Elon Musk On Verge Of Passing Zuckerberg, Becoming World’s 3rd Richest Man

(Hank Berrien) On Monday, Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla was chosen to join the S&P 500, and in after-hour trading its stocks closed at $408.09 at 6 p.m. That enabled Musk’s net worth to zoom to $117.5 billion, according to Bloomberg, putting Musk on the verge of leapfrogging Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and becoming the third richest person in the world, only trailing Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

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Dr. Michael Salla Interview – China’s Secret Space Program Origins, Threat & US Response

Dr. Michael Salla joins Prepare for Change for a discussion about his new book: Rise of the Red Dragon – Origins & Threat of China’s Secret Space Program. In it, he explains how China was handed a top U.S. aerospace scientist, Tsein Hsue-shen, during the McCarthyism period, which turned out to be the primary piece needed for China to begin its clandestine space program that rivals the U.S. for space supremacy.

If allowed to continue on their path unchecked, China could find themselves as the global hegemon usurping the U.S. Was this all coincidence? Did Trump challenge this superiority through establishing Space Force? What significance does the Pentagon announcement of UFOs and the recent NASA & SpaceX manned Dragon mission from Cape Canaveral have to do with this intensifying space race? What further secret technologies are being hidden from the public in the SSP? And what do extraterrestrials have to do in the whole picture?

The whole covert battle is heating up and we wonder if America and China are headed for conflict or was America being set up during the past administrations? How deep does the Deep State plan go?

We present this information as part of our mission to present truth and raise the planet’s consciousness. Keep on seeking the truth, rally your friends and family and expose as much disclosure as you can… every little bit helps add pressure on the powers that are no more.

Dr. Michael Salla: exopolitics.org


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Musk proposal of Reusable Rockets for Space Force ignores Electromagnetic Propulsion

On February 27, at the US Air Force Association’s “Air Warfare Symposium”, Space X founder Elon Musk posed the question, “How do we make Starfleet real?” and he proposed reusable rockets as “absolutely fundamental” for the newly created Space Force. Musk’s aggressive lobbying of reusable rocket propulsion technologies for future space exploration ignores increasing evidence […]

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Bezos To Unveil “Moon Mission” Plans In Race With Elon Musk

(Zero Hedge) Having monopolized the earth, the world’s richest man turns his attention toward the stars. On Thursday, billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will unveil plans for upcoming missions to the moon, according to Reuters. The plans will be tailored to the US government’s renewed push to establish a lunar outpost over the next five years. The plans will also likely put Bezos in direct competition with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, who is also working on similar “lunar plans.”

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SpaceX is Cozying Up to the Military-Industrial Complex in 2018

(Brett TingleyAerospace watchdog sites reported last year on a mysterious, highly secretive rocket launch scheduled by SpaceX. NASASpaceFlight.com noticed a last-minute addition to SpaceX’s launch calendar, adding a mission known only as “Zuma.” An issue with the Falcon 9 rocket nose cone caused the launch to be delayed, but SpaceX has now announced that the Zuma mission could be its first launch of 2018, set to blast off on Friday, January 5th.
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