So, You’re A Mouse….

By Anna Von Reitz

The last few days we’ve been looking at the nature of Satan’s Kingdom, otherwise known as “the world” and much to some people’s amazement, we’ve shown that “the world” is built of nothing more than words and ideas. 

We have also looked at how words are misused to manipulate our thinking processes and assumptions to promote wrong emotions and wrong actions.

This can be done using labels like “Luddite” and “Sovereign Citizen” and “Nigger”.  It can be done by changing the common meaning of words to mean something else entirely, such as changing the meaning of “person” to mean “corporation” — for “Federal purposes”.    It can be done by leaving meanings ambiguous in order to promote fraud, such as the question, “Are you a US citizen?”  — which then leaves the answer open to interpretation.

It can be done by attaching prior experience and assumptions to new meanings, too. Prior to 1933, when someone offered you a “home loan” it meant they were offering to grubstake you and loan you money to build a place of your own.  After 1933, for the Federales among us, it meant, “Hey, buddy, loan us your home as an asset and let us tax you to death, too.”

And then, they and the banks just conveniently “forgot” to explain the change in the verbiage to you, and let you continue to assume that a “home loan” still meant that they were loaning you money to buy a home, instead of you loaning your home to them so that they could borrow against it. 

We also discovered how similar lies and deceits can be used to steal even more precious things — like your identity and everything you own, using The Dead Baby Scam as a means to falsify records held “in your name”. 

We have also discovered how our Public Law and Public Peacekeeping Offices have been undermined and “unlawfully converted” into private corporate “Law Enforcement” positions — so that our domestic police forces have been misdirected to act as corporate mercenaries for hire, tasked to protect the “service” corporations and their bottom lines, instead of being assigned the duty we all intended for them, which is to protect our private property and persons. 

This then was all designed to protect the corporate criminals and their operations on our shores, and to unlawfully convert the apparatus of our government to serve them, instead of us.

Finally, we looked at how these monsters use Operant Conditioning to get us to believe in obvious falsehoods, get us to worship idols, and hand them the keys to our property, our minds, and our lives — including our spiritual lives.

It’s basically the same mechanisms discovered by Pavlov and B.F. Skinner, just applied for a much longer time and on a much greater scale than anyone imagined. 

We have seen how we have been misled to ascribe value to “money” which is an arbitrary token in an equally arbitrary reward system, how the vacuous concept of “time” has been used to capture our energy and even how something as simple as communion with Jesus has been “converted” into a “saleable commodity” and subjected to commodity rigging.

Obviously, these activities and evils have been going on for a very long time and have been practiced at a high level by certain elements — organizations and institutions — that have used these means to obtain coercive control and then abused their positions of trust  to inflict misery and theft on others. 

The chief offenders? 

The Roman Catholic Church, which was itself targeted by the Roman Empire for use as a storefront hiding their continued criminal enterprises and con games. 

The Bar Associations and their members, who have worked for the Roman Empire since the second century BC.  

The British Crown Corporation and its Secret Partners, the “American” heirs of the Dutch East India Company. 

The UN Corporation, which was formed in 1943 by Nazi Sympathizers in France and Switzerland and Luxembourg— a full two years before the United Nations organization was even chartered. 

The so-called Central Banks and Securities Brokerages.

The problem for them and for the Pope, is that all of these organizations except the Holy See, are incorporated, and they have all acted as crime syndicates, so under the Ecclesiastical Law of the Air, he is obligated to nullify their charters. 

He also owes us the responsibility, as I have pointed out numerous times, to deny the Perpetrators of these crimes access to new charters designed to commit the same crimes.  He can forgive them all he likes, but he owes us good faith service to prevent crime. 

This is, in a way, the same situation posed by all the pedophiles and sodomites that the Roman Catholic Church has protected.  The Popes and the Cardinals can forgive them—for their own part— all they like, but at the end of the day, they also owe a duty to the rest of us to report and to prevent crime.

The same principles apply to the “revolving door” of these corporate crimes against humanity.  It isn’t enough for the Pope to bow to the facts and shut down and liquidate the “UNITED STATES, INC.”  if he then allows the same group of Perpetrators to “come in the out door” and form a new corporation operating as “US, INC.” or, more to the point, “UN, INC.” and carry on the same atrocities.
It’s time to stop being mice and, instead, act as men and women.  Use the most powerful weapons the True God gave you — the Truth and your minds.

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So, How Am I?

By Anna Von Reitz

One week out after the 7.0 Earthquake targeted on me….

First, we are slowly but surely securing the loose ends and beginning to buy replacements for lost and damaged equipment, which thanks to all of you, is made possible by your donations.  We thank you all!!!

Second, we are closing in on the United Nations members who have violated their own Treaty agreements by firing upon non-domestic targets.

Third, we are seeking immediate and permanent liquidation of all municipal corporations that engaged in this profoundly destructive, immoral, and unlawful activity.  If the intended jolt hadn’t been dissipated, most of the west coast of this continent could have been detached or underwater.

Fourth, I was profoundly saddened to be presented with irrefutable proof of Russell-J:Gould’s involvement in all of this. Nothing in my discussions with Russell ever indicated that violence and self-service were any part of his agenda.

Fifth, hard on the heels of all this, we have begun unearthing the role of the Railroad Barons in promoting the Civil War and the Federal Reserve. These so-called Captains of Industry and their European allies provided the money to buy off the Rump Congress politicians and elements in the pre-Civil War military.  This enclave included the Vanderbilts, Hills, Stanfords, Hopkins, Crockers, Huntingtons, Carnegies, Goulds, Winchesters, Rockefellers, and others. 

It was all about obtaining millions of acres of land and transportation conduits across America subject to international jurisdiction law, and the use and control of these transportation conduits and elements of infrastructure for unfettered private commercial gain— for which these Vermin were more than willing to sell this country and everyone in it down the drain. 

Only Henry Ford and those lost aboard the Titanic remained above the slime pit these industrialists created, and again, gold fever was at the root of it. The California Gold Rush more than any other single thing created the impetus for the vast criminality that created the so-called American Civil War and which has served to preserve and institutionalize that criminality to the present moment.

As for me, I have been through the Refiner’s fires and honed to a hard edge, prepared for my task, armed with the truth, and protected by faithful angels. My body may crumble and I may be killed in this earthly form, but my spirit has summoned forth the trumpet and shall never call retreat. 

These corporations, these “legal fictions” — all entities with no natural right to exist, are going down, and the evil men who have used them to perpetuate these crimes against mankind are going with them.

If you are ready to take up the work that must be done, do so. 

If you can afford to contribute to our efforts, please make a donation to: Paypal: or via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

And no matter who you are or how destitute you may be, pray. 

Pray to Our Father, our Creator, to rescue us all and lift us up out of this morass of deceit and criminality which has insidiously increased itself and been institutionalized in our midst.

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So, You’re in Hell. Now what?

By Anna Von Reitz

Let’s begin with this important piece of information: 

 “Hell” is not “Hades” as in the underworld of the Ancient Greeks, and it is not “Sheol” the shadow world of Second Soul in the Hebrew scheme of things, nor is it “Gehenna” the realm of separation and misery in the Hebrew system.  

In fact, if you really search Catholic Dogma, you won’t find any reference to “Hell” there, either, though most people attach the meaning of Satan’s fiery prison to it.  


“Hell” is literally the name of Debtor’s Prison.  And that’s why apprentice attorneys are still called “Devils” in Scotland.  

Don’t believe it?  I have plenty of books.  

You’ve been living in a Debtor’s Prison all your life without knowing it.  So, yes, you are in Hell right now.  Literally.  

What are you going to do about it?  

When I say, “Wake to Hell up!”  this is what I am talking about: the circumstance in which you live.  Wake up!  

If I walked up to you and told you that the clerk at your insurance company stole the information off your credit card and that he is pilfering your credit account —– you might stare at me, you would definitely be alarmed, but once you checked your statement and saw that it was true, you would know what to do. 

You would call your bank or credit card company and say, “Hey!  I didn’t make these charges!  My account has been compromised!  This is a mistake!  I don’t know anything about “Felix’s Massage Therapy”  and I sure didn’t order a new hot tub from “Wonder Spa” or buy anything at Neiman Marcus….. ” 

So why is it that everyone stops and balks and stares at me like I’m the crazy one when I tell you that a foreign, private, for-profit governmental services corporation has stolen your identity and your credit cards?  And is charging you for services you never ordered and is charging whatever they want to charge for all the “services” they have foisted off on you and charged to your ACCOUNT? 

It’s really no different.  It’s the same crime.  It’s being committed at the same level — the level of commerce.  And the end result — to put you in debt up to your ears for expenditures you never authorized — is the same. 

But, hey, until you raise your hand and object — everyone assumes that you authorized the charges and that you owe them.  

The bank isn’t going to call up Neiman Marcus if you don’t object to paying for someone else’s trip to Beijing, the $1200 bath robe, the 3 carat diamond ring, and new leather furniture set they charged to YOU.  

The so-called “government” doesn’t use credit cards, it uses Treasury Bonds and CUSIP Bonds and other forms of debt instruments to pile its debts on your weary head.  

They use the “presumption” that if you vote in their private corporate elections, you must be going along with all this and profiting from it somehow. 

Why else would you let a foreign private investment corporation use your assets as collateral for its debts and charge you whatever it wants to charge?

Do you know that there isn’t a single mortgage in America that is owed by a living man or woman?  

That’s what “mortgage” means — its a debt owed by a dead person.  

That “dead person” is a defunct earlier version of another foreign, privately owned, for-profit government services corporation that went bankrupt and left you and your children responsible for paying off its debts. 


Got the picture now?   

You and your children and your children’s children’s children are buried alive under a mountain of Odious Debt—  that is, debt that you didn’t authorize and didn’t benefit from.  

When a “government services corporation”  pulls this kind of criminal crap there is no bank or credit card company to call, so you may be standing there with a dumb, horrified look on your face, feeling terribly alone.  And helpless.  

Been there and done that. 

But you are in luck.  And you are not alone.  There are at least 350 million other Americans in the exact same boat.  And there are good solid historical reasons for why we are in this deplorable situation — reasons that are known and there are things we can do to change “Hell” into Paradise.

We’ve written three books so far that give you all the basics, all of them available on for a few bucks.  

The first one, Disclosure 101 tracks my own experience, how I got my “wake up call” and details the early history of the effort to not only wake up, but make sense of what we call “The Mess” — plus our early actions to put a stop to the crimes. 

The second book is aimed at a broad audience.  Anyone can read “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” which is lavishly illustrated with cartoons and helpful graphs and commentary.  It may strike some people as to “not serious”—- but it is.  

And the third book, America: Some Assembly Required, is very short — an “executive summary” built on 30-second sound-bites of information that coalesce as you go, so, you can have the whole Big Picture lined out in an hour or two if the “Just the Facts, Ma’am” approach works for you. 

We woke up to this reality more than twenty years ago and every year, more and more Americans wake up.  Word is spreading every day. And yes, we have found ways to deal with the pesky “devils” among us.  

The good news is that the Truth will set you free, and there is a path forward and onward and upward.  There is a way to save our country and reform our government.  And even if you are in “Hell” right now, you don’t have to stay there.

You can come home, come out of Babylon, and once you boil it all down, it isn’t even that hard to do (though we can assure you that the road to ferret out the information was anything but easy). 

Go to Article 928 posted at  There you will find a handful of simple forms that establish your claim to own your own Trade Name and which enable you to claim your children and grandchildren’s names for them, too.  

This is the start — the foundation to reclaim your freedom, your identity, and your correct political status.  It’s the beginning of taking back control of your country and your finances and your future. 

And if the forms don’t immediately make sense to you, take the time to read the books so that the Big Picture of what happened snaps into view.  There is a logic to every thing that happened, and therefore, a logic to everything we do in response.  

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