Response to being Cyber-Stalked, Slandered with False Allegations and Multiple Attempts at Character Assassination


Dear Friends,

I would like to publicly address recent events that have caused some concern within our community: namely, that I am allegedly the leader of a dangerous cult whose intent is to destroy people’s lives.

Let me just say, right off the bat, that nothing could be further from the truth.  The thousands of fans I have met and spent time with at events over the last few years can attest to that.

I discussed some of these topics in a recent reunion interview that was conducted for the first time since the end of my weekly television show.  The link is below, and you can see it for yourself.

There are individuals that even now are cyberstalking and attacking me in a hateful and vicious manner and that are consistently trying to sabotage and prevent me from moving forward in any positive manner.  However, let me go on record to state, I do not want any of my readers, listeners, viewers, fans or friends engaging in harassing, threatening or any other form of negative behavior towards anyone.  This is not an acceptable behavioral form of defending me. 

CyberStalking Definition

A variety of individuals have attempted to blame the alleged actions of my entire audience, at large, as if it was all part of some nefarious and organized cult.  This is simply not true. 

Some of the Deep State operatives who have been attacking me and my supporters have also been gaslighting those who dislike me—by attacking them in posts and in private messages.  Attacking both sides in a way that makes them enter into combat is one of the oldest ‘divide and conquer’ false-flag tricks in the book.

The almost total anonymity of the Internet makes it very easy for individuals to present themselves as something other than what they really are.  This activity can then create enormous confusion and anger in the people who feel targeted by these attacks.

Although in the past, my team has pointed this out, again I ask you to please carefully review Glenn Greenwald’s classic article that appeared during the Snowden revelations, on February 24th, 2014.  At least read the following quote from the article, as seen below.

In this article, you will see multiple screen captures of actual intel training documents from the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group, or JTRIG, that should be far more publicized than they have been, up until now.  Almost every single strategy revealed in this ‘data dump’ has been used against me, my supporters and my detractors alike in an almost endless cycle of repetition:

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

“I want to focus and elaborate on the overarching point revealed by all of these documents: namely, that these agencies are attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the internet itself.”

“Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums.”

Cg Statement Image003

[Notice in red at the bottom that this document was circulated amongst agencies in the “Five Eyes” countries, namely USA, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand.]

Cg Statement Image004

YouTube video discussing this article;

How The Government Can Destroy Your Reputation (Report);


By sincerely asking you, my audience, to stand down and not attack anyone, it is my hope that together we can greatly decrease these problems.  The invisible assets who are actually being paid to do this will then become far more obvious.  They almost never step forward with a face and a name.  The vast majority of all of this work is done under total anonymity.  Their greatest delight is if they can convince real people to pick up their arguments and further publicize them.

Even if you do believe you have identified a paid operative, I must again please request that you not harass, threaten, intimidate or otherwise bother this person in any way.  We all need to be aware that these attacks never draw in more than about one percent of the overall audience and they largely have not had much of an effect on the message getting out.  

Cosmic Briefing – Reunion Interview 2019

I do firmly believe in karma, and I ask you to trust the operation of this universal law without any effort to try to take that law into your own hands with confrontation, ridicule and the like.  If you begin attacking others, you are participating in the exact “divide and conquer” strategy that the Deep State wants. Please, for my own good and the good of the mission, Please, do your own research and not blindly pass on unfounded gossip and slander.

And then if you are so called, find a constructive way to voice your concerns about the infiltration and manipulation of this community, without attacking and demeaning others.  The Internet saying, “don’t feed the trolls” applies very well here.  If the Deep State wants to catch attention, simply don’t provide it to them.  This topic was covered in my recent interview on Edge of Wonder:

Civil War in Ufology: Corey Goode BOMBSHELL Interview – Rockefeller, Corporate & Intel infiltration

I honestly believe that the only way we can turn this situation around on a planetary level, and stay on the most positive timeline, is to rise above the constant negativity and not be consumed by it within our own lives, thoughts, and actions.  

With that being said, I would like to dispel various myths that have been circulating for some time regarding these cult accusations.  For this reason, I am making this public statement.

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels.

Contrary to various accusations that have circulated for years now, I had no intention of becoming a public figure.  I attempted to remain an anonymous insider who contributed information to the overall Disclosure narrative from the veil of anonymity. 

I was publicly outed by an individual who was an early adopter to YouTube. This individual wanted me to do an interview on camera, and when I declined, this person posted my full name online and in videos.  This may have been to spite me or to otherwise force me into an interview.

I had never before encountered the force of so many people analyzing every minute detail of my life, doing deep searches for documents (Doxxing) and poring over all of the available information. 

Doxxing Definition

This was what led me to make the difficult choice to speak about my experiences in person.

Almost immediately after I stepped forward and became a public figure, a variety of harassing and intensely threatening events took place. 

This included an attempted poisoning by someone trying to hand me a drink at the airport.  Individuals parked outside my home appeared to be watching me. My home was then attacked, and the door frame was visibly broken. Strobing lights were flashed into my children’s windows at night to terrify them.  Water hose valves were turned on and left running outside my house, during the nighttime hours. 

A military Chinook helicopter hovered directly above my backyard until I came outside, with one of its operators staring right at me before circling my house, and I filmed and distributed the end of that experience.

Chinook flyover of Secret Space Program whistleblower Corey Goode’s home 

I walked out into the yard in a separate incident with my son and saw green laser dots on my chest. 

Child Protective Services were called, and an attempt was made to have my children stolen from me, saying I was the leader of a “dangerous cult” and that my children faced an “imminent threat.”  I was reported to an NGO at the United Nations that specializes in Cults.  My colleague was threatened and only six days after he ignored the threat, the brakes went out on his car, while his fiancée was driving it. 

In October of 2018, we had to cancel an event in Boulder, Colorado due to security concerns at great expense to us and those that planned to attend the event.

I have had to take legal action against a number of stalkers, one of whom claims she married me in another dimension and that I stole her dream visions and used them as my own content. It appears that a lawsuit she opened against me with these same claims in the Colorado courts will be dismissed soon. 

After meeting certain individuals at an aeronautics conference at a hotel I was staying at, I became violently ill, started vomiting black goo, and ended up in the emergency room.  And so on. 

Please review the following articles and videos closely to understand the complexity and coordination of the attack campaign against anyone associated with me.


David Wilcock’s Brakes Sabotaged: Was It the Dark Alliance?

Dark Alliance Mega-Attack Repelled… For Now

Corey Goode Responds to Dark Journalist & Bill Ryan Smear Campaign – Civil War in Ufology?

At the same time, many of the insider prophecies I passed along since 2015 about the pending exposure and defeat of the Deep State, have become far more prominent possibilities with the arrival of the massive volume of information from an alleged source calling itself Q Anon. 

This phenomenon began in October 2017 and has attracted public interest vastly beyond my own level of following.  Corporate media censorship of this and other contentious information has never been greater.  One has to ask themselves if this is ‘fake’ and the info being put out doesn’t damage the powers that be, why are we seeing so much effort to discredit these movements?

28 PM

Additionally, William Tompkins appeared and confirmed an astonishing number of the points I had raised from an independent and unbiased view, dating all the way back to World War II. 

Entire books have been written about these correlations by Dr. Michael Salla of, along with innumerable articles and videos by various researchers. 

Tompkins tragically passed away, during a time where we were experiencing multiple severe threats and attacks within our circle. 

All of this has generated significant public interest, a large following, and has also, unfortunately, put my family and me in danger.  

My testimony in Disclosure has shaken Ufology to its core and changed the accepted discussion narrative from “Did Roswell really occur?” to “Is there really a Secret Space Program?”  Unfortunately, there was a price to pay.

In the course of going public and being seen by millions of people, many fans have come along to assist and volunteer.  They were fully aware of the ongoing and severely violent threats that I was facing. 

Due to the continued attacks and controversy, I will soon hand over most of my communications and social media to a social media manager, as it is just too much to handle on my own.

I got thrown into this world without preparation or any real-world experience in public relations.  I have definitely made my share of mistakes over the years in how I have responded to some of these coordinated attacks, and for that, I wish to apologize. 

A little over two years ago, a group began systematic and coordinated attack campaigns against me, and everyone associated with my team.  We coined the name of this group as the ‘Dark Alliance’ to differentiate it from The Alliance that is working in humanity’s best interest by exposing and defeating the Deep State.

Additionally, and very importantly, we did not want to give them the instant access to our audience, and all the numbers that come along with it, by mentioning the names they were using.  It is a very common strategy for people to want to make themselves into the opponent.

The “Dark Alliance” term was also coined, in part, as a response to certain individuals within this group coining the name, “Blue Chicken Cult,” for me and my fans.

BUSTED! Cliff High admits inventing ‘Blue Chicken Cult’ as slander – IN HIS OWN WORDS

Blue Chicken Cult Cartoon

When the attacks first began, over two years ago now, I had to respond to these vicious campaigns mostly on my own, while many of my supporters watched in shock.

Last year, a second coordinated Dark Alliance attack campaign was formed against me.  Some of the individuals who were coordinating the attacks against me began to contact owners of the largest Facebook groups, and the moderator groups that supported them, with false and disparaging information about me.  

When these attacks occurred, I had been unable to publicly defend myself, due to upcoming litigation.  Seeing that I was not defending myself — this time, well-meaning supporters began to come together to defend me publicly.  They felt the need to defend me from not only a character assassination campaign but also from what they perceived as lethal threats.

They chose to exercise their First Amendment rights to defend me through the use of blogs, YouTube videos and with political satire, creating various memes for online distribution. 

From time to time this group did show me these memes, and I would typically respond with just a chuckle.

However, I must now emphasize, that these supporters became a self-managing entity, working in a grassroots effort. 

Many of the things that were done, said, etc., I was not aware of.  As a result, I have been accused of ordering, organizing and deploying a “doxxing campaign,” in which contentious information about various individuals was obtained and released online.

Various personalities online have since argued that damaging statements were written by me, and have overlooked or denied the actual evidence and testimony that has emerged within the case itself. 

For the record, it is important to note, that the individuals in this grassroots support group are on the record as being self-organized, and attest that neither I, Roger Richards, Jordan Sather, nor anyone on my team, coordinated or influenced this group.  This has all occurred with no force, coercion or negativity on my part.  They are happy to step forward and testify to this as being the truth. In other words, we can prove all of this in a court of law, which may become necessary as the Cyber-Stalking campaign is escalated by the Dark Alliance. 

Group Member Statement

Some of these individuals have since offered legal testimony of what they allegedly experienced while dealing with these Dark Alliance operatives and related parties.


It is important to note, that even after these individuals provided my attorneys and me with documented information showing that I was not involved in the doxxing and other alleged negativity, the Dark Alliance group made an effort to twist the information and confuse the public perception by misrepresenting information they found while doxxing me.  In a few cases, they have manufactured evidence against those associated with me, including fake yearbook photos, obviously dubbed audio of phone calls that never occurred, as well as screenshots of alleged statements made by me in private.  This is all perfectly in line with the JTRIG strategies revealed in the Snowden documents linked above.

Here is one of several people offering legal testimony to my attorneys of their alleged encounters with this ‘Dark Alliance.’  

Please watch the entire video for the full context of what is going on:

Alleged Doxxing by Corey Goode – Mult Legal Testimony given to Corey G’s Attorneys Proves Otherwise

For fans and supporters who did want to defend me publicly, it is now obvious that I needed to lay down various guidelines.  Unfortunately, in the past, I could not, because of the legal concerns that my attorneys had discussed with me.

Therefore, I wish to apologize for any hurt that has been caused by: Dark Alliance operatives pretending to be my fans; my actual fans; my associates, and therefore by me, directly or indirectly, while defending me against the ongoing, countless false allegations that Dark Alliance associates have levied against me.

I know that there has been contention and speculation over many things, but please know that it is not my intention to harm anyone in this community.  I have not asked for anyone to be harmed, nor do I condone it.

There are legal issues, therefore I cannot be as specific as I would prefer to be, due to the probability of future litigation. 

However, much of the negativity appears to be the work of one individual, who was quite antagonistic towards me and entities I am in legal disputes with.  This person was extremely careless in sending these packages of information to multiple individuals in our community, without even hiding their name with a pseudonym. 

The information was continually being updated as time went on, and the last batch alone was sent out to 27 different visible individuals in our community, without any shielding or veiling of the true identity of the sender. 

It is very unfortunate that this entire body of data, adding up to scores and scores of pages, has now been blamed on me as if I had ordered, directed and deployed its release.  This is simply not the case. 

Since the person who did this spread it far and wide, it was obviously known to all of the groups that were attempting to assist me, but the data itself did not originate from me or anyone associated with me in any way. 

To my fans and volunteers, I again request, that you please refrain from defending me with negativity.  If you wish to respond to the character assassination campaigns, please do so with positive comments or even your own blog or video responses that describe why you support full disclosure and what I am attempting to do.  Respond to negative posts and tweets with a positive message, and the negativity will be drowned out with your loving responses.  

My main intention is to peacefully reveal what happened to me in various experiences for the purposes of Disclosure and to pass along intel from a variety of different Alliance groups who are working to free our planet.

I want to give a sincere thank you to my team and associates and their families.  To their credit, they have chosen to continue to support me in my work, despite me being defamed and slandered publicly in a failed attempt to sabotage our professional relationships.

Also, a sincere thank you to all of the consummate professionals that I have around me right now.  I greatly appreciate all that you have done to support me and my family over these incredibly trying times.

I must thank my wife, Stacy, and children for being strong.  Ever since my public testimony of Disclosure – I can’t say it any better – they’ve gone through hell!

In conclusion, we need to identify and overcome the division tactics being used on this community in a peaceful way for the purpose of Disclosure and stop the infighting for the greater good.  The health and safety of our entire planet are on the line. 

I will continue to do my best to act from a loving attitude, integrity, and honor and I encourage this from everyone who is a part of this movement.

Corey Goode

(Come back and check this statement as I will be making periodic updates below on topics related to the Cyber-Stalking Campaign)

Q Statement

UPDATE 6/21:

Evidence has surfaced recently that shows that the ‘Doxgate’ controversy was allegedly manufactured by a New Jersey personal injury attorney and his girlfriend, another YouTube’er, in an effort to frame me and my associates for possible Felonies.

Apologies, the video below contains vulgar language. Viewer discretion is advised:

DOXXgate | My King of Hearts | 4 Cards to Convince You All | Special Report

This has also escalated to a point of us receiving threats and harassment via multiple electronic media platforms, Hacking, Interfering with Business Contracts, Cyber-Stalking and Slandering in an effort to blacklist me and my associates from the entire field of Ufology and the Esoteric Communities.

Some of the people involved in the Cyber-stalking campaign may have committed Class 5 Felonies in the State of Colorado as well as coordinating and criminally conspiring across state lines.

For the last few weeks, my entire team has been focused on gathering evidence and testimony for our attorneys to present Criminal Referrals to the Colorado State Police (Class 5 Felony in Colorado) and the FBI for investigation. 

I also plan on pursuing complaints with the NJ State Bar against one individual in the coming weeks.

It is our goal to not only to hold these self-described ‘Sociopaths’, ‘Narcissistic Liars’ and ‘Paranoid Schizophrenics’ to account but to also to show the community exactly what has occurred over the last year (In some cases 3 years) and dispel all of the fake news and disinformation that this ‘Dark Alliance’ of Doxxers and Cyber-stalkers have been pumping out.

If allowed by my legal team and authorities I will post the Colorado State Police and FBI case numbers once they have been filed. If anyone has information or testimony to contribute, please email us at @.

End of update


Ancient Builder Race – Recovering Humanity’s Billion-Year Legacy – Part I

By David Wilcock, January 11, 2018, 11:11 pm

The Secret Space Program has landed on and entered Oumuamua, the mysterious cigar-shaped “asteroid” that NASA announced in December.

What they found was a technological wonderland that they estimate to be over a billion years old — from what insiders call the Ancient Builder Race.

The Ancient Builder Race apparently left crystalline domes, pyramids, obelisks and underground cities all throughout our solar system as well as many neighboring ones.

This was described in The Ascension Mysteries, along with compelling NASA imagery of some of these ruins on the Moon, asteroids and elsewhere.

This stunning “homecoming” is only one of a series of events that transpired in the world of the Secret Space Program as of December 2017.

Corey Goode was brought out on two major occasions for his most remarkable series of visitations and experiences since at least the winter of 2016, if not the very beginning.

These experiences involve all of the characters we have met throughout this entire saga. Many of the storylines have been resolved in remarkable ways.

The ultimate takeaway is that we have turned a pivotal corner in the war against the dark forces on Earth, in our solar system and beyond.

In my personal estimation, this is also the best and most interesting update Corey has ever written. I am happy and honored to help in its release.


In order to fully understand what you are about to read, it is important to note that this is the latest installment in a very epic narrative that began in March 2015.

It was at this time that Corey was brought up to an alleged secret base on the moon, known as Lunar Operations Command or LOC, for the first time in many years.

This happened almost immediately after he had finished giving me his entire testimony over the phone in the preceding four months, all of which I was documenting for reference.

Corey claims to have worked for the Secret Space Program or SSP, an unacknowledged top-secret build-out of humanity in space that has occurred since the mid-20th century.

The reason I took Corey seriously is that by this point, I had spoken to many other insiders with very high-level security clearance who had revealed to me how real all of this was.


I recently described the top ten of these insiders in Stunning New Briefings, which emerged as a gift on Christmas Day 2017.

That same article debuted another long-term insider who has been quietly passing me intel for ten years — Emery Smith.

1a Emery Smith

Emery claims to have autopsied some three thousand different species of ET while working at Sandia Labs on Kirtland Air Force Base.

Many of the things he told me were later independently verified by other insiders, including Corey Goode.

The depth and sophistication with which these different witness testimonies all fit together has convinced me that they are telling the truth, and referring to a greater whole that does indeed exist.

Emery decided he had to come forward after having everything stolen, an armor-piercing bullet left on his countertop, and then a head-on collision.

We formally announced his debut episode on Cosmic Disclosure to the world on Christmas Day, after a “soft launch” of the episode had occurred the week before.

The very next day, three black SUVs abducted his dog. Within hours he became so sick with apparent influenza that he had to go to the emergency room.

As we launch this article, he is again receiving hospital care for this severe illness.

These events only further seemed to confirm that “someone” — namely the Deep State — very much did not want him to come forward with this stunning intel.


Sadly, a very similar thing just happened to Corey. He was supposed to be going on the air with Jimmy Church last night in conjunction with this article’s originally-intended release.

Instead, both Corey and his daughter became so sick with the same severe influenza that I had to fill in for him at the last minute, upon his direct request.

He had a fever of 103, which is not seriously life threatening unless it went higher. He also has had unrelated, strong pain in his eye after a surgical procedure.

I am saying this to let you know that he should be fine. This is not likely to be life-threatening. He was out by the following morning.

Nonetheless, the timing — and the similarity with what happened to Emery — is very suspect. Emery is again in a hospital now.

That only makes it even more urgent that we get this briefing out to you, and frame it with enough context that you can understand it even if you are new to this.


If you have been watching Cosmic Disclosure, our weekly show on Gaia, the overview I am about to give should be familiar to you.

We have discussed these various characters and storylines extensively over the last two and a half years, in a half-hour episode per week.

Furthermore, I went through the entire storyline in this article and its “big picture” implications in last night’s radio show, which I feel is a “must listen” for you to better understand all of this.

My appearance begins at the 32:27 mark, and continues on for two and a half hours. Somehow we managed to get through all the contents of this article.

Corey was very impressed with how we were able to cover each key element of this entire briefing in the course of one three-hour program.


In order to understand what you are about to read, it is necessary to have enough room in your imagination for a very epic re-envisioning of reality as we know it.

This vision goes significantly beyond what most people are used to hearing in the UFO community, even in the more esoteric versions out there.

The Roswell crash and other such advanced wreckage supposedly allowed us to achieve interplanetary and interstellar travel.

As a result, we covertly began building bases in many different areas throughout our solar system, including the Moon, Mars and other planets’ moons as well.

The “Brain Drain” in the 1950s was the beginning of a massive effort to relocate 35 million individuals in that decade alone — truly the cream of the crop in their various fields — out to these locations.

This has since turned into what Richard Dolan would call a “Breakaway Civilization”, with a population in the hundreds of millions.

We are dealing with a group that has far more technological advancement than anything else we see on Earth, and whose members are almost completely forbidden from ever returning.

This Secret Space Program, or SSP, was originally founded and controlled by very negative-leaning elements on Earth that we call the Deep State, Cabal, New World Order or Illuminati.

Despite the super-high technology, in many ways life in the SSP is significantly worse than life on Earth because of this sinister influence.


At the higher levels, we find out that the Deep State is in turn being controlled by highly negative reptilian-looking humanoid ETs called the Draco or the Saurians.

Multiple insiders I have spoken to have confirmed the existence of these types of beings, including the late William Tompkins. They are openly visible in the SSP.

During WWII, Tompkins personally debriefed 23 different American spies embedded in Germany’s secret space program, and heard about these malevolent ETs working directly with the Nazis.

Corey’s intel recently revealed that the Draco are in turn infested with “nanites” of a predatory, malevolent artificial intelligence, or AI.

This AI basically wants to destroy all biological life. Ultimately even the Draco are just pawns the AI is manipulating in a greater game to achieve this goal.

What was referred to in various religious texts as Satan, or “The Adversary,” appears to be a vague description of this negative consciousness that will only interface with us through technology.

It knows that if it takes upon flesh, it becomes subject to karma and judgment — and therefore it will only interface with us through non-biological means.

The AI has successfully wiped out entire planets, solar systems, and possibly even galaxies, but in this case it appears we are winning the war.

Yep. We’re waaay down the rabbit hole here, as you can already tell by now. Yet, these stories check out remarkably well among all the highest-level insiders.


Now that Emery has come forward, I can speak more precisely about some of the things I learned over the years.

It turns out that our galaxy is literally bursting with Earth-like planets and intelligent civilizations. NASA has publicly estimated there are over 40 billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone.

What you learn “on the inside” is that intelligent civilizations invariably have bodies that are humanlike or at least hominid in appearance.

Emery calls this “the five-star formation” — the head, two arms and two legs. It isn’t always this way, but it again is very common.

The complex biosphere we see on Earth apparently appears in much the same way on other Earthlike planets.

What changes, however, is the exact species on that planet that ends up developing into a humanlike form.

You can therefore have humanlike beings with characteristics that reflect every type of life we see here on Earth, including insects, aquatics, mammals, birds and reptiles.

Thankfully, 95 percent of all space-faring civilizations out there are positive and benevolent. The Draco Reptilians are effectively the bullies of our galaxy.


Corey’s testimony about the hidden interstellar community around us has gone significantly beyond the clues I gathered from other insiders.

At the same time, he knew many dozens of specific, highly classified data points I had already assembled, and never shared anywhere online.

None of us could have possibly expected what happened in March 2015, when Corey had an SSP craft land in his yard and bring him up to the LOC.

As we have reported before, Corey was brought into a conference room filled with people of all different races from Earth, wearing the usual space-program one-piece jumpsuits.

They were key members of an alliance that had formed within the SSP, seeking to break the secrecy and return all of their technology and facilities to the people here.

Corey was asked to stand up on stage in front of these people by Gonzales, an SSP Alliance member he had just met. He was given no further instructions.

Suddenly, the crowd was shocked as two unfamiliar-looking, tall ETs appeared behind Corey as he stood there.

This next illustration shows what we have called the Blue Avian race as well as the Golden Triangle race. One of each appeared behind Corey.

2 Corey Tier Eir Golden Triangle


At this point, Corey became a conduit for these beings to speak to the assembled crowd. For whatever reason, the beings could not communicate with the SSP Alliance directly.

They needed an intermediary to do so — and they chose Corey.

This happened immediately after Corey had spent four months telling me everything he knew about the SSP, and had just come forward with his real name.

The SSP Alliance realized they were dealing with a very significant new ET group. One of the first questions they asked was, “Are you the Ra from the Law of One?”

3 The Law Of One

The Law of One is a series of five books, channeled by L/L Research Company between 1981 and 1983. It has formed the basis of my entire life’s work ever since I began reading it in 1996.

I heard about it in late 1995 in a book by Scott Mandelker, Ph.D., who said it was by far the greatest philosophical and spiritual treatise he had ever read.

His doctorate was in East-West psychology, and he felt that it captured the deepest essence of Buddhist and other Eastern religious teachings perfectly.

The Law of One was the result of 20 years’ worth of research into trying to perfect channeling, after the pioneering work of W.B. Smith proved it could be very accurate under certain circumstances.

The verbiage was very dense, almost as if the source needed to create a new language to articulate certain concepts. I would often stay on one page for 45 minutes.

The material was so heavy, and connected so many dots for me, that I actually moved in with Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty from early 2003 to the end of 2005.

I was the first person to live in the questioner Don Elkins’ room after his death. When I moved in, everything was exactly as it had been ever since he died in 1984.

The most surprising thing for me after I moved in was how ordinary Carla and Jim appeared to be.


Another surprising determination during this time was that I had figured out a lot more of what the Law of One was saying than Carla had — even though her voice spoke the words.

You can read the entire Law of One series free online, and do targeted keyword searches, at

It can also be very helpful to own paperback copies of the books, which are available at

I truly do consider this the Ph.D. of channeled material. Don Elkins, a Ph.D. physicist, often had a very hard time understanding what he was being told.

When I found it, I soon realized it was the most profound, game-changing material I had ever gotten my hands on.

My first book The Source Field Investigations extensively validated the scientific models in the Law of One. Then, The Synchronicity Key explored its many clues into the science of cycles.

The third and most recent book, The Ascension Mysteries, gave often-requested personal info in the first half and a Law of One-validating cosmic history of our solar system in the second half.

Even after three 500-page books exploring these topics, I feel I have barely scratched the surface of all the data contained in the Law of One series. There is nothing else like it available, period.


By the time Corey had re-appeared at the LOC as an invited guest, the Alliance knew who he was, and that he had been working with me.

The Alliance knew the only way they could speak to these beings, who called themselves Guardians, was through this person they requested by name — Corey Goode.

When asked “Are you the Ra from the Law of One,” the Blue Avian only answered, “I am Ra Tear-Eir.”

Each answer in the Law of One series begins with the same first three words: “I am Ra.”

This was a compelling clue. It was actually a dead giveaway when you understand how carefully these beings must protect free will.

When I asked the same question after hearing all of this, and wanted an answer, I clearly heard “Go outside now” in my mind. A beautiful rainbow over the valley was waiting for me.

About a year later, the beings finally confirmed to Corey that they were indeed the authors of the Law of One material. By that point Corey and I had already become certain of the connection.

In all my years of studying the Law of One, I could never possibly have expected that these beings would actually show up in physical form.

I had always assumed they would remain hidden indefinitely, and only appear after a stunning quantum leap in our evolution that most people call Ascension.


Another key aspect of Law of One scholarship, which is also rooted in a variety of other forms of research, is the idea that we are going through Ascension now.

This may not be visible to us, as life can seem to be very depressing and harsh — but there are much greater forces at play here.

As I have been discussing every week now in my show Wisdom Teachings, our entire solar system is undergoing massive climate change like we see on Earth.

These are huge, discontinuous events, and the scientific data has all been updated right to the present. It keeps getting more and more intense. It is a must-see.

We are seeing the sun and planets becoming brighter, hotter, more magnetic, having more ozone and charged particles, more X-ray emissions, and so forth.

Thirty-five different ancient traditions, as compiled by historians Santillana and von Dechend, all predicted we would enter into a “Golden Age” after going through this process.

The best of these traditions clearly predict that this quantum leap will be kicked into high gear as the sun gives off an epic flash of bright white light — much greater than usual.

The entire second-to-last season of “Wisdom Teachings” was all dedicated to the many different prophecies we find of this event.

It is woven throughout all major religions as well as many other ancient traditions. The similarities suggest there must have been a unified, hidden effort to predict this for our time.


The people in the Secret Space Program have identified that these changes are being caused by a very hot and magnetic interstellar cloud our solar system is drifting into.

NASA only formally announced the data to support this with the work of Dr. Merav Opher beginning in 2009, as I have been reporting on Wisdom Teachings.

The SSP has taken Roswell-type ships out there and have studied this “frothy” cloud in detail, as well as the profound effect it is having on our solar system.

The visible charge-up of our planets is a major signpost of this coming solar energy flash. Everything is measurably building up to a grand crescendo.

The entire visual appearance of some of the planets has changed radically in just the last few years, as one example.

3a Saturn Storm 2011

Saturn 2011

3b Uranus Lightning

Uranus 2006

3c Neptune Weather 2011

3d Neptune Storm Change 2017

Neptune 2011 and 2017

William Tompkins told me everyone on the inside knows this event is coming, but each person may have a completely different idea of what it is and what it will do.

The Law of One’s perspective is woven throughout all five of the books, and makes it very clear that this will be a profound evolutionary leap for humanity.

Only the most negative beings will be adversely affected by this process. For them it will indeed be deadly.

Everyone else either “graduates,” if they are ready, or gets safe passage in a cosmic Noah’s Ark-type situation to a new planet to continue in “third density.”


The people who stay with the Earth end up transforming into “fourth density.” You still have a physical, human-looking body — only at its core it is more energetic and capable.

This is what so many different ancient prophecies, from all over the world, have been telling us will happen for thousands of years, in less-specific terms than the Law of One.

This prophecy of Ascension is also the cornerstone of the major world’s religious teachings, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

The fourth-density body will be far more telepathic, will have an awareness of the afterlife and reincarnation, and will have the potential for great feats like telekinesis and levitation.

Our everyday, waking awareness will have elements that are similar to a psychedelic experience, which we will need to learn to adapt to. 

The Law of One makes it very clear that this graduation is not automatic. You have to earn it by being a good person.

This literally translates as being at least fifty-one percent focused on “service to others,” meaning that you are a loving, forgiving and compassionate soul.

You can be 49 percent manipulative and controlling, or “service to self,” and still be able to graduate. At your core, you simply have to be more loving than controlling and manipulative.

If there is one thing you take out of everything you are reading here, I hope it will be to put this practice of compassion to work in your own life, starting now.


I was widely attacked on the internet when the Mayan Calendar end-date came and went without any solar flash or Ascension-related events.

The scholarship surrounding this date was extremely rich, but I also knew as we got close to it that we were not ready for this to happen as a planet.

The SSP Alliance was very interested in understanding why hundreds of huge, planet-sized spheres had drifted into our solar system and cloaked, many in 2012.

Ra explained to the gathered crowd, through Corey, that these spheres were able to prevent the solar flash from happening until we, as a collective, were spiritually prepared for it.

One of the most important preparations we must go through is getting at least some degree of cosmic disclosure — about who we really are and what is really going on.

Exposing the true ugliness of the Deep State, including satanism and pedophilia, is only the first step of this process.

Far more important is that we see the barriers of secrecy come down around UFOs and the existence of the secret space program.

The awe-inspiring psychological shifts this will cause in the mass public will lead to widespread spiritual awakenings that will much more directly prepare us for this shift.

In fact, the Law of One says that we will ultimately determine when the shift happens by our collective, overall level of spiritual advancement.


Since 2012 was obviously a bust, most people believe that the whole story was ‘fake’ and has been discredited. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Interplanetary climate change keeps getting more and more intense. Disclosure is ramping up on Earth, big time. The good are getting better and the bad are getting worse.

Millions of people are having powerful dreams and other visionary experiences on an ever-increasing basis. We are heading right into Ascension at top speed.

Although no one knows for sure when the flash is anticipated to happen, the SSP has used various methods to calculate an approximate, expected time window.

When we combine what the various beings who have spoken to Corey have told us, as well as these insiders, it appears this will happen by or before 2023.

It might be sooner than that, but it is apparently not likely to be any later. Again, the real key has to do with our overall readiness for it as a collective.

The SSP Alliance was very interested in what Ra had to say about this event, and its consequences, in that very interesting meeting of March 2015.

The Alliance heard that the giant spheres would “buffer” the transition to make it smoother, and eventually phase out of existence entirely as we got close.

That is now happening. The spheres have already just about disappeared. That is just one small part of Corey’s latest briefings from the ET side of things.


There are many interesting characters that have appeared in the Corey Goode / Cosmic Disclosure saga. At times I will insert paragraphs to help explain the back-story as we go along.

One key point that is worth addressing before we get started, however, is this notion of the Ancient Builder Race as it relates to the Law of One.

First of all, there are two different SSPs — the Navy / Interstellar program Corey was in, and the Air Force / MIC program other insiders I know are aware of.

The MIC (military-industrial complex) program is predominantly centered in cloaked, flying aircraft carriers like we saw in The Avengers. They have craft that cannot leave our solar system.

As a whole, they were apparently designed for a “Partial Disclosure” scenario, so that the deeper Navy / Interstellar SSP could still remain secret.

If the MIC SSP members were questioned, even under torture, they would only reveal what they believed — which is that they were the best game in town.

3e Spacecraft Carrier Avengers

The MIC SSP people are well aware that our solar system is a “cosmic junkyard” of very ancient, crystalline ruins — such as domes, obelisks, pyramids and underground cities.

The oldest of these ruins date back some 2.5 billion years. The people who built them are invariably referred to as the Ancient Builder Race.

Very little is known about these people, simply because all written inscriptions had been scratched off, and their technologies largely plundered. 


After Corey shared this with me, I eventually realized this was directly connected to material in the Law of One.

Specifically, the civilization calling itself Ra said it had originated on the planet Venus in our solar system.

They explained that they built pyramids and obelisks, and reached a profoundly high level of technology before their own Ascension into fourth density.

Furthermore, it is very clearly stated that they had evolved out of third density on Venus approximately 2.6 billion years ago as we measure time.

I had never forgotten that after reading it in 1996.

The Klerksdorp stone spheres appear to be intelligently built, and were found embedded in rock strata that is about 2.8 billion years old

4 Klerksdorp Stone Sphere

This may be one small archaeological clue to support the idea that this civilization had visited Earth during this same timeframe.

The data is much greater within the SSP. They have dated many different ancient ruins as being one to two billion years old, if not more so, with advanced methods.

I didn’t immediately figure out that Ra was the Ancient Builder Race, but once I did, it answered many different questions raised by Corey’s material.

The exact timing of Oumuamua’s entrance into our solar system does not appear to be an accident in light of what Corey witnessed in December 2017.

This cosmic saga you are about to read culminates with the MIC SSP discovering a surviving, ancient ship from the Ancient Builder Race — and going inside.

Again, this ship is being called Oumuamua by NASA. It may soon become the most significant tool for disclosure that we have ever seen.


Let’s now dive directly into Corey’s latest update. As I said before, at various points I will insert paragraphs of back-story in case you are new to this.

All of what you are about to read was written by Corey and based on his alleged in-person experiences in December of 2017.

Hardly anything has been modified except for small corrections in grammar and sentence structure.


COREY GOODE: I had been receiving a clear uptick in dream communications with Tear-Eir over the last ten weeks.

DAVID WILCOCK: Tear-Eir is the key being from Ra that Corey has been working with since this all started.

Most of the communications that I received were dealing with the preparations being made by various races for the arrival of the two new guardian races that were members of the Sphere Being Alliance.

DW: The Sphere Being Alliance includes the spheres themselves, as they are alive, as well as five different high-level ET groups including the Blue Avians and the Golden Triangle beings.

During this timeframe, I have also had a large number of briefings. This included a few meetings with Earth Alliance, SSP Alliance and the Anshar. I also had a very strange and intense encounter with Gonzales and the Mayans.

DW: The Anshar are humanlike beings living in huge cities under the Earth’s surface.

They are directly discussed multiple times in the Law of One series, but not with this same name.

The Mayans are a group of humans from the Mayan civilization who made their way into space thanks to the ET contact they had at the time.


These briefings all led up to large-scale meetings between the Sphere Being Alliance, the Super Federation and the Draco Federation.

DW: The Super-Federation is a group of at least 60 different ET races that have been tinkering with our genetics on Earth for thousands of years.

We will have much more to say about them as we go on. The Draco Federation is an alliance of the evil, reptilian ETs and other groups under their control.

Most recently I was brought to a meeting where the Inner Earth Groups, Sentinels and the Sphere Being Alliance Delegates from the local 52 stars in our stellar neighborhood were introduced to the new guardians.

DW: The Sentinels appeared as guardians of Ancient Builder Race ruins that Corey allegedly visited on the planet Venus in 2016, as an invited guest.

Consequently, the Blue Avians and Golden Triangle Beings left us with a message before saying goodbye to our density.


I will start back in the time frame of mid-October of 2017. I was in the living room of the house we just moved out of in Plano, Texas.

It was around 3:30 AM. I was looking over art that we were thinking of using in the graphic novel we are working on, which interestingly enough is going to be titled Return of the Guardians.

I was surrounded by boxes and plastic crates from all of the packing to move to Colorado.

Without warning, I found myself transported by a flash of light to the Mayan Ship, which was somewhere in the Earth’s orbit. I found myself in one of the long corridors that I had seen on prior visits.

I normally feel an incredible “blissed out” energy while on the Mayan Vessels. This time the energy was very frantic.


Gonzales quickly grabbed me and started pulling me towards a double wide door that lead into a room.

DW: As we said before, Gonzales was also in contact with the Sphere Beings and was Corey’s main affiliate within the SSP Alliance.

Ever since he had gone through the “Mayan Healing” I had only seen a smile in his eyes. Now, however, the look in his eyes was one of concern.

I planted my feet and put my hand on one of the bulkheads to try to stop and get an idea of what was going on. This was highly unusual activity on a Mayan Vessel.

I saw Mayans holding large stones that looked like huge axe heads.

They were holding either side or “edge” of these devices, and were using them as either a shield or a weapon.

They cautiously entered into the room ahead of us. They looked very much as if they were engaged in battle.

Gonzales told me that there was no time to explain as he pulled me by my arm towards the doorway.

He stated that they needed me to walk into the room and let myself be seen. He said “That is all you have to do.”

I was about to protest and demand more info when he shoved me right through the doorway.


I found myself standing in the opening of a room, similar to the ones in which I had previously received medical treatment.

DW: The Mayan group specializes in providing healing to the survivors of the trauma from the secret space program and its darkest activities.

I saw about a dozen Mayans standing and pointing their weapons towards the other end of the room, where a being was floating inside a containment bubble… about halfway between the floor and ceiling.

I immediately felt the emotions of the Mayans. They were extremely emotionally stressed. Prior to this I had never felt anything but peace and love from them.

I then noticed between five and seven Mayans laying on the floor who were obviously dead. Their “stone axe head” weapons were floating about 2 feet above the floor.

I looked back to the being still floating on the other side of the room. It was a reptilian-type being with a bone structure that looked more like a human.

It had what looked like olive green snake skin stretched across the human looking bones and had a slightly elongated head/ skull.

What you are seeing is an approximate image, used in part from conventionally-available sources, to help illustrate what this scene looked like.

5 Gonzales Draco Mayan


There was a weird mirage effect that didn’t allow me to see his face or eyes very clearly, but I could see that his facial features also looked fairly human.

I could see the slit pupils of his eyes opening and closing.

This motion brought about rhythmic flashes of yellow and black within its pupils, reminiscent of what I witnessed within the eyes of the Royal White Draco.

DW: Early in this saga, Corey met the commander of the Draco empire, a 14-foot-tall white-colored being.

6 Draco Royal

It did very similar things with its eyes, and this had a terrifying hypnotic effect.

This being was about seven feet tall, and had a very defined and wiry muscular structure. He was barefoot, clothed in a black one-piece suit, and draped in a brown, blue and gold shawl or cape.


This being jerked its head over in my direction and started addressing me by the name the Blue Avians call me, “Raw-Hanush-Eir.”

It got to the middle of “Hanush” when there was a loud SNAP!

I realized at that moment that I was not there to negotiate anything. I was there to be the distraction which would allow this being to be killed.


DW: As I said on the radio show with Jimmy Church, the term “Hanush” appears to be synonymous with “Enoch,” as in the Book of Enoch.

The exact Hebrew spelling is khanokh, or, which translates as teacher, one who guides, and messenger.

The Book of Enoch is as old as the book of Genesis, and equally important. It describes a race of giants on Earth that became cannibalistic to humans.

These giants used Enoch to petition the benevolent Elohim for mercy, after they learned that a great flood was coming that would balance their karma.

They asked to be airlifted to safety and were denied.

Very interestingly, the Draco White Royal similarly used Corey to be released from our solar system before the upcoming solar flash — and was denied.

For this reason, I have speculated that “Enoch” is essentially a political term in the ET world that could also be akin to “Diplomat” or “Ambassador.”

In our present time, Corey appears to have been thrust into this role. It is not Messianic, nor should he be seen as anything special, just as with Carla, Jim, Don and myself.

Corey has had many difficulties and threats, and has had a very hard time adjusting to all the strange things that have been happening to him.


Mayans immediately flooded the room to attend to their dead, and to secure the body of the Reptilian being that had just been taken out.

Gonzales rushed into the room with them, and walked up to its body.

He then approached me to let me know that I had done well.

I was still a bit shocked and definitely not happy that I had been used to distract a being so as to allow its assassination, without any warning or explanation.


Gonzales saw that I was upset and stopped, put his hands out in the air and took a long slow breath as he lowered his arms. He paused for a moment with his eyes closed.

Then he looked at me and said, “Okay, we are very sorry to have put you through that. We were transferring a recent Draco captive that was a VIP.

“We had captured him hours before, in a cavern system deep below the African continent.

“Apparently, the Mayans over-estimated their ability to contain him with their stasis technology.”

Gonzales went on to tell me that this reptilian was being transferred to a special detention facility when it regained consciousness, and began attacking the Mayans one by one.

He explained that the Draco and Super Federation groups used this facility as a prison for beings who have violated a certain agreement that was made long ago.

He said he wanted to give me more info… but there was, again, no time.

He looked over at a Mayan standing by one of the floating stone control panels as it flashed its normal variety of colors, lights and symbols.

Gonzales looked back at me and said, “Allow them to see what just occurred.”

Before I could ask who he was talking about, there was a flash of light.


I found myself standing in a huge cavern along with Gonzales, a handful of the Mayans and the body of the reptilian being.

We were in a cavernous area in which the walls lead up to two separate plateaus, about 90 feet above us. On one ledge I could see tall blonde beings, along with the group known as Ebens.

On the other ledge were various types of insectoids, including ant-like beings as well as mantis-like beings. Both groups seemed to keep looking back as if they were communicating with someone on their ledge that was out of our view.

Suddenly, something that felt like a chorus of minds began connecting with my own thoughts.

They were all playing back the events that I had just witnessed on the Mayan vessel. It seemed to replay in my head over a dozen times before they disengaged their connection.

I was still very confused and in a bit of shock from the ordeal. I noticed that the Mayans and Gonzales were obviously going through the same replay of events in their heads.

When it was over, I had time to notice that the Mayans and Gonzales were more than a bit disappointed that they were unable to deliver their prisoner alive.

I was going to approach Gonzales to inquire more about what had just occurred when I was delivered back home with a flash of light.

I was determined not to let this go, and set the intention to demand more info from Gonzales at one of our future meetings.


DW: As I pointed out on the radio show, it is interesting to look at this event as being a synchronistic mirror of what we are also seeing here on Earth.

The latest briefings I have been reporting have indicated that 40,000 different people have been arrested in 2017 for child trafficking and related crimes.

This purge is now finally working its way up to top Deep State operatives, many of whom are listed in some 10,000 different sealed indictments.

We are hearing that many top people have already been brought to detention facilities on Navy ships and even at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

It therefore appears that similar strides are being made in the “space war” as we are seeing here on Earth.

Specifically, top Draco elites are being arrested, detained and hopefully questioned.

The above VIP witness apparently could have revealed a great deal more of the Draco’s plans.

The Mayans under-estimated how powerful it was.

Since these beings know who Corey is and what his role is at this time, his sudden appearance gave them just enough distraction to defeat this being before it killed anyone else.

It is very interesting, therefore, to see this as a clear indication that the war is being won on both fronts — both on Earth as well as in space.


CG: I did my best to forget the frightening experience with Gonzales and the Mayans and get back into “work mode.”

Several of our projects needed attention. Almost immediately, once again, I began to receive dream communications from Tear-Eir.

In one of these dream-state communications, I was told that I should prepare for a series of meetings with the Super Federation and the “Council at Saturn” in the next few days.

On Saturday, December 16, 2017, at a little after 3:30 AM, a blue orb appeared in my room. I got up and put on the nice clothes that I had laid out next to my bed the night before.

DW: It is very interesting that this was the same day that the officially-sanctioned Tom DeLonge UFO disclosure occurred, as I discussed on Christmas.

As I buttoned up my shirt, I mused for a moment on how much I looked like I was going in to Gaia Studios to shoot an episode of Cosmic Disclosure.

I then faced the orb and indicated that I was ready to be transported.

As usual, I was given very little information on what to expect or what would be expected of me.


I arrived in a secluded area by the stairs, close to some decorative plants in the foyer of the Super Federation Base, close to Jupiter.

I recognized immediately where I was and began to scan the area to see who was among those standing close by.

I noticed Gonzales and three Mayans standing not far away. As soon as Gonzales noticed me, he sprinted over to me, leaving his escorts behind.

He put a hand on each of my shoulders and asked, “Are you ready for this?” I replied ,”Ready for what?” and went on to tell him that I had no idea what was going on.

Gonzales lit up as he smiled, and said “Typical. It’s probably for the best. You would be out of your mind with nervousness.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and was about to comment further when Gonzales looked over at the Mayans, nodded at them, and then guided me up the foyer stairs to one of the doors of the conference hall.

I asked “What, no ridiculous purple suit this time?” He smiled and then quickly returned his glance forward, walking me past groups of different beings preparing for the conference.


As we walked further into the hall, I noticed that it was unusually full. There was a variety of different beings present that I either hadn’t seen in decades or were unfamiliar to me all together.

Among the species I was unfamiliar with was a small group of Aquatic beings that stuck out because of their atmospheric needs.

There were five completely different types of Aquatics, three of which didn’t have legs or feet, but instead had tails.

Some of the tails looked similar to what you would see on a walrus (aquatic mammal-looking) while others looked more Eel-like.

One of the artists who is working on the new SBA Comic and Graphic Novel, Steve Cefalo, made a depiction here of one of the Aquatic beings.

You can find out more about this project at

7 Aquatic Being


The three beings without legs were suspended in cylinders of water that were floating above the floor.

The water must have been contained in a cylindrical force field that maintained environmental control around their bodies.

These beings were making me feel very uncomfortable on an intuitive level. As we walked past them, I leaned over to Gonzales and asked, “Do those Aquatic beings in the water give you the creeps?”

Gonzales paused and pulled a smart glass pad out of his jacket. He looked at the pad for a moment as he was accessing it and then handed it to me.

He said that they are maintaining a large number of experiments in our oceans, and consequently do not like humans very much. They consider us a cancer to this planet’s oceans and wildlife.

He said the last thing you want to do is accidentally find yourself in any of the waters they’re performing experiments in.

I looked down and pulled up on the smart glass pad. It revealed a classified military report from the Korean War era.


According to this report, during the Korean war there was a US bomber that had to ditch in the ocean off of the Korean Peninsula.

The crew of the plane was able to get out a distress call before crashing into the frigid Pacific water. The crew survived the crash, and was able to grab a lot of gear before jumping into life rafts.

The plane sank very quickly, leaving the survivors in three different lifeboats, spread out about 100 yards apart.

They started to use paddles to try to bring the survivors together to increase their chances of survival. Suddenly screams were heard from one of the life rafts. It was dusk, so visibility was decreasing.

What the survivors witnessed next was hard for them to wrap their minds around.

They saw what looked like a human figure launch out of the water and pull one of the survivors into the water by their life vest. The human figure was fighting to pull the survivor underwater but was unable to, due to his life jacket.

Screams were heard from one of the other life boats as more of these human-looking figures launched into the air, attempting to pull survivors into the water.

The group on the third boat was made up of the pilot and flight crew, who quickly pulled out their side-arms and readied themselves for defense.


The soldiers were scanning their immediate area for a ship or submarine that these enemy divers may have come from.

Then, suddenly three aquatic beings leapt onto the edge of their life raft, grasping at the survivors. The Pilot and another crew member opened fire, killing all three of the aquatic beings. They left the beings’ bodies floating on the life raft.

The survivors stayed in a back-to-back defense posture until daylight came. The carcasses of two of the fallen aquatic beings were draped with their tails hanging in the water, allowing their comrades to snatch the bodies back into the ocean.

In response, the Pilot pulled the remaining body all the way onto the raft, so as to have a specimen to hand over to the military… if they survived.

The surviving men were, in fact, rescued eight hours later by the US Navy.

The body of the aquatic being was removed and sent for study, while the official report stated that the survivors were merely suffering from the mental trauma of the crash and the subsequent series of shark attacks that had taken their crewmates.

I will be giving a more complete presentation on these beings and the information regarding oceanic experiments, bases and vehicles on March 18th in Kona, Hawaii with Joan Ocean and Michael Salla.

You can get more info here about the “Waves of Disclosure” event here:


I was more than a little disturbed by the report, and began to look around at the other beings present at the gathering.

I asked Gonzales if they too have the same sort of field generating their native atmospheres.

He stated, “Yes, just like the aquatics, each of them has a field around them that produces their own planet’s atmosphere.

“There is one around the both of us right now.”


He looked up at the domed ceiling above us and then down at the deck. He paused and said, “This space station is very advanced and very ancient.”

“It is able to scan any being that arrives, so as to replicate their biological needs instantly.”

“It also has the ability to interface with each being on a consciousness level, and facilitate bi-directional communications between all present.”

Gonzales walked over to one of the horseshoe-shaped seating areas for delegates, and stopped to look around.

I asked “Are you in the chair today, or am I?”

He responded, “No, you are up there,” while pointing to the speaker’s platform. He started to chuckle as I broke my horrified gaze from the speaker platform back to where he was standing.

He had a big grin on his face. “Don’t worry, how could a meeting between the Super Federation and the Guardians be a bad thing?”

He looked around. “Okay, now walk up onto the platform and think to yourself, “I am ready to begin.”

I asked, “Begin what?” He just sat down without answering me, a smirk across his face.


I walked up to the platform and turned to the assembly. Every eye in the assembly hall was on me. I could feel the anticipation of the beings in the room.

I looked over at the Earth Delegation. I recognized the person in the seat as one of the members of the Council of 200, with whom I had had prior encounters.

I was starting to get a bit shaky when I figured I would just get it over with. I thought to myself, “I am ready.”

Immediately, Tear-Eir and the Golden Triangle Being were standing behind me, very much in the same manner as when they had first appeared with me in front of the SSP Alliance at the LOC.

Tear-Eir addressed me and said “Repeat everything exactly as I communicate it to you,” to which I nodded in agreement. I then turned to the delegation once more, and began to speak.

I then spoke the words, “We greet you in the love and light of the one infinite creator.” At this time, both Tear-Eir and the Golden Triangle being put their palms forward and bowed. I mimicked what they did.

I felt a very deliberate, yet loving energy coming from Tear-Eir. It seemed he was opening more of himself up to me than he had previously.

I was overcome with emotion. Though I was not crying, tears were streaming down my face to where I couldn’t see the assembly very well.


I continued to speak for Tear-Eir, not really understanding much of what I said.

There were some cosmic legal statements, and then I was directed into speaking about the twenty-two genetic programs being run by the Super Federation.

Tear-Eir was having me address groups of beings by both their name and where they came from.

DW: I asked him for specifics, and he said there are deliberate protective protocols that create amnesia on these sorts of details. This is in keeping with the Law of One directives on protecting free will.

Tear-Eir began to discuss cosmic agreements over these programs that have been made and broken over oceans of time.

It seems that each of the fifty-two stars in our local star cluster have gone through similar genetic programs.

DW: These Super-Federation groups have been taking DNA from all over the galaxy and blending it with us in these programs, super-charging us for Ascension.

Tear-Eir then announced that the Super Federation as they knew it would soon be disbanded, as had been done in countless other star systems. This was in full accordance with cosmic law.

Tear-Eir further stated that soon two more Guardian races would come to replace the Blue Avians and Golden Triangle Beings.

At that point, the new Guardians would guide the Super Federation through consolidating and closing down these programs.


Immediately about a third of the assembly stood up and began speaking and pleading their cases all at once. Some were speaking, while most were reaching out telepathically.

DW: The Super-Federation beings had believed that they would continue “managing” us for thousands more years after the solar flash.

They felt as if we were their creations, not autonomous beings. Thus everyone was very upset in being told they were going to lose all control over us.

Some sort of automated system in the space station blocked the communications. Some of them were moving their arms around and were talking, but no sound was heard.

Tear-Eir then had me say “remember the Ponce System.”

I had a flash of some sort of military conflict between a few of the Super Federation groups and a Guardian group that was enforcing a similar situation in a far-away star system, long ago.

The incident seemed significant to everyone present, except the Earth Delegation and myself.


The delegates returned to their seats and waited for me to address them again.

Tear-Eir then had me state, “Humanity has had much to overcome. In this new phase, this council will soon disband.

“Humanity’s “Cosmic Family” will assist them in healing and guiding them through the management of their own genetic and spiritual growth.

“This council will attend to its members incarnated on Earth, until which time humanity requests that you remove them.

“Humanity will be offered an official seat at a new Super Federation Council.

“These Cosmic Family members will use their experiences as a part of these programs to help guide this council in further ongoing programs across this Galaxy.”

Tear-Eir then had me say, “In Service to All, In Service of the One.”


Then he and the Triangle Being disappeared, leaving me once again alone on the stage. When I looked down at the seat Gonzales was in, he stood up and did a quiet clapping motion of his hands.

I quickly walked down to him, and he once again guided me by my elbow towards the exit.

We walked briskly out of the conference room and past the three Mayans who were standing in the same place as when we had left them.

He walked me back to my original spot, close to the plants, and spun me around. He said “Do you know what this means?”

I looked at him and said, “Humanity will not be controlled and experimented on by dozens of ET races who think they are gods?”

He smiled and said, “They are the gods from our myths…. But, yes. And it means that the Galactic Federation, which the Sphere Being Alliance is a part of, will now assist us with the Draco Empire.

“They will not remove them for us, but will provide support that allows us to clean up our own house. We will really only have to contend with the AI threat until the series of solar events clear them from the Sol System.”


 I was shocked and said, “The Sphere Being Alliance is non-violent; how will they confront the reptilians?”

He said, “I think we will have to watch that play out together. After the series of solar events, the Draco will be energetically expelled from this system.

“An incompatible energy will emanate from the Sun for about a thousand years.

“Many reptilians will try to remain hidden on Earth in temporal fields and within heavily shielded bases deep in the Earth, as they have for prior cycles.

“Humans will be responsible for rooting them out of their hiding places.

“During that time, the Draco will be unable to return to this system.”


I asked, “Why for only a thousand years?” Gonzales looked at me and said, “Sounds Biblical, doesn’t it?

“The Earth is near a Super Gate. Those are quite special.

DW: I checked on this data point for The Ascension Mysteries and found NASA data confirming that there is a huge “plasma chimney” near our sun that may head out to a neighboring galaxy.

“Cosmic law prevents closing down Super Gates to travel for any certain race.

“The only alternative is to block their access to a system the super-gate is near. After Humanity has been through disclosure and the solar events, the reptilians will be of little threat.”

I asked “Who manages this energy field for the thousand-year period?”

He stated, “The thousand-year energy fields seem to be a natural part of the cosmic web’s cycles and energy flow.” He stated that, according to his info, it is “not something set up by Galactic Federation assets.”

At that point a blue orb appeared once again, and zig-zagged around.

Some of the beings that attended the conference were watching the orb as it zagged close to my chest, and then transported me out of their sight.


Ancient Builder Race – Recovering Humanity’s Billion-Year Legacy – Part II

By David Wilcock, January 11, 2018, 11:11 pm


COREY GOODE: I expected to be transported to my bedroom where I was picked up, but instead I found myself standing in the Anshar Temple Complex.

8 Anshar Cleansing Room

I saw Aree and her sister walking towards me with very big smiles on their faces.

9 Aree

They greeted me with enthusiastic hugs, and guided me down one of the halls that led to the cavern where their city once was.

We boarded one of the Anshar Buses and entered the temporal anomaly.

We landed on a domed rooftop, which had a landing platform similar to a helipad on stilts.

We entered a door in the roof, and quickly continued into a small room that had two oval tubes going down into the floor. They were barely big enough for a person to fit in.

The delegation I was with began to stand in the tubes and float downward, two by two.

When it was my turn I stepped into the tube, expecting to drop.

I felt like I was on firm ground, even though I could see the head of one of the delegates disappearing below me. When I went down, I had the exact same sensation as if I was going down an elevator.

We walked through the building, where there were a number of Anshar walking around and performing their daily business.


I noticed an area up ahead where people were entering. They looked as if they were coming and going through a solid wall with no doors.

We followed a group out the exit, and I felt a quick static tingle as we passed through the wall.

When we came out and looked around, I noticed we were in more of a rural-looking area of the Anshar city.

We walked down onto a very narrow street, which revealed Anshar of all ages walking and flying around like Superman. This was quite stunning to see.

I noticed the inhabitants smiling as they were bustling around, doing their normal routines.

There was very little noise pollution or even sounds of people making the types of background noises that I am accustomed to hearing. It was very quiet and serene.

I was then guided to a very large domed building that was a community living area where Aree and her sister live.


I was told that I was going to be prepared for upcoming “growing opportunities” that I would be presented with in the next year.

DW: This usually means some type of difficult karma that you have to work through on your spiritual path. Suffering is seen as an “opportunity” in the Law of One.

They would also prepare me to greet the Guardians in a ceremony in the near future.

I was told to keep this information and the bulk of the conversations I have with her people to myself for now.

DW: Some of what he received was personal for me. I found it incredibly interesting, and it has completely changed how I am writing Awakening in the Dream.

I was informed that I was being allowed to stay with the Anshar for a short period of time during this preparation. I would be brought back for a longer period of time later in the year.

I was concerned about not having clothing or toiletries with me. Aree noted my concern. Without me even communicating this, she responded by saying, “We will provide for all of your needs.”


She walked me to a small room with a bed, and motioned to relevant items set upon the bed.

I looked and saw clothing that seemed like it was out of a 1980’s Sears or JC Penney catalog.

There was also a small bag of toiletries that had items looking equally as old.

I was with them for what seemed like a couple of days. I had to take a normal sleep cycle on two different occasions while I was there.

The Anshar didn’t really sleep. They just spent forty minutes or so in one of the egg-shaped chairs every few days.

10 Anshar Chairs

During my stay, while sitting around in a circle of the egg-shaped chairs learning to access their neural network, Gonzales walked into the room.

He looked exhausted, and a bit thin and gaunt.


He seemed to know I was in the room, and was looking around for me. I stood up and walked towards him with a cautious look on my face.

He saw me walking towards him, and dropped into one of the empty chairs close by. I sat in a chair, interfaced with it and guided mine towards his.

I told him he looked like hell.

His response was that hell is basically where he had just come from. I was immediately curious, and asked him to explain.

He told me he had been dealing with a group of red-haired giant refugees for over a year now. He said that most of these beings are heavily traumatized and very unpredictable.


He went on to tell me how this red-haired race had ruled large areas on the surface of the Earth during different time periods, just before and after the last ice age.

He stated that they felt they were abandoned by their creator race, and were left to live on their own.

They now know that their “creator race” was mostly destroyed in a cataclysm prior to the last ice age.

10a Red Haired Giant

DW: When I asked Corey about this, he reconfirmed that these beings were genetically manufactured by a race that crash-landed here roughly 55,000 years ago in the area we now call Antarctica.

These are the “Fallen Angels” referred to in the Book of Enoch and other scriptural texts.

In terms of cosmic history, they appear to be the surviving descendants of a race that destroyed their planet in our solar system, forming the Asteroid Belt.

Jim Vieira has identified over 1500 examples of giant skeleton findings in mainstream media articles from the 1800s and early 1900s.

One common trait is that they might have double sets of teeth. This is a genetic abnormality caused by the improper mixing of different DNA types.

10b Skull With Double Set Of Teeth


Gonzales stated that among other things, the Giants were used by the Pre-Adamites to enforce their rule over humanity.

This empire was also enforced with the use of their genetically-created chimera beings and other such genetic experiments we have described before.

When the Pre-Adamites disappeared, the humans turned on the giants.

The surviving giants had to live mostly underground or near the surface in caves. They were dealing with a level of starvation and disease they had never before experienced.

They would go on hunting parties to obtain any meat that they could. Many of these hunting parties would come back with human captives, who they would then eat one at a time.

This went on for thousands of years, from the time of the Ice Age / “Atlantis” cataclysm up until more recent history, when humans began to rise in population and become more organized.


At this point, the human groups began to hunt the giants. Many of the giants’ family groups were tracked down and killed by these human hunting parties.

This drove them deeper and deeper underground, where it became more and more difficult to find the type of nourishment and large number of calories their bodies needed.

Many died as they learned to adapt to the Inner Earth. They soon became a menace for a few lesser-advanced Inner Earth dwellers, as they hunted one of these groups into extinction.

This was a time of great suffering and anxiety for these beings. Many from their royal and priest castes began to put themselves into stasis using Ancient Builder Race and Pre-Adamite technologies.

The red-haired giants from these two castes left clear instructions for their remaining people. They were to remain hidden, and they would manage their numbers to be able to survive in the few sanctuaries that had been located.

These areas had types of fish, shellfish and types of lichen and fungus that would sustain their small population until a designated time when they would return.


Gonzales stated that he had been attempting to make an agreement with this race that would allow the Mayans to come down and provide healing technologies for them.
They had traumas and physical issues that developed from remaining underground, with a diet that had barely sustained them.

He went on to tell me that about twenty-six of the beings in these Royal/Priest castes had been retrieved from stasis chambers and returned to the surviving giants.

The bulk of these giants were being held in facilities that were controlled by either the Cabal, or by assets of the Draco.

He stated that over 130 more of these Stasis Beings had been taken to these areas. Among the giants being held in these facilities were an entire ruling-class family.

Gonzales said that the giants in the sanctuaries are so psychologically messed up that he can barely deal with them at all.

He said they were completely irrational. They refuse to receive healing until the rest of their Royals/ Priests are returned.

Since the Alliance and Anshar had liberated a few of them in the past, the giants expected them to be able to liberate the rest of their people.


Gonzales has been unable to convince any of them at this point to accept the healing gifts from the Mayans, and to then work together to try to locate and rescue the rest of their people.

He said it was a huge mess that got even worse when he was asked to leave the Anshar City last year, because of some erratic behavior he was exhibiting at the time.

He said it was very strange that they had been more responsive to him before he received his healing than they were now.

As he sat back, I saw a twinkle in his eye. He smiled and asked, “How would you like to tag along on my next trip?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time you had a conversation with someone who wanted to eat you.”

I laughed. “As long as it is not a similar experience as the Royal White Reptilian, I am good to go.”

He assured me that there was no danger with the Anshar guards present.


Aree and her sister then came and joined us at this point.

It was interesting to see the rest of Aree’s family group react to Gonzales. They all kept themselves a minimum of twenty feet away from him.

DW: This is precisely what insider Pete Peterson recently said this same group does when they are around us. His people call the Anshar the Tall Whites.

When Gonzales came in, I noticed the elders getting up to guide the children out of the commons area fairly quickly.

I noticed the Anshar were the acting same way towards me when I first arrived. They would put a hand out to keep their children from approaching me too closely.

They seemed to gather in small groups that would glance over at me, as if they were in some sort of discussion.

Their reaction began to shift after they saw Aree take me by the arm or hand a few times, guiding me to the dining area or to speak with one of the Elders.

By the day Gonzales arrived, the children were walking up close enough for me to reach out and touch them, though I was instructed not to.

The Elders warmed up to me soon afterward, and I began to have more interactions with them.


The elders were about two feet taller than the younger Anshar. They looked very frail, and their wrists and other bones looked extremely thin.

DW: This again is precisely the same thing I recently heard from Pete, in a seemingly unrelated briefing. As these beings age, they eventually get taller.

Most of the Elders didn’t walk around but flew around, similar to Superman.

I found myself completely in awe as I saw them just lift off, turn in the air and then slowly fly away.

Aree and her sister visited with Gonzales and me for a little while.

Once we had finished all of our conversations, I was told that it was time for “The Hanush to greet the Guardians.”

We would soon be going to the Council of Saturn Embassy for the meeting.

I said goodbye to the members of Aree’s family that I had met.


We then made our way back to the Anshar bus craft. We flew out of the temporal anomaly and landed back in the cavern.

We walked through the hallway back to the Temple Complex. When we got to the large domed room, I could see members of the seven different Inner Earth groups standing in a line, going to the cleansing room.

I was taken past the front of the line and into the cleansing room. We completed the cleansing ceremony and put on our robes and sandals.

Aree had a small, light-brown bag hanging by her hip. She took my clothes and put them into the bag.

Then she looked up, telling me that a ceremony was about to take place, and that I would be sharing the honor of this ceremony with them.

It was explained that the ceremony’s purpose was to celebrate and prepare for the meeting with the Guardians.

I told her it was my honor. She seemed happy and playful. There didn’t seem to be any concern or preoccupation over maintaining their timeline.


As I took in the space, I noticed everyone around me was carrying the same excited energy.

Something like a guided prayer and meditation service then occurred. At the end of the ceremony, goblets of the Elixir of Isis were passed around.

DW: The Law of One revealed that Ra, Isis and other historic Egyptian figures were originally positive, and their stories were later co-opted by negative Cabal-type religious groups.

I took a glass and held it like I would a glass of champagne. Aree noticed. With a big smile, she held up her glass, waved her hand over it and moved her lips, as if saying a prayer.

She took a long steady sniff of the drink while holding the glass up to her face with both hands. She then held the glass out and then up slightly, before taking a drink.

I did the best I could to repeat what she had done before taking a drink of the elixir, which was sweet at first but had a slightly bitter aftertaste that was similar to having chewed on a flower petal.

Aree and her sister were both giggling and looking at me, as I’m sure my facial expression changed to match how I felt.


An immediate feeling of intense euphoria overcame me. I felt a strange, yet powerful connection with all of the Inner Earth Groups present.

When it was over, they all began hugging one another, and hugging me. There was a great deal of joy and excitement in the room.

They then began to do something similar to a type of deep throat humming, while still hugging and patting each other on the back.

I noticed Aree’s sister motioning in my direction. I looked at Aree, who was waving for me to come in her direction.

The three of us then walked down the passageways, back to the main domed room where I am usually greeted.

There were two Anshar guarding each door, just like last time.


We walked down another passageway and came back out into the cavern where the city used to be.

I observed a very large saucer-shaped craft that was parked on the cavern floor.

As my eyes adjusted to the cavern’s lower light, I could see a ramp coming out of the craft.

I then saw three men from the Omega group waiting for us at the base of the ramp.

11 Omega Group

In this case, they were wearing one-piece jump suits that were royal blue. Their suits had a yellow, eight-pointed star on the left side of their chests.

I boarded the craft and was seated while I watched the rest of the Anshar delegation board slowly find their way to their chairs.

Aree and her sister came and sat on either side of me.

Aree leaned in and told me we were going back to the base close to Saturn — to meet the “Saturn Council.”

DW: This is another direct connection with the Law of One. The Council of Saturn is the local center where the protective Guardians administer to our solar system.

As I said on the radio show, negative info has been planted about this group in UFOlogy to make it appear evil. This is definitely not the case in the Law of One.


When we arrived, we were met by more of the military-looking Omega Group. We were then escorted into the meeting hall.

The last time I was here, the room was empty except for Aree and the Sentinels.

This time, there were about forty representatives from the Inner Earth groups.

There was also a slightly larger group of beings standing in a group at the far end of the room.

I looked closer and saw Micca waving at me from the group. Aree instructed me to head over and join the other group, who she called “The Witnesses.”

As I began to walk across the room to greet Micca, I was startled as Tear-Eir and the Golden Triangle Being suddenly appeared in the middle of the room.


Tear-Eir greeted me, and asked me to count the witnesses.

I counted fifty-two, and reported this number to Tear-Eir. He said “You are the fifty third.” He indicated with his hand that I should join them.

I joined Micca, who greeted me as if he hadn’t seen me in years.

He was very excited and he began to introduce me to the others in our group who were close enough to hear him.

12 Micca Tear Eir Golden Triangle Head

DW: Micca is from a human ET group that once visited Earth and were known as the Olmecs. They left giant stone heads in Mesoamerica that looked like they do.

13 Olmec Stone Head

The Blue Avians introduced us to the Olmecs through Corey, and said they would be able to help us as we go through our own Ascension process here on Earth.

The Olmecs have only recently defeated the Draco on their home planet — as in just three of their generations ago. They live for about three hundred of our years.

Micca stated that all of the beings who were now present in this room had been in contact with either the Blue Avian or Golden Triangle Beings prior to their star systems’ transitions.

The various Inner Earth groups approached the Guardians group by group. They would then bow and communicate with the Guardians.


Once the Inner Earth groups had finished their meet-and-greet with the Guardians, the Sentinels appeared.

DW: The Sentinels are a gray-skinned human group who had only appeared previously as guards for the massive Ancient Builder Race ruins Corey visited on Venus.

They appear to be projections of what were once living beings within this Ancient Builder Race society that vanished long ago.

They are not artificial intelligence, but do seem to be some form of projection from another realm.

Little else is known about them. They do not normally appear in any other SSP activities. Gonzales is the only other person from here ever to have seen them.

The Sentinels greeted the Guardians and started to communicate.

14 Sentinel


When this communication started, many streaks and tongues of different colored lights were flashing and darting in swarms.

This light show was flickering all around the Guardians and the Sentinels. I was unaware of what was being communicated during this time.

Once this meeting was over, everyone shuffled back to standing in a giant circle around those meeting in the middle of the room.

Once again, Tear Eir addressed the assembly through me.

He stated that the spheres that were buffering the cosmic energy waves and quarantining our solar system were almost completely phased out of our reality now.

He further revealed that many of the negative ET groups would have either called in reinforcements or escaped as the war escalated.

However, the blockade set up by the Galactic Federation around our solar system, as of the end of 2014, had prevented all of this.

It was explained that the only avenue of escape left to these negative forces would be via the cosmic web portal system.

Tear-Eir stated that all portal travel is being heavily monitored by the Galactic Federation to track down any negative humans or non-terrestrials who are able to escape.

The extremely small number who do manage to escape will be on the run for the rest of their lives.


Tear-Eir then had me address the Witnesses.

He had me communicate that each witness is a conduit of this higher-density information. We are tasked with the duty of bringing this knowledge to the group consciousness within each of our star systems.

It was further stated that each of us had incarnated from various groups within the Galactic Federation.

Hundreds of thousands of beings from that same soul group were living back on our home planets. Each of us provided each star system with energetic and physical support.

This is done for every star system as it goes through this energetic transition.

It was then revealed that we would meet the two new Guardian groups.

Furthermore, we would be in regular communication with these groups as we moved up to the energetic transition, as we passed through it, and as we then adjusted to its aftereffects.

This relationship will help to safely guide us as we shift into an era of true self-management.


We were told to prepare for the introduction to the New Guardians. The room then flashed with a brilliant blue light. I felt every molecule in my body begin to vibrate.

The room filled with literally thousands of blue orbs. Two new species of higher-density beings were now standing there before us.

I looked over at Tear Eir, who was now standing with Raw-Rain-Eir and Raw-Mare-Eir, the two other Blue Avians who I have met in the past.

He turned to the group of Witnesses, and stated that he and the other two Blue Avians would no longer manifest physically in our reality. Instead, they would be in frequent contact with us through our dreams.

He stated that each of us are doing important dreamwork, and training with others on our planet.

We should expect that this will increase dramatically. Every night we are in classrooms full of astral students.

We have been doing this dreamwork since becoming delegates, and our higher selves have been shielding us from remembering too many details.

During the Eclipse of Disclosure event last summer, I heard many reports from people talking about getting downloads in both dream and waking states.

We have just launched the new Full Disclosure Project website, and have all eighteen presentations avail to the public to view for free at


Tear-Eir stated that we have reached the point where we have to decide to get off of our knees and become our own saviors.

We are at the beginning of the “Great Awakening” that will lead to our very own Consciousness Renaissance.

He stated that many starseeds came here to experience this density, and to offer energetic assistance during the transition. These same beings were now fully awakening to their predetermined missions.

He also said that our ability to manifest has significantly strengthened thanks to the dramatic energetic increase our entire solar system is now undergoing.

He stated that if we begin to use our experiences and skills to further assist the rapid expansion of our consciousness, we will discover ways to manifest the most optimal reality.

Each of us can decide to take up the mission and assist in demanding the release of hidden technologies.
We can choose to do whatever is in our power to assist the growth in spirituality and consciousness that is being offered to the rest of humanity.

Tear-Eir and the other Blue Avians, along with the Golden Triangle Beings, then had me say, “In Service to All, In Service of the One.”

They then turned both palms forward and bowed toward each group of the delegation. Once they bowed to the group of Witnesses, they then slowly faded out of view.


The New Guardians addressed us and began to give us some cosmic ground rules for going forward.

They told us to not share the information at this time. This even included any descriptions of their physical appearance. Then they disappeared.

The excitement in the room was amazing as blue orbs came and took each of the witnesses out of the room, one by one.

Aree sprinted up to me and gave me a huge hug. She then pulled my clothes out of her bag, and pointed to an area to change.

I handed her the robe and sandals, and watched as a blue sphere zig-zagged patiently around the both of us. I indicated I was ready for transport, and soon I was off in a blue blur.

I expected to ride back with the Inner Earth groups, but was instead delivered home.

According to the clock, I was only gone about 10 minutes, although I felt as if I had been away from home for days.


As usual, after these types of encounters, I spent the next few days in deep thought. I can often go so deep in thought that I am unaware of my surroundings.

I was going over every detail in my head so thoroughly that I often felt as if I was barely tethered to the ground.

I was, however, pulled back down to ground level very quickly when I received a message that I should prepare for a meeting with the SSP (Secret Space Program) Alliance at the Lunar Operations Command.

I was certain that they wanted a full report on the previous events. I was admittedly a bit nervous about the meeting.

After all, the SSP Alliance was forced to go dark specifically because of the information that Sigmund had extracted from me.

I was made to feel responsible for the deaths of two respected SSP Alliance members, as well as having outed a few more.


Gonzales had recently communicated to me that there was a huge community of retired Air Force and CIA personnel in the area where I had moved to in Colorado.

This was confirmed when I walked around with my son on Halloween to meet the neighbors.

A number of them had worked for government agencies. The couple living directly in front of me were geologists who had retired from the CIA.

I was told that many sensors and devices have been placed around my home to monitor any types of energetic or atmospheric changes that occur when I am visited or picked up by off-world groups.


I was instructed to drive to a local football field that belongs to the local school district, and wait to be picked up. At about 2 AM, I got in my car and drove to the specified location.

I sat in my car for about twenty minutes until I saw a white orb in the sky. It was very bright, and was descending from the sky in my direction.

The white orb then disappeared, almost like a bubble popping. In its place was the dart craft that I was familiar with from my previous trip to the LOC.

The dart drifted slowly down and landed between where I parked and the football field. It gave me a ways to walk before I could board the craft.

As I walked up, the door opened.

I looked in and only saw the two crew in the front. One of them motioned to me to get in and buckle up. I got in and buckled up the harness from my seat as we lifted off.


Before long, we were approaching the moon. It was amazing how quickly the moon went from a small point in the sky to appearing so large that we seemed to almost be at risk of hitting it.

We passed by the crater that the LOC is located in more than once. There is a technology that causes a mirage effect, hiding the LOC. It was still activated at this time.

Once the masking technology was deactivated, I could see the LOC spread out beneath me with green, red and white flashing lights on the structures.

I heard that we were cleared for landing and we flew straight for the hole in the crater near the LOC.

When we entered the lava tube cavern that the LOC is built into, I could see the rest of the bell-shaped structure that went down to the floor of the cavern.

I could see the two bays where craft were landing and taking off. They would then head off in various directions, as dictated by the lava tubes they had to travel through in this case.

We landed in one of the bays and disembarked from the dart. The flight crew walked off the platform and down a catwalk and some metal stairs going down.


I was met by Gonzales, who was wearing a US Air Force dress uniform. I looked at him and said, “Back to that old charade, eh?”

He then made a stern face that said, “Cut it out.”

We went down a few flight of stairs and then to a small elevator. A young female was standing there in a similar uniform as the one Gonzales was wearing.

She greeted us and told us she would be our escorts for the duration of our visit. She took us in the elevator, ran a card through a card reader and then placed her hand under some sort of RF scanner.

The elevator began to move so quickly that I didn’t have time to pay attention to how many floors we passed.

I now found myself much further down into the LOC than I had ever been permitted.

As I looked around, I was a bit disappointed. All I saw were doors and hallways that were exactly like what you would see at a scientific facility here on Earth.

I will be working with some artists to help develop out new depictions of the areas I was given access to on the LOC.

I will be releasing them through, along with Jordan Sather’s new twelve-part webinar series, “Disclosing the Secret Space Program”.


I was guided to a floor that looked similar to one that I had seen before. There were a lot of meeting rooms as well as one large elevator that was at the far end of the floor.

Gonzales and I were taken into a conference room. A handful of people who were sitting around a conference table all stood up at once.

As we walked in, I scanned the room to see some of the SSP Alliance members who I had met with previously. They seemed very nervous to meet Gonzales and me.

I then glanced back at the far end of the table, and was shocked to see Sigmund sitting down and smirking at me!

15 Sigmund

DW: Sigmund was a high-ranking Air Force colonel who was supposed to be a key figure as the MIC SSP was disclosed to humanity in an epic surprise.

We would suddenly find out that we already had interplanetary-capable craft, and had found “Ancient Builder Race” ruins throughout the solar system.

Part of the “reveal” was supposed to include the idea that there were no actual living ETs found in our solar system — only ancient ruins.

This surprise was intended to throw off any ‘heat’ that the Deep State might be getting as the Alliance moved to finally defeat them.

Sigmund abducted and tortured Corey twelve different times, and used him to “out” members of the SSP Alliance.

However, hair samples revealed trace elements Sigmund knew had to be from off-planet locations.

He investigated thoroughly and eventually discovered that Corey was telling the truth about the Navy / Interstellar SSP.

After this happened, the Deep State operatives apparently tried to take Sigmund out. We eventually found out that he had to go on the run.


I said to Sigmund, “Wow, this is where you have been.”

I continued, “I’m a bit shocked to see you here after giving my report, where I felt as if you may have been infiltrating the SSP Alliance.”

Sigmund stood up and began to shout at me. 

He said I had no idea what he has given up to be here. He yelled, “I lost everything!”

He pointed his finger at my face, and said “Intuitive Empath my ass.”

There was an awkward pause before one of the men said, “Please sit down so we can begin.”


I sat there while Gonzales gave a detailed and classified report about his time with the Mayans. He also described a series of other beings he visited with the Mayans.

I was then asked to give a report of the recent meetings with the Sphere Being Alliance, the Anshar and the Super Federation.

As I gave the report, Sigmund sounded out with his disbelief as soon as the Blue Avians were mentioned.

I asked “After all you have seen, even after joining the SSP Alliance, you still don’t believe?”

He replied back, “I have seen the video of the first LOC meeting. I saw the Big Blue Birds. Everyone did. I just don’t believe it.”

He went on to say that he has seen all kinds of technologies that could be used to make everyone see these things.


He then asserted that he thought the “Nordics” were screwing around with our heads again.

I was about to ask him what he meant by “again” when the meeting was called back to get on point.

I finished my reports and answered about a dozen questions from those around the table.

One of the men at the table began to talk about the timeframe that the MIC SSP planned to disclose certain info to the public.

The scenario of using a war with NOKO (North Korea) to disclose hidden technologies was discussed, as I have mentioned before.

We also talked about the mainstream media-sanctioned UFO disclosure effort by the former guitarist of Blink-182, Tom Delonge.


I asked them why Delonge was not working with anyone in the Ufology field.

Sigmund piped up over the person that was about to answer me. He said, “Because it is compromised beyond any type of repair.”

He went on to say that Ufology had been infiltrated by operatives of the MIC, who had been feeding the experts disinfo for decades.

He went on to state that he was personally involved in pulling a number of psy-ops on this community over the years.

He said that Ufology and the esoteric communities had also been infiltrated by what he called an “Illuminati Luciferian Order.”

He said this group is attempting to seed these fields with the religions of the “Illuminati.”

He said that many of those in places of influence are either members of this order or have allowed themselves to be influenced by this “Order.”

I interjected, “I haven’t seen widespread evidence of this. Most of the people I have delt with are eager to be of service.

“I know there are a fair share of narcissists and sociopaths who prey on light workers, but I have only run into people with that type of energy a handful of times.”


He ignored me and stated, “Once the cat is out of the bag about the widespread satanism and human trafficking, ANYONE associated with Lucifer or Satan will be running and hiding.

“The populace will not care about the subtle or not-so-subtle differences between these societies. They will lump them all in together.”

One of the men commented that after it all breaks, he expected that a huge number of people will rush back to conservative churches and belief systems from their childhoods.

Gonzales spoke up in disagreement.

“I have my doubts on that theory. After the number of pastors and clergy who will be exposed as being a part of these networks, I would be surprised if anyone returns to organized religion.”

Sigmund once again seemed to ignore what was being said.

He stated that these communities had been gamed so many times that there was no way for them to ever put aside their “UFO Religions and Professional Egos,” and actually come together.

Yet, this type of organization would be exactly what we would need for us to properly demand disclosure.


He said “Now think about how this community reacted during the blatant Rothschild attempt to foment ‘Civil War’ in this community, while also attempting to discredit a number of individuals in the field.”

DW: This was a direct reference to the efforts of what we have called the Dark Alliance. It included death threats against Corey, Emery and myself, as well as massive, ongoing smear campaigns.

Sigmund then stated, “Why would the Air Force and DIA choose to disclose these technologies through the Ufology community?”

He went on to say that the DIA and Air Force determined that they needed to disclose certain information in a way that couldn’t be directly tied to the field of Ufology.

They planned on making this a nuts-and-bolts type of disclosure that would even leave out the most pragmatic UFO researchers.

We moved on to a few other topics, including a “flyover tour” we would receive of the LOC and the lava tube passages, which would lead to another facility called “LOC Bravo”.


The person leading the meeting then brought our attention to a large smart-glass pad monitor that was lowering from the ceiling.

Sigmund then stood up and said “I have a treat for the both of you.” He walked up to the monitor and stared at it while talking.

He stated that they had been monitoring what appeared to be a derelict space craft that was headed towards our Sol System.

This would prove to be the same cigar-shaped “asteroid” that NASA and the mainstream media dubbed Oumuamua, and publicized widely in this same timeframe.

The ship was monitored as it approached the area where the Outer Barrier had been erected by the Sphere Being Alliance.

The SSP expected the craft to crash into the barrier. They were shocked when it passed directly through that region, with no ill effect on the craft whatsoever.

It turns out that the barrier had already been depleted by then, but this was the first time the SSP Alliance had ever realized what had happened.


Sigmund puffed up proudly and stated, “I led an expedition to see who this craft belonged to. Wait until you hear what we found.”

Suddenly we started seeing all sorts of readings and telemetry on the monitor. I could also hear what sounded like an old NASA radio transmission.

There were beeps along with a pilot calling in positions of his craft, as well as the one he was trying to dock with.

That lasted for about five minutes as I saw the two craft spiraling closer and closer together.

16 Oumuamua And MIC SSP Craft 1

As the pilot matched the spin of the object they were approaching, you could see a long cigar-shaped structure that had shiny patches of what looked like ice on the outside.

It was obviously made of stone, and looked as if it had been through many meteor showers and collisions.

17 Oumuamua And MIC SSP Craft 2

The video broke to a scene where a few people who were suited up in space suits were pushing themselves through what looked like a bored-out hole going down into the rock.


The shuttle had docked with the mystery vessel close to what looked like a metallic oval dome, which was sitting about a third of the way down its fuselage.

It appeared to have been breached many times, and was full of holes and dents from obvious impacts.

In the next scene, you could see the men in a weightless environment, with lights on their chests, helmets and the tops of their wrists.

They split up and were talking to each other through the communications systems in their suits.

One of them was chipping samples out of the icy residue on the floors and walls.

This same frozen, organic sludge was on the outside of the ship as well. It appeared like foamy, dirty lake water that had been frozen.

The ship was obviously very ancient. It had been boarded and stripped of technology many times by unknown races.

Sigmund stated that when they tested the sludge later, they determined that it was partly the remains of the original crew.

There were many panels removed from the walls, ceilings and floors, leaving empty compartments where technology was once located.


As they looked around, one of the men called out, “I found something!”

I watched as the man with the camera pushed himself through a few open panels in the floors and ceilings to get to the floor of the craft that he was being called to.

He entered into a room that looked like it had recently been unsealed, with the panel wedged against the wall, almost blocking the door.

The video scene then went to two men taking video and photos of some beings that were located after morgue-like drawers had been pulled open.


On the table was the frozen stiff body of a strange-looking being. It looked somewhat like a pterodactyl, with pale blue skin that was almost white.

They were pulling open other drawers and seeing a few other types of beings.

One of these beings looked orange or peach-colored, and appeared to be mammal at first.

I later found out that this was an aquatic being of some sort, which seemed related to a squid or octopus.

It was about 10 feet tall, and had tentacles as arms and legs. Three long fingers and toes extended off of the tentacles.

Tiny, almost invisible suction cups were located on the underarm area and the hands.

This confirmed that it was one of the original crew. They found that a great deal of the ship’s common areas had once been pressurized with water.


They continued through the process of bagging up the bodies and transporting them to their ship.

As they did this, the bodies started coming apart and floating around the cabin they were in.

One of the men grabbed a piece of paneling and used it like a spatula to scrape off the rest of the remains and load them into bags.

At this point Gonzales asked, “Whose technology is this?”

Sigmund looked over at us both and responded.

“Well, we can only date the organics back to a little under a billion years ago. We tracked its trajectory to a star system not too far away.

“This craft was apparently stuck in that system’s orbit for millions of years before it was pulled to our system by our star.”


Gonzales said, “So, would this be the Ancient Builder Race?”

Sigmund smiled and slowly pointed his index finger to the tip of his nose. This indicated Gonzales was correct.

Gonzales started asking questions faster than Sigmund could answer. Sigmund put his hand up to indicate that Gonzales should stop talking, which he did.

Sigmund then said, “Yes, we did find some amazing technology, though most of it had been removed long ago.”

He then said, “But wait, you haven’t heard the best part!”


He then continued on with the video. At this point, someone excitedly called out that they had found something else.

The camera showed them entering into a room where there were two types of writing and glyphs on the walls and ceilings. There were several rooms like this.

What was so exciting is that this was the first time we had ever seen or had access to any type of writing from the Ancient Builder Race.

The SSP was well aware that in every other Ancient Builder Race site we had ever found, any written inscriptions had been scratched out.

It was as if some later interloping ET race had wanted to destroy any ability for us to reconstruct their history.

There were some very intricate hieroglyph-looking characters, along with a large amount of glyphs on the wall that were made of long lines, dashes and dots.


Sigmund stated that there were similar ancient languages that they had become aware of on Earth, as well as a few other stars in our local stellar neighborhood.

He said that they were able to decipher the glyphs fairly easily.

They later determined that the hieroglyphs were a mixture of a language and a hyper-dimensional form of mathematics.

They were able to interpret most of the messages from the craft, and have sent the results to a few of their research groups.

The conversation then headed into classified operational information that I am responsible for keeping to myself, for now.


Once we finished the meeting, Sigmund stood up and said, “Now let’s take a trip to the LOC Bravo location.

“You must keep all of this information confidential until told otherwise. Understood?”

Gonzales and I both answered yes, and arose from the table.

We were taken to the larger elevator on that floor of the LOC, and then rode it down.

We came out into an open area that was another bay for spacecraft.


I saw that we were under the same floor in the lava cavern that we had flown down into when we entered the crater hole during our arrival.

We were taken to a larger shuttle craft that then flew out of the bay. We soon found ourselves flying down a long lava tube at a great rate of speed.

We came out into another large cavern area where I saw human-made structures on the floor of the cavern. They were built around an opening.

We first flew up to a small facility that looked like it may rise up to the lunar surface, with structures built above ground like the LOC.

I saw men and a few women walking around this facility in both Air Force uniforms as well as NASA clothing. We were greeted by a few Ph.D. types who were very excited to see us.

They told us that we would be suited up and then transported down to “The Great Hall.”


We were put in the same environmental suits that I had worn in my prior SSP service.

We then went through a bit of a training session with the Ph.D. types on using the equipment, which was very basic.

We then were brought back to the bay where we loaded up on the same shuttle and flew down to the cavern floor.

We then passed through the dug-out hole that opened into a cavernous area. It was the Great Hall.

This area was so tremendous in size that both Gonzales’ and my minds were blown.

There were all sorts of HUGE and ancient machines with tractor tracks on them.

There were also long beams made out of a grey crystalline material.

The beams were lying broken and shattered on the ground. There were large circular tunnels heading out in multiple directions from this one area.


I told Gonzales that I had never seen anything like it.

Sigmund looked over at me and said “Corey, you have been here before. You just don’t remember.”

I looked at Gonzales, who looked as puzzled as I was.

I asked if it was on one of my previous 20 and backs, to which Sigmund nodded a yes.

He said, “One day in the not too far future, I will be standing here with a reporter from a major television network.”

He then continued, “For now, we must still keep what you are shown here today confidential.”

I was then taken on an amazing tour, which I have apparently been on before.

We walked down a few flights of stairs into an area that had a train system.

We boarded the train and toured the giant ancient facilities for nearly five hours.


I would love to say more about what I saw at this time, but for various reasons I was asked not to report on it.

All I can say is that it was very amazing.

If we do indeed get to see these facilities in the future, it will be an incredibly powerful turning point for humanity as we know it.

Once we were done, we were taken to a mess hall, and allowed to eat and shower.

We were then taken back to the LOC, where we both boarded separate dart craft and were flown back to our homes.



There is a true wealth of information here for us to contemplate, analyze and speculate on.

Overall, what we are seeing is a decisive shift for the positive in the war for freedom, both here on Earth as well as in our solar system.

Some of the timelines Corey was warned about, as little as six months ago, indicated we could end up in a Draco-dominated slave society.

We were urged to step up, support each other and walk in our spiritual truth. I personally heeded these warnings and got much more involved in the battle.

Therefore, I was greatly relieved to hear these updates. It now definitely appears that we are on a very positive timeline, if not the “Optimal Temporal Reality” Corey had been briefed on before.

I admit that I am disappointed I did not get to meet the Blue Avians in person before they departed from our reality.

Up until now, my only interaction with the world Corey has experienced is through dreams and related visionary states of consciousness.

There have been multiple ways in which I have used these methods to validate what Corey is saying to my own satisfaction.

This includes direct meetings with the Anshar and other such beings in dreams.


You can imagine that for some time now, I have struggled with believing Corey on the one hand, and wishing I could see these places for myself on the other.

Each time I have asked about this, the answer that came back was that I had not yet developed a strong-enough spiritual and meditative alignment to be ready.

This does make sense, as the Law of One requirements for the highest levels of spirituality are extremely stringent.

Corey did not suffer from this same “free will clause” in the Law of One sense, since he had already consciously remembered his work in the SSP.

Part of what I have decided to do in the new book is to frankly outline the guidance I have received as to what I would need to do to be ready for contact.

It hit me after Corey’s three-day trip to the Inner Earth, and the messages he brought back for me, that the guidelines I was given were truly archetypal.

We can ALL benefit from putting these same concepts to practice.


I am in the final stages of making a series of rather sweeping changes in my life that should help to create far more peace and tranquility.

This includes the distinct possibility of moving, even though I have been very happy with where I was. I hope to finally nail this down very soon.

It is very interesting to think about the perspective of beings who live in these higher densities or dimensions. In some ways it is very foreign to us.

They live in a realm of unconditional love. The kind of hate we routinely encounter here, such as in social media, doesn’t even exist as a thought — at least in the positive groups.

I was told that I have a very well-developed intellectual capacity, but that I am only half as effective as I would be if I started applying it spiritually.

I have all the tools needed to be much more adept in this area. I simply am not applying them to my everyday life.

The Law of One had said “the distortion of busy-ness” can be damaging to any type of Higher Self contact — and I have been very, very busy this past year.

All of us can take time to relax, slow down, breathe and center into the core of our being.


You may not want to believe in Ascension, or that any of what you just read is real. I get that, and am not threatened by it.

Even if you can only interface with this as science fiction — though I do believe Corey is telling the truth — you can still benefit from it.

All of us must journey through the passage known as death. No one has found a workaround for that… at least not yet.

Ascension is very different than death. It is a spontaneous evolution — a rebirth.

This doesn’t just happen to us. It has to be earned… through diligent effort and focus.

However, the term “effort” can be misleading, as a major part of the requirement is simply being relaxed, happy and forgiving of yourself and others.

Many spiritual traditions have suggested that Earth is a school, and if we have learned the lesson, we move on to greater levels.

Ascension is just another meditation on a similar concept — but without the aspect of physical death involved.


I believe the information on being overly intellectual in my focus applies to just about all of us who are interested in this field.

So often I have seen comments railing about how there may be no “New Information” in a given post. This is a great example of over-intellectualizing.

The Ageless Wisdom taught in the Law of One and so many other texts is always with you, in your heart.

The Tibetan Buddhist monks expressed it as seeing that the Universe is ultimately comprised of “Awareness that is Empty.”

You then meditate on yourself as a projection of that same Awareness. This is best done in beautiful nature settings.

The Law of One did say a “sylvan atmosphere” — meaning a home surrounded by trees — is the best place to live for this type of work.

Tibetan monks who meditated on Empty Awareness for 13 years, and were able to have every thought be a loving thought, activated Rainbow Body.

This is much more difficult and advanced than the fourth-density Ascension we are heading into, but it is ever possible.

I hope these concepts can help you start making happier and more loving choices today. The payoff could be beyond your wildest imagination.


The personal struggles with the “fight to the death against bureaucracy” that I mentioned on Jimmy’s show reached a peak right around the time we were releasing this data.

I can only laugh when I think about how incredibly hard it was to get this done — particularly before the end of yesterday.

This type of spiritual interference is called “negative greeting” in the Law of One. Carla always used to say, “The more negative greeting you get, the more you know you are on the right track!”

There were incredible forces trying to stop this from happening — almost unlike any I’ve ever seen in my life. And look at what has happened to Corey and Emery.

Thankfully, that whole conglomerate of issues appears to have resolved, just between the time of the radio show and the final publication of this article.


I passed out very soon after getting this online. I got up, checked the hit counter and we had already broken 25,000 in the middle of the night.

Best of all, it was… you guessed it… a numerical synchronicity. This time it was 25252 — three 2’s and two 5s:

18 Screenshot 1

This is reminiscent of the classic Zager and Evans song “In the Year 2525,” which was a meditation on humanity’s future:

When I checked back again it was almost exactly at the number of the precession, 25,920 years — which is the length of the cycle that culminates in Ascension and the solar flash:

19 Screenshot 2


We have a growing team that helps make these updates possible. We don’t want to end this article without paying them all a big thank you.

SBA would like to give thanks to the artists and professionals who have helped contribute to this article:

Charels Pemberton, Dorothy August, Daniel Gish, Arthur Herring, Jacqueline Gan-Glatz, Jason Parsley, Rene McCann, René Armenta, Sam Ritchie, Simon Esler, Larissa Stamirowski, Vashta Nerada, Steve Cefalo, Bryon Worthen.

SBA would also like to give special thanks to Lidia for your incredible support.

Additionally, we are grateful to William Tompkins, Corey Goode, Emery Smith, Pete Peterson and other insiders who have come forward and risked their lives for disclosure.

And thank you for helping support this mission by spreading the word and sharing this with like-minded friends and family members!

Since some have asked about the original 26-page document I got from Corey, I will say that I only made very minor changes.

This included breaking up a few long sentences, fixing a few spelling mistakes, adding more paragraph spacings and creating sub-headings.

Corey did a really great job with this. He was very specific on not wanting me to add to his own writings except for basic editing, and I did not.


“We are not alone” going Main Stream?

“We are not alone” going Main Stream? – Interesting Interview with Navy Pilot who witnessed “Tic Tac” UFO on Fox – There is obvious excitement among the Ufology Community about the recent revelations of a DOD UFO study program along with footage of a “Tic Tac” UFO filmed by a Navy Fighter Pilot in 2004. We are seeing a major increase in interest from the media and among the general population.

There is also quite a buzz in the background among the Ufology and YouTube’er talent about huge investments in our community from major streaming video providers and Hollywood Entertainment in general. I would expect to see a lot more movies and series in late 2018 and early 2019 that are centered around UFO’s or Aliens. It will be interesting to see how these large corporations ‘spin’ the narrative.

Because of the protracted and partial disclosure that is underway, I expect that the next challenge for the Ufology community will not be how to stop the infighting and work together but how we handle a surge in numbers of people that are awakening to this greater reality. We all will have a major responsibility to use our hard-earned talents and assets to promote this process. David Wilcock and I had a recent conversation where he stated that in 20 years, he had not seen the community so ready to participate in the disclosure process. I believe he stated you were “stepping up”. This alone is very exciting!

Most of our community is aware that the Cabal plans to use their version of disclosure as a mass distraction from the revelations of their corruption and connections to Human Trafficking. The closer we get to those revelations the more we can expect this type of UFO/Alien coverage on the Main Stream Media and in Entertainment.

With all of the testimony in the public about these programs and experiences, the SSP Alliance believes a partial disclosure is no longer possible. The public will be excessively skeptical of the government once the corruption is exposed as well as the revelation of Secret Space Programs and visitations by ET’s. The public will dig into all of our information looking for threads to pull at. In the last 3 years this community has made it impossible for a partial disclosure to occur.

The Earth Alliance and “Cabal” have agreed to a partial disclosure process. This is not expected to change. I believe that we should support everyone that is doing any type of disclosure (Not fake, real disclosure). As we receive little bits and pieces it is then up to us to start pulling at the threads and showing everyone there is yet more to learn. We can assist the partial disclosure groups by working with them and gently showing them more information along the way.

If we do this, we may finally make the right connection who see’s there is more, digs deeper and then drops the whole story onto a shocked world.

I want to thank all of you who are stepping up. You realize that none of us is more important than the other. NONE of us! Only if we continue to put ourselves “out there” will we ever have a chance for Full Disclosure.

*Keep an eye out for the update before or on Christmas*

We are Disclosure! Corey Goode


Disclosure, secret grand juries, mass indictments and horrifying intel

Update on its way!

We have recently had a few articles that seem to be edging us all closer to some type of disclosure. We are seeing MSM cover the Pentagon’s study of UFO’s as well as the announcement of an audit of the DOD (which is actually the more important story).

We may not have heard about the DOD UFO Project if an audit had not been ordered.

The Alliance has decided that a Full Disclosure would be too traumatic and possibly destroy what is left of our civilization. This is something that we all obviously disagree with.

I say rip the bandaid off and let the healing begin!

I am hearing a lot of chatter about more infighting in our community around the partial disclosure narrative. We have people like Tom Delonge coming in seemingly out of the blue to talk about disclosure. This has many in the community suspicious.

While we all want a Full Disclosure, I think we should UNITE on getting any type of disclosure we can. I say we support De Longe and others as a first step towards unity.

We can then stand firm and say “No, we KNOW there is more!”

If the Alliance plans on a partial and slowly rolled out Disclosure, we can force that timetable to speed up by holding them accountable.

Once a little disclosure has occurred, many will already be wondering what else they are hiding. This partial disclosure is not only focused on UFO’s.

It is true that the Cabal/Deep State is wanting to use the disclosure of Aliens and the MIC SSP as a way to distract from the corruption and human trafficking information that is about to come out.

For this community to force a Full Disclosure during the planned limited release of information, we will have to unite and work together!

In recent briefings, I was given a little more info about the avalanche of sexual misconduct cases that are being exposed in Hollywood and DC. The large number of these cases coming to light are to not only begin cleaning the swamp but also begin to acclimate the public for news about human trafficking.

I was recently in an 8-hour briefing where human trafficking was covered in gruesome detail. This information is so disturbing that the Alliance is working to gather as much evidence as possible to wrap up the secret grand juries that have been investigating.

The Alliance believes that if mass arrests occurred prior to this information coming out that the Deep State would be able to foment a civil war among the American People.

What is occurring right now is “Mass Indictments”!

As I stated in David Wilcock’s recent article, many of these perpetrators are under house arrest and don’t even know it.

The Alliance has been infiltrating security details over the last few years. These security details have been co-opted to secure the people they are protecting for prosecution if given the order.

These grand juries are working very closely with Military Intelligence who has been investigating this matter for some time. The problem has been that with the Deep State in control, the Cabal would basically have to arrest itself.

This briefing was so upsetting that I don’t know if I will ever be the same. What they do with these children before and after they have perished is shocking and horrifying!

As a father, I can’t even mention one or two of the data points I was given.

I will be sharing the rest of this information in an article/update in the next couple of days. I am speaking with David Wilcock about doing a joint article, with this information being so Epic!

Stay tuned for more information.

TY, Corey Goode


Update on Current Events

Thank you for your patience on the update.

I have had a number of briefings in recent weeks from Earth Alliance as well as SSP Alliance sources.

I have also been pulled into some interesting situations and meetings with non-terrestrial groups.

One experience, where Gonzales pulled me up to the Mayan ship where I found myself in the middle of a strange battle between the Mayans and a very human looking reptoid being.

I was further shocked when I was pulled into a SSP Alliance meeting at the LOC and saw Sigmund sitting at the conference table with a smirk on his face.

I was brought down deeper into the LOC than I had been allowed prior. I was picked up in a Dart and taken into the underground flight bay that is apart of the “bell shaped” structure under the lunar surface base. I was briefed on a number of battles that have been going on under the surface of the Earth and its Oceans as well as within its Atmosphere and in Near Earth Orbit.

These battles have included assets from the MIC SSP, ICC, Dark Fleet, SSP Alliance as well as a number of ET and Inner Earth Groups.

Once I hear back from a couple of key people on some information I am trying to verify, I will add that portion to the update and post it.

Corey Goode

Art by Rene Armenta

LOC Rene Armenta

People have talked about mass arrests for years. What we should really be on the lookout for is Mass Indictments.

Most of us in the know understand that for mass arrests to occur with the deep state in control of the DOJ/FBI/CIA, the DEEP STATE would have to arrest itself.

Now steps are being taken by the Alliance to indict many of these pedophiles and sexual predators and Satanists that have been running our country and the west for decades.

The Alliance is attempting to defeat the Cabal both through the “legal system” that is obviously broken but also via Military Intelligence Operations that have been occurring within the borders of the United States since just prior to the election. These secret grand juries and Military Intel Operatives are working overtime right now.

Many state and federal representatives have already been informed of their upcoming indictments.

When all of this reaches critical mass we may see more open activity by the Military and military contractors as many of the arrests will be of federal law enforcement officials.

The stories of sexual misconduct will soon pale when compared to the number of officials that will be arrested for being pedophiles.

Will we see more suicides of officials and representatives in the coming year?

This and more will be covered in my upcoming update. TY, Corey Goode:


Possible New 20 & Back Whistleblower

ALERT: Possible new 20 & Back whistleblower!

His experience includes: Former US Marine, US Army, Seattle Police and SWAT team as well as security work for the United Nations.

I first heard of Michael Christopher Gerloff just before Contact in the Desert. He was present, but I was unable to meet him at that time.

We asked him to attend our event, Eclipse of Disclosure, as a guest to get to know him and his information a little better.

I was also able to introduce him to Jay Weidner at the event. Jay invited him to come out and watch us shoot a few episodes of “Cosmic Disclosure”. (I should be personally interviewing him on the show when he is ready.)

On the last evening that Michael was in Boulder, he came and spent 6 or so hours at the Bed and Breakfast that Roger and I were staying at. We got to know him fairly well during this meeting. We went over all of his testimony as well as his incredible amount of documentation.

I personally have three sources verifying all of this documentation as well as some information that was not documented.

There are a few things that I want to iron out about his testimony and past, but I am cautiously optimistic that Gerloff’s information is true and accurate.

Gerloff has provided his documentation to Gaia TV as well as Richard Dolan. I also sent his information to L. M. Howe and made an introduction per Gerloff’s request.

Michael Salla has spent quite a lot of time vetting Gerloff and looking into his documentation. Dr. Salla recently interviewed Gerloff while he was visiting him in Hawaii.

Please view and share this video on social media as much as possible. Please watch this first interview of Gerloff and make up your own mind.

Thank You,
Corey Goode

An article and links to Michael Perloff’s documents can be found on Dr. Salla’s website at


Mandela Effect, Merging Timelines & Ancient Aliens from the Future


The message for humanity is that – and it’s the tenet of many religions – is that we need to become more loving, we need to become forgiving of ourselves and forgiving of others, thus stopping the Wheel of Karma.

We need to focus on becoming more service to others on a daily basis. And we need to focus on raising our vibration and our consciousness.


Of course, we’re talking about the Mandela Effect and optimal temporal reality, or optimal timeline.

What is the Mandela Effect?

What is the Mandela Effect? Raise your hand if you do not know? I’m sure pretty much everyone here . . . a lot of people know. Okay.

In 2013, Nelson Mandela dies and it’s announced, and thousands and thousands of people across the country were pretty confused. And I was one of them, because I remember Nelson Mandela being announced dying in prison years before.

Anyone here remember that? Okay, a small number. Okay.

And raise your hand if you remember Nelson Mandela actually dying in 2013 and don’t remember hearing about him dying in prison. Interesting. Okay.

Millions of people have reported the phenomenon, and I’ve noticed it myself.

Mandela Effect, Merging Timelines & Acient Aliens from the Future – Corey Goode

What are the Theories?

What are the different theories of what’s occurring?

Are we experiencing alternate realities? Is there something occurring like CERN that is splitting space-time or causing a strange merging of other realities?

And are we having false memories?

Psychologists and psychiatrists have used Occam’s razor, which we hear all the time, and stated the most likely scenario is that people are having false memories, which is . . . they need to explain why a certain number of the population are having the exact same false memory.

Are they the effects of time travel?

Now, I think we’ve all heard of the different programs where people travel back in time. That went on for some time, (smile) but they realized that they were fracturing space-time and the current timeline.

So they started going back trying to fix those problems, causing more problems.

And finally, a non-terrestrial group visited us and told us that we needed to stop messing around going back in time because time was elastic, and just like space, it’ll snap back together.

And that could explain some of the things that we see with the Mandela Effect.

And, of course, the psychologists say it’s an effect of confabulation, a clinical term for memory defects.

We picked out a few examples. There were hundreds of examples online. We picked out a few that I actually experienced.

1 Oscar Meyer Vs Oscar Mayer

Raise your hand if you remember it being “Oscar Meyer” with an ‘e’. Okay. That’s what I remember. Now, it’s “Oscar Mayer”.

And we did some research. There has been changes in marketing and that kind of a thing, but you look back at old commercials, you cannot find commercials or ads in the ‘old’ configuration.

2 Sex In The City Vs Sex And The City

Of course, I remember “Sex in the City”. I mean, that’s the show that was on all the time. I remember that.

Raise your hand if you remember it as “Sex and the City”. I mean, that blows my mind.

3 Monocle Vs No Monocle

I mean, little things. Do you remember him having a monocle? Yeah?

If you don’t remember him having a monocle, raise your hand. Okay.

4 The Berenstein Bears Vs The Berenstain Bears

And, of course, the one everyone talks about “The Berenstain Bears”. Yes, I remember it as “The Berenstein Bears”, and now it’s “Berenstain Bears”.

5 Kit Kat Vs Kit Kat

And the Kit-Kat bar. How many people remember the dash in the middle of Kit-Kat? Yeah.

How many don’t remember it ever being there? I mean, the person next to you that raised their hand when you didn’t, are they from a different timeline? You know, are you from a different timeline?

Or do one of the two of you have a memory defect?

6 Luke I Am Your Father

This is the one I had the hardest problem with when I actually watched it, because I remember “Luke, I am your father”. I remember comedians using it. I remember it being “Luke, I’m your father”.

And when I watched it again, and it said, “No, I am your father”, I was heavily puzzled.

Does anyone here not remember it being “Luke, I am your father”? Okay, so that’s universally strange.

7 Field Of Dreams

And, of course, “Field of Dreams”, “If you build it, HE will come”. That was used in a lot of comedy routines – sitcoms would repeat that. Now, if you watch the movie it’s “If you build it, THEY will come”.

Some people have researched it and talked to the original screenwriters and people involved with the movie, and the people are baffled. They say, “No, it was always ‘they will come’”.

How did Ra Tier Eir Explain the Effect?

How did Ra Teir Eir explain this effect? As I mentioned on Cosmic Disclosure, I was shown kind of a curtain of . . . it looked almost like crystalline rods all lined up perpendicular, and they were kind of turning. And as they were turning, I was seeing all these different scenes that would become blurry and then become crystal clear – strange things like nuclear bombs going off in a large city in the United States, dirty bombs going off, a meteor hitting the ocean.

I asked what I was seeing, and Tier Eir said that there has been a merging of timelines.

It’s occurring from a number of different things, the energetic changes that are occurring in our solar system. The mass consciousness is guiding these changes, and there is also indeed this almost elastic effect to space-time that begins to bring temporal realities collapsing them back in on each other.

So apparently, at one point we were all horrified at seeing a nuclear bomb going off in a city in the U.S., but something occurred in the Mandela Effect to where none of us remember it or experienced it.

So talking about these different commercials and products, that was a very small scale of the Mandela Effect.

It’s happening on a large scale as well, and many people have no memory whatsoever of the different timeline.

Explain the Codependent Super Consciousness?

I was shown by Tier Eir what our super consciousness was, because I just wasn’t getting it when he was trying to explain it. My third-density mind was not wrapping around it.

What he did is he basically pulled me out of my body, because there was no other way to view this. And as I was expanding, I was seeing all these different, I guess, souls that are alive now, you know, from humanity.

And as I started being pulled further and further away, each individual became almost like a pixel, and I saw this super being. And this super being had a very feminine energy about it. And it had a very traumatized energy about it, as though it had . . . It was related to me very much like a battered wife. It has PTSD.

This is our super consciousness . . . is in this state.

Basically, what was related to me is that different groups like the Reptilians, they have a codependent relationship with us to where they are the abusers. They are supposed to be learning through this process as well – their super consciousness.

And then we have the super consciousness of other non-terrestrial races that are like the neighbor next door that intervenes when domestic violence occurs.

That was a difficult concept for me to understand to be honest that we’re existing, making decisions and experiencing things on such a wide range of levels.

You know, the super consciousness is relying on each of us to get to where we need to be to help heal the PTSD and get it over the point to where it can start healing again. Apparently, it’s not at that point yet.

Are Starseeds more able to witness the effect and why?

Are Starseeds more able to witness, or understand, the effect of the Mandela Effect? It seems that a lot of the people that are noticing these changes identify theirselves as starseeds. And we’ve been seeing starseeds activated like we’ve never seen before.

People contacting us very excited about their mission for the first time. Everyone around them is excited. I’m sure half of you, if not more, are . . . have a mission and are looking for a way to make sure that you can achieve that mission.

Raise your hand if you feel like you’re here for a reason? You’re on a mission.

What is the “Most Optimal Timeline”?

So what is the most optimal timeline? The most optimal timeline is what we see in all our different belief systems – this Ascension Event – becoming a fourth-density being and leaving behind all of the pain and hurt that we’ve held onto that’s anchoring us to third density.

How Do We Navigate to the “Most Optimal Timeline”?

The way we navigate to this optimal timeline is that we have to hit our missions with intent. It’s time for us to come together, put aside all our different belief systems, understand that none of us has all the answers, no matter who is up on what stage, and that we’re all looking for the same thing. We’re looking for the Truth.

If we can come together under that flag, then no one can stop us.

Can Time Be Manipulated?

Can time be manipulated? It can and it has been manipulated. That was a major issue that was caused by our early programs, especially when we first . . . The torsion field drives that we had in the 1980s were the top of the line. But in the ’90s, they developed temporal drives.

These temporal drives let them jump enormous distances in space-time, but when you’re that far advanced in technology, if you’re traveling in space, you’re a time traveler too. You can travel back in time.

I’ve mentioned before it’s very possible that our ancient aliens haven’t even discovered us yet. They could in 2030 come flying up to our solar system, discover us and decide to start flying back in time and watch us evolve to where we are now.

These abilities . . . All of the most advanced beings have that ability. They can travel through time as easily as they can space.

What is the Co-Creative Consciousness?

What is the co-creative consciousness? The co-creative consciousness is something that we have naturally that The-Powers-That-Be want to keep us ignorant of.

They use our co-creative consciousness as their black magic. They will plant a seed in our co-creative consciousness and then usually what catalyzes that seed is emotion. They’ll do a false flag. Or they’ll have a media event that will cause people to have a strong emotion that will catalyze the seed that they had planted.

So they are basically tricking us into using our own powers against us.

If we learn to use our co-creative consciousness, it’s over for them. That’s why they keep this group of people here. They use divide and conquer to keep us at each other’s throats debating all of our different belief systems.

There’s a reason for that. We’re a major danger to them.

Roger: We’ve got a question here, Corey.

Tanya: Hi, my name is Tanya. What you just said about that described exactly what I thought I read about when Mandela died, or supposedly died in prison. The-Powers-That-Be, and I don’t know that much about politics, but, you know, down in Africa they were concerned about the mass uniting and supporting and getting too much personal power from Mandela.

So they put that lie out that he died to break the momentum and to break their connection with Mandela to control the people so that when he actually got out and died that upward spiral of energy that they were having in their connection with him was broken.

And then he came out and it sort of like . . . the momentum fizzled a little bit. And then he just went on and lived his life.

Corey: I’d heard that too, but I’d also heard that the people that have researched looking back at the media archives were unable to find any of the announcements of his death.

Tanya: I saw the announcement of his death, and I . . .

Corey: If you could find any archives, that would . . .

Tanya: I intuitively knew it was a lie, so I went looking for the information, and intuitively I knew somebody put it out as bullshit. But anyway, my other question for you was, who is Ra? Yeah, who is that?

Corey: Who is what?

Tanya: Ra.

Corey: Oh, Ra Tier Eir. Raise your hand if you watch “Cosmic Disclosure”. Raise your hand if you don’t watch “Cosmic Disclosure”. (Laughter) Okay.

Have you heard of the Blue Avians? Okay. Ra Tier Eir is the one that interfaces with me the most. He’s one of the Blue Avians.

Question: Hi, Corey.

Corey: Hello.

Question: I have a question going back to what you said about feeling like the energy was a battered wife, or, you know, battered wife syndrome.

And what came to me to ask is, is that Mother Earth? Would that be the energy that we’re all experiencing?

Corey: That’s a good question. On the level that I was shown, this was not Gaia. This was not Mother Earth. This was the mass consciousness of human beings, not animals, minerals, the spirit of Gaia. It wasn’t any of that. It was just the mass consciousness of human beings here on Earth.

Roger: Okay, one more question here and then we’ll move on.

Question: Could you explain what “starseed” means?

Corey: Yes, there are a number of terms for “starseed”, but a starseed is a person who took on a mission. Basically, you could be a different non-terrestrial group, a different higher-density group, and you make some sort of a soul contract agreement to come and incarnate here on Earth for a mission.

I would imagine almost everyone here is exactly a starseed. Raise your hand if you think you’re a starseed.

The ones who didn’t, you’re probably a starseed or you wouldn’t be here. (Laughter)

I’m going to move on. Are you all liking this format? (YES!) Okay. We’re trying out a few different formats. We thought we would try this one. It seems to be working out.

How is our Co-Creative Consciousness used against us?

How is our co-creative consciousness used against us? I discussed that with the black magic the Cabal uses. They’ll maybe have a movie about a large earthquake or terrorist event, and then they’ll have a false flag. And then our co-creative consciousness will make it possible for something larger to occur.

There are a lot of different levels that they use it at. I’m sure many of you are familiar with how black magic is used and how much consciousness plays into it.

How do we give consent to use our Co-Creative Consciousness against us?

Raise your hand if you consented to be a free-range slave. (Laughter) Nobody? I don’t remember that either.

How did we give consent to those who use our co-creative consciousness against us? Well, one of the biggest ways is through apathy – lack of action, lack of standing up and fighting back. Many of us are primed to do that and are already doing that.

All of those who are asleep, the vast majority of this mass consciousness that we are talking about, this mass consciousness being, they are steering the ship right now. But as you know, a small rudder can change the course of a ship.

A small number of people who claim the power of our co-creative consciousness and begin to demand that suppressed technologies are released, that’s how we’re going to make things happen. We’re not going to have someone come and make an announcement on the news, or a government official.

We’re going to have to demand it and get out, protest, do the mass meditations. It’s time for us to come together and work on this.

Do you agree? (Yes! Applause.)

How do we stop the highjacking of our Co-Creative Consciousness?

And, of course, how we stop this hijacking of our co-creative consciousness is being aware of what they are doing.

Now that you’re aware, and you were probably already aware, but if we can make other people aware of what’s going on, the tactics won’t work.

Question: How are you doing? What was my question? Go back one slide. I actually forgot. I just need to see it.

Oh, what do we do about the psychotronics? In my experience of learning about this, I’ve run into, after learning things, being heavily triggered, my friends and whatever, and it seems to me . . . myself, most of the time if I’m aware of who I am, whatever, I can kind of counter it now.

But for those that don’t know it, and most people don’t, it is so . . . Well, people don’t know this is even possible for this to be happening. And it seems like it needs to be stopped but maybe not by us. Maybe we do need help with it. Do you have any opinion on that?

Corey: Psychotronics?

Question: Psychotronic mind control . . . the technical mind control.

Corey: Will, there are many levels of it. There are advanced ET craft in orbit that also use relays on Earth that have a giant grid to suppress our consciousness and basically it’s mind control.

We have social mind control – all these different social norms, that if you don’t want your people breeding outside of your race, then you make up all these social rules for them. Well, that’s a type of mind control.

Every single one of us is on some level of mind control, no matter how awake we are.

But for us to finally break these tools that are being used against us, it’s very difficult to defend against them, if not impossible. It’s almost impossible.

So it’s going to have to come to a tipping point to where we have some sort of revolution, not a violent one, but one that is a revolution of ideas, and people getting out like I was just saying to basically topple The-Powers-That-Be.

Until then, I’ve seen these technologies used . . . you really can’t protect yourself once you’ve been targeted.

Basically, what I’ve been told is to get off our knees, to stop looking for someone else to solve our problems and saving us. We’ve contributed to the problem so we’re going to have to contribute to the solution. (Applause) Yeah.

Each of us . . . We are the savior that we’ve been waiting for. (Applause) And the only thing you’ve been waiting for now is for us to claim that power as sovereign human beings. One more? Okay.

Question: So for this co-creative consciousness, and I feel like there’s a tipping point, like a number. Do we know of a number that makes, from mass consciousness to our power as the co-creators in this room and the starseeds that are here, is there a number that we’re looking for to hit? How many people can we impact to make that ripple effect happen and then shift so that the mass consciousness that’s there now is now in this co-creative consciousness in a positive way?

Corey: You just beautifully set me up for the “100th Monkey Effect”. Thank you.

What is the “100th Monkey Effect” and how can that be a tool for change?

Exactly what she was asking. The 100th Monkey Effect, and I can’t cite it verbatim for you, but it was a study that . . . They observed apes, or monkeys of some sort, that began to use tools, certain tools, and using them in a certain way. And they’d never seen them doing this before.

Well, people that were observing them many miles away, separated by ocean even, I believe on islands, about the exact same time, the same species started using the same tools in the same way.

And they’re trying to reconcile how did that happen? Is there some sort of connection with all of their consciousness to where information flows back and forth on a level that they’re not aware of, and, of course, we’re not aware of.

Well, those of us in the room would say, “Absolutely, yes, that’s occurring.”

Does that answer your question? Okay.

I borrowed David Wilcock’s clicker, and I think it’s as old as he’s been doing presentations. (Laughter)

What is the “Observer Effect” and why is this being hidden from the public?

What is the ‘observer effect’? One of the things that you don’t hear talked about very often in science is that if you observe an experiment, you can change the outcome or have an effect on the outcome of that experiment. They’ve done a lot of studies on this.

That is a hint. And the reason I’m telling [you] about that is that is a major hint that our co-creative consciousness has an effect on time, space and matter. We can manifest things.

The more we have an understanding of that, and the more we come together, as a group we can manifest things.

And that’s also how such a small number of people can manifest the most optimal temporal reality.

We’re the people that can do it if we get together.

How can mass meditation and focused intent change the world?

How can mass meditation and focused intent change the world? Everyone here, I’m sure, is aware of all the different mass meditation groups. We definitely need to get all those together focused on one single intent.

There have been studies that showed that . . . There was one study that showed a bunch of people got together and meditated on lowering crime, and crime lowered.

There have been studies that show, in addition to the observer effect, that we have an effect on the world around us. It can be a positive one, it can be a neutral one, or it can be a negative one. It’s up to us to choose that.

And if we focus all of our intent on the same outcome, that’s the reality we’ll move into.

In what ways are Starseeds activating right now?

In what ways are starseeds activating now? I stated earlier, I’ve seen more excitement in more people’s eyes recently about their personal missions than I think I’ve ever seen in my life.

Raise your hand if in the last year, especially, you’ve become more empowered and have felt this urgent need to focus on your mission. Yeah, that’s . . .

And it’s not just people getting excited because they heard a new idea of concept. This is occurring with people from a wide spectrum of different belief systems.

Question: Hi, Corey. I’m kind of new to following what you’ve been doing on Cosmic Disclosure. And how do you tell if you are a starseed and what you’re mission would be? How do you discover that or find that information?

Corey: Usually, that occurs in your awakening process. I hope my wife doesn’t mind me bringing up her . . .

Right before I started to talk to David Wilcock and come out publicly with this information, I had never told Stacy any of this.

She had, of course, observed things like me calling out at night and hearing weird things, but nothing of this extent.

At the time, if I would have told her, she would have taken her two kids and moved to Missouri. (Laughter) Yeah.

Right when I was getting to a point to where I had to start talking about it, I was guided to get a book. It’s “How to Change the Habit of Being Yourself”. What’s his . . . Joe Dispenza? Dr. Joe Dispenza, yeah. “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”. I felt guided to get the book. I never read it, but Stacy read it.

At some point through the book, she started . . . All of this information started hitting her, and she started freaking out. And she came to me, and she was like, “What’s happening?”

I told her, “You’re having a download. It’s okay. Just sit back and enjoy.” (Laughter)

So she kicked back, and it was very quickly after that that I was able to start telling her all of these different details in a way that I knew she wasn’t going to flip out on me.

It’s within that awakening process that she realized that she had a mission, and that she was a starseed.

If you’re getting to a point in your awakening, if you’ve been asleep for a long time, and you’re starting to feel like you have a mission, you’re being drawn here, then you’re a starseed. But for you to feel it yourself, it’s going to take a little bit further in your journey before you can see the different signs and have the validations that you need. That’s my humble opinion. I’m no expert on that, of course.

Roger: We’ll do one more question here and then we’ll go on.

Question: Hi, Corey. Thank you for your thoughts. Is there any way that we can go back to a lecture point and you can tell us more about the Sphere Alliance and about the Avians? I’m very impressed by your ability to all of a sudden be a messenger of humanity to all these other beings.

Can you please elaborate more on that subject? Thank you.

Corey: Okay. I’ll give a brief version. I was first contacted by the Blue Avians through dreams. It was one of those things that you knew was not a dream. Tier Eir appeared and was doing hand signals, and there was no communication that I was aware of.

And I woke up from this dream, and I remember that I was a little bit disturbed because I knew it wasn’t a dream. I didn’t know if someone was manipulating me.

As Roger and my team can tell you, I don’t go in doe-eyed with everything. I challenge things.

So I was worried. I knew of the technologies that were out there that could manipulate people.

And finally, Tier Eir appeared in front of me in a physical form. When it was proposed to me that I would be up talking in front of a lot of people, or representing them in front of a large number of people, I was more than freaked out.

I’m an extreme introvert. I have a weak voice. I mean, I had all these excuses that I was offering up to why they should not ask me to do this job.

All I heard was, “It’s of no consequence. It’s of no consequence.” And they told me that I had agreed to do this at some point.

Since then, they have had me interface with them for a number of different beings, and they’ve been delivering or pushing me to deliver the Blue Avian message – the one of become more loving, more service-to-others on a daily basis, to forgive those who’ve hurt us, and, biggest of all, forgive ourselves. And by doing this, we’ll stop the Wheel of Karma, and we’ll have an opportunity to have this consciousness renaissance that other beings in our local star cluster have reached. It’s our turn.

Are there any other questions before I move on, or is that it? Okay, one more.

Question: Hi, Corey. My name is Josher. She started off introducing you by saying you were an empath and you started this path at an early age, or at least being prepared to interact with different beings. Was there a practice that you had to, as a sovereign being, to protect your mind and your heart when interfacing with different entities?

And would that practice be applicable, sort of, on a broader scale?

Corey: Yeah, I lot of times you’ll see people offering some sort of broad stroke way to protect yourselves. One of the things that . . . before they taught us a certain method to protect ourselves, they basically profiled us.

Each person were very different in personality types. Our belief systems play into it, what you believe is possible. There are a lot of things that play into the type of defense that will work for you.

With me, when I felt attacked, I was basically putting a torsion field vortex around myself and mentally pulling each end, and it would snap together in the middle. That would . . . It was somehow sending some sort of . . . Something was happening on the ethereal level that gave me protection. It caused feedback on those that were trying to harm me during interfacing. It could occur so quickly that you couldn’t use those types of defenses.

Some of these beings were very evasive when they interfaced with you, and they used different ways of interfacing. Some of them . . . you hear your own inner-monologue voice. You’ll hear things come like that, but others they will use flashes, memories of your life, smells that remind you of something, tastes. They’ll use all of them together.

There are a lot of different ways that they can affect you, of course. But a lot of times it was just a crap shoot. You’d get what they call an etheric headache or hangover, basically, and it would be the worst migraine you’d ever had and they’d last three to five days and you’d just lay in bed.

That type of communication is occurring so quickly at light speed that there’s really no reaction time to be able to defend yourself.

How can creativity and inspiration change the world?

So how can creativity and inspiration change the world? The group here at this expo [are] very creative people.

Now, if we can use media, music, art to plant seeds in the co-creative consciousness of the mass consciousness, we can begin to kick in that 100th Monkey Effect, but we can also prepare them for when they do start to hear some of these disclosures that are very difficult to hear.

A lot of us want to believe Disclosure is going to be a Kumbaya moment, but it is going to be a traumatic . . . It’s going to be one of the most traumatic things that ever happened to this planet. That’s what Disclosure is going to be.

I’ve said before, all evolution occurs through stress. And this is going to be a major stressful evolution, but it’s one that is far overdue.

So what can we do? If we put our talents into our arts, our media, our music, each one of us is on the front line and a soldier in this battle to affect the co-creative consciousness.

We have a lot more power than we’ve been led to believe.

What does ‘United in the Community’ mean?

What does ‘United in the Community’ mean? We don’t have to agree on most things even. The only thing that we really need to agree on is that none of us have the answers, and that if we can unify this community, we can affect massive change.

I think we do have troublemakers out there that are always trying to stir up problems, but for the most part, I’ve never seen people more willing to work together. People that usually keep their work from each other, “This is mine. No, this is mine,” well, now they’re sharing and they’re working together.

We definitely need more unity.

Why is the next Three-Year Window so Important?

Why is that three-year window that Tier Eir told me about so important? When he was talking to me about this mass consciousness, he stated that the next three years is a window that is critical for humanity to begin to work to affect the rest of the mass consciousness.

We have to have a major change or we may miss that optimal temporal reality. And if we just sat back and wait for others to do the work, then we are just as much to blame.

How does the Solar Sneeze factor into all this?

How does the Solar Sneeze factor into all this? There are a number of ancient religions that elude to a Solar Event that occurs on a cycle.

The programs of these remote viewing . . . I believe it’s Ed Dames that did a remote viewing about the Kill Shot. He believed that the Sun was going to explode and it was going to take out the Earth.

In the programs, there are different versions of what they think will occur when there is this Solar Event. Many people believe there will be a large – like 360° – mass coronal ejection that will take out our electronics for weeks or permanently.

If that occurs, a lot of people think that that’s when . . . that is going to be the best time to usher in all these new technologies – after the infrastructure has been taken out by this electromagnetic pulse.

And, of course, we have people in the programs that are more esoteric, or religious, that believe that it’s going to be an Ascension event. They believe that when this Solar Event occurs, that people are going to be turned to bodies of light.

Within these programs, and even within the Cabal, you have a wide range of people. You have the pragmatic people, the show-me people, and you have the religious people.

What can people do right now to prepare for the coming changes?

This is where it sounds a little preachy, I guess. What can people do right now to prepare for these coming changes?

All of the karma, all of the things that we’ve refused to deal with in life . . . Raise your hand if all of a sudden you’ve noticed that it’s popping up in your face – you’re having to deal with it.

Well, that’s actually a blessing. All of these things, all of these traumas, pains that we haven’t dealt with are like third-density anchors.

When these new energies are passing through us, there’s drag. These third-density experiences cause drag and hold us back.

If we deal with all of our trauma and stop the Wheel of Karma, then we’re changing the world one person at a time. We’re also showing people through example that forgiveness can occur, and we’re going to be prepared, at least, for whatever this event is.

All of us have different ideas about what this event is, but there’s definitely an event coming.

8 ComicDisclosure Slide

Oh, it looks like we’re at the end.

We are doing a new graphic novel series. We’ve got together with William Tompkins. He’s excited to be a part of it. (Applause) Yeah, it’s going to be exciting.

We’re going to do a graphic novel and a motion graphic movie. We’re going to be starting a crowdfunding campaign for it very soon. But that’s one of the ways that we’re going to try to affect the mass consciousness.

How many of you have an idea of how to affect not only the mass consciousness but the world in a positive way? Do you have a plan? Do you have . . . Social media. It’s great. Yeah. It got Trump elected. Ha, ha. (Laughter) You can do anything with it, right?

Question: Hi, Corey, thanks for being here. My partner and I came down from Mt. Shasta today to see you. And I may have missed it in some of the series with David Wilcock – I haven’t seen it all – but I have two questions. One is: when we go through this Ascension process or what you’re describing, is it going to be a completely different level of awareness, or are we going to be seeing ETs and non-terrestrials on Facebook taking pictures with the President and stuff? (Laughter)

That’s my first question. My second question is, and I may have missed this, but when was the most recent time that you’ve had interactions with Tier Eir or any of these beings?

Corey: It usually happens very sporadically in clusters when I have these meetings. It’s been a while now. It’s weird. In those times when I’m not having that connection or communication, it’s almost like a little bit of a withdrawal. You’re not getting information.

A lot of times the information they give you is not that palatable, especially, you know, I think I’ve talked on Cosmic Disclosure recently how they punched me in the guts six months ago letting me know how manipulative I’d been in my life.

That was something I immediately started to work on and spend a lot of time thinking about. But they’ll give you time, the time that you need, and usually Ka’Aree will give me a little bit of counseling, especially during the rougher things.

As far as people doing selfies with ETs, that’s anyone’s guess at this point. I don’t think anyone can predict how Disclosure is going to unfold, and how they’re going to acclimate us to different non-terrestrials. There are a number of different programs out there that discuss the acclimation process.

We’ve actually been wanting to get together with a lot of mental health professionals. Whether they believe in UFOs or not, we’re trying to get a think tank together to have them come up with different ways to help people if there is a Disclosure, you know, to study all the different personality types, the different religions and the different personality types, and come up with a plan of how these people might react and disseminate that plan to all the other healthcare mental health professionals.

So there’s a lot that we as a community are going to be held . . . We’re going to be responsible for helping people after Disclosure after we get over our shock, because we’re going to find out that we were wrong about a lot of stuff.

Like David Wilcock said, we’re going to be helping loved ones get out of bed, making them take a bath, making them eat. It’s going to be a hard time.

Roger: When Corey and I were talking about this format today about dialoguing, the idea is to bring people together to talk about this stuff – the fracture that happens between all of us, where we’re not communicating, we’re not talking to each other.

The dialogue needs to start within the community here, so the idea of exploring this format in a speaking presentation is kind of what we’re trying to . . . Here we have another gentleman who’s got a question.

Question: Hi, Corey, this is Sergio. We were recently watching an episode of I think it’s “Open Minds” with Regina Meredith on Gaia, and the person being interviewed, the lady, was putting forth an idea I hadn’t heard of. It was pretty wild.

She called it “quantum jumping” or “reality shifting” where people identify . . . okay, maybe I have an illness or a disease right now and I know there’s a reality that exists where everything is the same but I don’t have that illness, so I’m either going to jump into that reality or bring that reality here into my current state, and now I exist without that disease. And they were pointing out several examples of people having done that in some kind of way.

So I’m curious, have you heard of that? That was all in the context of the Mandela Effect as well.

Corey: Oh, that’s interesting. I’m definitely familiar with the concept. That’s just another aspect of our co-creative consciousness.

There’s also a lot more of a mental and body, a body-mental, connection and a way to mentally manipulate your body that most people, especially here in the West, know.

A lot of people in the East have been using a lot of these techniques for thousands of years, but it’s fairly new to the West.

Yeah, I’ve heard of these concepts. I didn’t . . . I’m not familiar with that person, though.

Who is the negative race that’s paralyzing people?

Question: Okay, who is the negative race that keeps coming in people’s houses and paralyzing them?

Corey: Who is the what?

Question: Who is the negative race that keeps coming in people’s houses and paralyzing them? A lot of people have been coming up and saying, “I’ve been paralyzed multiple times”.

Corey: Right. And the skeptics say it’s sleep paralysis . . .

Question: No.

Corey: . . . which does occur, but even in our programs, when they go down to a neighborhood, they will delta wave the neighborhood. They’ll put everyone into a deep state, a lower state, of consciousness that is one of the states of sleep. That’s why if awake during one of those situations, no matter what you do, you cannot wake up the person next to you if you’re not affected by it.

Now, a lot of these technologies are used not only by humans in these programs, but [by] different non-terrestrial groups. It is very easy for them to cause you to . . . to affect your neurology remotely to not only give you sleep paralysis, but to make you get up, walk out the door, open the door, close the door behind you, walk down the street, almost like you’re . . . I mean literally remote controlling you.

Their technology is SO MUCH more advanced than they understand the mind-body connection.


I’m not really familiar with people wearing the . . . I mean, just that description of wearing black clothes.

A lot of the times, if a person is abducted by a non-terrestrial, they will be brought . . . after they’re brought back, they are reabed, re-abducted, by the military with advanced technology. And they have a much messier way of messing with our memories when they’re done.

A lot of these people are people that . . . they’ll wear alien-type costumes, they’ll wear all black, but it could be anywhere from an ET group to a military group.

Is the rising Schumann Resonance a factor in the Ascension process?

Question: I have a question about the Schumann Resonance that’s been going up lately. You know, the highest it ever went is like 36 and then over Easter it hit like 90. Is that also helping with the Ascension and with our evolution?

Corey: If indeed the Schumann Resonance is fluctuating, and I’ve talked to a few people in the programs that debate that – some of them say that it’s not – but the feedback that I’ve been talking about, our star system traveling through this different part of the galaxy, through this . . . basically it’s an interstellar high-energy dust cloud.

The energy is . . . since the star is like a torsion field, the energy is wrapping around the north and south poles, going in through the top and bottom, but it feeds out through our star. The energy feeds out through our star into our system.

That’s why all the different planets . . . the temperatures have been rising. There is not just global warming, we have many different . . . It’s Solar System warming.

So I believe this energetic change is going to affect possibly the Schumann Resonance, but definitely part of the EM field that we can’t easily measure.

Are the Archons the same as the Anunnaki?

Question: Anyway, I listened to both of your interviews , co-interviews, with Cobra, and I was really fascinated. Thank you for that.

I’m really curious. Cobra talks quite a bit about these Archons who are supposedly running the show, and I’ve heard the whole Anunnaki story, not just with David Wilcock, but with Barbara Marciniak. And you’re probably familiar with the Anunnaki.

My question is: Who or what are these Archons, and are they related at all to the Anunnaki? Are they one and the same? Do you have any knowledge about who these Archons are, and are they related to the so-called Anunnaki? Thank you.

Corey: I hear “Archons”, the “Jin”, a lot of different terms, but there have been etheric-type beings, as strange as it sounds, . . . people using different forms of black magic, and also technologies, have caused basically tears between these different dimensions, not densities, but realities.

What Tier Eir told me is that these beings, these disembodied beings, that are controlled through contracts . . . They’ll get a certain amount of loosh if they follow the lead of one of these dark magicians.

I was told that when we have this Solar Event, that it will change the energy or the vibratory energy of our solar system in a way that these beings will not be able to be here any more.

He stated that they will be pushed back to somewhere called “The Outer Realm”. (Applause)

I am definitely not a scholar when it comes to all the different Jin, Archons, and all that. But that’s the best explanation I have.

Can you say more about the Ancient Builder Race?

Question: Hi, Corey. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you’re doing. But my question is about the Ancient Builder Race. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but from what I understand they’re a feline race? But also, how do they fit in with the Sphere Being Alliance? Do you know what density they are? Did they ascend into the Blue Avians or the Sphere Beings? Where are they now?

Corey: Okay. For a number of years in the beginning of the programs, we were coming across very ancient structures in our solar system – on the Moon, Mars, various planetoids – that were extremely ancient.

Not only that, but where we saw that at one point where glyphs or writing had been, it had been wiped away, much like the kings of Egypt would wipe away the history of a competing king or ideology.

The information that we have is that this group existed in our solar system 1.8 to like 2.4 billion years ago.

What we found out after a large amount of time was that our local stellar neighborhood is made up of approximately 51 or 52 stars. When we started to travel to these different star systems, we were finding out that this Ancient Builder Race technology was spread throughout the whole 52-star cluster.

And at one point, they had developed some sort of defense grid to protect that 52 . . . that local star cluster.

At some point, groups that were being protected within this grid were warring with each other, and they hijacked this technology to use against each other, and they inadvertently brought down this protective grid.

That’s when all of these – what I was told were Genetic Farmer races – came in and began to use, I guess, what the most advanced and coveted technology out there is: genetics.


It occurred approximately 500,000 years ago, about the time Tiamat exploded. That is the information on the glass pads in the program, anyway.

Could the 100th Monkey Theory affect the deception of humanity?

Question: I have a question about the 100th Monkey theory.

Corey: About what?

Question: 100th Monkey?

Corey: Oh, 100th Monkey.

Question: If something were to be not true or not correct, I suppose would be the correct way to put it, with evolution, and a population were to be deceived, would they continue that until the 100th monkey was also deceived? Is that potentially possible?

Corey: I’m not quite sure I follow. The 100th Monkey Effect . . . Are you saying that if they get bad information, is the bad information shared amongst the consciousness? Is that what you’re asking?

Question: Yes.

Corey: Yeah, any information . . . any and all information is shared amongst us and available to us through our group consciousness. And many people have begun to develop the ability to tap into some of these Akashic Records and some of the knowledge out there.

Are there any updates on Atlantis, Antarctica or the battle with the Cabal?

Question: Yeah, actually, I have a quick question. With all the distractions going on today with the world and events and those kinds of things, are there any new updates with Atlantis and what’s happening with that as far as information coming out to kind of subdue things?

Or from some of your other talks, have the Cabal been cleaned out of the underground bunkers? Like what’s the update with that whole situation?

Corey: Right. The last I heard that they weren’t taking out all the underground bunkers, that there were certain bunkers that were built under FEMA but were built for other purposes once there was a change in command – when the presidency changed – these certain groups were refusing to vacate. And they went in and removed them.

As far as anything new on Antarctica, I’ve had a couple of briefings, but they’ve been basically just about . . . more about the Raytheon-type facilities that were built in Antarctica starting in the late 1950s.

If you’ve seen the video about Project Iceworm – I believe it’s at Camp Freedom – that was built in Greenland in the late 1950s. It was a secret base that was built where they were going to put missile silos.

Well, this type of modular building under the ice was used to build a large number of facilities in Antarctica close to some of these recovered craft that were deep under the ice.

If you plan on sticking around for David Wilcock, he is going to have a whole presentation on this with much of the updated intel both from myself and Pete Peterson.

Is Earth a special kind of basket case?

Question: Hi. I wanted to know whether or not you have any information about the following:

So at the very beginning of the talk, you started talking about the analogy that you were given regarding the battered wife and the wife beater, as it were.

I’m just wondering, in the universe, the way you’ve been shown, is it typical to have civilizations learn out of atrocities and adversarial-type of interaction? Or is our world a special kind of basket case?

Corey: It’s definitely a special kind of basket case, but from the information that I have, most of the stars in our local star cluster have gone through a very similar process. Most of them have related to us that their problems were nowhere near as significant as ours, but that they had a very similar evolution through adversity to get to where they’re at.

Have you given any more briefings?

Question: Hi, Corey. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’ve got a quick question about . . . Well, on this week’s episode of Cosmic Disclosure, you shared about how you were at Boulder, at the hotel, and people knocked on the door, and you had to do this briefing, and the guys walked out.

I’m just wondering if there’s any follow-up on that? Have there been any more opportunities to give briefings?

Corey: Yeah, interestingly enough, while I was on that trip, Sigmund, the guy . . . we’ve given the name “Sigmund” to this . . . he feels higher than a Colonel. He never wears any fleur on his uniform.

But he came and talked to me about doing more of these briefings. And he said, “For the love of God, do not talk about 8′ tall blue birds.” (Laughter)

He said, “Just talk about the programs and the technology. Don’t talk about any of that.” And he wanted me to not talk about it in public either.

I told him I couldn’t do that. So, yeah, I had about 13 people get up and just walk out in the middle of me giving this briefing.

And the people that did stay, had a weird grin on their face like an idiot looking around, jerking their head around waiting for someone to jump out and say they were punked. So they did not go well. They did not go well and they’ve been suspended for now.

Should my group doing sound healing research fear the Cabal?

Question: Corey, so I have no problem with my fear of becoming fully empowered and completely whole and heart open. But I do have a fear, and I’m wondering what to do with it, of, if I get enough information – I’ve got a sound healing research foundation. We’re doing research, and we’re starting to get more information.

What do we do with the fear where we get enough information and enough knowledge and enough consciousness that we actually come up against the higher levels of the Cabal or of these other beings? You know what I mean?

Corey: I think I do. One thing that . . . if you’re in this field, don’t ask questions that you can’t handle the answer to. You know, you need to be prepared . . . How can you be prepared for what you don’t know though?

When we get a lot of information about . . . We know the main thing that they’ve been trying to cover up is not that they’re ETs. It’s their technology.

But think about all the crimes against humanity they have perpetrated against us to keep that secret? That is what they are . . . They are terrified. They’re terrified about that coming out.

That’s why you hear them talking about being turned into wind chimes in the middle of D.C. hanging from lamp posts. They’re really worried about that.

What more can you say about the Mayans you’ve met?

Question: Good evening, my name’s Amaranth in my traditional language, Huatli. I am of Central American descent and my direct relatives are from Nahuizalco, El Savador – Mayan people.

And I’m honored that you addressed the Mayans in your encounters when you’re talking about the beings that you have become familiar with. I’ve been recognized in my community as given privileges to conduct gatherings and do prayers and we always recognize our star cousins above.

That being said, what can you tell me about these beings that you have encountered, because I’m sure you’re aware, but people in Central American countries have been dispersed because of war, and thus, we’ve been disconnected from our traditions. What can you inform me about?

Corey: It was related to me that this group . . . The Earth has been used as a place for refugees – cosmic refugees. They were here for a long period of time as cosmic refugees, and at a certain point, those of them who had not interbred with others outside of their group, were picked up and taken, and they disappeared. And I was told there was like 40 million of them.

When it comes to what I know about them, they give me big smiles, but they refuse to interface with me. They’ll interface with Gonzales, and then Gonzales will tell me what they are communicating to him. But for some reason, they just will not interface with me.

(Inaudible question about Gonzales) He is. He is partly Caucasian and part Latin, yes.

Can we change the male-dominated culture in the Secret Space Programs?

Question: Hi, Corey. My name is Monica, and I wanted to ask you about the gender and balance for the extraterrestrials that come here and communicate with humanity. When you go into the Secret Space Program, or the Corporate Conglomerate, and those high, high levels that are interfacing with these groups, they are very male dominated.

And I’m wondering if you’ve gotten any information or any messages about us balancing that, and if that can help us to evolve or get on a better timeline or anything – if you’ve gotten any information like that?

Corey: Well, we’re a long way away from this, but not only do we need a balance of equality with women and men, we need balance of the feminine and masculine in each individual.

I don’t know how this is going to occur. I think that . . . I believe that once we get to a point where we get a disclosure, and then stop fighting each other and begin this consciousness renaissance, that the early process of that consciousness renaissance is going to cause a lot of this balance to kick in. But sadly, I don’t see that occurring any time soon.

Now, within the programs, I definitely saw women, and they were underrepresented, but I tell you what. These were some of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever met in my life. For the women to get into these programs, they were amazing. They were absolutely amazing.

So, yes, there is in the programs, there’s a discrepancy in race – races being represented – as well as males and females. That’s something that we all have to wrestle with in society as it is. And it shows up on every level.

Can you put me in touch with scientists or filmmakers?

Question: I’m so grateful to be here and meet you in person, Corey. I’ve been working for 30 years with a international scientist who uses science as a seeing is believing stepping stone to actually show that we’re an indivisible instrument even when we’re thousands of miles apart, and that the whole of humanity actually can share a commonly sensed intelligence as a species.

And I’m wondering if you know other scientists or filmmakers. I’m working on a series of films that shift viewing audiences into unity consciousness by sharing undivided intention and a single heart, body and mind consciously. If there’s anyone here or anyone you know that you could put us in touch with to help us collaborate on this worldwide effort, that would be great.

Corey: That’s an excellent point that you just brought up. We’ve had a couple of dry runs at creating . . . We’re trying to create a network that will bring people together that want to contribute art or contribute in any way to putting these projects out there. And we’re looking not just to fund or help our own projects.

There are plenty of people out there that have projects like your own. We would like to get a, not a forum, but a way for them all to communicate with each other, exchange resources and help each other find different types of professionals that you’re looking for to assist you. You know, it’s part of the unity in the community kind of thing – have a symbiotic relationship to where we’re not competing with each other, but we’re assisting each other in getting out this message.

That’s something that we’re in the early stages of attempting to do. And from what I’ve heard recently, people are doing the same thing – other people are doing the same thing.

Is the global sexual abuse phenomenon occurring due to different timelines?

Question: Corey, I have two separate but related questions. One is about the sexual abuse phenomena on the planet, and I’m under the impression that this is something that is being . . . it’s a plague that’s been given by the Reptilians or, perhaps, another group, and that one of the methods they use is to manipulate people’s timelines so that they retroactively will have experiences of sex abuse. And this is one of the ways of spreading the sex abuse on the planet because these beings get food every time somebody’s upset by this type of memory.

Corey: Loosh.

Question: Is that what . . .

Corey: Yeah. The energy . . . It’s referred to as loosh – the energy that they feed off of or vampire from.

Question: Do you know, or are you aware, of this time manipulation of abuse that is part of why people can’t remember their memories until later, or why their families’ members won’t admit it or can’t remember it because everybody’s in different timelines?

Corey: Now, there can be a timeline aspect because there were timeline aspects to the Secret Space Program – overlapping timelines. But in a lot of this training, they use physical and sexual trauma to not create schisms in your psyche, but we naturally want to disassociate from those traumas.

So the trauma that we’re trying to work on, trying to figure out, a lot of times it is just a tool to cause us to compartmentalize that memory. There might be a deeper memory behind that terrible experience. That terrible experience was just used as a way to cause you to disassociate and compartmentalize that memory.

Question: Right. And I’m talking about the everyday person. This is just rampant. It’s just unbelievable. And I just want to name it as an infestation that is not human in origin.

Corey: Yeah, when we do have a Full Disclosure, all of the occultic and sexual abuse stuff, when that stuff comes out, that’s going to be one of the things that causes a lot of us to hang these people from light posts.

9 Blue Avian Message

Is the Asperger’s and autism phenomenon a result of Grey alien hybrid activity?

Question: Okay, and my second question is: I’m under the impression that this rash of people, children, on the spectrum of Asperger’s and autism, is Grey alien abduction of women, in pregnancy, and then their children are hybrided. Are you aware of this or does this resonate for you?

Corey: I had not heard that, but there is so much going on in these Genetic Farmer programs, that . . . There are 22 main programs that these non-terrestrial groups are performing on humanity. It’s of a genetic nature, but it’s also of a spiritual nature.

It’s about . . . To them, they’re studying evolution in different energetic fields from stars, and also the evolution of consciousness. So some of the programs are not only the genetic nature, but they’re of a spiritual nature.

Some of these beings are agreeing to incarnate down here, I guess starseeds you could call them. But they are doing so to take part in this Grand Experiment and to . . .

And a lot of the times, people being abducted are . . . These non-terrestrials are abducting basically their own people who have incarnated here and agreed to it, because there are laws – cosmic free will laws – that all of them have to abide by. But they all find ways around them.

Is there a way women can be in closer contact with Ka’Aree?

Question: Okay. Great. Third and final question for the women in the room, because of the talk about gender. Can you say more about Ka’Aree, because we hear about her from you but very little?

And is there a way that we as women can be in closer contact with her telepathically or have there been any messages from her to you for the women and the priestesses of Earth?

Corey: Actually, yes. Now one of the things is that they have been a little disturbed about is how many people are reaching out to them and praying to them. That totally goes against what they’re trying to . . . You know, they’re trying to get us to become self-empowered and to look inwardly.

Now, I’ve had many people . . . I’ve got some really good friends that are priestesses and did that type of training. And many of them have been able to connect with her.

So, yes, it’s possible, but keep in mind the intent of why you’re reaching out, because they really want us right now to be focusing within and looking within for the answers, because that’s where they’re at.

Has Ra Tier Eir described what will occur with the Solar Event?

Question: Hi, Corey. Thank you for your courage. My question is around the Solar Event within the next three years. Has Ra Tier Eir specifically stated what he either knows or feels will occur, is my first question?

And the second one is, if he hasn’t mentioned, or you don’t feel that he will state what it will be, could it be that if we hit the 100th Monkey Effect, we will get the outcome of everyone raising to a 4th dimension, basically a good scenario? Or if we don’t hit the 100th Monkey Effect, we may get the not-so-good scenario where we get the electrical shutdown and so forth? Thank you.

Corey: Yeah, if we just sit back for the ride and not, for the lack of a better word, try to manipulate the mass consciousness to go in the right direction, then, yeah, we’re along for the ride of wherever it goes.

Tier Eir told me that things are not . . . we’re not sitting back waiting for things to happen.

Strangely enough, the entire co-creative consciousness of humanity, even the non-terrestrials that are in our star system right now, their co-creative consciousness, that is what is manipulating and guiding and creating these different realities and timelines.

So they can’t really say this Solar Event will happen in three years. They can’t . . . You know, they have probable futures of what could occur.

We are constantly, through the Observer Effect, changing things. And that’s the point of all of us getting together and focusing on the same intent, is for us to be able to take a hold of the steering wheel and guide us to that area. That was both questions, right? I think I answered them. Yeah.

Were the Reptilians and other negative races removed after 2012?

Question: Thanks, Corey. I have two questions. The first is, I was under the impression that the Reptilians or races that were interfering with our planet were removed after 2012. I’ve heard different messages from different places and just wanted to get clear on that.

It kind of seems like they have been removed because things have been falling apart globally.

Corey: I don’t have any information about any particular species being removed. There was a barrier that was created that has prevented different groups from coming and going to our star system – kind of like a large field that they can’t penetrate.

I have not heard about any one group being kicked off the Earth or out of the solar system at this point – I haven’t. It’s just not my information.

Is there anything behind the recent power outages?

Question: And my second question is, I think it was last Friday morning in three or four cities across the United States, there was a power outage. It was like San Francisco Financial District, New York City, I think, LA and maybe Dallas. Do you have any comments on that?

Corey: I haven’t gotten a briefing since that occurred, but I’m fairly certain that that had to do with the geomagnetic activity between the Sun and the Earth.

I haven’t heard anything about there being any type of hacking or anything like that to bring down the grids. But then, again, I’m speculating here because I haven’t been briefed. It’s been a little while since I’ve been briefed.

Can you clarify what time is?

Foster Gamble: Hi, Corey.

Corey: Hi, Foster.

Foster: I’d love for you to address, a little more in depth, the topic of time. I find it the single most mind-boggling topic for me in my research. We’re working with some scientists who are using quantum fields to manipulate the effect of time on matter. In a certain sense, they can move biological cells. They can advance the aging of them. Or they can pause the aging, or they can actually reverse the aging in such a way the cancer cells go back to their wholeness.

So they are affecting a biological timeline, but to me that’s not quite the same as traveling in time. And I wonder if . . . The classic paradoxes of if you actually go back in time, then maybe your parents didn’t meet and all of a sudden I snap out of existence, and so forth.

In your experience, is that a function of moving on different timelines so that it doesn’t affect the one we are on? Could you just clarify time for us?

Corey: Clarify time, wow! (Laughter) Now, when I was in the programs, they were manipulating the stages of cells through . . . and some of them said, that they were manipulating them on a quantum level that were basically bringing them forwards and backwards in time for that one organism, if you will.

Now, that organism is not being moved within time linearly, but what is occurring is that it’s . . . certain fields can be applied that will advance or reverse the state of a cell or an organism.

It sounds to me like that is what is occurring instead of there actually being a temporal field that is being created . . . within an electromagnetic temporal field that is being created, that is actually creating some sort of time distortion within it.

Does that sound right?



Corey: Well, I’ve only jumped in time in the way that I covered long distances in an almost instantaneous time period.

Now, these portals that they use, if you’ve seen “Stargate”, you see, you know, . . . it’s a flat portal against a wall with a ripply . . . like a pond. What they have is . . . These things are set up by devices. There’ll be three, sometimes four, devices around a room pointed to a center point.

And what occurs is that when they create this portal, it creates what looks like a sphere that has a mirage effect to it – if you’ve seen above a highway that mirage effect. And the ground seems to sink down in almost a conical way.

People can walk into it from 360° around it. And when they walk in, they get smaller and it looks like they’re walking downhill. And they come out on the other side at 360°.

They would also use these to transport building materials, like large iron beams or something like that. They would put them on the floor or on the ground, turn on the field, and the sphere would appear in the middle of the steel beams and the steel beams would fold up and go in. It’s almost like they’ve been sucked in like spaghetti.

So that is definitely manipulating time and space in an electromagnetic way.

The Cosmic Web

Now, for me to give the description of what is exactly occurring, I can’t. I can tell you how the Cosmic Web works, how the star . . . these portals work.

There is what we call the Cosmic Web. I’m sure you’ve seen images of Hubble where they’ve taken different types of exposures and different spectrum images to where you see all the different galaxies are connected and it looks like a web.

Well between each of those galaxies is an electromagnetic filament connection. And being that the correct physics model is nothing like the classical physics model, it’s an electroplasmic torsion universe. The whole universe is a giant torsion field.

A lot of the places where people are thinking they are seeing dark matter, there are torsion fields that are affecting the way light . . . the way we’re seeing light.

Now, between each star within a galaxy, is this same electromagnetic filament connection. Within each star system, there’s an electromagnetic filament connecting to everything in that star system – every planet, every moon.

They’ve learned to calculate . . . All these planets, they have grids or lay lines. As the Earth is rotating, and that electromagnetic filament is going deeper, further out, up and down, around the Earth as it’s spinning, it is activating different nodes. Think of the path of least resistance. It travels like electricity.

And these nodes will open . . . will give the ability to open up a portal. It’ll give you a pathway, an entrance.

And they’ve found a way to calculate when and where these would open, or be available. Sometimes they appear deep underground, or under the ocean, at ground level, or even in our upper atmosphere.

They use this hyperdimensional mathematics model to be able to calculate the spin of a planet, how to calculate . . . And they have a code that’s much like TCP/IP to be able to travel between these different star systems, but they have to calculate . . .

As planets are moving around in our star system, this electromagnetic filament will connect to our Moon, or it will connect to some other body in our system. So you have to calculate it just right, because it works like electricity. It’s traveling the path of least resistance.

So it’s traveling through the Sun, and whatever node is able to create that connection is where the portal is able to be opened.

A non-terrestrial race helped us figure out the hyperdimensional mathematics model necessary to travel through the Cosmic Web

And they’ve been able to . . . Through the assistance of non-humans, they finally were able to calculate it in the way that they could send humans and craft through these portals.

Before that, they weren’t calibrating it right. And they weren’t able to send organics through. There were only able to send equipment through these portals, and then they had to use some of the, like, Solar Warden craft to travel to where the materials were delivered.

Through the help of a non-terrestrial group, we figured out that hyperdimensional mathematics model, which we’ve applied to many other things, by the way, to be able to successfully go through all these different gate systems.

Could you eat as much food from the replicators as you wanted?

Question: Corey, Tom. Nice to meet you. Question 1: When you doing your twenty-and-back and you were having to feast on replicated food, were you able to eat as much food as you wanted to without gaining weight? (Laughter) And if so, can I have one of those machines?

Corey: Yeah. No, and you didn’t always eat the food out of the printers. You would eat out of the galley a lot of the time.

But, no, you metabolize the food the same as you do here. David’s talked about some that . . . you eat it and it cleans your teeth and wipes your butt on the way out, you know. (Laughter) Ha, ha, ha. I didn’t experience any of that type of food when I was in there.

Why should we push for Full Disclosure if an Event is going to happen in 3 years?

Question: And my second question: If a big event is going to happen within the next three years, whether it be an Ascension-level type of event or extinction, whatever the case be, if we’re talking 100 years from now that we’re going to start doing Full Disclosure, why are we even having that conversation if the powers that are resisting have no leverage or have no reason once this Ascension happens, or this Event happens? Why should they even bother? Why should we even be talking about what happens 100 years from now for that reason because one, they don’t have any leverage after that, or two, something happens to where it doesn’t matter what we do in 100 years anyways?

Corey: We can’t be apathetic. We have a lot of different beliefs of what’s going to happen in two years, seven years, ten years. But what happened with the Millennial situation with the computers? You know, nothing happened.

2012, nothing overtly happened. Something DID happen, but it was more of an energetic thing.

So, two years, three years from now, we have a strong belief that something happens and we kick back and do nothing, just like a lot of people criticize religious people for doing. You know, instead of going out and saving the world, they kick back and say, “Oh, no, somebody’s going to come back and take care of everything.”

That type of apathy is dangerous.

So I say we have to pretend as if things are going to keep going as they are now forever – that nothing is going to change unless WE ARE THE CHANGE, we get out and cause the change.

If we get more and more people to show up doing – 50 different cities – doing 100,000 person marches in all these different cities, and having signs about health technologies that have been suppressed.

Listen to Foster Gamble. There are a lot of technologies out there that can extend our life and improve our quality of life but they are being suppressed.

Those are things that are available now. And those are the things that we have to demand.

No one’s going to release them. They have a 100-year timetable that they’re sticking to to start releasing all these different things. And if we kick back, that’s how it’s going to work.

But if we start going out protesting, writing books, doing movies about it, then the rest of the population aren’t going to be as skeptical when they see people out demanding that these technologies are released.

But we’ve got to start somewhere. We’ve got to come together and . . . I was talking recently . . . You hear all of these different people, even from the ’50s, that were contactees.

What were the two most consistent things that the ETs have disseminated to them? [One], that we need to grow spiritually, to raise our consciousness, to become more mature, and the second one, is to demand the release of suppressed technologies that could change the world.

A lot of us are working on both fronts right now.

Roger: Last question.

Why is the Earth being flat a topic being discussed now?

Question: Hey, Corey. In my 48 years, I’ve never heard an extraterrestrial race talk about the Earth being flat. (Laughter) Why is this . . .

Corey: I thought we were going to make it through without a flat Earth question.

Question: Why is this a topic now?

Corey: This was a group that sat together and . . . a lot of these NSA people, they do what they call, not mental exercises, . . . can’t remember what they call them, but they’ll put out what they think is a ridiculous idea and then have several people, professionals, argue that idea to see how they could prove it, basically, even though they know it’s something that isn’t true.

They do that with a lot of different things, but this one that was released is basically a psy-op. They wanted to see – it’s like a study – to see how people would take information like that, how they would process it, how, once they accepted it, how they would defend it, how they would come up with other ways to prove it. So it’s not only a psy-op, it’s been a sociological study.

We’re going to have our first event that’s put on by our production company in Mt. Shasta in August, I believe, the 18th thru the 21st – during the [Solar] Eclipse. (Applause)

We’ll have a lot of really big speakers coming.

Host: Yeah! To stay in touch with Corey, there’s a website. The website is, so you can get in touch with him. You’ve got that?

“We are star stuff which has taken its destiny into its own hands.” – Carl Sagan

Inside every human being lays the infinite understanding of creation. The ability and aspiration to inspire, woven delicately through all that defines us.

These understandings have been locked away, hidden, devalued, and unknowingly we have given our consent.

It is in this moment we will begin to remember.

It is here we will find purpose for our skills.

Is it possible that your entire life, all that you have learned, has led up to this?

If you have been waiting or looking for a sign, it is here and it is now. The world needs you like it’s never needed you before.

Humanity needs you now more than it’s ever needed you.

Can you hear the calling? We are calling out to you