ve been fed, and begin taking appropriate action — especially against the “Middlemen” who have provided the implementation for all this.
By this I mean the position of the Middlemen, —not the individual people so much as the role they play. The Middlemen are the strings of the “puppet” incorporated governments, so cutting their strings and regaining control of the situation is Job One.
Who are the Middlemen? The politicians and bankers and priests and attorneys and soldiers are all in Middleman positions.
To maintain peace and at the same time reform and recover from these evils requires re-educating the Middlemen and exercising more direct observation of their activities so that when they are misdirected both they, via their own conscience, and everyone else, knows it.
This in turn requires educating ourselves and paying attention to things that are important— if Americans had been educated about their own government and history, none of what we and the rest of the world has suffered at the hands of “the US” would have been possible.
Ditto the evils in the Catholic Church. If rank and file Catholics had been aware of the ritual cannibalism practiced as part of the “religion” of The Great Abomination, they would have realized —for example, that The Doctrine of Transubstantiation — the teaching that Communion Wine literally turns into the blood of Jesus, is a foreign and evil tradition leaking into the theology of their Church. They would also realize that Jesus came down off the cross a long time ago, and that the constant reminder of his suffering provided by their crucifixes serves two evil purposes in addition to any good that comes from our contemplation of his sacrifice—- (1) it keeps Christians fixated on the horror of that injustice, suffering, and death instead of focused on the joy and bliss of his resurrection, and (2) it secretly encourages the Satanic elements embedded in the Church to promote and project images of Jesus and his teachings as being helpless, dead, and defeated.
One can only see these things by a process of education, observation, and community-wide sharing—— which then causes community-wide action to change things. To police the actions of the Middlemen. To examine the directions they are receiving and the people and institutions giving them direction. To examine our own thoughts and ways of thinking. To observe how we are doing improper things and how we are being manipulated and focused in ways and upon things that don’t uplift us or anyone else.


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