Cosmic Disclosure: Tragic Consequences Aboard a Mayan Ship

David Wilcock: Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and I am here with Corey Goode for some very exciting updates coming from the cutting edge of our Solar System’s transformation.

Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: Could you tell us what exactly has happened to you? Just give us a broad summary of some of the talking points of what occurred to you back in December 2017.

Corey: Let’s see. I’ve received quite a number of briefings from the Earth Alliance over the last three months.

1 Corey Goode

And also, the SSP Alliance has been popping up a lot more and showing their faces again.

David: Hm, that’s good.

Corey: And I also spent some time with the Anshar.

David: Could you just walk through with us how this whole new chapter had started for you, because it kind of seemed like things had gotten quiet for a while?

Corey: Well, they did, but I guess a lot of the . . . for about 10 weeks, I was receiving dream-type of information that I needed to prepare for a major meeting with the Blue Avians and the Super Federation.

And they also warned me that I needed to prepare for a meeting with the . . . I think they called them the Council of Saturn, . . .

David: Right.

Corey: . . . which was going to be an introduction to two of the new Guardian species.

David: Sure. And both the terms, “Council of Saturn” and “Guardians”, are used extensively in Law of One material. So that’s very interesting.

Corey: Correct.

David: The first of these adventures that you had actually happened in mid-October 2017. So could you describe for us what took place then, and how does this all begin?

Corey: Correct. We were preparing to move, and my wife had been very busy packing crates and boxes. And it was about 3:00 in the morning or so, I was sitting in my living room with boxes and crates everywhere.

Suddenly, there was a flash. And now I’m up on the Mayan ship.

2 Mayan Stone Vessel

But I found myself in a very distressing situation on the Mayan ship.

Normally when I go there, it’s very serene. I’m guided to a room where, you know, I’m examined, and they do work on me for this temporal dementia issue that they’re working on.

But this time it was a very frantic environment. It was strangely quiet. But immediately, Gonzales grabbed me by the elbow and started pulling me towards an open door – one of the double-wide doors – going into the exam area.

So he grabs me by the elbow, and he’s pulling me, and he’s telling me, “There’s no time to explain. I just need you to go in and let yourself be seen.”

And I had one hand on the bulkhead, and my feet planted, and he’s pulling me, and I’m asking, “What’s going on? What’s going on?”

And he . . . I think he’s about to explain it to me when he tells me, “You just need to be seen.” And he shoves me through the door.

As I was being pulled towards the door, I saw Mayans going in, and they had these weird things in their hands that look like . . . kind of like an ax head – like a double-bladed ax head.

3 Mayan Ax Head Weapon

But, I mean, it wasn’t sharp. It was just the shape of it.

And they were holding them in their hands like this [Corey has each hand on each edge and holding the ax head in front of him with the flat surface facing the enemy], kind of like a shield and a weapon, and they were holding it up and walking in, kind of hunched over.

David: Hm!

Corey: So it was obvious something different was going on.

David: Well, that’s kind of strange because you typically describe the mood there as being very high vibe and healing and peaceful.

Corey: Yeah, it’s normally very serene. And this time, I mean, like I said, there was a very frantic energy.

Once I was shoved through the door, I saw why. I looked, and, peripherally, I saw Mayans laying on the floor with those ax-head looking instruments, weapons, kind of just bobbing up and down floating.

David: Hm.

Corey: And they were obviously dead. Their bodies were contorted, and they were obviously dead.

But what caught my attention was across the room:This being that was in somewhat of a mirage-effect-looking field that was like a bubble. And he was floating above the ground.

And he was a Reptilian, but he had very human-like characteristics, I mean, human-looking lips, the cheekbones.

4 Human Like Reptilian

David: Hm!

Corey: It looked like snakeskin stretched across a human type. It had a slightly elongated skull.

5 Side View Of Reptilian

It’s eyes were yellow, and it had black slit pupils.

Just like with the white royal Reptilian, the one that psychically grabbed my mind, . . .

6 White Royal Reptilian

. . . its pupil was doing this [Corey moves his thumb and forefinger together and apart] – opening and closing at a rhythm.

And it was wearing . . . It didn’t have shoes on, but it had black almost with metallic-sheen-looking one piece that almost looks like how yoga pants kind of cling to you.

7 Body View Of Reptilian

David: Hm.

Corey: He was wearing that. And then he had a cape – a pretty intricate cape. And he was floating above the ground, and his eyes were [opening and narrowing], you know, . . . And the Mayans were engaged with him.

And I thought I was about to interface with him.

And what happened was: He turned his head to look at me, and his eyes went, “Vwoom!”, yellow, solid.

And he started to address me by the “Hanush” name that they use for me.

And right when he was about to address me by that, I heard a loud “snap”, and he fell to the ground.

David: Hm! So this would imply that he was distracted by you being there enough that they had just this little narrow window to take him out.

Corey: Right. I thought I was being brought in to negotiate or communicate, but I was being brought in as a distraction.

David: So this is a really interesting point here. When this Reptilian calls you by this name, you say “Hanush”, and what it sounds like to me is “Chanokh”.

When I say that, does that sound right to you? Have you heard it pronounced that way?

Corey: Right, right. They pronounce it all a little differently. It’s a name that they’ve called me from the beginning, but when they call me the name, I don’t feel this huge energetic connection or ego connection to.

David: Right.

Corey: But from the beginning, they called me Raw-Hanush, or Chanokh.

David: Chanokh.

Corey: Yeah, -Eir.

David: So the reason why I’m saying that so specifically is that this is actually a Hebrew word that most people would identify as “Enoch”. And you’ve seen me present on the Book of Enoch, and the really interesting thing about it is: It’s as old as the book of Genesis.

It’s very interesting because it talks about giants on Earth being cannibals and that the Great Flood was created to cleanse the Earth of them after all the harm they were doing to humans.

Chanokh, in that book, was the person that these evil beings, that they called “The Watchers”, used to communicate with the good guys, who were called the “Elohim”.

So when we actually studied the etymology of Chanokh, it means “messenger”.

Corey: Right.

David: How does this strike you? It seems like there’s no accident that they gave you that name.

Corey: No. And, I mean, from what I’ve gleaned is that this is not . . . It’s a title. It’s not a name.

I’m not saying that I was Enoch, and I’m back, you know.

David: Right.

Corey: Far from it.

Whenever I’ve talked to the Blue Avians about reincarnation, they always say, “We are one, or we’re not all one”.

David: Right.

Corey: [It’s] one of the two. So no, it’s more of a title.

David: What was the connection between this Reptilian being and this title of “Hanush” or “Chanokh”?

Corey: Well, he recognized me as that position, and he was either taken off guard, or he respected the situation enough to where he probably thought he was about to have a dialogue that he disengaged a battle and turned his attention to me, when obviously that can be deadly.

David: What was the idea, then, of how he got there? And what was going on with this story? Did you get any information?

Corey: I did, but a little bit . . . I’ll give it right now because some of the information I received later on, because things occurred so quickly, even after this.

David: Hm.

Corey: What had happened is that the Mayans had picked up this political prisoner from somewhere in the southern part of Africa.

And they had gone in and done an operation and removed it. But from what I’m told, they overestimated their abilities and underestimated that being’s abilities.

They thought that they were going to be able to bring it up in a flash, and then put it immediately into stasis, and it didn’t work out that way.

David: Now, Africa, meaning like an underground base of some kind?

Corey: An underground city, I’m told.

David: Hm. Did you get any information as to why it looked like it was a human-Draco hybrid?

Corey: No, but like I said, I had never seen this type before. It was obviously very important.

David: Right.

Corey: You know, it looked like a prince or something.

David: Was it more of a conventional height compared to us than the other Draco that you saw?

Corey: Yes. He was about 6′, 6’6” tall.

David: Okay.

Corey: And the bone structure was very human.

David: So what was the next thing that happened? You said it was moving very quickly.

Corey: Right. Well, apparently, they were doing some sort of a prisoner transfer that went bad. And I was brought in in the middle of this.

And Gonzales was like, “Hang on. It’s not over with yet. Just let them see everything that you saw.”

And I don’t know who “they” are yet.

Gonzales is trying the best he can to explain what’s going on, and there’s no time.

Basically, he told me about that, “We were doing a prisoner transfer. It was very important that we delivered this being alive to where we’re about to go.

“We need you to open your mind and let them see everything.”

And before I could protest, ask any more questions – another flash!

He was looking over at one of the Mayans in particular. The room was filled with them.

He was looking over at one of them that was over at one of those consoles that had the flashing symbols on it that floated.

8 Ancient Mayans Aboard Ship

9 Console Flashing Glyphs

And then we ended up in the cavern.

And the being that was killed was like 20, 30-feet away from me at least – its body.

When we appeared in the cavern, it was at my feet. And it’s cape was spread out, kind of, and flipped over its head.

David: You’re seeing this body in front of you, but they had covered over the face?

Corey: No. Well, it’s just kind of how he was laying – haphazardly. He was laying kind of on his back up against a rock that he appeared on top of, kind of this way with his arms together, and the cape was out across . . . out and then over his head a little bit. It was just kind of haphazardly the way he was.

David: Okay.

Corey: The cape was white, green, brown and blue – the colors. And over one shoulder was the tail of a white snake, and it went down the back of the cape and went up and down several times, like four or five times.

And then the head came up over this shoulder [Corey motions to his right shoulder] and was like this with the tail. [Corey has his right hand, representing the snake head, on his chest pointing toward his left hand, representing the snake’s tail, which is on the left side of Corey’s chest pointing toward the “head”.]

10 Reptilian With Cape And Snake

And the overall cape was blue and looked kind of like water, like a water background, and the white snake undulating up and down.

Then you saw brown stems coming out of the snake, like the snake was some sort of plant.

And then there were these very bright, huge, fern-like green leaves.

David: Were you alone in this cave? Who else was there?

Corey: No, there were a handful of the Mayans, and then Gonzales and myself.

11 Mayan And Gonzales

David: Okay.

Corey: And we look up and there are like two plateaus – cavern wall and two plateaus. And about this large [Corey has a thumb and forefinger spread about three inches], these figures came walking out.

12 Beings On Plateau Of Cavern

And on one side I could tell they were Nordic-looking. And there were also what looked like the Ebens, a little bit, kind of orangish skin and a pear-shaped head.

13 Eben

David: Just to be clear, when you say “about this large”, that’s just what it looked like from your vantage point.

Corey: Perspective. Right.

David: Okay.

Corey: Right, perspective. You know, they were about [appeared to be about 3” in height] . . .

David: Sure.

Corey: . . . about like that.

And then on the other side, these weird Reptilian-looking beings came out, but I couldn’t see the details. I could tell there were a couple of different types.

And on both sides, they kept turning back like they were looking back to someone, like looking for approval or reporting or something.

Then immediately, they all, in chorus, began to communicate or connect with my mind. It was like a chorus . . . It was an interesting . . . It was a little bit different than what I’ve had occur before.

And then they replayed the scene from when I appeared on the Mayan ship over and over and over in my head, like many, many times. And then they disengaged.

And when they disengaged, I looked over and saw Gonzales and a couple other of the Mayans that were going through the same process.

David: So they’re replaying the scene. Did you get any sense of an emotional temperature? What were they feeling about it? Were they happy about it? Were they sad about it?

Corey: Well, the Mayans were upset because we were supposed to deliver this being alive.

From the other beings, I didn’t get any type of hit.

David: So was there any other information they conveyed to you besides just replaying the scene? Did you hear any . . . ?

Corey: No.

David: Okay.

Corey: They were just there using me as a USB drive, basically.

David: Hm. Just reviewing what was in your head.

Corey: Right.

David: Was there something unusual about the way they accessed you telepathically that was different from what you’ve experienced before?

Corey: Yes, it was all of them at once. It was like a chorus.

And then some of them wanted to see it again, and others were wanting to see different parts. So it was disjointed the way it was playing back in my head. It wasn’t playing back linearly all the time. It would jump around.

David: So after they interfaced with you, what happens next?

Corey: I am sent home in the same flash.

David: Really?

Corey: No explanation.

David: No information.

Corey: Nothing.

I’ve met with Gonzales a couple of times since, but haven’t had an opportunity to really get into the details about who that being was. You know, he was obviously very important.

It’d be interesting to see if there’s any intel out there about a missing being from that city in Africa.

David: As a general overview, it would seem to me as if this type of political prisoner wouldn’t have been captured if there weren’t already some major victories for the SSP Alliance.

So could you just try to again speculate as to . . . Would you say this is a kind of far-along development in this war – like a sort of endgame final conclusion-type of development?

Corey: Yes, it’s definitely . . . and a lot of my briefings have kind of dwindled because we’re in an operational phase.

David: Right.

Corey: The Earth Alliance is out there operationally working on ending this Cabal/Deep State.

Now, on each level, we have the same thing going on. We have, you know, the SSP Alliance sees an opportunity to come back now.

A lot of key people were either killed or disappeared from their organization.

David: Right.

Corey: And they’ve had a few new interesting additions that we’ll be talking about later.

David: You had mentioned before that there’s an optimum timeline where we get Full Disclosure.

It’s really interesting to me to note the parallel between this apparently very high-level Reptilian being being apprehended by the SSP Alliance, and then the briefings we’ve gotten terrestrially about more and more high-level Cabal people being apprehended here on Earth.

From what you’ve heard from the SSP Alliance, and we can take it right up to today, do they feel that we will be able to get Full Disclosure and not be stuck on a 50~100-year Partial Disclosure?

Corey: Well, that’s the goal of the SSP Alliance. And they have a few tricks up their sleeve that I’m not going to go into that they are going to pull out if a Partial Disclosure narrative is pushed.

David: Hm.

Corey: But for the most part, the Earth Alliance and the Military-Industrial Complex Secret Space Program, they’re under the agreement that the public cannot take all of this information dropping on them at once.

They think that it has to be drawn out over 20 to 50 years.

David: Based on your experience of us reaching millions of people, do you think that’s true?

Corey: No. I mean, it’s obviously going to be a rough time. We’ve talked about it before.

You know, it’s not going to be a kumbaya moment where everyone holds hands and sings. It’s going to be more of a time of rage and dealing with karma than anything.

David: Do you think that a Full Disclosure timeline would include people finding out that many of us here have extraterrestrial genetics and home groups, and that we are being abducted by our home groups and then re-abducted by this SSP?

Would that be part of the Full Disclosure if that were to actually happen?

Corey: It would absolutely be a part of the Full Disclosure. And a lot of these, I guess, our cosmic cousins from the local 52 stars in the local star cluster, are not going to let a Partial Disclosure occur.

A lot of these groups have been told that they have to disclose ETs, or the ETs will disclose it. And many of them are the people that are waiting to come down and assist us.

David: So can we move forward, then, to the next event that happens to you that’s of significance?

How did you feel about being used to kill this being?

Corey: Well, it happened so fast I really didn’t really know what was going on until the snap happened. It was a very audible snap.

David: Was this a neck that broke, or . . . ?

Corey: Yeah.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yeah, his head was all twisted and contorted around.

David: Really?

Corey: But, I mean, I thought I was about to interface with this being. I wasn’t looking forward to it, because I was flashing back to that royal Draco.

David: Absolutely.

Corey: I wasn’t very happy that I was used. I felt used. But at the same time, I was able to kind of rationalize why and what happened.

David: So let’s just be clear on something here, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t have superpowers. I don’t have superpowers. We’re just regular people who have gotten into these strange positions.

Why do you think they would take a regular guy like you and throw him into this kind of role where he is THE intermediary between the bad guys and the good guys?

Corey: A lot of it is not being an intermediary. A lot of it is just being a witness.

If they have me witness something on behalf of our collective consciousness, it enters into my consciousness and then filters out into everyone else’s consciousness.

So that’s some sort of cosmic law thing that they have to do when they’re working with groups.

David: So this Reptilian being, they were trying to keep it alive. And if they had kept it alive, what would have been the end game there?

Corey: First of all, you can always gather intelligence, you know, from the interrogations. But the reason they wanted it alive is that beings at this level are so advanced that if you kill them, they’ll just reincarnate with the full knowledge of who and what they are into another life form.

David: Hm!

Corey: So it’s kind of a little trick. They anchor the consciousness to the body by putting them in a cryogenic-type sleep, or stasis.

David: Weird.

Corey: And that’s another weird cosmic law kind of thing that I don’t fully understand.

But the interesting thing is that in our Solar System there are a number of, some of them very ancient, prisons, one of which is an asteroid that’s been hollowed out. And it’s full of cryo-prisoners.

David: In the Law of One, they always are talking about First Distortion of The Law of One – First Distortion, First Distortion. And they keep bringing this up.

And they say it’s the main law that the universe is founded on. And they say that that is Free Will.

So how do you think this concept of the First Distortion, how they’re always trying to protect the First Distortion, would relate to the fact that the SSP Alliance had to talk to the Guardians through you, the fact that the negative beings have to talk to the Guardians through you?

How do you think that preserves Free Will? Why do they have to do it this way?

Corey: Well, I mean, they do everything in a weird way – I mean, even how they approached me. They had to approach me in dreams at first. And then basically negotiate with my higher self whether I would get any type of physical encounters or what I would have to do to prepare for them.

So it’s a path. It’s always a path.

David: I find it really interesting, Corey, that you have the SSP Alliance capturing really high-level prisoners now, maybe for the first time. And it seems that the Alliance here on Earth is also capturing high-level prisoners for the first time.

Could you give us some sense of what those developments are on Earth, and where this is taking us in the short term, or the fairly short term?

Corey: Well, the developments on Earth are going to need to catch up to the developments that have occurred recently in the heavens, I guess you would say.

And, you know, we’ll cover in detail the fact that humans are going to be given an opportunity to govern ourselves, to not have to deal with alien races coming and tinkering with our genetics.

There’s a new Golden Age that we’re going to be presented with, and how we handle entering into that Golden Age is going to pivot what kind of a temporal reality we’re going to end up in. But WE will be in control. We won’t be managed. We’re going to be self-managing.

David: So once we have freed ourselves from Draco rule, how does that affect the basic way that our society runs – like, let’s say education, government, medicine, philosophy, religion – things like this?

Corey: Well, what we’re seeing on Earth is the beginning of them taking out this control system and mind control system.

When, like I said, the Earthly events catch up to what’s going on cosmically, then we are going to have an era of open information.

We’re going to receive the correct physics models, the correct mathematic models. We’re going to learn a lot more about our cosmos, and we’re going to become a part of this cosmic neighborhood as an interstellar civilization.

It’s going to be a very exciting time for us.

David: Well, that’s a really positive message. And I want to thank you, again, for your bravery, stepping forward and giving us this message. And I want to thank you for watching.

This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, bringing you the latest updates with Corey Goode.

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Cosmic Disclosure: The Dangers of Being an SSP Whistleblower

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. And here again with me is Emery Smith.

Emery, thank you for being here. I really appreciate it.

Emery Smith: You’re welcome, Dave. Thanks for having me.

David: One of the things that we have talked about on Cosmic Disclosure greatly is this idea of a Secret Space Program. We haven’t really covered that yet.

Now, you have confirmed the existence of reverse-engineered craft, so one would conclude, or one would be thinking to conclude, that if we have craft that are essentially space-faring vehicles that came here from other solar systems, or maybe even other galaxies, and we can build those, that we would then be able to leave Earth and potentially settle somewhere else.

So do you have any direct briefings or knowledge about that aspect of what may be going on?

Emery: Well, there is [are] laws out there, and there is a type of federation involved, from what I was briefed on.

1 Emery Smith 2

And it’s not a “you can just go . . .” Just like you can’t just go from here to Europe without a passport, and a couple of weapons, by the way. So this is also applied to intergalactic travel.

So, yes, we do have the ability to “take ET home”.

David: As Ben Rich says.

Emery: As Ben Rich said. But the ability to actually do it is another story until we start behaving a little bit more proper here on the planet Earth and with evolving our consciousness and stop killing each other, which they all understand – extraterrestrials – because they were here, at one time, themselves.

So getting back to your question, yes, we have these craft. Yes, they are anti-gravity, and they can travel through space, but they’re not interdimensional yet, that I’m aware of . . .

David: Okay.

Emery: . . . so I’ve not been briefed on that. I know of people [who] say they do have this, but I’m not aware of it – of the craft.

So they’re just using special propulsion units and other means to create a gravitational force for these devices.

A lot of the military devices we have out there, I mean, such as planes and helicopters, those are already installed in these special jet fighter craft.

So what’s the best way to hide something is don’t change the . . . because it doesn’t matter what shape it’s in. But that could be an actual spacecraft.

David: One of the things that Pete Peterson has shared with me is that there are a lot of new crafts that we’ve seen in various movies, like “Avatar”, like “Edge of Tomorrow”, in which they have turbo fans on them, which sometimes move. And he said that our Naval ships have all been loaded with these covertly at this time, and that eventually, once they roll out anti-gravity, that the jet engines or the propellers will be replaced with anti-gravity engines.

I’m curious if you’ve heard anything like that.

Emery: No, I haven’t. I have seen different types of schematics for newer craft and ships and for the Navy and Air Force, and whatnot, that do show more of an anti-grav type situation, but not manipulating the current force, because I believe they already have these ready to go. They’re just kind of sitting somewhere. And they already have it.

It’s just I don’t know where it’s at, or who did it.

David: Okay. Another aspect . . . which it’s a real shame that we couldn’t get you on camera with William Tompkins – he’s now deceased – but you have said to me that you have some insider friends who are around Tompkins’ age, or maybe a little younger, who might be willing to come forward.

So do you think that maybe with you coming out on this program that this will help to set a trend where some others will now be able to come forward as well?

Emery: Absolutely. I mean, that’s why one of the main reasons was to come out was to basically help other people and inspire them to come out and talk and feel free to talk about some of the things they did with the projects, anything from energy to the extraterrestrials to medicine to all these fantasmical, amazing devices and things.

I think by being here, I’m hoping to inspire them, after they see this, to come forward. And I’m going to personally ask them myself to please come forward, or at least invite them to entertain it, or even have a private meeting with you and other people, if they don’t want to show their face.

David: Well, and as you’ve seen, once . . . because I’ve interviewed so many insiders, once we start talking, all these things pop up.

Emery: Right.

David: And I might have heard something 15 years ago that I’ll remember when somebody else tells me the same thing, or something very similar.

Emery: Correct. Right.

And that’s what’s so interesting, is to know that you worked on a project for so long and had no idea that this person also was working on a similar project halfway around the world.

David: Right.

Emery: And you can actually exchange information finally, freely, without being scared to do so. And just like some of the stuff I explained to you, you already knew some of this stuff.

David: Right.

Emery: And you knew I had . . . We’ve never even talked about it.

David: Right.

Emery: So for me, it’s even a great confirmation, for me, to know that there’s others out there that have spoken to you about these amazing technologies and places, especially the places, which blow me away.

David: Like the fact that Ecuador and Antarctica have very similar stuff.

Emery: Yes.

David: Yeah, and I’ve never said that to anyone . . .

Emery: Wow!

David: . . . and we just had it happen on camera.

I’m curious about whether you, through briefings or through maybe some of the insiders that you personally know, not including the people we’ve interviewed on Cosmic, are you aware of there being outposts on the Moon or Mars that we use with these back-engineered craft that we have?

Emery: You know, Dave, I’ve seen and heard a lot, but I don’t have firsthand experience to say I was definitely in that spot.

David: Okay.

Emery: I may have been and not known it. But yes, I concur there’s something going on there, and that there is some sort of a base set up there, of course, because that goes back to the other stuff I used to work with, with the portals and the other things, that you and I discussed.

Because you never know where you might be, but I did hear many of these stories that you have. But I was never on a briefing, by the way, that specifically said, “We have a base here or a base there.”

I’ve just read a lot of classified documents from other people like me that were involved with that, so it was secondhand information.

David: If you have heard secondhand information, I’m hoping we can get a little more specific, because more than one insider – I think maybe five different insiders – have told me – and this would include Corey Goode as just one of them, and there were others well before I ever started to talk to him about this stuff – saying that, in fact, the majority of the solid planets and the solid moons in our Solar System have at least some degree of outposts on them now . . .

Emery: Yes.

David: . . . that we can use.

Emery: Yes.

David: So have you heard scuttlebutt like that?

Emery: Yes.

David: Okay. Could you be a little more specific?

Emery: Well, when you say “outpost”, it means a place to get to and go to. And it’s usually not on the surface of that planet, so you know.

David: Okay.

Emery: It’s on the inside of the planet, and they’re using some sort of portal technology and craft to get back and forth from these places, when it is safe to.

David: So some of the rumors that you’ve heard, like, for example, let’s talk about Mars. Have you heard rumors of there being, perhaps, in some cases, very large bases that might even have 200,000 people working at them on Mars?

Emery: Yes, I have heard that.

David: Okay.

Emery: Yes, I’ve definitely heard that. And it’s kind of a known thing. It’s kind of actually a joke in the underground.

David: What would be funny about it?

Emery: Well, you just never . . . Like we were talking about earlier, when you’re on a conveyor belt going somewhere, going through energy systems, and then you wind up underground somewhere, and it feels different, like even the atmosphere feels different, what’s not to say that they’re using these things, and people don’t know that they’re actually on Mars working there?

David: Well, that’s what you and I started to talk about . . .

Emery: Right.

David: . . . after we had described your travel through Sandia into this base where you did the autopsy. I started scratching my head after we did that interview, because you hadn’t told me that part before.

Emery: Uh-huh.

David: But others had described the exact same hall as being a portal, and that when you start at the beginning, you’re in one place, and at the end, you’re in another.

And then I’m thinking, why would they waste 10 or 15 minutes of your shift having you sit on a gondola?

Emery: Right. Yeah.

David: Because they have fast sub-shuttles, right?

Emery: Oh, my goodness, yeah. They have the maglev tubes and the trains and stuff like that.

David: Right.

Emery: But this is a little different. This is like what we talked about.

Yeah, I don’t know, but you did open me up to a lot of other questions now that you said that, . . .

David: Right.

Emery: . . . because many other people have also expressed – that worked on these projects – that they felt different from where they THOUGHT they were. And now it makes a little bit more sense.

I never was thinking that, because I was so young at the time and wasn’t as educated as I am now about all the stuff they DID have at that time.

David: Well, part of what occurs to me is that if you are potentially, as you said in previous episodes, autopsying potentially multiple bodies in one day, and they’re all different. And we’re going to get a lot more into that, and how they’re different, and what they look like, in future episodes, because you’re one of these insiders who’s got a very complex testimony that’s not going to be done in one or two half-hour episodes at all.

So if we are looking at all of these bodies – you yourself had 3,000 – how many other rooms do you think there were in this Sandia base, where other guys like you were doing the same thing you were doing? Could you speculate perhaps?

Emery: It would have to be, if I look at the levels, five, seven and eight were the levels that were medical for this type of thing.

David: Okay.

Emery: And each one of them had over 300 of these operating rooms.

David: Wow!

Emery: Yeah.

David: So you’re looking at over 1,000 operating rooms just in this one base alone?

Emery: I believe so, yeah.

David: Wow! And so that would imply that if you . . . And over how many years did you see 3,000 bodies on the job?

Emery: Oh, my goodness, that was from August of ’92 to ’95 of June, so probably three years.

David: Basically three years.

Emery: Three years, yeah.

David: So that’s like basically 1,000 bodies a year.

Emery: Well, it’s tissue samples, not all bodies, remember?

David: Okay. But just to stick with that number for a minute, we could then say that one base alone, and that would be providing it’s only one base, which it obviously is not . . .

Emery: Right.

David: . . . that they could be processing over a quarter million different extraterrestrial species on autopsies per year.

Emery: Well, if you did the math, and you were counting each sample as one species, yes. But it could be many samples from one species for a whole wing of 50-unit rooms.

David: Right. It could be a bunch of guys like you doing it.

Emery: But yes, if it was per species, it would be that many.

David: So to extrapolate, if NASA is now saying 40 billion watery, Earth-like planets just in our Milky Way galaxy alone . . . and they kind of slipped that under the radar. I mean, most people haven’t even realized that that came out.

2 Article NASA Admits 40B Watery Earth Like Planets

And we’ve had other insiders tell us that that was part of a treaty with benevolent ETs, forcing our guys to start leaking things like that, to make it easier for Disclosure to happen.

But if there’s 40 billion Earths in our galaxy alone, and life seems to be very abundant, and intelligent life seems to be written into the background of quantum mechanics itself . . .

Emery: Everywhere.

David: . . . then even a quarter million bodies, a quarter million species, is not that many . . .

Emery: No, it’s not.

David: . . . compared to what could be out there.

Emery: That’s nothing. And when I told you the 3,000 number, everyone always gets a little surprised, but when you think about, as you just said it, it’s a very small number.

David: But what . . . Okay, if we peeled back the curtain here, Emery, and we do a little imaginative speculation, doesn’t it appear that your job, and what you personally dealt with, could be the byproduct of exactly the sort of Secret Space Program that we’re talking about, where part of the testimony was that there’s no money, but that you get paid in trade?

And do you think possibly that those bodies were payments that we were receiving from other groups in exchange for apparently, all this high tech that we’re making?

Emery: It’s a possibility, yes. And I also have to reiterate, out of the 3,000, over 3,000, samples, I call them, don’t forget some of those could have been lab grown. Those could have been just hybrid things they made here.

David: Right.

Emery: So I can’t speculate they were all extraterrestrial. I mean, I know a lot of them were of un-Earth origin, but so . . . Yeah, they could be absolutely from some sort of a trade, inside trade thing, going on, to get technology and to learn other things.

David: And the nature of compartmentalization, right, you’re not allowed to ask any questions. You’re just going in there, doing your job . . .

Emery: That’s right.

David: . . . handling this very exotic stuff.

Emery: Yes.

David: What was it like when you’d come home at night having autopsied something very bizarre-looking, let’s say?

Emery: It was fascinating.

David: What would you feel when you’re lying in bed at night? Were you able to go to sleep, or would you . .

Emery: Yes.

David: . . . sometimes just be . . .

Emery: No, I was fascinated. I’m always intrigued. I was always intrigued about the human body. So for me, it was just a fascinating thing. I wanted more. I was upset that I would have to go and work in a hospital every couple of hours.

So it was really neat to see all this stuff and then go home and say, “Wow! What else is out there?”

And that inspired me to do more things and take more opportunities with the military and other industrial complexes.

And that just opened up so many things, because I had so many answers, like everyone else did. I want to know what’s going on.

And I can’t believe . . . I don’t believe anything I read, see or hear. I can’t, because I know that it can all be so modified, especially with the new 3D programs they have on the satellites now.

I mean, they could put another David Wilcock right here and reflect light and cast a shadow and have light glistening out of your eyes. And you couldn’t tell the difference.

So at this time . . . of course, with photoshopping and everything else, it’s very hard for me.

So I decided, at a very young age, I’m going to go out, and I’m going to find out for myself.

And I was doing this strictly just to find out for myself what is going on. And all’s it did was open up 100 million other questions.

Every time you find something else out, it opens up more questions, which is great, because it inspires me to go ahead and keep moving forward, especially if there’s opportunities there where people want me to be part of amazing projects.

I’m very thankful of all my opportunities I had. They were not too negative.

So I think, if that would answer your question of why I did that.

David: Corey Goode has also shared with us that there were factions in the Secret Space Program, and one of them was called the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, or ICC.

And, apparently, they are offshoots of the defense contractors who are manufacturing very advanced technology.

And, apparently, we, humans, have become a go-to-place for many different species to buy advanced technology, like craft.

And he also said that he found out that we apparently are in regular trade relations with some 900 different extraterrestrial civilizations just through the ICC.

So I’m curious if you ever heard back chatter, scuttlebutt, anything like that?

Emery: No. I’m unaware of that, and I’ve never heard that before.

David: But it’s so compartmentalized, right? That’s the problem.

Emery: Yeah, I would not know. It’s really hard. You’re never alone, and you’re always monitored. Like I told you, you always have the bracelet on. It’s such high security.

I mean, there’s hallways there that will cut you in half if you are in the wrong place, without asking questions.

So it’s a very simple job if you just follow the dots. Ha, ha. But if you don’t, you’ve got to be careful.

So I didn’t really go around asking questions, because I was too excited about getting more security clearances and moving up the ladder to get more jobs in different places other than dissecting tissues.

David: Right.

Emery: And it did. It brought me to the crafts. It brought me to other things.

David: Okay. One of the things that you told me about that I think would be a good point for us to get into . . . I was asking you about the folder, which is this thing that . . . They called it a folder, maybe to reduce psychological impact, but it’s basically like an iPad with a little bit flexible . . . and almost totally clear.

Emery: Yes.

David: And you also said that the folder could be loaded. It would tell you what wing, what room, and what being you were going to be working on. They would only give you one at a time.

Emery: Correct.

David: So did the folder have any type of hard drive or storage mechanism?

Emery: Yes, it did.

David: Really?

Emery: I’m surprised you mention that, but, yeah. It’s called a micro disk.

David: A micro disk.

Emery: Yeah, it’s a little bit smaller than a quarter, but larger than a nickel. It’s gold-plated, made of some sort of iridium gold, and there’s a little, teeny slot for that.

And it records everything that you’re doing.

David: Hm.

Emery: And it also connects to the construct of the base, of the underground ba . . . – what construct is there, like, mainframe.

So that little thing is then taken from you and put on a shuttle, and they store it in space – all the disks.

David: Really?

Emery: Yes.

David: So I would imagine that if you had your folder in the early 1990s, when we’re back with the whiny, loud, desktop tower computers, that we’re dealing with something a lot more advanced than even what we have now.

Emery: Oh, this is far more advanced than anything that you guys have today, right now. I mean, we’re talking high resolution video pictures and millions of documents of information, you know, all on this little small, very, very thin disk.

David: So do you think these disks might have like thousands of terabytes of storage or maybe even more?

Emery: Yes, I would concur to that.

David: So what was the protocol? Did you have to remove the micro disk from the folder and hand it to someone? Or did you just hand your folder in at the end of the day?

Emery: No, yeah, the folders, number one, when you put them in and slide them into this thing, the disk comes out. But you can take that disk out, just like you do today with SD cards or cards for your camera.

David: Okay.

Emery: You can easily take it in and out, which sometimes you had to, because you had to review another, . . . someone else’s project.

David: Oh.

Emery: So that’s why that was there, so instead of it being automatically downloaded, . . . They didn’t like information going a wire, so they use these disks for that.

David: Where on the folder would you insert . . .

Emery: Top right corner.

David: Top right corner. Interesting.

Emery: Yeah.

David: So I guess you could see it then, because it’s . . . You said it’s a gold color.

Emery: Yeah, you could see it inside. And it has like an iridium tint to it.

I always wondered if they did that to protect it from the radiation of space, since it was stored in space, they said.

David: Was there any way to access the information on the disk other than the folder?

Emery: Yes, there is one way.

David: Hmm. Is there some kind of reader or something?

Emery: There is a disk reader, yes.

David: Really? And I guess the reason why they haven’t given us that kind of storage technology would be what? Why don’t we have that level of data storage if the technology exists? Why would it not be shared with the public?

Emery: Because then you won’t go out and buy a 256K phone.

David: Ha, ha, right. It’s just too far advanced from where we are now.

Emery: They won’t make any money, these corporations. Come on.

David: Right.

Emery: I mean, we have to start really, really small for these corporations. They already have it, but we’re not going to get it right today.

David: It seems like . . . If you see the movie “Snowden”, allegedly, he was able to get one of these little USB sticks inside a Rubik’s cube, . . .

3 Snowden

. . . and then he tossed it to the guy, and he went through the gate.

Emery: Right.

David: Do you think anybody has ever tried to get a mini disk out of the base?

Emery: Yes.

David: How might that be done?

Emery: It’s tricky, but can be done, yeah.

David: Okay, you don’t want to go into that.

Emery: Well, I had a few of the disks, yes.

David: You did?

Emery: Micro disk, yeah.

David: How might somebody be able to do that?

Emery: Well, I’d rather not say that part.

David: Okay. Okay.

Emery: Ha, ha, ha.

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Emery: But I have acquired a few of those disks, yes.

David: And when your house was broken into, were those some of the things that were taken?

Emery: Yes, they took the disks.

David: Really? So you did have them . . .

Emery: Yes.

David: . . . but you lost them?

Emery: Yes.

David: Yeah, that was very, very unfortunate.

Emery: It was very unfortunate – very angry about it and upset.

David: Could you tell us a little bit about what happened to your house, and where you had stored those disks, and how were they found?

Emery: Oh, sure. So I had a small home in New Mexico that was gated with an iron gate and concrete post and a keypad, the whole thing. A very small, small home that I temporarily got just to store some small belongings and stuff, because I was working on a project out in southeastern New Mexico, and I was there for about a year, nine months. I had this place.

So what I did was: I, of course, . . . I don’t keep all my stuff in the same spot . . .

David: Right.

Emery: . . . and I keep some duplicates, but there’s no duplicates to this. I can duplicate some things, but a lot of just information on hard drives, and whatnot.

And I got a call, because I was going to be moving to Los Angeles to be with you and work on some other projects.

David: Yeah.

Emery: So I told the realtor, “Hey, I’m going to be moving.” So they put it up for sale, and I was just leasing the place at the time.

And I had basically hidden all my stuff inside the walls of the house, and you couldn’t tell where they were – also in the concrete and other various places. I don’t want to talk about other specific places, because I still use those techniques.

But I thought it was safe temporarily for this.

I also had the overunity device there, which, fortunately, I went to go pick up. And it was within a week that the house was ransacked. And another week later, it was ransacked.

And that’s when the realtor called me and says, “Oh, my goodness. I looked through your window. You left your house such a mess. How am I supposed to show anybody?”

And I said, “My house is perfectly spotless. I don’t understand.” And I said, “Please, go around the house and look around.”

And he did, and he found the back garage door was broken into. And then the double bolted locked door to the main home was kicked in with a big footprint. And we have all the pictures.

4 Emery S Double Bolted Door

David: Let’s roll right now the film that you took.

Emery: Sure.

[Emery’s comments on the video clip of the break-in to his house:]

“This is the garage – complete destruction. Took all the equipment. The lab has been completely destroyed.”

5 Screenshot Of Garage After Break In

David: So why do you think whoever did this would take everything you’ve got and leave only your military badges in a box and a bullet on the countertop? What was the message?

6 Military Badges

7 Bullet On Countertop

Emery: Oh, I think they were just some old friends trying to look me up to have a good time. Ha, ha.

So I think it really had to do with the device, number one, because ever since I started the lab with the device, it’s been getting . . . it’s been getting really crazy.

And now that I proved the device worked, then it got really crazy.

And, of course, they used a satellite and found out all the stuff underground and in the walls.

David: Right.

Emery: And they did cut the walls open and take all those hard drives and everything else.

8 Wall Cut Open

We’re talking about 8 computers, 12 laptops, 40 hard drives, over 300 SD cards, lots of information – my world’s . . . my whole 30 years of work.

David: What’s the purple tip?

Emery: Oh, oh, it’s just the type of bullet it is, yeah. It’s a very high velocity bullet.

David: Okay.

Emery: It’s not normally a civilian bullet that you can buy from civilians.

David: Okay.

Emery: And it was a 5x7x28 armor-piercing ammunition, which is used by tactical forces all around the world.

David: What could you say to other insiders who would hear a story like that and say, “Well, my god, if they start doing that to me, the first thing I’d do is go into hiding, and I wouldn’t speak?”

Emery: Well, let’s talk about it, because I wasn’t going, at that point. I wasn’t.

So I think the information, too, that I had was . . . I couldn’t see . . . I couldn’t really see the information that I had, . . . like 90% of it was pretty much just already out there stuff.

David: Right.

Emery: So I think it was just that 10% AND the device that, “Hey, just why don’t you slow up a little bit, because you’re going on a trajectory here that looks like you’re going to say something that you shouldn’t say.”

David: Right. So they were trying to threaten you.

Emery: Yes.

David: Do you think that anybody who comes forward is safer than if they don’t, if they’re already starting to speak a little bit? Is it safer to be public?

Emery: Yes. At a certain point, you have to go public. It’s very . . . It’s much safer. We all know this, and this is one of the main reasons I’m here in front of you right now.

David: Right. All right. Well, there you have it. This is Emery Smith, and I’m David Wilcock, “Cosmic Disclosure”. And I want to thank you for watching.


Cosmic Disclosure: Nazca Tunnels and Super-Suit Technology

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. And we are here, once again, with our special guest insider, Emery Smith.

And Emery, again, I want to thank you so much for finally stepping forward to do this.

Emery Smith: Well, thank you, Dave. It’s been a long time, as you know, around 10 years for me to come out and talk about it.

And I think it’s time for the people to know to add to what you have already been teaching.

1 Emery Smith 2

But there’s some gaps there, and I want to help you fill those if you have any questions with them.

David: We had talked about this briefing that I got from Pete Peterson that was very recent in this idea that he was following up on what he gave us on a previous episode of “Cosmic Disclosure”.

Emery: Okay.

David: We were talking about the idea that there are these vast carved tunnels underground – smooth, almost glass-like interior – like it’s . . .

Emery: Obsidian. Yeah.

David: Right.

Emery: Melted rock. Yeah.

David: So you know about this?

Emery: Yes, I know.

David: And he said that, in some cases, they follow the Nazca Lines, and that there are these chambers off the sides that look like people were living there, but it appears that whoever was there just took all the stuff out when they left.

So could you just speak to that for a second – that part of it? The idea that somebody might have cleared everything out, and it might not have been us, per se, but maybe it was the beings themselves.

What do we know about why it was so abandoned looking?

Emery: Well, there’s actually a lot of the craft down there, and they’re connected to many other tunnels.

I don’t know what he was debriefed on, but what I was debriefed on is, you know, there’s over, you know, 200 to 300 craft down there, and many beings that are kind of petrified into the walls.

And it is like a lava tube-type of cave system, where it was intentionally melted, it looks like, and frozen in . . . like frozen . . .

David: Right.

Emery: . . . in some moment and some sort of suspended animation, I would say.

David: Well, that is interesting that you said 200 to 300 craft, because this briefing from Pete, he was speculating that there might be as many as possibly 500 down there.

Emery: Oh.

David: So that’s a very similar number.

Emery: Oh, well, just in Mexico alone, in that area is about that, but those go way down south too.

David: Wow!

Emery: So this is a big collective group of scientists, which have now just had to turn it over to the U.S. government.

David: So another one of the things that he said in this briefing that I’ve never shared with anyone, and I’m just going to drop it on camera right now, he said that the latest intel that he’s aware of is that there are evidence of five different epochs on Earth of extraterrestrial colonies that were fairly large and fairly considerable when they happened – that they’re almost all underground.

And he said that of these five eras, some of them go back millions of years, and that they are very different: the type of technology, the type of society, the way that everything looks. It’s all very different.

So I’m wondering if you ever heard about there being like five major, if you will, ages of extraterrestrial colonization of Earth?

Emery: I’ve heard up to five. I’ve kind of known of three, because of artifacts and beings, but that’s just secondhand.

I mean, firsthand that I’ve seen the stuff and read the briefings, and I’ve seen some of the technology and some of the bodies, of course.

But, yeah, that is correct. There must have been at least five different civilizations that, you know . . . We’re talking million year gaps though.

David: Right.

Emery: We’re talking, you know, different times, you know. And I think maybe that might be correlated with the stuff in Egypt and Antarctica, and, you know, ancient Lemuria and Atlantis.

It’s all kind of tied into different time zones, because the symbols and the thing they’re finding, and all the equipment and technology, is completely different, like you said.

So there are a lot of scientists out there they are hiring now to put in like . . . to crack this code, like, what does this mean?

And some of the stuff they can’t operate, of course, because they don’t understand consciousness is just a technology, number one.

Number two, it’s such a higher science that we’re not even . . . we’ve never even learned it, and it’s so beyond us that we wouldn’t be able to understand it if I was an ET talking to you trying to explain it, because it would be beyond your, you know . . . It would be beyond your brain to assimilate that, knowing what you know now.

David: I was particularly fascinated in the previous episode when you talked about the idea that similar ruins as Antarctica were found in a cave in Costa Rica. And I want to throw something at you and see what you say.

One of the insiders told me about a complex that was found underground in Ecuador, and that Neil Armstrong and certain other NASA astronauts were given the ability to go in there.

It’s VERY advanced. It’s VERY amazing, and it’s similar to Antarctica.

And I’ve never found another insider who had a corollary point of data for that particular thing.

I’ve tried Pete. I’ve tried Corey Goode. They didn’t know about Ecuador.

Emery: I did tell you it was NEAR Costa Rica on the last episode.

David: Oh! Right.

Emery: So correct. Yes, I’ve been there.

David: You’ve been to the one in Ecuador?

Emery: Yes.

David: Really?

Emery: Yes.

David: Well, from what I heard, it’s absolutely amazing.

Emery: Yes, it seems to have already started its own flora and fauna growing in this . . . There’s a craft that crashed there a very long time ago, and it still had some sort of energy system on.

It must have carried extra bacteria or something because deep down in there it’s actually kind of a very bio-luminescent type feeling, and its atmosphere is a little different than the atmosphere on top.

And it’s NOT very deep under the ground, so you know.

David: Hm!

Emery: But I can tell you that the plant life down there is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on Earth, . . .

David: Wow!

Emery: . . . so that was really astounding. Of course, some of the little insects and other things that were running around were also very different. And this is . . .

David: Wow!

Emery: This place is highly guarded and has a really good security system, but I think it’s going to be brought to the public because of other organizational satellites are now picking up on Inner Earth things just by accident. So it’s going to be hard for them to hide this one.

So he is correct about this . . . Did he call it a cave or . . . ?

David: He just said it was an underground complex.

Emery: Right. It’s an underground complex. But it really was a craft that we think may have crashed there or stayed there at one point, and then they started building around it.

And then, since it was so close to the surface of the Earth, the water . . . and it opened up and runoff went in there and some of the flora and fauna has mixed with this stuff, whatever they brought, or it could be the energy from this craft in there that’s changing all this stuff.

And I can’t got into more detail than just that.

David: Okay. It’s been driving me crazy that he used words like “very amazing”, but then wouldn’t give me any actual detail of what we might see.

So could you give us a little bit about what we might see if, at some point, we get to go in there?

Emery: Yeah, I can, I just hate to use movies as a retrospect.

David: But movies are programmed with information to discredit whistleblowers.

Emery: It would make “Avatar” land look like a small school playground.

David: Wow!

Emery: Everything in there had fluid running through it. The stems of the branches look like it, you know, had fluid running through everything.

David: Wow!

Emery: There was light, you know, like light from everything – all different kinds of shades of light. Light I’ve never seen before.

Not just talking about the colors of the rainbow, but so many amazing colors.

And the plants are the most amazing things, and they’re like conscious, not like our . . . Of course, all plants are conscious, but they are different in that way.

Everything down from the leaves to the soil was sponge. It was soil. The soil was all sponge, like you’re walking on a one-inch foam mattress, I could put it, you know, how you feel that little gushy?

David: Uh-huh.

Emery: And everything is really humid.

And there were little creatures, like little animals, like the size of mice there that were like naked moles, like naked little shrews, running around that were definitely different. They actually had color that was emanating from them, and I don’t know if it was a reflection of light from the light that was in there or if they were emanating light.

I was not there to, you know, talk about that specific thing. I was there on some . . . to do something else. But it was the most fascinating . . . one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen here on Earth.

And I do believe there’s a lot of other biospheres that are formed. This one just got cracked open somehow and mixed with a lot of our stuff, and that’s what they were concerned with. Would it leave this area? And it can’t.

The plants they took out of there, and the animals they took out of there, could not survive on the surface of our Earth.

David: Wow!

Emery: So it is its own type of biosphere. And maybe there is an electromagnetic field that’s protecting, you know, the opening in that area from anything, you know, going out or, you know, coming in.

David: Part of what he meant by “very amazing” . . . And I’m really glad to hear these details. It’s making a lot of sense now.

And, I guess, I’ll just say this first that, apparently, this was one of the ways that Neil Armstrong and other astronauts were bribed to stay quiet.

And from what you’re describing, it sounds like it is so incredible that you would want to stay quiet just so you could go there more than once maybe. Or . . .

Emery: Yeah, there was an exchange of favors. There’s no money ever exchanged in these programs. It’s all favors.

David: Hm.

Emery: And if you don’t comply and take the favor, then there’s usually a big problem. Favors such as bringing also the astronauts to Antarctica, as you know.

David: Right. Yes.

Emery: So . . . And all of these other places that are very special in the planet that we haven’t even elaborated on yet, as this one is.

So there’s multiple places like this, actually. They’re in the Earth and around the Earth. It’s just that this one happened to be cracked open like an egg and beautiful things come out.

David: As for technology, when he mentioned “very amazing”, he did imply to some degree that there were things that looked like a really cool spaceship that you would see when you went in there.

So could you elaborate a little on that part as well? Like what’s the interplay between technology spaceship-looking stuff and stuff that looks like the gardens in “Avatar”?

Emery: Well, the craft there are light, and so it’s not something you’d kick the tires on. Ha, ha. And the light is palpable. And it is round and oval, and it is very long and thin, but it’s large. It’s fairly large, what I saw, and I didn’t get to go all the way in, by the way.

I was only in the first 300 yards, so, and that was enough for me to be completely . . . My mouth dropped open.

David: Wow!

Emery: And so this light craft is palpable. So think of light not being blinded like the lights we have right now on us, but a light that glows that you can see it and focus on it without being blinded.

And you can enter it from any place you want on the craft . . .

David: Wow!

Emery: . . . once . . . when you walk up to it and touch it. It’s a biometric-type thing.

David: I mean, that’s very interesting, Emery, because when Pete was on “Cosmic” talking about this craft in Antarctica, he described that it had a sort of diffuse glow.

Emery: That’s right.

David: That everywhere was just light, and no matter where you went, it seemed like the light was always there.

And he also talked about how one of the children that was brought in for these programs figured out that you could speak to the craft, and you could talk to it, and it would mold itself based on what you wanted it to do, and what you told it to do.

It was able to figure out language or thought, or something.

Emery: Absolutely. Yes, definitely. That’s, you know, . . . The whole consciousness is just a technology that we call it here today on Earth.

And the craft are all alive, and you don’t have to . . . To fly a craft, you just have to kind of say, “Go”, and where you want to go. It’s that simple. And . . . Or think where you want to go, and it’ll get you there safely.

And wherever you look in the craft, you can see completely outside the craft. So no matter where you look, it opens up, and you can see very clearly exactly where you’re looking to a very wide angle, . . .

David: Wow!

Emery: . . . including up and down.

David: And can you also get binocular vision, like telescoping vision?

Emery: No. I have not experienced that.

David: Well, one of the things that Pete talked about was that our more advanced fighter jets, the classified ones, have this technology that goes through these nubs in your shoulder blade.

If you feel your shoulder blade, there’s a little dimple in there, and he said there’s a lot of nerves that cross in. And he was part of a team that figured out how to pump signals in through those points that they called ports, and you can actually allow people who are blind to see.

And that on the jets, the jets don’t need windows, but you can look out from your mind’s eye, and it’s the same as vision, except that it also has binocular telescoping function.

Emery: You mean you don’t need heads-up display.

David: Right.

Emery: Not . . . You need your . .

David: It’s in your head.

Emery: You need your, of course, protection.

David: Right.

Emery: Right. Yes, that’s definitely true. It’s been out for a while. It’s kind of old technology.

David: Ha, ha. Old technology?

Emery: Ha, ha. I’m sorry. And that’s . . . They even make toys now, where you hook up something to your finger and think, and the ball floats in the air with a fan or something.

David: Right.

Emery: So all that is real, and that’s kind of old technology compared to what we have now – especially with the new suit program, and things like that, is all incorporated into, like you said, into the helmet, where you can think, like you just said, with some of these helmets. And you can zoom in, zoom out.

You see in different wavelengths and light, and, you know, just like you said. So [i] very familiar with that. I can definitely concur and confirm what he said was true.

David: Well, I guess since we’re on a technology theme here, let’s talk about the exosuit, or smart suit, or whatever you want to call it.

So could you tell us . . . Now, you gave me some very fascinating information about this suit before.

Emery: Oh my gosh, so much fun, the suit. Yeah.

David: And you’ve actually had the pleasure of using one.

Emery: Yeah. Yeah.

David: So tell us about these smart suits.

Emery: Wow! That’s a big one, because that’s like a whole series. Would you like me to start on just the amazing technology that’s embedded in it, such as . . .

David: Well, what is it, first of all?

Emery: Well, number one, it was designed to be able to go anywhere, and . . .

David: Is it a suit that you wear? Like what people . . . We’ve got to give people a visual first.

Emery: Oh, okay. Well, the way . . .

David: What would you see on somebody who is wearing one?

Emery: If you would see this suit, what it would look like, if someone had, like a scuba suit on.

David: Okay.

Emery: A very small amount of neoprene, but it’s not neoprene at all, but it would . . . It fits that tight, and it’s very, very thin.

And the suit has the ability to absorb all the shock on your body, if you were to jump, you know, 40 feet off a cliff onto the ground. So all the weight is distributed into the whole suit, so your body will feel nothing at all.

David: Wow!

Emery: It also is bulletproof; it’s shockproof. It’s electromagnetic proof, to an extent.

It has the capabilities, and the helmet are just fascinating. It is all mind/thought-controlled, because it’s actually connected to you, like you said, with these little things in your back, but not . . .

David: What about things like heat and cold?

Emery: Yeah, that’s the best thing about it is: it will keep any temperature that, you know, you want. It actually measures your body at all times, and knows how much sweat you’re sweating. It knows, you know, how much air you’re breathing, your body temperature, your blood pressure, everything.

It also can tighten to absorb impact and release, so you can actually be so comfortable wherever you’re at. So you wouldn’t even feel it. You’ll feel like you’re naked.

But in a time where you’re about to move, it all tightens up and activates, you know, in nanoseconds.

It was made as a super soldier suit to replace the old, you know, dilithium “Predator” suits that just were, basically, for the camouflage, but you had to wear armor underneath those.

So now, this one has different . . . because I think it has different types of composites in it and . . .

David: All right. Well, “dilithium predator suit”. So please explain what is a . . . The movie “Predator”, of course, . . .

Emery: Oh, that’s just . . .

David: The being in “Predator” is like sometimes invisible.

Emery: Yeah.

David: But it has this thing on its arm that you can . . .

Emery: Yeah, it’s the pop culture term, you know. I’ll never use . . . I don’t use the real terms for these devices.

David: Okay.

Emery: But you know, this type of suit, basically, are small round, like pyramids, but they’re round. They’re faceted.

And at the bottom of the pyramid is a mirror. And these are very, very small – smaller than . . . They’re about, I think, 0.3 of a millimeter of a . . .

David: Wow!

Emery: Yeah, 0.03 or 0.3. So there’s thousands of them per cubic centimeter.

David: Wow!

Emery: And what happens is, when light hits it, it reflects the light that’s around you, you know, that’s in front of you. And it also . . . With the old suits, it would reflect basically what was behind you, because you wanted to stand up against something, and you want to see the chair. You don’t want to see me.

But it wasn’t very effective, but it’s really good, of course, at night and it’s good during the day if you’re in some jungle warfare.

But it’s not as good as the one in the movie, of course, . . .

David: Right.

Emery: . . . but it was darn good, and it saved a lot of people’s lives. So that’s what that is.

The upgrade from that is: let’s get a suit that’s better than Iron Man, but gives you mobility, so you don’t ever have to take it off. You could wear it for seven days.

David: It cleans you?

Emery: Yes.

David: Wow!

Emery: So that was what they’re doing . . . And gives you nutrients, at the same time.

David: You don’t need to eat and drink?

Emery: You don’t need to eat or drink because it goes through your skin, because they have now developed a way to have nutrients and water absorbed through the skin.

David: Do you have to kind of get past an initial hunger feeling to . . .

Emery: Well, everyone still, you know, eats and drinks, and stuff.

David: Oh, okay.

Emery: It’s not like, you know . . . It’s just for if you HAD to.

David: Okay.

Emery: You know, you wouldn’t have to.

David: Right.

Emery: But, you know, the suit does have to be maintenanced, you know, like a jet. It’s not like you can just wear it for a year.

And it’s charged with a very special type of water that’s charged, and that’s how they do it. That’s how it actually operates through this charged plasma.

David: Is there any little box or bump on it that’s like . . .

Emery: Nothing. No, it’s flawless, seamless.

David: Wow!

Emery: It does have like a Ziploc feature, like a suit would, when you get into it.

All suits are made specifically for the operator. It has to be, because it won’t work correctly. You could actually . . . If you were to jump in my suit and then try to go do something, you could actually hurt yourself.

David: That makes sense.

Emery: So what they’re trying to do now is make an all-in-one that contours. Like it has its own AI to know, “Oh, so anyone can use these suits.” So in the future, they’ll probably have that.

And then there’s a problem with the helmets that they’re having with it, but I’m sure it’s fixed by now.

David: Before we get to that, what could you tell us about things like, for example, running and jumping if you had the suit on? What would be different about that?

Emery: Well, you can run up to 38 miles an hour.

David: Wow!

Emery: And it won’t let you fall. It’s got a special system in it that . . . You have to understand the suit has billions of these lines, these like, let’s say, like dental floss lines in it. So each thing can tighten anywhere.

So if you did . . . You know, it absorbs every bullet that comes to you, you know. I mean, you’re not bulletproof, but for the most part, it’ll stop a 223, no problem.

David: Wow!

Emery: So what happens is it knows if you’re getting wobbly and about to fall, and it’ll put pressure on that, and that whole side of the suit will tighten to realign you so you can keep going.

David: Wow!

Emery: Because you can . . . It is made to actually run through any terrain, like very rocky terrain, and also carry a lot of weight with you.

David: Wow!

Emery: Yeah. So you could actually jump off a cliff, do a back flip – even though you’re not a gymnast – and you will land on your feet like a cat.

David: Wow!

Emery: It will not allow you to land on your head or hurt yourself. And the suit will take over and, you know, curl you into a ball and make sure you’re going to land on your feet. It’s very interesting.

It also has little types of things that can project out. The suit can actually project out little fins and things on it for swimming, and also for when you . . . if you did mess up and you are actually jumping too high to change the way you’re falling, in case you were unconscious, let’s say.

David: So what about jumping in particular? Let’s talk about jumping.

Emery: Jumping is amazing. I mean, you could jump, I think, up to around 50 feet . . .

David: Wow!

Emery: . . . 50, 55 feet from the ground with no pack, with no weight.

Weight is . . . If you have any little weight on you, it calibrates it and that does affect everything for the suit.

And the suit self-calibrates. It’s reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology that they use. It’s definitely not something that we just thought of brilliantly and made.

So it is something that is using a lot of this other technology in it. It was developed only for like really, really upper-class, special-ops projects people, which has nothing to do with the government. I’m talking about a very higher level of, you know, things.

So now we have the opportunity to bring this to the world, without all the special features, but the protective features that we would like to give it to, of course, you know, start off with like the police officers and the firemen, and stuff, because it’s amazing.

It can protect you from heat, of course, cold.

David: All right. Let’s be a little more specific though.

Emery: Right.

David: When you say “we . . .

Emery: Right.

David: . . . could you be more specific about who is “we”? And how would this suit be able to get out to the public?

Emery: The people who have invented this suit, I’ll just say, want to see it put to good use. And there’s other, you know, types of these suits, of course, that can do other things that are, you know, war-like type things.

So instead of doing, you know, going that level . . . because these are prototypes, you have to understand. This is not available yet for any . . . you know, too many. So these are all prototypes.

So they’re out there, you know, thinking, you know, what are they going to do with it?

The reason I got involved with it was because they needed a substance that I had, and it was: “If you could get us the substance for the suit, to make it levitate, then we can make a deal with you with the suit.

“We can give you your own suit, but you know, we have to, of course, keep the suit, but you can have it, you know, whenever you want. Of course, you can’t, you know, go running around cities with it or show it off, but, you know, you can go to undisclosed huge places out in the middle of nowhere in the United States and have, you know, do your own testing on it.”

And that’s what I wanted to do, because I knew the materials that it was made with – especially the helmet I was working with, which is completely separate from the suit, but it was going to be made for the suit.

2 Emery And David

You know, it was completely materials I knew were extraterrestrial origin that they just reverse-engineered.

David: You kind of quickly said something about it levitating.

Emery: Yes.

David: What does that mean exactly? How would it levitate?

Emery: Well, levitation on this suit would have to do with white gold.

David: Hm.

Emery: They needed the pure white gold from the ancient times.

David: Really?

Emery: Yes.

David: But what kind of levitation? Could you be more specific?

Emery: Well, the suit is consciousness assisted, so by mixing these properties of the suit with this special white gold, you’ll be able to levitate. Yeah, you can actually levitate.

David: To how much of a degree?

Emery: As much as you want.

David: Really?

Emery: Yes.

David: Wow!

Emery: And if the suit was built correctly enough, you could go to space with it.

David: Well, it is strange, because occasionally, here and there, you get these stories sometimes – there was one in Australia recently of what appears to be a man levitating in the air.

3 Article What IS That

Emery: Uh-huh.

David: You know, a human figure . . .

Emery: Oh, right.

David: . . . just levitating in the air. How many of these suits are out there for people to test?

Emery: There’s only two . . . I only know of two suits.

David: Really?

Emery: Yeah. I only know of two suits of this . . . from this manufacturer. Yes.

I’m sure there’s MANY other suits. I mean, I’ve seen many Iron Man-type things out there, you know, like real . . . that kind of thing, but not to . . . not like this.

David: Right.

Emery: Because this is beyond, you know, nuts and bolts.

David: Sure. And I want to point out that Corey Goode, when I brought this up to him, he said that they had this in his Secret Space Program, and he used them.

And he did say that there was a momentary type of anti-gravity, that if you fell for like the last two or three feet before you hit the ground, it had enough gas to kind of levitate you before you hit the ground, so you make a smoother landing, but it’s only a short term, brief levitational capability.

Emery: Yeah, the suit for jumping and for landing, with the suits that I’m aware with, had none of that. It had . . . was using electromagnetic fields to do that.

David: Oh, really?

Emery: Yes.

David: And also, we’ve seen movies like “The Edge of Tomorrow”, the Tom Cruise film, “Live, Die, Repeat” . . .

4 Live Die Repeat

. . . where he . . . the soldiers have these big bulk metallic chassis, . . .

Emery: Oh, right.

David: . . . and they can like move parked cars with them, and things like this.

Emery: Yes. That’s very old school technology. It’s used in every secret project. They’re very common in underground bases.

David: Really?

Emery: Exoskeletons, like you saw in the movies – even in the “Alien” movies with Sigourney Weaver and stuff, those big ones.

5 Shot From Alien

David: Right.

Emery: They’re much more smaller now. They contour to your body easier. They’re very adjustable, and they’re not as bulky.

And you can, you know, lift 10 times your own weight. You can lift . . . You’re a human forklift is what it is.

David: Wow!

Emery: But you’re not . . . It’s not made for jumping, or acrobats, or, you know, running at high speeds, the ones that I’m aware of.

David: What could it do for you if you get a laceration or a broken bone, or something like that? Does it have any countermeasures for that?

Emery: Absolutely. The suit itself will contract on that to stop the bleeding and add an coagulating factor to that, built into the suit.

David: Wow!

Emery: Not only does it give you vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, nutrients, and other special proteins and amino acids, so you can communicate with the suit better, and the suit communicates with you, but it also can set your leg.

So leg breaks, that becomes now one solid piece.

David: Wow!

Emery: Yes. It’s amazing.

David: What about the pain? Does it have . . .

Emery: Yeah, it can give pain if you direct it to give pain, or if there’s also operator induced. You know, like if you have the satellite – of course, [it] comes with a satellite – and the satellite will know.

And someone usually is communicating with you from somewhere with it. You’re never, you know, just running around, and this kind of thing.

And this is completely the prototype, by the way.

David: So what would happen if you’re feeling a great deal of fear, anxiety? Would the suit know that you’re afraid? Would it have any way to help you with that?

Emery: Yes, it measures pheromones and chemicals in your body, constantly. So it’s a constant laboratory.

So it knows if your adrenaline goes up. It knows when your heart rate goes up. It knows . . . You know, it will analyze things.

And plus, don’t forget, it’s usually connected to also a team that’s watching you, and they will take precautionary methods and may, you know, administer epinephrine, you know, or morphine, or you know, whatever it is you need to be extracted out of where you’re at, if you were really that hurt.

David: Does it have any aromatherapy capability?

Emery: Not that I’m aware of. I don’t remember seeing anything like that.

David: Okay.

Emery: I was not debriefed on that.

David: Well, it is interesting, because Corey’s version of the suit is almost exactly the same as what you’re saying.

One of the only things I remember HE said was that if you were upset, at certain times, it would give you a smell like lavender, or whatever smell you like, it can generate that for you.

Emery: Yeah, what it does, with this suit, is it doesn’t use pharmaceuticals. It uses . . . Your body has its own chemicals to deal with stress.

And what it does is why it’s so important that each suit is made for you is because once we do get your blood test, we actually measure all those chemicals in there that, you know, actually initiate fight or flight movements.

So it could give you really quick some dopamine and serotonin, which is cool, though it’s an autologous dopamine and serotonin.

And autologous means it comes from your own body. It’s just concentrated.

So it has the ability to help you heal and cure you, and add your own chemicals that you would need to do that, so you wouldn’t have to, you know, take anything else. Like it alleviates all that pharmaceutical-type stuff.

David: If this were to be distributed to the public, how would we prevent somebody from – essentially like a terrorist – to becoming an indestructible super villain by having a suit like . . .

I mean, I guess, other people with the suit could defeat somebody like that.

Emery: Yes, it’s not . . .

David: How would you stop that from being misused?

Emery: Yeah. Well, that . . . You know, that’s the whole thing. So I think that the slow release would be to like the police officers.

And plus, it would be downgraded to just do for what they needed. Bulletproof. They wouldn’t get to jump. They wouldn’t get to run as fast. They wouldn’t have as many fibers in it. It wouldn’t have all the nutrients and all that stuff.

It would probably have more stuff to protect the person – more of just a protective suit, but nothing else to be superhero-type thing, you know.

And that’s kind of how they want to launch that for civilians. And then make a civilian one that helps with people that are sick or helps people that have dangerous jobs even . . .

David: Like a lifeguard.

Emery: Like a lifeguard, or welders, or, you know, people that deal in dangerous positions where they get burned.

David: Firemen.

Emery: Yeah, firemen, like we just talked about. And then, you know, that would trickle down to the future suits of just everyone being able to have one, you know, that it just kind of keeps you healthy and keeps you strong, and, you know, that kind of thing.

David: Is the production of something like this technology kind of similar to how our chips in our smartphones keep getting better and better, and, as they get better, then they’re mass produced? And now it’s not expensive anymore because we’re making them.

Could the suits ultimately get to be consumer level price, do you think?

Emery: Oh, absolutely, but it wouldn’t have all, you know . . . It would be limited with features. You know, it’s all about that.

So, yeah, you wouldn’t be able to get the X-phone 20, but you can get the X-phone 10 today.

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Emery: Inside joke. But yes, I mean, that’s how it works.

I don’t’ think . . . By that time, I do believe that we won’t need to do that. I think these things will be able to be handed out to everyone. I think that we’re not going to . . . We’re going to be moving away from this consumer thing pretty soon – in the future, I mean, within the next 20 years.

David: I wanted to not leave this unturned. You said there was a problem with the helmet. Could you describe what the problem is? Why wouldn’t the helmet be good?

Emery: The helmet is amazing. The problem with the helmet is pressurization and communicating with the suit, since it was a different developer.

David: Oh.

Emery: It’s just . . . The helmet works flawlessly. It’s just it’s not connecting to the suit correctly, because the suit is so perfectly sculpted to the body that the helmet is actually not, okay? So it’s a little bit bulkier. Small – much smaller than a motorcycle helmet. Okay? And that’s the problem, right now, they’re having with that. But it’s probably fixed by now. That was in . . . last summer. I mean, not last summer. That was the year before last.

David: So are we correct in saying that you have been given an opportunity to become a distributor for this as it rolls out to the public?

Emery: Yeah, more like a connector, I like to consider myself. I’m not so much on the business aspects of that stuff as I have so many other things going on.

But I would like to connect that, so it’s, you know, put to good use to protect the people that are protecting us right now, you know, that are out there, such as the police officers, and the firemen, and the paramedics, and, you know, all of these other people in the civilian world, because, you know, it’s getting kind of crazy out there, and they need some help.

They need to be a little bit more ahead of the game with these asymmetrical threats. And, you know, these things can, along with the helmets also, . . . There’s no way something can sneak up on you, so . . .

David: I’m curious about things like international law and the United Nations, and how they might feel if a particular military gained access to this technology, and they would have such a disproportionate advantage in war that if the command structure of that country were to become compromised, they could enact some kind of global dictatorship of some kind.

Are there any thoughts about that?

Emery: Well, that’s just an opinion, I would say. They didn’t ever talk about . . . They don’t talk about that stuff.

Manufacturers and inventors, and you know, politicians . . . or, I mean, not politicians, but the people that run those corporations, they do not, you know, think about long term.

They’re more about who’s going to, you know, pay the biggest money, and how they’re going to do this, and we need that.

But luckily with this group, they’re more compassionate, because they’re, you know, . . . about it, because . . . I can’t say any more about them, because I’ll be . . . my . . . you know, I just can’t talk about them personally.

And then, so, . . . but their heart’s in the right spot is what I’m saying, and they want to do good. And they don’t necessarily need it, . . . you know, to do war.

David: Right.

Emery: And it still hasn’t gone that way, yet. But that’s where it definitely could easily go.

I don’t think any, you know . . . With all the drones out today, and all the other, you know, things we have that do not require a human being to be in to get the job done is where it’s going.

David: Right.

Emery: So that’s more of a threat, you know, for a drone to drop out of a satellite and be instantly deployed upon an area with stealth mode, and just, you know, . . . that with the simple technology of today. That’s so archaic – I call it, but, you know . . .

David: I mean, it really does sound to me, just to summarize, that as Disclosure starts to happen, there are going to be so many surprises that we hadn’t even anticipated that just this technology alone is like “Ascension” in a sense.

Emery: It is.

David: Yeah.

Emery: It gives us the ability to travel to the stars.

David: That’s really amazing. Well, Emery, I want to thank you for being here. And I want to thank you for watching. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, with our special guest, Emery Smith.


Cosmic Disclosure: Secrets at the South Pole

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and I’m here with our special guest, Emery Smith.

Emery, thank you for being here.

Emery Smith: Thanks, Dave. Appreciate it.

David: In our previous episode, we talked a little about how military bases are being built over extraterrestrial bases or crashed craft. And we had started to talk a little bit about what you may know regarding Antarctica.

So just to get more specific with you, according to Pete Peterson, operations in Antarctica have been ongoing for quite some time.

He was aware of it being back to at least the 1950s. And he said that it is a truly vast operation that’s being conducted down there.

So could you speak a little bit more about what you know of what’s going on in Antarctica?

Emery: I have recently met with four of the scientists that were part of that expedition, well, many expeditions in the past few years – in Costa Rica recently.

1 Emery Smith 2

And what was interesting is there’s also another craft that is part of some of the craft that’s down THERE [Antarctica] in a cave down near Costa Rica, I’ll say.

David: Oh, wow!

Emery: And so this group was asking me to come with them to Antarctica to check it out on another expedition, which I refrained to go because all newbies don’t return.

David: Really?

Emery: So that’s how dangerous it is.

David: Hm!

Emery: And any people that go down there to do documentaries or try to get with people to take them down there usually end up pretty much not coming back.

David: Wow!

Emery: So right now, if you don’t have a specific, really good classification, you’re not going down there.

So that does leave it open to satellites, however, and special drones that we have access to to find out more information.

Different organizations are funding this, private organizations, because the people want to know.

And so this information was given to me strictly from the four scientists that actually came from working there for two years, which they do have the access to get back down in there to do what they do, which is basically . . . Well, I was talking about mapping and measuring of the melting ice and how much time they have before other things are exposed, which lead to the exposure of the underground city that’s there that has been there for a very long time, apparently.

David: Are you familiar with there being any plan to reveal ancient ruins under the ice in Antarctica, but not spacecraft at first or anything more modern, as part of a gradual disclosure agenda?

Emery: They already started that. So they’re saying there’s something down there, a big void, just like they did in Egypt now. There’s a big void underneath the pyramids there.

We have a very, very large city that’s there.

David: In Egypt?

Emery: In Egypt, under the pyramids, about a mile high dome.

David: Really?

Emery: Yes, it’s very large.

So this is the same thing that’s going on in Antarctica.

So they’re slowly saying, “Wow, through satellite imagery with special ground-penetrating radar, certain scientists from . . .”, which have nothing to do with trying to find bases, by the way – more like trying to find oil reservoirs and gold – have stumbled upon these giant voids. So you’re going to start hearing about this.

These voids are the ancient cities. You know, these are the ones that have been here for a very long time. This is right up your alley with all the stuff that you talk about.

And there has been great camera footage taken from an archaeologist that we know. And we have seen this footage. And it is compelling because the camera they snake down under the pyramid to see this, when it first was discovered, which I cannot disclose, was just fascinating.

David: Hm!

Emery: So the same thing is going on in Antarctica now is: how are we going to disclose this and clean up all the artifacts down there, which will really mess up the story of how we got here . . .

David: Right.

Emery: . . . kind of like Mars and the Moon and everything else. And it’s right here on this planet.

David: All of a sudden in the media, we hear this report that neutrinos were used to discover a very large new chamber in the Great Pyramid above the Grand Gallery, which is the big hallway with the tall . . .

2 Article About Great Pyramid

3 Article On The Discovery Of The New Chamber

Emery: That’s right.

David: And they’re kind of saying it might be on a diagonal with the Grand Gallery, . . .

Emery: Correct.

David: . . . but it’s a little higher.

Emery: Right.

David: And that’s a very large, previously undisclosed space.

Emery: I’ve heard about that.

David: Now, with the technology you’re reporting, it would appear that they would have known about this for a long time.

Emery: Oh, they’ve known about it for a very long time.

David: Have people been into that room that you know of?

Emery: Yes.

David: Really?

Emery: Yeah. And that’s what the Alliance needs to decide is: what do we release and how slow do we release it? So there’s a gradual scientific, huge, worldwide, scientific investigation of these tablets or this or that or whatnot, because it doesn’t match what’s going on or what we’ve been taught here.

And that’s going to be the hard thing for people to grasp because of the belief systems that we all have.

David: Do you think that there might be a way . . .I mean, they don’t want to tear up the pyramid, right? They’re very concerned about antiquities preservation. But now we’re talking about a massive, massive chamber inside the pyramid openly discussed in mainstream media.

Emery: Right.

David: So is there a way into that room already? Do we know what’s in that room?

Emery: I’m 80% sure they’ve already been in that room from the bottom up. There are tunnels that they have already dug under into this city, so it’s already been . . .

David: Wow!

Emery: They’re learning what happened. You know, they’re trying to learn the texts, learn all the symbols, and what’s it all mean?

And so it’s a huge undertaking on the private side of whoever is running that contract job. I can tell you that much.

David: Just for the sake of people’s curiosity, what might be some of the most surprising things that we would learn?

Like, what would we actually see if we ever get to see the footage of this room? What would be the most surprising thing we would discover?

Emery: Well, you’re going to discover a lot of literature and tablets, and also artifacts that are not from on Earth – not of Earth-origin technology – which most of it has been removed.

David: Wow!

Emery: Whether they want to say it was found with the site or not, it will be a spectable because it has to do with someone already being there trying to do the same thing we were doing about a higher, advanced civilization, and they left some things behind.

So there’s special scientists in the world who grab these devices, and they can figure out what the devices were used for. That’s what their job is to do.

And they’re really interesting people, and they’re responsible. They’re the unseen heroes you hear about.

But a lot of the information that they get is usually used to give to these private corporations to be used for bad because it’s so amazing. Why give it to us to help us cure cancer or be able to talk to anyone in the universe?

David: I want to bring something up with you that I think is directly relevant, and that is an insider that Pete Peterson has hoped to get me in touch with – it hasn’t actually happened yet – but this person was involved in the excavation of a strange sort of metallic alloy sarcophagus from this same Giza Plateau area. And I believe he said it was underground.

And they removed the sarcophagus, and they had it . . . They were trying to figure out how to get it open, and they couldn’t open it with tools.

And apparently on the ship – they were transporting it on a U.S. military ship of some kind – someone telepathically interfaced with this sarcophagus, and they could read the inscriptions. Even though originally it was a different language, they could read the language.

And then they had to sing a certain note or phrase. I can’t remember which it was . . .

Emery: A harmonic, yeah.

David: And you put your hands out like this and it opened.

And then what they found inside were these various kind of hand-held tools. And some of the tools, apparently, would give you holographic reconstructions of historical events that happened during the time of the people that had this thing.

Emery: Sure. Oh, yes.

David: And that sarcophagus alone is just of inestimable value. Have you ever heard any stories like that?

Emery: Yes, I have heard of very similar stories of these sarcophagi and coffins and tubes that are made of some unknown metal but they’re seamless.

David: Wow!

Emery: And they can only be opened, as far as I knew, by lineage, actually, and harmonic. So that’s interesting you said that, because it actually helps me understand some things now put together that I’ve been debriefed on.

And I’ve seen some of these vats, actually.

David: What about this idea of an object that you might be able to hold in your hand, and then you can kind of talk to it with your mind . . .

Emery: Yes.

David: . . . and it will show you, like, a library?

Emery: Absolutely. It’s a consciousness-assisted technology that you have to hold and use your consciousness. You know, you have to think about it, and then whatever, however it operates – however, the operator knows how to operate it.

Or usually, it just automatically will turn on. You know, it’s like having an iPhone without a passcode on it. Automatically anyone can use it.

But some of these devices, these consciousness-assisted technologies, are all lineage-related or frequency-related, so that you have to be of the right ancient lineage to hold that one little frequency for this thing to work.

David: A genetic marker in your DNA, do you think?

Emery: Yes. Yes.

David: Wow! Really?

Emery: Yeah.

David: When we had Pete Peterson here last time, he gave us some extremely fascinating information about very, very long – many, many miles long – perfectly carved tunnels in South America, like, underneath the Nazca Lines.

And he talked about what appeared to have been a vast extraterrestrial city down there. And, of course, with our show on Gaia, “Unearthing Nazca”, Pete is claiming that the bodies we had on that show were from this city.

So I’m curious if you’ve heard about those tunnels in Meso- and South America, and any information you might have on that.

Emery: Yes. My scientist sources also have invited me down there to analyze the tunnels, which have a lot of craft in them, which have . . . The tunnels actually have beings frozen in time sticking out of the walls of these things.

David: Have you ever heard the term “stasis beings”?

Emery: Yes. I mean, I don’t personally believe these beings that come from Gaia are from that site.

David: Okay.

Emery: But that’s my own opinion. And I have not been asked to analyze these beings yet.

David: Okay. So you’re saying that there are . . . This is totally amazing, Emery. I’m just going to be honest with you. And the reason why is that I got another briefing from Pete. I haven’t said a word about it to anyone.

I’m going to do it for the first time right now, okay?

And the briefing was that, because Gaia did “Unearthing Nazca”, the show, that our Alliance people have gotten a lot more interested in that area again, and that apparently the Mexican government . . . We have the Peruvian government . . . We have different governments in Meso- and South America, apparently involved in this.

And apparently, very recently, we took custody of these five different craft, and he said that they are so advanced that we’ve got whole teams of people . . . He estimated 2,000~3,000 people are working on these craft now. But it’s so advanced we have no idea how to get into it or what the heck is going on.

So I’m curious about your thoughts on that.

Emery: Yeah, I agree with that. But when you say “we”, who are you referring to who took over the five craft?

David: I guess it would be . . .

Emery: The Alliance or . . .

David: DIA military-industrial complex, what we would call MIC Secret Space Program folk.

Emery: Okay. That I can confirm 100%. They are now in control of all the tunnels and all the ships and all the bodies and all the technology, . .

David: Really?

Emery: . . . which has recently just happened.

David: Really?

Emery: Yes. And it’s now very difficult to get in there, but I’m still deciding whether to go or not because it’s just a matter of if they invite me again to go down there and decipher some of the ships and craft and some of the extraterrestrials that they found, and of course, the technology.

But yes, there is a large amount of these beings and the craft down there.

David: Can you confirm anything about Pete’s testimony regarding that the craft are so advanced that we have no idea what to do with them yet?

Emery: Yes, I can absolutely concur with that, because the group would never have called me to go down there and check this out, number one, because if they knew how to do it and they’re scientists and know how to do it, they wouldn’t be calling me to ask me to come on board clandestinely, which I can talk about freely. But that’s exactly what happened.

David: Wow!

Emery: I mean, I haven’t seen his show, by the way, so I didn’t know any of this.

David: Okay. So let’s talk a little bit about what we did on “Unearthing Nazca”, because I didn’t even know you knew anything about this. It’s really amazing.

We’ve had X-rays taken of these bodies, and it does not in any way even possibly appear to be a hoax.

The genetic testing shows that it’s over 1,500 years old or more in some cases. It appears to be genuine genetic tissue that’s been preserved in diatomaceous earth.

They have three fingers and three toes instead of five, like we do. It definitely looks like this is an authentic specimen of some kind.

So I’m curious about your thoughts. Have you seen “Unearthing Nazca”?

4 X Ray Of Mummy

5 X Ray Of Mummy 2

6 Nazca Mummy

7 Nazca Mummy Three Toes

Emery: No, I’ve seen just the small briefing that came out with those two mummies, and just the briefing that came out over the world and through Gaia.

David: Okay.

Emery: And that’s all I read. And you know, my first question as a scientist is, who tested it? Where was it tested? How did you retrieve it? How did you get it over the border? Do you mind if I test it at multiple facilities of my choice, which you are not allowed to know?

And, you know, all these questions, because it’s a very interesting story. And I’m not saying yes or no, because I don’t know because I was not a part of that project.

David: Right.

Emery: So I can’t judge it. Since you say these things, I mean, of course, I’m very close with you. I believe you, but as a scientist, I also have to ask many other questions and actually have to examine the bodies because I don’t believe there’s too many other people out there coming forward like myself that would probably go do that and give an expert opinion and write something up.

David: Sure.

Emery: I mean, I’m right now being published in Stanford University for the Atacama being coming forward with that with Dr. Garry Nolan.

So you’ll see that white paper with my name on it, which kind of gives me some credit about my background.

So, you know, I can’t answer that.

Just by looking at some pictures, I can’t say yes or no without being part of the project and giving my own opinion of what they are and where they came from, and also the type of DNA it is.

What was the DNA percentages?

David: There apparently is a DNA test being conducted in Russia right now with some of the finest DNA testing they have. The results have not yet come in yet. It apparently takes a long time.

But we did have Peruvian scientists who did a lot of work down there.

We also have M. K. Jesse, who is a radiologist right here in Boulder, who has surveyed the X-rays and has said that this definitely appears to be a biological being. It does not appear to be anything conventional human.

Emery: Right. And the carbon dating or whatever they use to measure the dating . . .

David: Carbon dating has been confirmed, and it’s all early AD – very early AD.

Emery: Interesting.

David: So would you be interested? I mean, I’m not able to ask you this on behalf . . .

Emery: Yeah, I would . . .

David: Would you be interested in doing that if you were invited?

Emery: Yeah, I would entertain that, of course. Yeah, I would be helpful in any way I can to help approve or disapprove [disprove] these beings.

David: And you told me before that apparently the Atacama humanoid that you had in “Sirius” is not the only one. Could you tell us a little more about that?

Emery: Yeah, I can. There is another being down in that location that has been discovered that is very similar to this being.

And we are now trying to work something out so we could get this being.

If we can get this being, we can get the DNA from both beings and see if they match and see if it is a new subspecies or not.

But the data that we’re printing right now at Stanford is – I’m not going to spill it because I can’t talk about it – is going to talk about that exact thing.

So you guys are going to have to wait for that white paper to come out in a couple of weeks, and then we’ll go from there. But I’m very interested in that being, too. I want to immediately grab this being, put it in a safe place, and be able to run multiple tests on it and see what happens and go from there.

It’s a speculation right now, so we can’t say anything until we actually have the DNA in our hands.

As you know, as I went over to Barcelona with Greer and Dr. Bravo to obtain the first one and bring back that DNA to Stanford for Dr. Garry Nolan to test, one of the world’s leading geneticists.

8 Dr Greer Dr Bravo And Emery

9 Atacama Being

10 Atacama Being 2

11 Atacama Being 3

So there’s a lot to do, because you have to have, I think, in the future, multiple testing sites, and larger teams involved in organizations. So it’s just not one foundation doing all the work.

And it should be a joint collective thing. Most projects like this should be collective and not just one overseer of that. I think it’s harder to manipulate things when there’s multiple people involved instead of one overseer.

David: One of the things that you carry with you is something that hardly anyone has ever seen. You seem to always have it with you.

The only other time this was ever shown was on stage at Contact in the Desert. You handed it to me when I was doing a panel. It was a sensation for the audience.

Emery: Ah, right.

David: So could you hold up what it is that you have and tell us about this?

Emery: So this . . . After the team and I went over there to Barcelona . . . This is the Ata being from Chile, from the Atacama Desert.

And what we did was we wanted to make sure that we not only have the DNA, but let’s run every possible test. Let’s get CAT scans, MRIs, X-rays, as much as we can for the scientific community to look at this because the private organization that has it, who’s been very generous and needs lots of help, would like to do more testing and do more things.

12 Atacama Being Replica

And I was able, by working on some other secret projects at the time . . . We can 3D render organs and things. We can also 3D render pretty much any CAT scan into any material.

So we can shoot your brain, CAT scan your brain, and I can enter it into the computer, and I can print your brain out in any material I want.

David: Wow!

Emery: Isn’t that cool?

So that way, before I operate on you, I can make sure where all your blood vessels are, and I can actually do . . .

David: Oh, wow!

Emery: . . . yeah. So I can say that now because it’s already out; it’s been disclosed.

David: Right.

Emery: So I thought, “Hey, why don’t I take a CAT scan of this being and put it into the computer and make an exact replica, duplicate, cell-by-cell,” into this just polycarbonate I used, because it was already too expensive to do anything else?

David: Here, let me see it.

Emery: And what happened is: we printed it and this is what came out, this polycarbonate exact being.

David: So one of the things that I notice right away, which people probably notice, is that, like, the head is kind of sliced off.

Emery: Yeah. When we made the program, we made sure that part was open so people could see inside and see the brain lobes, and, you know, there was different things. You know, I could print just with the chest open so you can see some of the lungs and different things that were in there.

But just to have something that was durable that I wanted to last a long time, and something that you could see the volume of. Of course, the skull was the most amazing thing: three times the size of our skull.

13 Closeup Of Ata Being Head

David: Yes.

Emery: From chin to top, that’d be like . . . it’s the same length as his torso from the sternal notch to the umbilicus. We call the belly button, umbilicus. So, you know, it’s three times . . . the same size as that.

That would be like your head, one, two, three, three times your own size.

David: Wow!

Emery: So, very interesting.

The story on this being, if you want me to go into, is . . .

David: Yeah, sure.

Emery: . . . which I was not part of the collection site or anything like that in the early years, but I did read a briefing that matches that of where this craft has crashed. And it was shot down some time ago. I don’t know the exact time.

And it was an egg-shaped craft, and there were . . . about the size of a Volkswagen van.

David: Hm! The size of the egg?

Emery: Yeah, the size of the egg. There were five occupants. And when the army got there, the military – not ours, but theirs – got there, two of them were already dead, the adults. They were 22 inches high.

And then there were three trying to get away. And they shot one, and two they lost into the jungle, or into the desert, or whatever, which the story goes they did wind up in a village.

And the villagers apparently saw these little beings, and they clubbed them and wrapped them in cloth, in red cloth, and went to . . .

David: Why would they club them?

Emery: Well, I’m going to tell you. I’ll tell you why I think they did. Because after they wrapped it in red cloth, they took it to the front of the church doorsteps, and they wrote “El Diablo”, and they laid it there.

David: The devil.

Emery: Yeah, the devil. So how unfortunate.

David: You know, the skull . . . This is one of the things that I always wondered about is: there’s this crack in the plate. Like there’s these two plates, and this part here on the left looks like it sticks up in ridges over the part on the right.

So that’s not the regular physiology. This is because its head was crushed?

Emery: No, it did have that kind of a point there after we looked at that in different computer programs, but it is offset because of the smashed skull.

David: Right. Okay.

Emery: And the hole in the back of the head, so you know, was also something that was done prior to myself and the team actually doing the autopsy.

I did use that hole, though, that was made by another scientist before me many years ago, to gather the brain material, some of the brain matter, and, of course, some of the layers of the brain.

14 Emery Removing Brainmatter From Ata Being

And some of the bone marrow, of course, was what we’re really after. So we took some of that from the rib cage and also from the humerus of the arm of the being.

15 Ata Being Showing Ribs

So we had a lot of samples. We had a lot of good samples. And we took those samples back.

David: Now, it is very interesting, something that I wish we could have gotten into “Sirius”.

Emery: Right.

David: I wanted to see us go into the fact that there is a case in Russia of a little being called Alyoshenka.

16 Alyoshenka

And this being does have the 22-inch height that you’re saying is like the adults, but the dried body of it is basically identical. It is essentially identical to what this looks like.

17 Alyoshenka 2

And the story there was that the being somehow was found by a woman who had mental illness. And she was feeding it candy and milk for a while, but it was dying.

And she tried to bring it to the hospital in Russia, and after it was brought to the hospital, it died. When its body dried out, it dried out the same way that this Atacama being did.

And then, unfortunately, the story goes that the Japanese were going to buy it for a very large sum of money to study it, and then it mysteriously disappears.

So what do you think Alyoshenka is?

Emery: Yeah. It’s hard to tell. Like I said, I don’t know the story. I know a little bit about the story. I did read a little bit about that briefing.

David: Yeah.

Emery: And then like with anything, even with this being, you have to understand this is not something that I saw actually inside where I was at.

This was after I got out that I was able to handle this. And I just associated this briefing with this accident at this exact place, so to make that clear.

David: Okay.

Emery: And don’t forget, things can be made inside for disinformation campaigns as well. And beings can be grown and these crashes can be made to disinform scientists around the world that are not part of the projects.

And some that leave the projects, they want them disinformed.

So you have to be very delicate about talking about DNAs and beings, and where they come from and the stories behind them, because there’s very few people out there that actually know from start to finish: all right, this went to this to this to this.

You know, I’m being a private investigator saying, “Well, this is what I read. This is what happened. Then later on we finally got it. And then we did this, and it matches everything. There’s another one; matches the same exact report.” You know, all these different things.

So that I would not . . . I would just say I think it’s a similar . . . I think it’s part of the same phenotype of species.

Without looking at the DNA and actually matching the two, which would be the most amazing thing . . .

The fact that it went missing, 100% – obviously, red flag. Red flag, red flag.

Any time anything goes missing or someone gets hurt or killed, you know, it’s a red flag.

David: Do you think there’s any relationship between this story of the church with the being in paper labeled “El Diablo” and the corpse that ended up in the movie “Sirius”, or are those two separate things?

Emery: You’re talking about the Ata? The Ata?

David: Yeah.

Emery: No, that’s the Ata.

David: Oh, that is?

Emery: That is the Ata.

David: So did the church hold onto it all that time?

Emery: Yes. The church held onto it.

David: Really?

Emery: The priest held onto it many, many years. He knew it was very, very important. And then he made a deal with someone.

I know the U.S. government already had samples of this somehow. So in the exchange somewhere, there was this civilian person, the priest, who had access to it. And then a private organization went down there and purchased the being from him, and now it’s in an underground facility near Barcelona being studied.

And many new papers are coming out. I know they’re printing so much stuff.

My own opinion, I think they got a little bit infiltrated and maybe paid off because of some of the things that are being said now over from their people in Europe.

But, you know, like I said, we don’t know. It’s all speculation, because anything can be made to be disinformed.

David: “Sirius” itself kind of ends on a down, because we’re talking to Theodore Lockman; we’re talking to Garry Nolan. The whole movie establishes that this is a credible non-human – normal human, at least – thing.

And then at the end, it kind of seems like the film says, “Oh, well, it’s not really that big of a deal”. It’s very strange.

Emery: That’s very strange, yeah. Why is that? The biggest story in the world and no one wants to hear about it.

So, yeah, I would say, “Hm”. That’s all I can say about that.

David: Right. So another thing that I find fascinating is “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” in, I don’t know, 1940s, 1950s, somewhere thereabouts, had this thing called “AttaBoy”.

18 Attaboy

And it’s just like the Atacama humanoid – same size.

19 Attaboy 2

The only real difference is that the head is a little more bulbous in this way [round] . . .

Emery: I saw that, yeah.

David: . . . as opposed to the way the other one looks.

Emery: Yeah, I saw that one.

David: It’s so similar in many other ways. Do you think that’s from the same species or a similar species?

Emery: No, I don’t believe so. No. No. Yeah, there’s too many differences.

I did look at that at one time closely. So I don’t believe it’s from the same lineage or phenotype at all.

David: But do you think it might possibly be extraterrestrial also in its own way?

Emery: Without actually making a . . . bringing the proper test, I couldn’t speculate.

David: Right.

Emery: It wouldn’t be fair.

David: So another thing was these edifices that the people on Easter Island wore on a necklace.

20 Necklace Edifice From Easter Island

Emery: Right, yeah.

21 Necklace Edifice From Easter Island 2

David: And when you look at the necklace, when you look at the body of this thing, it looks exactly like what you autopsied in “Sirius”.

22 Ata Being 4

The only difference is that the face is kind of a stylized human face. It’s got these large, round eyes, large kind of nose and mouth.

23 Closeup Of The Head Of The Neclace Edifice

So it is kind of an exaggerated human face with large eyes.

Emery: Uh-huh.With every passing day, Antarctica is garnering more attention from mainstream and alternative news sources, alike. Emery Smith urges, that as the ice melts, the secrets at the south pole will no longer be contained. What is being disclosed now, in Egypt as well as Antarctica is just the tip of the iceberg as ground penetrating radar is discovering large voids. Although we are being told of the great voids, what is in those voids is being withheld. Now, new reports of tunnels in South America, as well as strange beings, such as the Nazca Mummies and Atacama Humanoids, found in these locations are coming to light. Emery Smith fills in the gaps of withheld information with his insider’s view on what is really taking place under the Antarctic ice. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast January 30, 2018.

David: That part looks wrong. But the body is absolutely dead-on.

24 Closeup Of The Body Of The Necklace Edifice

And those Easter Island people are saying that these were the givers of wisdom and knowledge.

Emery: Right. I think there’s a connection.

David: What do you think is going on?

Emery: I do think there is a connection with that. Like I said, I don’t know enough about their history. I just know, from learning from you about that story and seeing some of these pictures a while back, that there is correlation, for the body, that is.

And whether the bodies are replicas or they’re the actual bodies that were mummified, you know, swelling happens during mummification sometimes, depending on where it’s buried and what it’s buried in.

And things can change and misform different body parts, especially with the skeleton, into different . . .

David: Right.

Emery: Just like fossils, you know, if they’re in certain minerals, when they form over time, they’ll take on a different color and shape.

So it’s a very interesting thing when you look at mummies and how they’re buried, where they’re buried, the temperature, the humidity, and then all these other factors that fall into place. And the same thing happens with these beings.

So I can see why you’re asking these questions, because they are similar in many ways, but they’re also . . . There’s differences. And without actually having all three of them right there, for me to say.

But I do agree with you that the bodies are very similar.

David: All right. Well, I want to thank you. This has been very fascinating, and we will have more in store.

Emery: Excellent.

David: So thanks for being here.

Emery: Thanks for having me. Appreciate it.

David: And thank you for watching. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, here with our special guest, Emery Smith.


Cosmic Disclosure: Hybrid Creatures and Secret Bases

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and I’m here with Emery Smith.

So we were talking about this concept that you weren’t that surprised by the idea of very elaborate genetic hybrids being made by our government, even at the beginning of this time that you spent at Sandia Labs inside Los Alamos.

So I kind of feel like there’s something missing here. How much had you been briefed on genetic hybridization programs before you ever started this particular job with these so-called “salmon filets”?

Emery Smith: Yeah, I was not, actually. I was a very low-classified individual at that time. So it actually didn’t happen ’til about a year or two later, where because of what I was dissecting, or whatever, led to other briefings that led to other briefings, because a lot of these beings were connected to ships.

1 Emery Smith 1

And when I got pulled into that, then I was pulled into other things that had to do with hybridization, because I was actually told once that one of the samples WAS a hybrid, and that’s how I knew they were doing hybridization.

They didn’t hide it that time and during the briefing, . . .

David: Wow!

Emery: . . . and it was a group briefing, so it was exposed.

David: And what was this sample? What was it a hybrid of? What did it look like?

Emery: It was kind of like a tiger. It was a tiger-type, human-type being.

David: Really?

Emery: Yeah. The DNA had a fur on it. It was very humanoid and only stood about five feet tall.

2 Tiger Human Hybrid

And it was very . . . The way it looked was very dismantled. It was not correctly how you would think you would see something like in a movie or something where it has the perfect eye set – the nose is perfectly aligned. It was dysmorphed very, very horribly.

And I don’t know . . . I cannot tell you what DNA were used to make this creature. I could just tell you what it looked like. You understand what I’m saying?

It had the aspects of a cat face like a tiger, and it had very large green eyes. And it had whiskers, and the body was very small and very frail. And it had just regular fur.

David: Well, we have seen cases of people trying to breed lions and tigers together and different types of things. And I remember noticing that in some of those cases, those animals have this kind of disabled look.

They get these strange deformities to their faces . . .

Emery: Right, I heard about this.

David: . . . and things like this.

Emery: Right.

David: So, do you think this was a failed prototype idea of some kind?

Emery: Yes, absolutely. I think it was a total failed prototype, because I don’t know what that would serve – what they were doing.

I think they were just trying . . . which they have already been doing for many years I know before I even came along because of some of the things that were released to me later on in the projects. They were mixing all sorts of DNA with human DNA, including plant DNA, and mammal DNA from other mammals from the oceans and sea.

David: What do you think this tiger being could have been used for? I mean, I know it’s speculation.

Emery: Well, speculation for me: total military type, operative-type, super-soldier-type programs. Just as in the old days, they would . . . and the Roman Empire have mastiffs, hundreds of them.

They found hundreds of mass graves at big sites where they would be running alongside the horses, and the mastiffs would jump on the people, and the horsemen would spear the guys. They were just used to knock down people.

So this was probably used to – maybe some future war or something – to release all these crazy hybrid-killing machines instead of using humans, of course. first . . .

David: Right.

Emery: . . . and THEN send in the humans. Or send in . . . Of course, probably in the future, I’m sure it’s going to be mostly clones and drones that will be . . . The war will be fought inside a computer room.

David: I kind of asked you this before, but I’m curious to get it in a little more detail.

You said something about that the clone might have memories loaded into its mind . . .

Emery: Yeah.

David: . . . so that it believes that it has an identity that’s lived for however many years?

Emery: Yeah. They can program the brain, because the brain is just not its own brain. It does have modulation to it using very, very small sensors, and . . . how can you say this . . . wiring.

David: Implants.

Emery: Yeah, implants, that stimulate certain parts of the brain.

David: Okay.

Emery: And they can also download it and make you believe that you are Marilyn Monroe or you are David Wilcock, or you are whoever, and this is actually what has happened to you in the past 25 years.

And you just wake up in a bed one day going to work, or someone’s picking you up, and that’s all you will know.

David: Is it possible to store someone’s memories and personality on a hard drive actually as a data storage?

Emery: I haven’t seen that. I get that question asked a lot, because of the movies out there – “Avatar” – and thinks like that, the consciousness.

David: Sure.

Emery: But I have not seen that, because you would have to have the DNA. All I know is that you can only do it if they have your DNA, because the DNA IS EVERYTHING enfolded within the universe, including your specific matching prototype of who you are and all the conscious experiences you have.

So I’m sure by now they probably have something that can store your DNA for a very, very long period of time without damaging that part of it that keeps the conscious memory implanted into it.

David: One of my other insiders reported working at a base which seemed to be Area 51, though he wouldn’t say that. I think maybe at one point he did. He said “S4”, which is Area 51.

And he reported that they had a dog that was, I guess, a desert dog that showed up, and the dog started to have certain quirks and certain tricks that it learned.

And then the dog died, and they cloned it because they liked the dog so much they wanted it back.

And they discovered that each clone had the memories of the preceding dog as well. And so, it was as if . . . they started to conclude that the DNA was simply some physical address for an energetic consciousness that superseded DNA.

What are your thoughts on that?

Emery: No, I agree with that. The DNA is just our 3D interpretation of the energy that is you. So the light body, I believe, and all that, is stored.

We call it DNA because it’s what we’re taught in science, but really, it’s in the field of that molecule or whatever you want to call it – a tetrahedron, or however, . . .

David: Right.

Emery: . . . what your belief system is.

David: Yes.

Emery: So I do agree it is an energetic thing.

David: So he referred to the DNA, and they apparently refer to it, as like a tuning fork . . .

Emery: Right.

David: . . . that it tunes in this energetic aspect of yourself.

Emery: Right. It’s a radio. That’s correct. It’s a type of a device, kind of.

David: So how does that interplay with programmed memories? How could they give you a memory that you didn’t really have? Or is it more that they can make the clone THINK that it’s you and access your own data bank of memory?

Emery: Yeah, they have a . . . I wasn’t part of that program, but they do have something that does exactly what you just said. It somehow gives that DNA or that energy frequency.

Like when you talk about the morphogenic field: everyone’s everywhere, everything is everything. So that energy somehow . . . You know, if I want to believe . . . If I have an affinity to be you, I will believe I’m you, and I AM you, because we’re each other. We’re everywhere.

And what happens is I think they have somehow, someway, found a way to change that memory of who you were in the DNA using that exact thing you said: a frequency in this field.

And that’s just my speculation.

David: I did hear from my Secret Space Program insider, Jacob, who is very deeply involved on many, many levels, claims to have been to, I believe he said, over 2,000 off-planet locations through portals he claims that he went to. And he was very credible.

He said at one point that certain elite people could have . . . There is apparently a machine they have where they can download your personality and consciousness into a younger version of yourself, that you can be transferred . . .

Emery: Right.

David: . . . from one body to another as your main host body. Do you know anything about that?

Emery: I do not know anything about that, but I have seen them do that with other beings.

David: Really?

Emery: Yeah. So I’m assuming 100% they can do that just through some of the briefings I’ve been in on of similar consciousness movement of what you call this downloading of your own personality field.

And so there’s no doubt in my mind. I believe that is true, but I have not seen that.

David: What is the reason for why these cloned beings seem to have a shorter lifespan?

Emery: I think any time you take any type of cell . . . like we have problems with stem cells right now. When you take them and you multiply them, there is a couple of them that come out not too well.

So the more you do it, sometimes you have a little bit more problems with the cells being mutatious. They start mutating into different things, not what we thought they were going to be.

So there must be something in the field that only allows us to maybe . . . or we just haven’t perfected it here yet, because I know it’s been perfected up there.

So I think it has something to do with that. Maybe it’s not supposed to be done, and that there’s an unhealthier clone every time you clone someone – when you do it that way.

David: If we go back to some of the vintage whistleblowers like Bill Uhouse, it appears that from whoever, and it might be the Cabal, a narrative was presented with the idea that the Greys are humans from the future who had their population greatly reduced after a catastrophe, and that they now have been cloning themselves. And it’s like multiple photocopies, it starts to get damaged, that this funny thing they do is diabetic neuropathy.

3 Bill Uhouse

It’s the neuropathy from genetic cloning, and that they’re coming back to do these abductions to try to bolster their genetic stock.

Why do you think that kind of a narrative would be created if it’s not true? What would be the objective there?

Emery: I couldn’t comment on that, because I don’t know of this exact story.

David: Okay.

Emery: I could just tell you that if they’re real extraterrestrials and they’re cloning each other, they’re probably pretty perfect specimens. And they would have already figured out how to fix those mutations 100%.

If they’re not real specimens, and they were escaped hybrids that formed their own . . .

David: Ah!

Emery: . . . and got smart enough to learn and form their own civilization up there and want to take over Earth or something, then that would be a possibility that they’re failing.

David: We have seen a lot of reports, if you go back again into more vintage ufology, of people describing something called a “neonate”. And that is where, if a fetus is allowed to develop without the pressure of the womb around it, that the head will largely increase in size, and you will end up with a being that will retain fetal proportions into adulthood, which is exactly what a Grey looks like.

So some ufologists have speculated that Greys could be humans that simply have been grown in some kind of a vat or a tube instead of in a womb. What are your thoughts on that?

Emery: Yeah, it is a possibility. A lot of these extraterrestrials could have hybrid human DNA in them for sure and vice versa.

So I definitely believe in that, because it’s been done. It’s been done.

David: Were you aware of any other being like the tiger-human hybrid that was a hybrid program that you were directly briefed on or allowed to see a specimen of?

Emery: No. Other than that, there was one that was kind of like a manatee-type version.

4 Manatee Human Hybrid

David: Really?

Emery: Yeah, a manatee-type, walrus-type, seal-type phenotype there that they were utilizing that had a very, very weird look to it. [It] also was disproportionate and was dead upon seeing it.

I believe that was part of a project where they were mixing mammalian with human DNA.

I don’t know what they were going to do with it, but it looked like a manatee but upright with arms and hands.

David: Well, just to follow on that for a second, are you familiar with there being any bases that our government or the Cabal might have that would be under the ocean?

Emery: Yes.

David: And how would that work based on what you know? How would you build a base at the bottom of the ocean, let’s say?

Emery: Well, there’s bases that were already there that they took over that have been here for millions of years that were already functional, and they found these bases in different parts and different areas.

And most of the bases are not just like bubbles on the bottom of an ocean. They’re actually under the ocean’s crust.

David: Right.

Emery: So that’s how they really bore in there. And they build it from underneath up. They don’t go down from the surface of the ocean with a bunch of two-by-fours and steel parts.

It’s a very complex, very advanced way to make an underground sea lab.

Sea labs exist all over the world.

David: That’s what it’s called: a sea lab?

Emery: Sea labs, yeah, are all over the world.

David: Okay.

Emery: Very small. You might see a small one on the bottom of the ocean, but underneath that is really where the base is.

David: Huh.

Emery: It’s underneath the crust of the bottom of the ocean and the rock.

David: So by digging down first and then working from the bottom up, does that prevent against erosion and cataclysms and that kind of thing?

Emery: I think it’s probably the safest way to do it without being noticed.

David: Ah, right.

Emery: You know, it’s a secrecy thing. After what happened many, many years ago with the Taos Hums, they were worried that people were catching on with what they were doing with making these tunnels, but now they’re using a different type of technique.

Of course, as you know, they make big lava tubes and melt rock, and they don’t use the old-fashioned drills. You see these pictures of these ancient drill bits that are like 150′ in diameter.

David: Right.

Emery: That’s old school.

David: Some skeptics might say that we barely even have the ability to get any submarine that far down. The pressure would crush any type of technology.

So how have they overcome those limitations of the pressure?

Emery: Oh, no. They don’t use submarines. They use our own alien reproduction vehicles.

We form our own gravitational force. We’re inside our own gravity field, so we cannot get crushed.

We form . . . That’s why you can go to space, and that’s why you see some of these UFOs and these other ones just go right into the water and keep going, because they’re in their own environment and their own gravity. So it would be easy for them to transport people or equipment or whatnot.

But they always have a direct link to these tunnels is what it’s all about, and there’s many tunnels all around the world.

David: And there’s pressure that . . . They can generate enough gravity that they can easily counteract the pressure of the ocean?

Emery: Oh, absolutely. Of course, they can transdimensionally change the size of themselves.

David: Like how would that work?

Emery: Well, they kind of dematerialize, but you’re still there but you’re just out of this frequency just a hair, so you don’t fall under the laws of the science of this planet.

David: Hm.

Emery: And that is for every other planet. That’s why they can go anywhere. They can go right through the Earth.

You can fly right . . . In the craft, I’m going towards the tree, because that’s where I want to go. And as soon as I see the tree, the craft changes interdimensionally. It can shrink itself or change its frequency just a little bit different so the structure of it will just go through it or around it. And that’s exactly how they do it.

David: Do you think that these manatee people could possibly have been bred to be able to do work in the ocean?

Emery: No. I think they were . . . that was just a scientific experiment gone bad. I think they were trying to . . . They were probably looking at other more intelligent mammals, but they were starting with different ones. I don’t know why they picked that. I couldn’t even tell you.

I’ve been saying what it looked like. I don’t know if it was manatee DNA. I’m just hypothesizing because of the way it looked – like this type of face and the skin, and it was very interesting.

Now, there are dolphin-like extraterrestrial-type people that have evolved beyond us that have come back and dropped off their lineage of dolphins here.

David: It does seem interesting to me, Emery, that in the early, early maritime era, there were sightings of people claiming that they saw human aquatic hybrids of some kind.

And that almost universally is written off as if the sailors were just drinking or something . . .

Emery: Sure.

David: . . . or that “Oh, they saw manatees”.

Emery: Right.

David: But yet, you’ve seen line art illustrations of people who drew these things from the craft. And you see, for example, a being that has a human face, but it almost has flippers coming out for arms and flippers coming out for legs, almost like it’s a scaly type of thing as well.

Emery: Right.

David: So do you think that maybe at that early era before we really started to explore the oceans that these ETs had more free will to be in our oceans without violating our free will?

Emery: Yes, yes. I believe many thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago that there was a race of extraterrestrials that lived in the ocean and have maybe even migrated into Inner Earth oceans now.

David: Hm.

Emery: We refer to them as the “Aquifarians”, . . .

David: Really?

Emery: . . . and they come from another water planet. And there actually are many different water planets.

I’m not sure too much more than that about them, or how they live or anything, but I just know about that because I have seen some briefings of this race, and I’ve also physically seen things in the ocean that resemble these types of beings.

David: Hm! Wow! What exactly does it look like? Could you be a little more specific?

Emery: Yeah, it looks like you said. It’s a human form, and it’s fishy. And it’s [got] a very beautiful face with long, long hair.

5 Dolphin ET

There are men and women of these types of beings, and they can walk. They’re not like the mermaids we see with these fins, but they do have fins on the outside of the body, kind of like a cuttlefish.

6 Cuddlefish

You know what a cuttlefish is?

David: Yeah.

Emery: They have these fins around the outside of the body that allow them to propel themselves very, very fast. And they’re very strong, and they’re very tall beings.

David: Well, one of the things that is very interesting to bring up here. Having traveled in Japan for 3-½ weeks, there are very, very extensive records of a being called a “Kappa” – K-A-P-P-A.

7 Kappa

And this is essentially an aquatic humanoid. It’s intelligent. It can speak our language. And they would actually abduct and kill children, so children were always warned not to go near the water because of the Kappa.

But sometimes the Kappa would come out, and they would taunt people. They would talk to them. They would make jokes. They would make rude noises.

And the other strange thing about the Kappa – just to finish this off – is that apparently – and this is very consistent of all Japanese reports – that they had this indentation on the top of their head about one cup size, and that they needed to have water in it.

And that if the water fell out . . . Like if you could convince them to bow down like this [David bows] and the water comes out, they would actually die very quickly if they couldn’t get back to the water.

Emery: Hm.

David: This is a widespread Japanese legend.

Emery: Wow!

David: So what do you think the Kappa might be, just speculating?

Emery: You’re talking ancient times, correct, because . . .

David: Not really.

Emery: No? Because this . . .

David: Maybe only a few hundred years ago.

Emery: Yes, because this definitely sounds like a kind of hybrid-gone-wrong-type situation because of the water . . . what you mentioned about the water.

There’s many things that they make to try to live on the Earth, but when you start mixing DNA, especially with aquatics, it doesn’t work out too well because of the oxygen and the water that these beings need to survive.

You know how fish have gills and sharks and whatnot? And they rely more on these other animals that can gulp air and hold their breaths for 24 hours, you know, . . .

David: Ah!

Emery: . . . like certain kinds of catfish and salamanders and whatnot.

So I think I don’t know anything about that story, but it does ring some bells on some other projects that have gone wrong as far as trying to keep beings that they make be able to be in the water AND land. That’s the super-soldier being: to be able to go there, to be able to survive the vacuum of space like some organisms we have here, and to be able to survive on its own without help, but to be able to be controlled.

David: Do you think that there are Earth-like planets that are water worlds that don’t have land that comes above the surface, and the whole planet is an ocean basically?

Emery: I believe in that definitely, yes.

David: Okay. So is it possible that a humanoid intelligent species could evolve on that planet by evolving in the ocean?

Emery: Absolutely, yes.

David: Now, the funny part was that I’ve watched some scientists speculate on this. And they said, “Well, intelligent life couldn’t form in an ocean because they’d have to be able to make fire, . . .

Emery: Ha, ha, ha.

David: . . . and they couldn’t burn anything in the water.”

Emery: That’s pretty ignorant.

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Emery: We have a lot of species here that are living quite fine that are more conscious than we are.

Just because we can’t communicate with them doesn’t mean we should alienate them, just like dolphins.

David: Right.

Emery: I mean, their brains are a little bit bigger than ours. And that’s the whole thing with everything else is about communication.

It’s so said that just because we can’t communicate with someone that we have our differences, or we make them look like they’re smaller than we are. That’s something that needs to go.

David: Why do you think the Kappa might have died if the water fell out of this little cup in its head – this cup-shaped indentation?

Emery: I would say it has to do with voltage, because of how the salt water of the body can’t have a special voltage. And I think he needs the voltage to keep running in the body.

David: Hm.

Emery: I don’t believe it has anything to do with breathing or anything else, because they would not have risked that to come upon the shore.

David: Right.

Emery: But that voltage . . . Because every living creature gives off a type of voltage or a frequency, and it’s alive.

David: Now, we’ve heard a lot of reports about the Philadelphia Experiment. And then when you get into the scientist Gerry Vassilatos, he reported that at Norfolk Naval Shipyard they were doing these major welding operations for battleships around World War II.

And that when they did the arc welding, they would see this huge flash of light, and then all the power would go off. And they couldn’t understand why this was happening.

And eventually, they do a high-speed film, and they found that this hole would appear – like a black hole – and tools and objects would be flying into the hole before the power shut down.

And this, apparently, was what led to the development of the Philadelphia Experiment, where allegedly a ship was transported from Virginia up to around Philadelphia – hence “Philadelphia Experiment” – and then back to Virginia.

Are we looking at, do you think, an early prototype example of what later became a portal technology where all the kinks got smoothed out? Is that what the Philadelphia Experiment might be?

Emery: Portals exist. There’s a lot of science into portals that we have done without using certain Earth grid points.

As far as that specific, I would have to know a little bit more information of what they were using to weld and a lot of the energy going into that and the fields of electromagnetic energy.

David: It was very, very high voltage electrostatic welding.

Emery: Perfect. Well, that’s what you need to do that. So it could very possibly be that that’s how they were teletransported to the other side or had a device to do that.

David: Why do you think the soldiers ended up getting embedded in the hull of the ship as was reported? What might have caused that to happen?

Emery: Oh, just a glitch in the system. It happens all the time. We lose lots of people in portals.

David: Really?

Emery: We haven’t mastered it very well.

David: We still haven’t mastered it very well?

Emery: No, we have not.

David: Hm.

Emery: It works. We’ve done it, but it’s not 100% safe.

David: Wow!

Emery: But nothing is, like driving a car.

David: So another thing that you told me that I thought was really interesting – and I feel like it’s a good time to touch on this – is you mentioned to me in private conversation that the locations of where we chose to build military bases might not be totally arbitrary.

What are some of the hidden reasons for why certain bases are where they are?

Emery: Well, not all the bases, but a few bases, like I told you earlier, were built on certain grid points on the planet because they were built on top of other ancient bases that were there.

David: Hm.

Emery: And some of those ancient bases already had working energy devices and alien craft and portals.

David: Hm. So they would literally be able to just dig right down into that base and re-occupy it?

Emery: Well, not re-occupy it, but study it and reverse engineer it. And, of course, if they were building certain portals or certain other devices, they would make sure it was put on that same grid point or try to activate certain portals that are there.

In the early years, you know, in the ’40s, ’50s, they were . . . when they had a lot of bases going out west and stuff and exploring things using special radars to look underneath the Earth, which have been improved today, they would pick these specific points.

And this is where they would set up labs. Like Sandia Labs is actually on Kirtland Air Force Base; Los Alamos Labs is north of that, but they’re all connected.

So I do believe around the world, not just here, but also military bases in other countries, after looking at them and lining them all up, DO fall on interesting grid points. And there have been many spectacles of different phenomena that comes out of these bases that are witnessed by civilians in these specific points.

David: So you’re saying, then, that in certain cases a military base might be built over a wrecked extraterrestrial vehicle that’s underground somewhere?

Emery: Absolutely, or a base that has already been there from ancient times or from extraterrestrials that abandoned it.

David: This does line up with some other intel that we got from other folks.

So are there certain cases where the craft itself would be very large – like very unusually large?

Emery: VERY large, absolutely.

David: Okay.

Emery: I mean, Kirtland Air Force Base is the fifth largest land base in the world, and you have to look at a lot of different parameters when you’re trying to associate and balance all the different bases. And if you’re really into this kind of thing . . .

And, you know, there’s craft that are very, very, very, very large that’s stuck in the crust of our Earth. And I’ve seen the photos. We use a very special type of radar that’s classified that’s 400 times more greater resolution than a CAT scan.

David: Wow!

Emery: And it has a backflow of frequency energy that measures the time of how that frequency comes back to tell us exactly what it was to build a volumetric image.

David: Yeah, and you actually showed me some of that. It’s probably not for public distribution, but you showed me some very, very interesting stuff at one point of what appears to be an underground site that is definitely not known to the public.

Emery: Yes. Right. Some of these craft can be anywhere from 8′ wide to 33 miles long.

Some of the structures underneath the ground could be just as big – 10 times larger than the Giza pyramids.

David: But are pyramids in some cases?

Emery: Right, . . . Yep, in that kind of shape.

David: Wow!

Emery: Or reverse pyramids, like tetrahedrons – one on the other going backwards.

David: Interesting.

Emery: Yeah, very amazing shapes and very deep in the Earth and with many things inside them.

David: So let’s say we have, as one example, a 33-mile-wide craft underground.

Emery: Sure.

David: How many staff might be dedicated to exploring just that one thing, and for how long might that have been happening if you say an entire base is built there where the good stuff is?

Emery: It could take many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many years for that to . . . It’s not like you just break into a tomb, and there’s the mummy, and okay, and everyone just pillages it or whatever.

They’re very careful with it. And just like in Antarctica with what’s going on down there, it would take a team to probably research that kind of base – I’ll say it’s a craft; I’ll say base underground – depending on how many parameters: like how deep it is, what kind of rock is in it, how we’re going to get there.

The biggest thing they’ll do first is all this volumetric imaging. And then they’ll plan out, and they’ll recreate it on the Earth first.

So they’ll actually map whatever they see and make a model of it, exact spec, on top of the Earth, or under a ground base where they can do this secretly, to see exactly what’s there.

And then, of course, it’s not going to be . . . So when the team goes . . . Now they’re using virtual reality to do it.

So when the team goes in, they know where they’re at inside this area of the craft or whatnot. You know, is there still energy there on the craft? Is it still on?

Is there beings there? If they are, are they alive, or are they in a cryo state?

These are the things that they do. So they’re very, very specific about . . . before going in and just digging everything up. It’s not like this general saying, “Get in there and just dig this sucker . . . Get all the backhoes and do it.”

It’s more like . . . It’s very calm. “Let’s figure this out first. This is very dangerous. We don’t know what we’re getting into.”

You know, you have to understand there might be microbes in there that come out and infect the entire planet, so vacuum tunnels have to be made with negative pressure air systems and stuff.

So it’s a very dynamic and a very huge undertaking. It could take 20, 50, 100 years to do a project like that with all those parameters I said that are involved.

David: Well, I would be remiss to end this episode without just asking this quickly, which would be: Are you confirming the presence of at least one very large mothership under the ice in Antarctica?

Emery: Yes.

David: Okay. We have got a lot of other testimony on this – from Pete Peterson, from Corey Goode, other insiders I’ve spoken to as well.

You and I have actually never even spoken about that, so it’s kind of amazing that you would have heard about this as well.

Emery: You know, it won’t be the people. It won’t be us exposing this. It’s going to be Earth that exposes it because of the warmth.

They can’t fight the heat right now. And since they can’t fight the heat, it’s going to be really hard to explain when some of the snow melts in the next year, and this giant thing starts being exposed and different metals.

David: Wow!

Emery: So Gaia will be Disclosure. Earth will be the one who discloses it, which is beautiful.

David: Well, we’re going to help Gaia.

Emery: Yeah, we’re going to help Gaia.

David: Gaia’s going to help Gaia.

Emery: Yeah.

David: Ha, ha.

Emery: But you get what I’m getting at. Isn’t that beautiful?

David: That is amazing! All right. Well, I didn’t want to leave it on that cliff hanger. We’ll be back next time. “Cosmic Disclosure.” I’m your host, David Wilcock, here with Emery Smith. Thanks for watching.


Cosmic Disclosure: Staged Alien Abductions

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. And we are here with Emery Smith.

Emery, thanks for being here.

Emery Smith: Oh, thanks for having me again, Dave. Appreciate it.

David: So in our previous episode, we started to talk about these genetic programs that have been done, including this idea of synthetic cells, synthetic biology.

And you mentioned something that I think . . . It seems to come very easily to you, but it was probably difficult for a lot of people to really grasp: this idea that . . . it sounds like, from what you’re saying, a very large number of clones could be manufactured by various processes.

What is the fascination with making all these clones? Why are they so involved in manufacturing life forms?

Emery: Well, I think they have their own agenda. And each organization has its own agenda.

1 Emery Smith 1

I mean, there is, of course, one operating everything, but you have to understand it trickles down to many different types of facilities and agendas and organizations. And, you know, who knows where it goes from there?

But, you know, I can have . . . I believe in my opinion that they’re doing this to maybe form a fake . . . or stage a fake invasion maybe, or use these beings as part of . . . to serve in a war of some sort, or to even possibly use for abduction purposes.

David: Abduction is something that began with Betty and Barney Hill in the early 1960s.

2 Betty And Barney Hill

Emery: Right.

David: And from that point forward, we have these alleged Greys that are apparently doing this.

Emery: Right.

David: So I’m curious as to: why do you think really there were not reports of Grey abductions before Betty and Barney Hill? And what might that be that we’re seeing?

Emery: This is the most controversial question I get all the time, and I have the great answer for it.

And, you know, these people DID get abducted. Okay? It really did happen.

And that’s why they can pass a lot of the truth tests. And we’re interviewed a lot of these people. And it’s real. I mean, they really had this experience in their mind, you know, or physically.

But what I’m getting at is it wasn’t real as far as the beings and the stagecraft and the things that were going on, because there’s many of these stagecraft and these programs running the entire planet because they all want them to coincide together.

So when we interview an abductee from New Hampshire, they have the same exact story as the abductee from Namibia and the abductee from Japan, because they make them very similar, and then they’ll do many different types of episodes of what they want that person to see and remember, and how to make them traumatized.

And they can do that in many ways by, number one, using fake stagecraft, using clone programmed life forms, knocking them out first, and then having them wake up in a room with staged surgeons there prodding and poking at them, using special types of gas.

David: Wait a minute. Are you saying that the UFOs are fake?

Emery: Yes.

David: Okay.

Emery: Well, they’re . . . right.

David: But is there a craft? Are you saying that there are craft that can be flown?

Emery: There are craft. Yeah, they’re real craft that we reverse engineered.

David: Okay. Right.

Emery: But they are OUR craft. They are not the extraterrestrial craft.

David: It’s not just like a hologram? There is a craft.

Emery: Right. They can use holograms too, though . . .

David: Okay.

Emery: . . . that have been used in staged moments, absolutely. And they’ll show the hologram, and then maybe let off a gas in the area, and the people maybe crash the car.

The next thing you know, they wake up in some facility, but it’s blurry. They’re always groggy for some reason. You know, something happens.

Or they’ll come to the house and do it. You know, they’ll pick a specific person.

David: Before we go any further, I just want to ask you this question, which I do know the answer to, but I want to get you to say it on camera.

Have you been watching “Cosmic Disclosure”? Are you familiar with all the ins and outs of what Corey has said?

Emery: No, I don’t watch it. Sorry. Yeah.

David: And the reason for that is what?

Emery: I don’t like to be influenced by any type of outside source of any type of outside source of information coming from another person in case one day I might HAVE to come forward.

And it’s interesting sometimes when you tell me, “Hey, Emery, I actually had an insider that told me almost the exact same thing”, because I know I’m not the only one.

David: Right.

Emery: There’s hundreds of thousands of Emerys out there that are just petrified to come forward.

And I’m hope that this series will bring a lot more people forward to feel a little bit safer.

David: Right.

Emery: Because it does protect you, I can assure you.

David: Why do you think that these abductions are being done? We’re kind of going around it, but I don’t feel like we’ve quite hit it.

This is something that would take incredible resources. We’re talking about craft. We’re talking about beings being cloned. You’re saying that it could be in America, Namibia, Japan.

What is the point of all this?

Emery: To install fear in the world. You know, fear needs to be installed to control and order, you know, to have control and order over a civilization.

So what better way to do that: to have these people on TV saying that this happened. And I’m very compassionate about them, because it really did happen, but it didn’t happen the way they think.

That’s because Hollywood has basically released an evil alien movie every month, and it goes from here to The Philippines in a year. And everyone in the world is now petrified of this giant creature coming at me.

David: Do you remember last night when we were talking to that guy, and you had told him about the little Atacama being? And you remember the first question that he asked us was: “Am I supposed to be afraid?”

Emery: Right.

David: Why do you think that was the very . . . and he kept asking it in different ways.

Emery: Yes.

David: Like: “Am I supposed to be scared about this?”

Emery: Well, “We shot them down. Are they going to come back with their guns and kill us?”

David: Right. Right.

Emery: You know, and it’s like they know the risk. You know, the Earth is what I call the Disney World of the universe.

David: Ha, ha.

Emery: And it’s a very dynamic, beautiful place. You know, you would laugh. You know, let’s go see a bunch of hairless monkeys, right?

But what I’m getting at is it’s such a diverse community of so many living biological species that they used to come from all over just to kind of like hang out, look around and not do anything malicious or anything.

And this is in and out of all the other negative stuff that has happened millions of years ago with the different civilizations, by the way. I’m not getting into that.

I’m just saying, in this time of age, really the last 1,000 years, it was a really beautiful place to come and show your kids.

David: Hm.

Emery: And this comes down to now after Roswell and a little bit before that with the Germans when they realized there were these other entities, some formed alliances, some didn’t.

And the next thing you know is gas, coal and oil got involved and didn’t want any of this type of stuff going on, or the government.

Because if you prove how extraterrestrials get here, they weren’t using gas, coal and oil.

But getting back to your question: why did he say this? It’s like: “They’re going to come back because we just killed his family, or we shot down a craft.”

And I was like: “Well, you know, they’re a little bit more conscious than we are by a few million years. And they were once us. And they’re watching us grow out of this barbaric, medieval way of cutting each other’s heads off.”

And that’s why we haven’t been back to the Moon, or, you know, ventured into space with the normal NASA space program, that is.

David: Right.

Emery: And that’s . . . You know, this whole stunted thing is: until we learn how to behave with each other and love each other and accept each other and not have this association of, you know, “you’re my enemy because you don’t believe what I believe in,” or “you’re a different color of race or gender.”

It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t exist in the higher consciousness of extraterrestrials beyond this universe.

So they’re giving us time to behave and time to work it out on our own. And they WANT to see this happen. And they’re really interested in that.

So that’s kind of what I believe they’re there for.

David: I had Whitley Strieber, who is the famous guy who wrote the book “Communion”, kind of broke the alien abduction story in a big way in the 1980s . . .

3 Communion

4 Whitley Streiber

I had Whitley Strieber on my panel at Conscious Life Expo in February 2017.

And one of the things that I thought was fascinating was that he reported having more memories of his abduction, and that he wasn’t just seeing Greys. He was also seeing regular humans in black military uniforms who were there at the same time.

What do you think is going on with that?

Emery: What has happened is, yeah, he was probably moved to an installation or something. Or maybe the black ops team for that division, when he came to a little bit, his memory caught a glimpse of it.

I mean, we give medication every day. Every day, we’ll do thousands of millions of surgeries around the world. We always give patients Versant right before they go, so in case we do mess up, or they don’t hear us telling jokes while we’re operating on their heart, they won’t remember it. And it’s very successful.

But they do sometimes have a total recall.

David: Ah.

Emery: And that’s bad. That has happened . . . You can Google that where people are actually awake during the whole procedure and remember everything.

David: Wow!

Emery: Or they’ll hear everything and remember it. And they can’t move ’cause the anesthesiologist has paralyzed them.

David: Wow!

Emery: Yeah, very scary situation. So that’s what happened. He is getting a little bit of a recall back because the drugs didn’t work on him, or the gas.

David: So this abduction program would be to instill fear on a mass scale.

Emery: Correct.

David: So there was a sense when Whitley was saying this that he might have been abducted by the military.

Do you think that there are real Greys doing real abductions that are actual extraterrestrials? Or do you think that this is just a vast weird government program of some kind?

Emery: I believe it’s a program. Right.

I believe there have been . . . there may have been, not to my knowledge, there may have been like real abductions a very, very, very long time ago because of certain countries that were making some weird, bad mistakes of exchange of information maybe for DNA.

But it’s hard for me to believe that now, after what I’ve been exposed to, knowing what they CAN do anyway . . . Like I said, they don’t need anything. But there’s a lot more to that story with other beings and other things.

So I believe it’s a complete form of military, or some sort of faction organization that works beyond the military, that’s doing this.

David: Now, I remember at least three or four times seeing Dr. Steven Greer speak on stage, and you were standing there on stage in full tactical gear as his security guard.

Emery: Uh-huh.

David: And in some of those talks, he mentioned a UN Secretary General being abducted. And that is the highest level of politics on Earth. So what could be going on? Why would this production go all the way up to the elected heads of state in the highest offices in the world?

Emery: They wanted to install fear into the other people that were in these higher positions by doing it to this one.

David: So you can confirm . . . or can you confirm that that actually did happen, that that abduction happened?

Emery: That’s secondhand information from two very higher-ups in D.C., and also, of course, working with Dr. Greer and The Disclosure Project and seeing a lot of the official documents that he had shared with me, yes. Yes, he is correct.

David: Wow! So are there hypnotic suggestions being planted in people’s minds as well when this takes place? Are they getting post-hypnotic suggestion, things that will be cued by events that took place . . .

Emery: There are no hypnotic or mind control things going on unless you watch TV or have an iPhone or listen to the radio. So good luck with that one.

David: Ha, ha. So in your estimation, there could be subliminals that are being put out.

Emery: 100%. That’s definitely happening.

David: Do you have secondhand knowledge of that, or do you actually see briefings on it?

Emery: No, I’ve seen . . . I was part of a project one time in Los Alamos . . . well, it wasn’t owned by Los Alamos, but it was associated with a corporation there, that dealt with frequency control, mind control and cellular frequency control to make you angry or to make you sad or to, you know, manipulate you in a way that this would happen.

David: Getting back to Betty and Barney Hill, as we’ve drilled into this more over the years in ufology, it has emerged that he actually was testifying early along that he thought this was a military abduction. And he had very specific details.

And then, as time went on, more and more of the so-called “alien component” came in.

Emery: Right.

David: His initial impression was that it was not extraterrestrial.

Emery: I wonder why. You know, it’s very realistic. You know, they have these alien reproduction vehicles. You know, we already have conquered anti-gravity for the elites.

So it wouldn’t be hard for me to fly one of these devices over your house and jump out in a very expensive Hollywood alien suit and try to convince you to do what I say, especially when I have these frequency devices that I’m beaming at you that basically paralyze you or stun you for a certain amount of time while I inject you to put you out.

David: There was a particular insider disclosure about the Illuminati that I read, a very, very disturbing book called “Paperclip Dolls”.

5 Paperclip Dolls

And this particular female witness went through a lot of the most savage stuff that you hear about in ritual abuse cases, but she also reported having to wear an alien suit, having to dress up in this kind of silvery alien suit with a head that looked like a Grey, and actually abuse people in that capacity.

Emery: Wow!

David: And that’s in the book.

Emery: Hm.

David: So are these cases where people . . . where you could confirm that maybe in older programs?

Emery: I can confirm there’s hundreds of thousands of people that go missing just in the United States alone every year, but you don’t hear about it except for a couple of websites because they’re the derelicts and the drug users or the homeless or the runaways.

And I do believe that these people are being collected and tested and also seeing the response and measuring the chemicals of the person while they’re actually being attacked by someone dressed in a suit or something like that. Because for some reason, they’re trying to figure out what kind of chemicals are released with this type of fear.

David: Could you tell us a little more about some of the stagecraft that you said is happening in these abduction cases? Like, what are we actually looking at?

Emery: Right. They don’t always have to use a real craft, but it always helps. And what I’m getting at is these ARVs – we call them Alien Reproduction Vehicles – do exist.

And I have seen them firsthand.

They’re not as well-created, of course, as the original extraterrestrial crafts that they try to reverse-engineer them, but they do what they’re supposed to do, and that is hover and look scary. And that’s all you need to see.

And then it could be done, and the next thing you know, you’re kind of knocked out. But you remember that before the drugs.

So they want you to have a visual of a little guy running across the street in front of your car first, or maybe this thing that just landed in the middle of the Interstate, you know, because you’ll remember that. And that’s all you’re going to talk about the rest of your life because of the most amazing, horrific, scary thing.

Because then you woke up in another temporary tent set up in the woods right off the street. And they’re making it look like an operating room. And someone caught a glimpse of some guy carrying an M16 and a tactical vest they remember.

So it’s a very classical typical thing that happens all the time.

David: It would appear that if we are dealing with a globalist organization that’s doing all this behind the scenes, that they have a lot of limitations, that there is some sort of benevolent force that is stopping them from doing more.

Because these abductions are not really that bad, right? People are getting returned. They don’t remember very much. They’re not . . .

Emery: They need them returned. They have to be healthy because they won’t be able to tell the story the rest of their life. But yes.

David: But there is some aspect of opposition to this. It’s not like it’s just evil.

Emery: As you notice, these abductions have been going downhill, not uphill, since the ’60s, ’50s.

David: Right.

Emery: And that is because of this Alliance that has been formed. You know, a high percentage of them now knows that we don’t need to do this. We don’t need to go this route.

And, you know, this other part of it, you know, whatever you call them, the White Hats, or however you guys . . . there’s many different terms you guys use.

But, you know, we’re now at the level of 90% good, 10% bad.

David: Right.

6 Emery And David

Emery: And that’s going to come pretty quick here. It’s going to be exposed. And the truth WILL come out about all these programs.

And, you know, the politicians are leaning more towards that because they’re not taking care of their families properly. They’re not protecting their families.

Instead, they’re extorting them by drugging them and making them have sex with an underage person on film. And now you have to do everything I say for the rest of your . . . your . . . And you know this stuff, how it goes.

David: How do you think, or how does the Alliance think, based on briefings you’ve had? What will happen once they’ve really crossed the line, and it’s actually disclosed instead of just people wondering maybe it’s true?

Emery: The polls show that mostly everyone does believe in this, like a high percentage, 70 to 80%, believe there is existence beyond this planet.

David: Right.

Emery: And the problem is: how many believe they’re evil and how many believe . . . there ARE good and bad, absolutely. But how many people believe what?

How many people believe that the good is trying to protect us more than evil? And how can we show that and prove that without having people come forward and talk about it and release this information?

David: I want to bring this up too, Emery. One of the things that we talked about, and we laughed last night, but it’s come true, is that let’s just say a significant number of Americans have never forgiven Vietnam.

And on some level, they’re still fighting the Vietnam War. They’re still listening to the music. They still worship the musicians who became famous during that time. They act like nothing else has happened that’s really of value since then in music.

And we have this kind of horror of the military in America. And I think that’s very sad, because like we talked about, if there was a Red Dawn scenario, if we actually had a land invasion, we lose a couple of states to a foreign invading power, . . .

Emery: Right.

David: . . . at that point, what would happen? Everyone wants the military BACK again.

Emery: Well, your attitude changes pretty quickly when you start to lose your freedom. And even though people are angry from past wars and things like this, when you come back home, it’s difficult.

And when you have these old programs in you from those times with these soldiers, and I can speak because I am a soldier, you form this “against mode”. “Like, that’s all. That’s it. Everything else is going to be bad. And I lost my faith in the government, and da-da-da-da-da.”

But it does change quickly when there is a threat in your backyard: “Okay, my neighbor’s playing the music really loud. What am I going to do?”

But now I just jump the fence with a 12-gauge shotgun. And he’s kind of coming up to the porch. That’s not normal.

So, you know, you want to help protect your home, and you want to have that fence. And that fence needs to be there, and maybe a little bit higher.

So people have a change of heart if something like that would happen, because people have families, and people don’t want war. People are not born to have war.

If you asked the majority of the world without the warmongers, you know, “Do you want to go flight?”

If a human had a chance to fight or not fight, the polls show they would not want to fight – all of them.

So who’s controlling all these soldiers? And who’s, you know . . .

So that’s kind of where it’s at right now is just a bunch of puppets. And that’s going to be exposed.

David: I think a lot of people feel as if the wars that we HAVE fought are wars for empire and domination to control oil, to control poppy fields in Afghanistan – that it’s all about money and profit.

And there are so few people who are directly aware of the Alliance who have ever spoken out at this time.

What could you tell the people who might still locked in this belief system that the military is just out there doing the whims of globalist bankers?

And then they would ask, “Well, if there IS an Alliance, then why haven’t we heard from them?”

Emery: Well, I can assure you that that man on the front line and his commander and even that general most likely has no clue about what’s really going on.

“But I’m so gung ho about my country, I’m going to do whatever it takes. And I’m going to protect it, and I’m going to protect my mom and dad and my sister and so forth.”

David: Right.

Emery: “So I’m going to do that because I’m 18 years old, you know, and I believe in this.”

David: Right.

Emery: “I believe in this.” So they made you believe in this with all of the . . . however it happened.

So now that this is coming out, the nonbelievers are going to say, “Well, where ARE these superheroes?”

And you cannot fight a war . . . You know, the war is not fought hand-to-hand combat. It’s fought way behind the scenes first to control who’s controlling the generals and the commanders.

David: Right.

Emery: So you have to change that first. And that’s what people don’t understand. It’s a very delicate and very difficult situation that’s going on: this little secret war behind the scenes.

But that’s what changes the paradigm. That’s what’s going to make everything tilt.

David: It seems as if there’s an astonishing lack of truthfulness in mainstream media. And that’s become . . . I mean, even the polls are now showing distrust in the media is actually worse than distrust in Congress. It’s lower than 12% in some cases.

So do you feel that the media is in cahoots with this globalist crime syndicate in some way?

Emery: No, I know they are. Yes, I mean, the media controls the world.

David: So with that kind of power in place, would that pose a problem for the Alliance if they were to try to let us know what they were doing right now with that much media control still in that apparatus still in place?

Emery: No, because that will be fixed. That will be taken out.

The leaders that control the media are going to have a big eye-opening problem soon. And the Alliance is working on that through the inside, actually, rather than from the outside.

So it’s going to come from within. And it’s actually going to have to do with also civilians, which is nice to know that people are going to stand up too and find out that, “Hey, this isn’t right. We’ve been lied to.”

And it’ll be brought to an attention in a way called “live streaming”. And no matter if it’s only on there for five seconds, I can guarantee you someone recorded it, and it’ll go . . .

So they would have to shut down all the main servers in those tanker ships off the coast of California, and everywhere else in the world, for that not to go viral.

And it won’t be just one person. It’ll be many. It’ll be hundreds of people.

So that will help. You know, you have unheard superheroes on the ground. You have unheard superheroes way above. And they’re all working toward the same thing, and that’s to expose that problem.

David: There’s been a lot of unpleasant stuff coming out about Hollywood. And I’m wondering if you think that might be part of the Alliance’s plan.

Emery: Well, without mentioning movies or anything, Hollywood is also kind of controlling how we think.

David: Yeah.

Emery: But they also encrypt really cool things into it . . .

David: Right.

Emery: . . . for those people who are aware of symbology and different languages and texts. And I think that helps because I believe that’s a subliminal message that things are sometimes moving to the direction that it needs to go. And that’s where it’s going.

And I think it’s important for people to know that the message IS being sent out. If you can’t see it yet, it’s okay. You will. It’ll be in another form.

David: So a really blunt, dumb question. Is the military working for our best good? And if so, will the abductions stop once they succeed?

Emery: Yes, the military is definitely on our side 100%. You know, these . . . The higher-ups are getting very upset about the manipulation. They have their own agents. They’re starting to find out things.

So it’s a very good sign that this is happening right now.

David: You’ve said that the abductions have already decreased a lot. Now, are you telling me that the Military Alliance people have already been fighting a war to greatly reduce how many abductions are happening?

Emery: Oh, I believe it’s more of a money thing going into secret corporations. They used to use the military to help them do things, but the military didn’t know why they were going to pick up . . . or going to this place and slice up a cow.

They didn’t know why they were going to go pick up this individual or take part in this. They just know, “I’m there to come here and provide security.”

They have no idea what’s going on, and they’re not allowed to ask. And if they do, then they’re terminated immediately.

David: If this Cabal, as a lot of people call it – that’s a term that I’m using now . . . If the Cabal is defeated, the disturbing things we’ve talked about in this episode with abduction, will that largely, if not completely, be stopped at the same time?

Emery: Yes, if the Cabal is defeated.

David: So in a sense then, we’re having like a shadow World War III going on.

Emery: That’s right.

David: And so many people are completely unaware that it’s even happening.

Emery: It’s right there in front of your eyes if you really think about it and look at what’s going on around the world. But, you know, we don’t have time for that.

And it’s not the people’s fault.

David: Right.

Emery: “I have to work. I have to eat tonight. You know, I have to do these things. I’m in the Matrix too, guys.”

David: Yeah.

Emery: So, it’s like, “What am I going to do? Okay, I’m going to conform too.” We all have to conform for a little bit, but now it’s time to give back a little bit.

David: What do you think the world will look like once we get Disclosure and the Cabal’s defeated?

Emery: Overnight, it will change. The devices of all the technology they’ve been hiding will come. The world will flourish. It will be full abundance. No one will starve.

It’ll be clean water for everyone. It will be homes for everyone, and the world will come together as one, and everything else will be left behind.

And the old paradigm . . . We will forget about our religions and all that, because, you know. all of this is getting exposed too at the same time.

So it changes how we were kind of tricked since we were born.

David: Right.

Emery: And now the truth is here. And now everyone will apologize, and it will be beautiful.

David: Well, Emery, I want to thank you for being here. And I want to thank you for watching. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, with our special guest Emery Smith.