FDA Panel Member Says C— Vs are Killing More Than They’re Saving During Youtube Livestream (of 9-17-21)

[Kp update(s): I am not sure if this “Steve Kirsch” is actually a “FDA panel member”. Also some may wish to check this Natural News article reporting that “FDA won’t back Pfizer booster vaccine”.]

Finally decided to post this by itself, after actually listening to a bit of this FDA conference. But when I observed the final vote to approve “the Pfizer booster” by FDA members was unanimous (18-0), I felt this should be posted. It is also a great example of why not to trust decisions made by IAHs* (pardon for that, but I was quite “PO’d” (aka, “agitated emotionally”) by their decision and all the intellectual BS discussion that preceded it. I’m trusting my own Higher Inner Guidance instead.

Thanks to KF for these references.

From this link:

“Steve Kirsch, who is the Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund said that the vaccine is killing more people than it is saving. He claimed that even if the vaccines were 100% protective, two people are killed for every one life saved.

“You heard that correctly… The vaccines are killing twice as many as they save!”

Note: the YouTube below goes directly to Steve Kirsch’ testimony


* IAH = Intellectual A-Hole