Daylight in the Swamps, Sorcha Faal…..

By Anna Von Reitz

The court case Jacobson v. Massachusetts has nothing to do with “American Citizens” —- only U.S. Citizens.  

Can’t you tell the difference between “America” — The United States and The United States of America — and “the” US and “the” United States of America?

Completely different beasties.  I just named four completely different entities. Two of them are instrumentalities of the sovereign States and are as American as apple pie.  The other two are names used by two foreign governments doing business “under our names” and they aren’t “American” at all.  

Can you figure out this con game or are you part of it?  

You keep mischaracterizing everything “the US” does as something “the Americans” are doing.  Please leave us out of it?   It’s not us.  

So far as we are concerned FDR was no hero.  In fact, we call him the “King Rat”.  And far from saving our country from anything, both he and his Cousin Teddy, set us up for the Great Depression and everything that has gone on here afterward.  

Hear that, Sorcha?  The Roosevelts stink, stank, stunk.  They were and are far lower than skunks, or even snakes in the bottom of a deep wagon rut. 

We know what went on.  We know who did it.  We know where, when, and why — and that knowledge is not likely to depart from us.  

Speaking for myself and every other truly enlightened American, when this is over with, I am going to go looking for Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s grave, and if at all possible, I intend to spray all over it.  

Nobody in their right mind is going to trust anything the British Crown Corp is selling and that includes vaccines.  


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