Sophia – Welcome 2023!

It is the One.
Thank you. Is there a specific message as this 2023 year begins for us?
There is both a continuation of our ongoing conversation and the introduction of new thought. Both will assist and inform.
You are weary. There is widespread agreement on that. Whether or not you realize the full scope of that weariness matters little in your experience of it. This fatigue is world-wide.
To offer a stimulant then, something to help keep you uplifted and moving forward, is the purpose of our conversation today.
There will be no disclosures in these words. These now will come in their own time. Some gradually. Many all at once and in an onslaught. It will feel for you, sudden and then immediately expected. In many ways it will be a relief.
There will be truths told and facts emerging that in some cases validate and in others surprise you. This has been said before. Today let us focus on expectations and sensitivity.
You may be expecting immediate acceptance and unity once the Truth emerges. This will not be the immediate response. Not for the majority.
The human is an associative being and thus learns and accepts Truth by association. Remember that. In many cases, you who are reading these words near to the time that they are being written, have spent years learning, searching and associating alternative Truth. What you now accept as possible is a long stretch from what is currently broadcast from socially accepted news sources.
Yes, this changes. Yet the change is not complete.
This is a process. The race chose to take its time and have everyone along for the conclusion. It did so out of Love, trust and unity. It did so without conscious thought as to how long and challenging that decision was. It did so out of Love.
You may use the term “tough love” now to define the result of that choice. For you are an impatient being. Yet more so you are a loving one. You will choose unity every time.
The coming year will expose the blatant corruption and control built into the current systems of government, commerce, education and medicine. Some will recognize these early and immediately know what they mean. Not all, and not the majority.
Remember, this is an associative race and learning/acceptance happens via connections. Things will have to make sense. This is the first step of acceptance.
As truths are told and corruption is exposed, do not assume that it will initiate an “obvious” conclusion for everyone. Conclusions will be reached individually and in people’s own time.
Patience will be needed throughout this process. Patience and a willingness to listen. Wait until you are asked specific questions and accept that you may never be.
It is not important that any one human was aware before any other human. You are One. Now is the process of becoming consciously unified.
In your not-so-distant past, your unification was constructed and intended by an outside controlling force – the ones who assumed ownership here.
You are now in the process of Conscious Unity that emerges from within, from self-knowing, from inner Truth, from Love. This is a beautiful, gradual emergence that will be, at a certain point, instantaneous and glorious.
You cannot get there alone and in fact came here now to participate in a Global Awakening that springs from within each individual.
Know that regardless of what you say or don’t say, your presence, your Light and your Love is what propels this Global Shift.
Everything speeds up because of your Light. What you see and hear, what you know and feel are each expanding in number, speed and volume. All of this leading to an inevitable outcome.
So, my dear, dear human. This year may be both quieter and more raucous than the previous one. Your inner focus and wisdom will serve to guide you.
Allow. Allow. Allow. Allow.
Your purpose will not be rushed or forgotten. It stands solid within you, awaiting the moment when it becomes visible beyond you. Have patience and trust in the process.
Above all, Love. It is there where your strength is found.
Know that all is well, and that you are perfectly placed. You are so much more than you know.
That is all.
Thank you.
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The New Humans – Sophia Love

It is the One.

There are things scheduled to come to pass that you need to be aware of. These things will infiltrate your regularly scheduled activities and become predominant in your minds.

It will be a major mind-shift, as your thoughts become pre-occupied with larger and life-altering changes on a regular basis.

You are not accustomed to proceeding through your days this way, and it will be an adjustment.

You are about to experience the intensity of global alteration in your lifetime. This is not something you are witnessing from a distance.
This is something you are participating in, as well as creating
Because of your level of participation, it will occupy your conscious mind.

The switch then, of which is spoken here, is from a part-time hobby of focus on Ascension – to full-time engagement.

Not only will you be told the truth of what is going on and its impact on your daily life, but, along with a remembering of your purpose and your truth, you’ll also immediately grasp your role.

Your life is about to feel a great deal more engaged than it does now. One day you’ll look back on this time and say, “This is when the fun started.”

For you are each here with a mission and your life has been taking place in preparation for that mission. Without conscious awareness of specifics, you’ve placed yourselves in the precise locations with the correct people in order for you to be successful. A part of you always knew the truth and a part of you operated from that knowing.

You have talents and experience both, to carry out a successful transference for and with the occupants of planet earth.

The change will be of massive proportions. Earth’s occupants are not used to considering how their actions impact the population on a larger scale. This is the sort of thinking that will be thrust upon them.

Once truth emerges, it will be evident that everything has been a lie and all of society has been co-opted to generate submission, obedience, slavery, and in a word – FEAR. These are not attributes of a healthy society but a sick one.

Earth’s society has been manipulated to become and remain sick and complacent. The institutions that have been set-up “supposedly” for your benefit, such as medical and educational, in fact do just the opposite. They are geared towards dependence rather than independence, illness rather than vitality, and compliance rather than intelligence.

What you will learn, and quickly now, is that you were born with the capacity for brilliance and joy. These things have been beaten to dullness through repetition, competition, slavery and debt.

As the depth of Earth’s capture sinks in, and your purpose is once again activated, your life will drastically change. Your mind will never be bored or dulled. Instead, you will utilize that unused portion of your brain to contemplate possible solutions and invent new alternatives.

In every area these are needed – food, commerce, transportation, medicine, mental health, finances, construction, faith, education, child-care, etc. This is a partial list that merely scratches the surface of what will be changing.

Your entire society will transform while you are living in it, and the process will take decades to be complete.

You are the New Humans and here to begin the process now. It will not be burdensome, but joyful. The capacity you hold is unknown to you, and once you access it, you will experience ease and satisfaction in the use of your abilities. You have come to change the world and the time to begin is upon you.

You are in for such a treat. It will be worth every step taken.

That is all.


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Sophia – A quick reminder of where we are

It is the One.

Events transpire for you on your planet right now, that will alter the course of your life. These are hidden from your eyes, as they must be, in order to assure that they can be completed.

They are not all captures. Some of these are rescues. What is being retrieved is not just people. What is being retrieved is also property. Property of the people. This has been stolen and hidden and kept by those who held the power here.

There are many things to which you will now have access. These will alter the course of your life.

Things like free access to energy and highly advanced medical technology are only a start. Methods for food preparation are available that will guarantee an end to hunger. There are advances in virtually every aspect of society. These will astound the senses and uplift as well as simplify your existence. Much has been kept from you, dear human.

You’ve been raised and bred to be work animals for a non-human species. This is the awful truth of it. Once you accept it as truth, everything that you’ve suffered through makes sense.

Religion was a tool used to instill in the population a reason for “suffering”. Many teach the fact that you are born with sin as part of your soul. You are marked before you are able to hold a conscious thought, and this contributes to the way you have accepted the conditions of your slavery. You are taught, very early on, that you are not worthy.

This life has been a stimulus to a remembering. You are here to remember your truth and to realize your core. You are the most brilliant of lights, favored in all of Creation.

You’ve chosen to be here, and your presence is a gift to Gaia as well as a much-needed boost for the race. The bravest, the strongest, the most brilliant; these words tell the truth of you.

You are about to complete this magnificent mission. You all feel it. There is a sense of peace and acceptance now for your role. It is that moment before stepping out onto the stage, when you take a deep breath, and center yourself.

It’s showtime, dear human, it’s showtime.

That is all.

Thank you.

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Sophia – The story of money

It is the One.

There are things to say. Many.

This period before you will be one of rapid turn-around and change. Entire programs and narratives will appear to take on an opposite approach. This will be due to deals that have been arranged and promises that are being kept. Lives are at stake in some cases.
Livelihoods are disrupted in all cases.

The story of money, how it is earned and how it is spent, is convoluted. There are assumptions that you hold about value that connect it to money. It is not Truth, yet it is the only way that you can visualize worth or value – as it relates to a specific amount, an amount of money.

Money is so intrinsic to the perpetuation of this false construct that most of you cannot imagine value or worth without a number attached to it – an amount.

Money and numbers are finite. They exist to label something. This “something” is, as a result of this labeling, worth either “more” or “less” than something else. Something that has also been labeled.
None of these things, these labels, are true in the sense of Absolute Truth. They are components of the construct. They have you spinning, hustling, bustling, and working in order to get more of it, more money.

The acquisition of money in order to survive has been the cornerstone of your slavery. Your entire life and death revolve around and involve amounts of money as well as worth.

In Absolute Truth, value is not a thing you can put a number on; a finite amount that will mark one bit of life as superior to another bit of life. Value is inherent in all of life. Period. End of story.

The unraveling of the need for money and its use as an indication of value will take several generations. It has become so entrenched into earth’s society that imagination does not remove it. Yet. It will.
What will occur initially will be differences in how it is acquired. It will become more readily available and not tied solely to the sweat of your brow or luck.

All things in creation are meant to be abundantly given and freely accessed. You are not meant to lead a “successful” life solely according to your ability to “earn” a substantial income.

Each of these notions is an invention of the owners. They have been cleverly installed into your dialogue so that you accept the fact that some of you are born into poverty while others are born into royalty. You accept it as okay.

When you consider this disparency deeply, you will realize that life is not meant to be this way. All of you are equal and therefore all of you command equal authority and rights to the surplus of the earth.
Labels like “bum” and “royalty” are man-made, or rather, designed by the ones who assumed ownership here.

The difference originates in how this group sees the race as compared to how they see themselves. By installing money and therefore “class”, “haves” and “have-nots”, the separation seeped into mankind itself.

This was not always the case. One day, these ideas of separation and “more” or “less” value will be gone from the race.

What will help you now as you proceed towards such a time is to consider deeply the concept of value. For surely to a starving person, a piece of bread would be a priceless treasure, while a gold coin would be worthless.

It is a story. It’s all made up.

You are meant to be wildly abundant, vital, and free. You are imagined bits of eternal essence, living out lives of capture and illusion. You don’t know the depths of deception into which you are immersed.

It is a bit like explaining water to a fish.

What happens next is an uncovering and then exposure of truths. These will fill you with shock and sadness. It will be said again here that as you realize the depths of the illusion, refrain from staying in a state of anger, hatred, or grief. These are emotions that will emerge, yes. They are necessary.

Prolonged visits there could stifle your work, dear human.

You have come to build anew on the ashes of what has been. This is your work now and in the coming time.


Value is inherent in life itself. How that value is assigned is a function of the society of which you are a part.

Contribute a steady flow of love, light, truth, and appreciation into the days in front of you. In this, life will be honored and that fact will be incorporated into your new systems of commerce and exchange.

You are up to the choosing. This time, it happens without manipulation and control aimed at dividing and using you. This is some of the work you came for, my dear human. It promises to be joyous and fulfilling. You are in for such a treat.

That is all.

Thank you.


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Sophia – Definition of a Lightworker

September 20, 2022
It is the One. Hello Sophia.
Hello. I have some questions.
Yes. Proceed.
I am hearing about a solar flash. Will you explain what is going to happen? The dates and predictions are for sometime within the next six weeks. Thank you.
There are interpretations that are accurate and some that are deliberately placed and inaccurate. I will confirm a celestial event. I will not comment on the timing of such an event, but that does not mean that there isn’t a specificity to it. There is. It will not be stated or speculated here as that is not the purpose of this conversation.
What happens at the onset of the event and immediately following it is a correction. You may or may not be aware of all that is changing when the event occurs, yet you’ll be aware of the finality of it; all of you will.
This is upcoming and has been written in indelible ink. It will happen.
Will you tell us what it will look like and feel like for those of us on earth?
It will be felt differently/experienced differently by each one according to their readiness and comprehension of what is taking place. It will also depend on their life’s plan.
Once it occurs, you’ll all have no doubt that everything has changed. To describe it physically to you is not possible. This event has not happened to the race yet and words for it will be introduced after it occurs.
This is not something to fear. Realize that all descriptions of it are speculations based on visions or dreams or in some cases direct information. They may or may not describe what it is you’ll experience.
Yet there will be an event that will change everything. Of that you can be certain.
So, you cannot say anything about timing?
No, not at this moment.
What about the predictions for September 24 and various other dates in September and October? Would you comment on that?
Only to say that the corrupted ones will attempt a retaliatory event and that the “white hats”, as you refer to them, are orchestrating many decisive announcements and proceedings of their own. We have addressed the possibility for both in prior conversations. They remain a part of the revelations and re-organization that happens now.
There is no sense in predicting precise dates. This alerts you, yet does not assist you. You are alerted already.
But you know.
At this late date, much is known precisely, yes.
Why not say it then?
Knowing a precise date will not help your organism, and your body is about to withstand an onslaught.
What? I don’t comprehend “onslaught”.
Now first of all, this is not to be tomorrow, but you are being prepared for an influx of light. *
You who are acknowledging your light essence while here on earth and now, will absorb, hold and radiate that light to a fuller degree than one who has not shown up for this “lightwork”. ** You are called lightworkers for a reason – You Work for The Light.
This means that you recognize your essence, hold it, acknowledge it in yourself and in others, utilize in in your work (which is your life), and expand it wherever you are.
Why do you think you’ve been advised to meditate and calm and utilize pure and natural ingredients to nourish your organism? You are the host of the light. The progression and dissemination of it is your work. It is why you came.
Maintaining a steadfast heart and solid grounding in Truth is vital to your purpose. There has been an ongoing influx of light. It continues and increases because you are holding it, allowing it.
You’ve made room for the light my dear lightworkers. You’ve expanded the light. The light remains and the light increases because of you.
Think about the darkness that you are eradicating. It is erased with light; your light.
In the grand story of Earth’s/Humanity’s Awakening, specific dates carry little power. Knowing these dates increases the focus and therefore the influence of whatever is to transpire.
Far better to remain prepared and when something does occur, from that prepared state of being – move directly towards purpose. In your case, my dear lightworker, the purpose is to expand the light, spread your love and to offer Truth, compassion and fortitude.
Knowing who you are will be a useful attribute when any of these events occur. You are the Light.
You will see. You will know.
Thank you.
*Here there was a visual of a stream of consistent light, which is happening for us right now. This gradually increases, building up to a massive influx at a specific moment.
**There is no judgment in these words. What happens now does so according to what is physically possible or physically not possible. This is a matter of choice.
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