‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: A Shift In Ambitions

We are having a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn which happens on the night of Christmas in the Americas, and on the 26th everywhere east of there. It will be visible in parts of Russia, Asia, Eastern Africa, and parts of Australia.

This is an annular eclipse, which is when the Sun is almost completely blocked from the Moon except for the outer edges. This is because the Moon is near its apogee, which is its furthest distance from the Earth. This type of eclipse is also referred to as a ‘Ring of Fire,’ due to it appearing in this way.

A Solar Eclipse is a supercharged New Moon which influences a longer term period then a regular New Moon. This one marks the beginning of this eclipse season which happens every 6 months. This is when we have a New Moon and a Full Moon occur near the Lunar Nodes, which is where the path of the Sun and Moon meet from our perspective on Earth. It will be followed by a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th/11th. (Join my mailing list here to get my article on the next eclipse and other content).

Solar Eclipses reflect changes and shifts which affect the 6 months following and could also influence up to 6 weeks prior. You may or may not see the effects of it around the time it occurs, but you may feel it and then see it actually play out in the weeks or months following.

However, each Lunar Node period lasts approximately 2 years which is when we have a series of eclipses re-occurring in the same signs, therefore some of the related themes that are playing out could last that long. The Lunar Nodes moved into the Cancer-Capricorn polarity in November 2018 and will be there until Spring 2020. The final eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn will occur in the Summer of 2020 and will influence the following months as well.

The positions of the Eclipses and the Nodes reflect an evolutionary process in how we work with the energies of these signs. What results from this series of eclipses will have longer-term effects even beyond this period.

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Conjunct Jupiter, Trine Uranus, Square Chiron

This Solar Eclipse is on the South Node side of the polarity. The shifts that could occur, both challenges and developments, are more about  changes or what we need to let go of, in relation to the energies of Capricorn to help facilitate a different balance with Cancer.

Negative expressions of Capricorn could come up which would ultimately push these changes on us. However, South Node eclipses can also push us to work with its energies in a different and more positive way as well. The areas of life in which it manifests also depends on how it is interacting with your natal astrology chart/blueprint.

Capricorn is the sign of ambition, career, duty, business, achievement, responsibility, discipline, mastery, and governance. It can be calculated, practical, orderly, conservative, realistic, authoritative, controlling, cautious, and worldly. It is a social climber and concerned with status. Capricorn energy can be serious, cynical, cold, and unrelenting.

This eclipse is in a conjunction with Jupiter while separating from a trine with Uranus and square to Chiron. Some of the changes and circumstances that will occur over the coming months can be connected to Jupiter themes combined with the Capricorn energy mentioned in the above section. This planet is associated with beliefs, morals, education, aspirations, travel, foreign countries, publishing, as well as media and marketing. Jupiter is expansive yet also excessive and this eclipse can shift how this is expressed, especially considering some of the other things going on.

The trine with Uranus in combination with Chiron is good for originality or taking new or unconventional approaches to something. In can also reflect developments or actions that lead to some sort of freedom or liberation from something. Uranus is going direct in a few weeks and therefore some of this energy will get cranked up as we get closer to that period. With Chiron also recently going direct and configured to this eclipse, themes around healing, wounds, blockages, negative patterns, and the pursuit of wholeness may also come up.

Saturn Moving Towards Pluto, Also in Capricorn

Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is moving towards a conjunction with Pluto. It has been building up in recent months and will be felt more strongly in the following 2-3 weeks when it peaks. The aspect is something that happens every 32-40 years with the last one occurring in late 1982 while they were in Libra.

This combined energy can be heavy, serious, and can bring about some challenges. It can reinforce some of the changes connected to Capricorn and can also have a purging, transformative, or deepening effect on structures, responsibilities, boundaries, and duties. This aspect combined with the eclipse conjunct Jupiter can reflect letting go of what we don’t need and where we may be excessive. It can also push us to put more focus on what is important.

This can also be a time to address fears, obsession, compulsiveness, shadows, or hidden matters. Issues around power, control, abuse, or manipulation may also come up to push us towards a necessary change. With this occurring in Capricorn, we may see this play out in the news in regards to government, business, and perhaps areas of banking.

Mercury At The Galactic Center, Then Square Chiron, Trine Uranus, Conjunct Jupiter

At the time of this eclipse and in the days following, Mercury is aligned with the Galactic Center in late Sagittarius. It gets triggered by the Moon on the night of the 24th and early 25th, when the Sun is in an exact trine with Uranus. Thoughts, communications, and information may be oriented around the big picture, ideals, or subjects that are spiritual and of a higher consciousness. In can also be a time in which we can think about things in a different way. Uranus may also bring some excitement as well.

Mercury than moves towards a square with Chiron and trine with Uranus, after entering Capricorn. This is happening December 29th-30th, at the same time as the Sun conjunct the South Node. Some of the themes mentioned in the second section of this article may be triggered at this time. Issues of the past or obstacles that are getting in our way may come up. This is a period to think differently and perhaps do something to help liberate ourselves in some way.

Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter on January 2nd, with it building up in the days prior. This can be good for learning, seeing the big picture, short trips, and expansive conversations/thoughts. This may be a time of thinking about long term plans and aspirations, especially considering that it is in Capricorn. However, this aspect is also close to the South Node with Mercury joining it on January 3rd. Similarly to Dec 29th-30th, this can bring things up from the past and perhaps old behaviours or outdated goals that are getting in our way.

Things To Consider At This Time

Have you been experiencing or feeling a change when it comes to your ambitions, responsibilities, and aspirations? What aspects of your past or old behaviours are holding you back? In what areas of your life have you been too excessive and what can you do to be more practical, minimal, realistic, or disciplined? What are the important things/areas in your life right now that require more focus? Do you feel like you need to liberate yourself from something?

Keep in mind that Solar Eclipses are different than regular New Moons and they are not necessarily a time to be making intentions. It is best to just try to tune into it and pay attention to your feelings and what is coming up to help you in navigating the upcoming months to serve you in your personal evolution.

This eclipse will start at 2:30am and finish at 8:05am Universal Time with the maximum occurring at 5:17am. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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