Update 2: More PARSECs Arrive

October 15, 2020

Denice noticed this data yesterday.  I didn’t notice it as I had a lot going on yesterday with plumbers roto rooting my kitchen drains, and I was out doing to some ride share driving to make rent. I read the Schrödinger’s Other Cat blog occaisionally… mostly for the charts they find.  Data is data.  I try to avoid commenting but sometimes can’t resist myself… 😉

I find their various explanations subject to personal interpretation, and their attitude towards other blogs and sources a bit like the mean girls table in the high school cafeteria… clique-ish.  “We talk to Brother J!”. A few months back they just savaged Sophia Love.  What would Brother J do? 

They’re kinda the opposite of the Plato’s cave allegory, they clearly see stuff going on, but lack the humility to say “I don’t know”.  They often rely on old beliefs of the former spiritual hierarchy to fill in the blanks.   I do sincerely appreciate their work.  Even when they confuse me with Corey Goode and the Parsecs with Blue Avians.

1st email

Denice: Wow!!!!! Update 4!!! Not the space [police]

2nd email
Denice: Lol. When I read update 1, got a ping from our friends. Nothing more. 
Denice: Update 2? Me thinks thou dost protest too much. 


Denice: just sent you an email. . . tried edit the first one but sent it. . . accidentally. . .
Denice: I was napping and woke to see the Cats blog had mentioned incoming beings. . . got a ping from our friends . . . but nothing other than confirmation they are here. Then I was nudged to look at the blog once more and noticed they had mentioned the parsecs specifically (giggle) confusing them with the blue avians. just sent you an email. . . tried edit the first one but sent it just sent you an email. . .
Denice: Then I was nudged to look at the blog once more and noticed they had mentioned the parsecs specifically (giggle) confusing them with the blue avians. . . Oh well, I got an image right after that of Nicholson in the shining, pushing his face through the door, saying “they’re here”. . . 
Denice: BTW the cats are spot on about the intense energies. . . we have been feeling them here since Monday. . .  the boys are noticing several ‘glitches’ in the matrix every day. . . 
Terran: The “Cats” are definitely anti-ET. What did the ping feel like?
Denice: The ping felt like an immediate knowing with a download of images. The women are tall and fit. The uniforms are white and close-fitting. An image of Leeloo in the Fifth Element flew in. . .  And the synchronicity with how swiftly their blog updated and then mentioned the ‘parsecs’ specifically was swift confirmation for me.
Denice: [referring to image below] More straps, less skin, long sleeves, full length pants, white boots, white capes with hoods.  
Denice: My personal take?  The parsecs are no-nonsense and have no pony in this show. . . they are here ?
Terran note: the “Cats” made this comment about the PARSECs, they seem to think I am Corey Goode. Denice and I have only had one set of conversations with Blue Avians and it was with some adventurous teenage ones who didn’t like the direction the adults were going. 
The “Cats” claim “the parsecs” only talk to Archangels… so if they are talking to us that would make us what then?  ?

“Ohh. THAT’S why we couldn’t get a read on the ships around the sun — which are now around the EARTH — and why all the other ships took off. It’s the Space Police (SP). The SP work for… Angels and Archangels. Now this all makes sense. Oh, crap… we are SO happy we aren’t the ca8al. The SP have no sense of humor. (Remember GORT in “The Day the Earth Stood Still”? That’s the SP.) And FYI, the SP don’t talk to people, so they couldn’t be the “parsecs” that someone else has mentioned. That person is talking to the damn bluebirds who are trying to pull a fast one. Another reason why the SP are here. No more messing around.”


10/15/2020 around 6 PM HWY 290

Terran: I’m feeling the parsecs energy…

Terran: I just saw a cigar ship fly by over Dripping Springs, TX

Denice: ???

UPDATE 2: 10/16/2020

Denice: Tried to get a visual of them just now. Got an image of a large thin, white gloved finger swaying, “no, no, no”.  Lol!

Denice: Sent me to a fun, unexpected song, one I had never heard. It feels like H ?. Will send it separately.