Gods of Ourselves: Finding Neutrality in Polarity

Hot and cold seem opposite but they are only varying degrees of the same thing: temperature. When expanding our awareness in such a way we see there is no ultimate hot or ultimate cold!

We grasp the concept that there is NO END to the hottest hot or the coldest cold, and we then find a place of neutrality within a world of polarity. This is the place of non-attachment, the “middle way.”

Not one single human can define Infinity let alone say what’s “good” or “bad” when it just is or else wouldn't be and yet the only thing constant is change! It’s variation, levels of awareness or vibration, another facet or degree, different areas of a sliding scale without any actual concrete limits.

All that is labeled there is no more than individual and collective OPINION based on a “current” perspective and perception, all of which is flawed due the human vessel itself!

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