Starship Earth 5-10-21… “May 10, 2021: All Systems At the Ready for the Event and We’re Going Quantum, Baby! [ videos ]

I’m not posting the entire article here, but felt it would be “worth” reading for some. I’ll add a couple highlights.

There are several links and videos in this one, and I am very reluctant to point to any date or message above another, but it may very well be that we are indeed quite close to something, although I do not necessarily feel it is “The Event” as Cobra has written about it. Well, we shall see. I still see it as most important for each to discern their own path at this time, and work their own Ascension Timeline process. But there “sense” to me to have been a major “building up” of Energies, recently. Perhaps there is a “tipping point” about to be “Tipped”.

“I believe the countdown has begun. It’s getting exciting now as many signs appear indicating it’s almost GO TIME. (in more ways than one) May is said to be the month—and there are only 21 days remaining so that narrows it down. We don’t like to focus on dates because we’ve been disappointed many times. I stand corrected. Q the Storm Rider says it IS Go Time.

“You have to know that WWG1WGA has a great deal of meaning. It’s not only a unity statement. At the time of The Event, all our systems are going Quantum and our “reset” will not benefit the satanic cabal. Can you imagine an Internet more than seven times faster than our current dinosaur? Endless, free power from the ethers? It will be Q all the way.

“As for the behind-the-scenes activity, there’s intel, and there’s intel. Stories don’t always agree—and that’s expected… Simon [Parkes] says the White House etc. are currently being used as a prison; other sources are reporting the WH being boarded up. Any of our intel could be true, but at this point is not confirmed by multiple sources. The DC area is apparently being flooded to become a true swamp. How fitting.”


May 10, 2021: All Systems At the Ready for the Event and We’re Going Quantum, Baby!