VSRF LIVE – The Ugly Truth: An Interview with data experts John Beaudoin, Sr. and Carl Heneghan

On tonight’s VSRF LIVE, I speak with John Beaudoin, Sr. and Professor Carl Heneghan about COVID data manipulation and corruption which have occurred at all levels since the pandemic crisis began.

Mr. Beaudoin Sr., an electrical engineer who also holds an MBA and recently completed coursework in law school, set out on a mission to expose the evident manipulation he uncovered across several critical C19 data sets which heavily influenced policy and pandemic response across the U.S. With his unique set of analytical skills and abilities, Beaudoin took a critical eye to C19 health system data from across his home state of Massachusetts and also at the national level via CDC data as the pandemic raged and disease and death codes were reported. The findings of his many detailed analyses demonstrate that widespread miscoding of disease diagnoses as well as causes of death permanently corrupted the data on hand, causing any type of real evidence-based decision-making nearly impossible across the many public and private health care systems we depend upon.

Carl Heneghan is Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at the University of Oxford and a practicing GP. A clinical epidemiologist, he studies patients receiving care from clinicians, especially those with common problems, with the aim of improving the evidence base used in clinical practice.

Professor Heneghan also investigates the evidence base for publication bias and drug and device regulation. As an international expert, he advises governments on the regulatory and evidence requirements for devices and drugs as well as evidence-based projects in the public interest. Heneghan was an expert witness in the September, 2023 UK Covid Inquiry trial where he postulated that political and other agendas and influences apart from actual medical evidence were responsible for most of the ineffective COVID responses witnessed in that country and across the world.

Join me for this fascinating discussion where we once again dig deep into the actual data about what happened during the pandemic and leave the hype behind!

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99 million patient records and they concluded that the benefits outweigh the risks!?!? We respectfully disagree.

A new study of over 99 million vaccinated people has been highly promoted in the press with headlines like “Covid Vaccines Linked To Small Increase In Heart And Brain Disorders, Study Finds—But Risk From Infection Is Far Higher.”

I’m going to convince you that this is bullshit.

A safe vaccine would be indistinguishable from a placebo. Does this look safe to you?

Here are the key points of the study which was funded by the CDC and HHS so no conflict of interest at all:

  1. They looked at the medical records of 99,068,901 vaccinated individuals.

  2. They compared observed vs. expected (“OE”) rates of “13 selected adverse events of special interest (AESI) across neurological, haematological, and cardiac outcomes.”

  3. They only looked for 42 days after the shots since everyone knows you can’t get adverse events after 42 days (I’m being sarcastic).

  4. They didn’t evaluate mortality due to the shot since everyone knows the vaccines are safe and didn’t kill anyone (I’m being sarcastic).

  5. They found clearly increased risk of the various AESI, but the end conclusion is that the risks after COVID infection are far higher, so people should take the shots. This is unbelievable. I don’t know a single cardiologist whose business dropped after the COVID vaccines rolled out. Do you?

  6. As usual, they aren’t allowed to share the data so you have to take their word for it.

There aren’t any I’m aware of.

A JAMA paper inadvertently revealed that the flu vaccine and COVID vaccine don’t work at all.

Nobody has been able to explain away that result. Nobody. Ever. They just don’t want to talk about it.

Why take a vaccine if the benefit is not measurable? That VA study was the perfect proving ground. The signal should have been large. There was no signal for either the COVID or flu vaccine. It was a stunning paper.

I always love it when a paper inadvertently blows the whole narrative out of the water and the medical community is completely clueless as to its significance.

The paper selected just 13 AESIs to evaluate.

But did you know that the CDC has determined that there are over 500 AESIs that were more serious than myocarditis? They simply forgot to tell people that!

Here are the actual numbers from this excellent article by Josh Guetzkow:

After dropping the new COVID-era AEs, there are 503 AEs with PRRs larger than myocarditis (PRR=3.09) and 552 with PRRs larger than pericarditis (PRR=2.82).5 This means that 66.4% of the AEs had a bigger safety signal than myocarditis and 77.3% were larger than pericarditis. You can see what those were by using this Excel file provided by the CDC and sorting the 18+ tab by the 12/14-07/29 PRR column (Column E). Then just look at which AEs have PRRs larger than the ones for pericarditis and myocarditis.

I have a question.

At a minimum, they should have warned people about myocarditis and everything more serious than that. So you should have been handed a long list of serious adverse events before you got the shot.

If you got the shot, please let me know if they warned you:

The paper claims that even though the risks were elevated, that multiple studies show the virus itself is more dangerous:

But even if that was true (which it isn’t), it doesn’t matter because, as I mentioned earlier, the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting COVID, so the vaccine is simply adding to the risk.

I have huge difficulty believing that the virus is more dangerous than the vaccine. If that were true and the vaccine resulted in a net benefit, we’d be seeing cases of myocarditis DROP after the vaccines rolled out.

Where is the evidence for that?

I can’t find a single cardiologist whose myocarditis rates in kids went DOWN after the vaccines rolled out. Can you?

In a survey of 1,000 randomly selected Americans that was done by a professional market research firm, nearly half the deaths reported in the survey were ascribed to the vaccine, not to the virus. That’s a very serious safety signal. How could this study have missed it? Of course, no health authority is willing to run their own survey. They don’t really want to learn the truth.

Here’s what people actually observed in real-life, but these are just anecdotes of course:

As you can see, there is a huge disconnect here. Someone is lying to you. Big time.

Unfortunately, no pro-vax person will try to replicate this survey. They just don’t want to know for some reason.

According to the peer-reviewed literature, myocarditis risk is elevated by 1.5 to 1.7X after a Pfizer shot, but if you got the virus, your risk of myocarditis is 11X higher if you are unvaxxed and 5X higher if you are vaxxed. So the claim in the literature is that the virus is more dangerous which is clearly at odds with the surveys above.

That same paper admitted if you are male <40, your risk of myocarditis is over 6X higher than after the virus for the 2nd dose of the Moderna shot. So if you are a male <40, vaccination makes no sense, especially since it’s all downside. But the CDC will never tell you that and the paper doesn’t make any distinction at all for different ages.

Let’s look at a paper authored by scientists at the New Zealand Ministry of Health entitled “Adverse Events Following the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech) in Aotearoa New Zealand.” They found that the COVID vaccines are indistinguishable from placebo (no statistically significant results in 11 of the 12 AESIs studied), except that there was a safety signal for myo/pericarditis which was 25.6X higher than expected in the 5-19 age group after Dose 2.

A 25.6X higher rate of myocarditis in kids is an insane safety signal. What does our CDC do about it? They recommend everyone get the shot. And top universities like Harvard require the COVID shots if you want to attend classes there as a student (faculty and staff are exempted because that’s how “science” works).

How can there be 770 adverse events that are generating CDC safety signals and these studies are claiming that the vaccines are safe? The New Zealand study is stunning… they only found myo/pericarditis was elevated; the other 11 events studied were insignificant.

Yet from Josh’s article:

  • The CDC analysis shows that the number of serious adverse events reported in less than two years for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is 5.5 times larger than all serious reports for vaccines given to adults in the US since 2009 (~73,000 vs. ~13,000).

It’s a federal crime to make a false VAERS report. There is no benefit to the reporter to make a false VAERS report. And it’s not like the CDC did any kind of VAERS awareness campaign either.

So if the vaccine is as safe as a placebo, how do they explain all the AEs?

This movie is superb. Many of my friends are in it. I’m in it too!

If you are an Epoch Times subscriber, you get to watch the movie for no extra charge. Just go to this link. If you aren’t logged in, you can see the 2 minute preview… I’m featured at the end with a great quote. Use the two buttons in the upper right to login (if you already have an account) or subscribe.

You can also check out the movie’s website:

Try to get your family to watch it.

Someone is lying to you about the safety of the COVID vaccines. This movie can help you decide whether the 99 million patient study is telling you the truth or not.

This movie should be required watching for anyone thinking of getting the COVID vaccine. If you are going to have mandates (which are a bad idea in general), they should mandate people watch the film.

I don’t think anyone can watch the movie and then opt to get the COVID shot.

Read the paper. Watch the movie. Decide for yourself who is telling you the truth.

And remember: the data used in the study is NOT available to the public.

All my attempts at data transparency have been rejected. The health authorities have determined that you get better public health outcomes if you keep the public in the dark. So all my calls for data transparency fall on deaf ears. The best “ground truth” data we have is from the New Zealand data leak…and it clearly shows that the vaccine increases mortality. The critics acknowledge I’m right, but say that “it must be due to a confounder.” More on that coming up tomorrow.


Epic 4 hour VSRF episode: What the nurses saw (COVID whistleblower episode) follow up

If you missed this epic VSRF episode, you can watch it on Rumble now. You can hear first hand what they saw, how they were treated, what their peers said, and what they are doing now.

Some of the statistics on what they saw were mind blowing. For example, Michelle Gershman (starts at 2:54:00) said her hospital had 4 fetal demises a year on average. After the shots rolled out, they saw up to 30 a month, which is a 90-fold increase. Nobody is talking about that. I sent a FOIA request to the California Department of Public Health, but they refused to release the number of fetal demises because it would violate confidentiality. That’s illegal. More about this at the end of the post.

Here are ways you can help support their efforts to reveal the truth about the COVID vaccines:

Ashley Grogg on X: Twitter.com/AshleyMSNRN

Dave Anderson health coaching on X: Twitter.com/DescribeHealth

Erin Olszewski on X: Twitter.com/Erin_BSN

Jennifer Bridges on X: Twitter.com/JenBridgesRN

Jodi O’Malley on X: Twitter.com/JodieOMalleyRN

Ken McCarthy on X: Twitter.com/KenMcCarthy

Kimberly Overton on X: Twitter.com/Kimberly_NFN

Mark Bishosfky on X: Twitter.com/MBishofsky

Nurse Michele’s on X: Twitter.com/NurseMicheleRN

Michelle Spencer née Gershman on X: Twitter.com/HealingGround2

Too many nurses, respiratory therapists, doctors, and other health-care professionals were unjustly fired and blacklisted from their profession because they stood up for their patients against the fatal Covid politics of hospitals and health-care providers. Essentially, Covid Cancel Culture. Many of these whistleblowers have written books, started Rumble channels, and created businesses to serve their patients and to work around the cancellation system of Corporate American healthcare. We posted many, many links to these initiatives in the Rumble chat during our broadcast, but I wanted everyone to have one source of truth where to find them. Here.

Now, we might miss some so don’t worry- this post will be updated as we get more relevant links from our guests and future whistleblowers.

Also, please take the time to scroll all the way down. Initially, I will list each participant alphabetically by first name- but as this Directory grows, we will reorder them on a regular basis so that all the whistleblowers get an opportunity to be higher up.

Ashley Grogg, MSN-RN emerged from witnessing family health crises in her formative years with a profound commitment to nursing. Observing the impact of caregiver intention on outcomes, nursing became her calling, vowing to treat each patient as family and ensure optimal care. Throughout her hospital nursing tenure, Ashley recognized the power of time, compassion, and personalized knowledge in impacting patient well-being. Thriving alongside patients through direct education, she adapted her approach to individual needs, leading to promotions in creating education programs and improving outcomes. Disenchanted with the shift towards procedural and factory-style care in hospitals, Ashley sought a more holistic and customized approach. As a patient coach, she applied nursing knowledge to move individuals from illness to wellness, managing symptoms and reducing hospitalizations. Frustrated by the limitations of pharmaceutical-centric care, Ashley founded Wellness Through Awareness to empower individuals in advocating for their health. Through her unique perspective, she aims to teach others to take responsibility for their well-being and embark on a journey to Wellness Through Awareness.

Ashley Grogg’s Healthcare Consultancy: WTAjourney.com

Ashley Grogg’s VAERS Education Project: VaersProject.com

David | “Dave” Anderson, a registered nurse with a decade of experience in an inpatient psychiatric setting, has been a firsthand witness to the suffering of patients within a healthcare system influenced by predatory pharmaceutical companies. The scandals surrounding medications like Vioxx and Oxycontin unveiled the deep-rooted issues in the healthcare system, leaving Dave cynical about its current state. His health coaching journey began when he discovered the carnivore community, where individuals shared remarkable transformations in health by adopting unconventional diets ignored by the healthcare establishment. People were not only reversing severe autoimmune diseases but also experiencing improvements in mental health, including anxiety and depression resolution, all while discontinuing medications. As a registered nurse and Primal Health Coach, Dave is focused on leveraging his dual expertise to assist individuals in avoiding, reducing, or eliminating their dependence on psychiatric medications. His unique perspective aims to empower others to take control of their mental health through alternative approaches that challenge the conventional norms of the healthcare system.

Dave Anderson health coaching to get patients off psych meds: Describe.health

David Anderson’s Substack: Substack.com/788dave

Erin Marie Olszewski isn’t just a name; she’s a compelling story of unwavering commitment, immense heart, and raw courage. From a spirited 17-year-old marching in the U.S. Army through the perilous landscapes of Iraq to answering desperate calls at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens during the tumultuous year of 2020, Erin’s journey is marked by a selfless calling. Her fearless heart and unyielding quest for truth led her to go undercover, exposing the chilling realities behind locked doors. Through ‘Perspectives of the Pandemic,’ Erin gave voice to the voiceless, shedding light on the human side of the crisis. Proudly co-founding ‘America’s Clinic’ in 2021, Erin envisions a healthcare system that is transparent, compassionate, and just. Her book, “Undercover Epicenter Nurse,” unveils shocking revelations and showcases the depth of her spirit, portraying Erin not just as a nurse or soldier but as a beacon of hope and a relentless advocate against needless suffering.

Erin Olszewski’s Website: NurseErin.org

Read “Undercover Epicenter Nurse”: NurseWhistleBlower.com

Gail McCrae, an experienced intensive care unit nurse in California, bravely confronted hospital COVID-19 protocols that she deemed to violate medical ethics and harm patients. Her tenure at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Santa Rosa spanned from 2015 to 2021, culminating in her termination for resisting the staff vaccine mandate. Following the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Macrae observed an alarming surge in hospitalizations accompanied by unprecedented side effects. She voiced concerns over the prohibition of proven and recommended treatments, as well as the manipulation of record-keeping systems to obscure vaccine-related injuries and breakthrough infection cases. Macrae highlighted the challenges faced by hospital staff, which included threats for reporting adverse events, retaliation against objections, isolating patients, and restricting families’ access and input into treatments. Her story reflects a courageous stand against perceived ethical violations within the healthcare system.

Gail’s primary organization: StandFirmNow.org

Documentary featuring Gail: Medicine Failed Us

Gail’s interview with Steve Kirsch: Rumble

Jennifer Bridges is a registered nurse in the Houston area. She worked at Houston Methodist for 8 years until she was fired on June 22, 2021 for refusing to take the covid shot. The first in the entire country! She decided to take a stand for all the employees that were not able to speak up for themselves. She initiated a lawsuit with about 200 others. Founder of Guardians of Medical Choice. She strives to constantly find new ways to combat these mandates and will stop at nothing to spread the truth to the public about the risks of this covid shot.

Jennifer’s primary organization: GuardiansOfMedicalChoice.org

Jodi O’Malley is an author, columnist, radio host, motivational speaker, transformative life strategist, faith-based master’s prepared critical care nurse, and hospital supervisor. Her career caring for covid patients at a federal hospital for Native Americans ended abruptly after she courageously shared her insider video with Project Veritas showing the extent of underreported vaccine injuries and outright corruption of the healthcare system where policy and protocol have taken precedence over the Patient’s Bill of Rights.

Jodi O’Malley’s website: JodieOMalleyRN.com

Jodi O’Malley’s Instagram: Instagram.com/JodieOMalleyRN

Read Jodi O’Malley’s book “Rare Courage”: JodieOMalleyRN.com/checkout-book

Jodie O’Malley’s Radio Program: AmericaOutLoud.news

Ken McCarthy was a seminal pioneer in both commercial Internet and citizen journalism. Time Magazine recognized him as the first person to appreciate the commercial value of Internet clicks. Years later, in 1997, he launched the first news blog ever, a detailed account of an election fraud investigation in San Francisco as it unfolded. On February 1, 2020, he predicted in writing on two Twitter posts that: 1) the news out of China was suspect, 2) it gave the appearance of being a news media campaign for flu shots, and 3) it could possibly lead to the rapid development of dangerous coronavirus vaccines with more focus on speed than “science”. In August of 2020, Ken released the documentary “Fauci’s First Fraud” which was cited 28 times in the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. book “The Real Anthony Fauci.” He is the author of the new book “What the Nurses Saw” about the systemic medical murders that took place and continue to take place under cover of COVID hysteria. 

Read “What the Nurses Saw”: WhatTheNursesSaw.com

Ken McCarthy’s website: KenMcCarthy.com

Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN, a seasoned Critical Care nurse in Hendersonville, TN, founded Nurse Freedom Network in July 2021 to combat the medical tyranny prevailing today. With over 25 years in the healthcare industry, she holds a degree from Western Kentucky University and has served in clinical and administrative capacities. Passionate about patient-centered care, Kimberly emphasizes empowerment through information and education. A staunch advocate for autonomy and informed consent throughout her career, she envisions Nurse Freedom Network as a platform for nurses to break free from the oppressive “sickcare” system and create an environment where both nurses and patients thrive. In 2022, Kimberly expanded her vision with the founding of Remnant Nursing Services, a PMA specializing in the consultation and care of the vaccine-injured

Kimberly Overton’s Nurse Freedom Network: NurseFreedomNetwork.org

Kimberly Overton’s Remnant Nursing: RemnantNursing.org

Kimberly Overton’s Radio Program: AmericaOutLoud.news

Mark Bishofsky never thought he’d be pushing back against the establishment. But when his work as a respiratory therapist was threatened by aggressive mandates, he was forced into activism and politics. He founded Stop the Mandate Minnesota, held multiple rallies all over the state, and led one of the largest marches in the recent history of Minnesota. He was also a candidate for the state house of representatives in MN. He is currently the host of the show The Truth Expedition on 2020, he’s been fighting for freedom in MN and has an incredible faith story too.

Mark Bishofsky Rumble channel: Rumble.com/TheTruthExpedition

Mark Bishofsky Substack: MarkBishofsky.substack.com

Nurse Michele is a compassionate healthcare professional with a lifelong dedication to alleviating the suffering of others. Throughout her career as a Registered Nurse specializing in High-Risk Obstetrics since the 1980s, Michele’s natural inclination to touch the lives of those facing difficulties has been a guiding force. Married for 34 years and homeschooling six children for 26 of those years, she draws strength from personal challenges, which only deepen her commitment to making a positive impact. In the face of her family’s battle with COVID-19 in July 2020, Michele started a video blog to share their journey, unexpectedly finding herself in the COVID unit. This experience fueled her determination to create “Early Treat Covid at Home Protocols,” leveraging her nursing expertise to empower others in caring for themselves and their loved ones. Michele advocates for individuals, aiming to spread awareness and empower communities to face the challenges of COVID-19 with preparedness, support, and the knowledge that they are not alone in the struggle.

Nurse Michele’s website: AdvocacyWithMichele.com

Nurse Michele’s on X | Twitter: Twitter.com/NurseMicheleRN

Nurse Michele’s Instagram: Instagram.com/treatronaathome

Nurse Michele’s Radio Program: AmericaOutLoud.news

Michelle Spencer née Gershman RN, a California Postpartum Nurse with three years of experience, fearlessly exposes the callous indifference of her hospital administrator to concerning spikes in NICU admissions and cases of fetal demise following the Covid-19 vaccine rollout. In addition to her nursing role, Michelle is a body code practitioner and healer. Her personal tragedy struck in November 2021 when her mother fell victim to deadly hospital Covid protocols. Despite being qualified to intervene, Michelle was barred from assisting due to hospital policies. Motivated by a shocking email in August 2022 revealing a surge in fetal demise and a callous approach by the hospital, Michelle considers it her divine assignment to expose these issues and save babies. Frustrated with bureaucratic policies, she is driven by a higher purpose to advocate for humanity. Having lost her mother to the hospital’s protocols, Michelle sees herself as a vessel doing God’s work on a mission to save humanity, denied the chance to save her own mother

Michelle Spencer at Healing Ground: Facebook.com/HealingGround

Michelle Spencer Email: HealingGround@yahoo.com

Michelle Spencer in “Babies Born Dead”: ChildrensHealthDefense.org

Michelle Spencer in “Shot Dead: The Movie”: Rumble.com/c/WeThePatriots

Michelle Spencer in “Died Suddenly”: Rumble

Yes, I understand Linktree would be a better system, but given the widespread deplatforming that has occurred we do not have any confidence these links would stay live on that platform. We are working with our web team at VSRF to build a better directory.

As I mentioned, as we gather more information, we will add to this directory. Please share often, widely and let us know if you have any suggestions as we grow this resource for you.


Here’s the official California Dept of Public health response on the fetal death numbers that I mentioned at the start of this post. As you can see, because it is a sensitive topic, they chose not to release the data to me.

It says so right in their FOIA response:

This is illegal!

They have to specify the exemption and when citing an exemption, they must clearly explain how disclosure would harm the protected interest and why the harm outweighs the public’s interest in disclosure. I told them this would be an impossible burden for them to meet because the data shows a huge increase in fetal demise after the shots rolled out and withholding that data would be extremely detrimental to the public.

I’ll let you know what they say.


CDC releases V-safe free-text data because they want everyone to know just how unsafe the COVID vaccine really is

The CDC has released the first drop of the V-safe free-text comments so everyone can see for themselves that the COVID vaccine has extremely serious safety problems.

There are nearly 400,000 comments in this release.

The only question is: why did they wait so long to do this?

In my opinion, these “customer testimonials” are the single best selling tool they have to get people to take the COVID vaccine.

The CDC should be running TV and newspaper ads! Something like “Are you unsure whether the COVID vaccine is right for you? Here is what our satisfied users had to say about this amazing product that will change your life, sometimes forever!”

These are all direct quotes from the V-safe comments received:

  • Static orb in my line of vision

  • Metallic taste 2-3 hours  after

  • Severe vertigo this morning now resolved

  • Tingling 3 fingers

  • Bell’s palsy around 1 pm today January 14

  • Angina

  • Profuse sweating after chills

  • 2 hour nose bleed same day as the shot, required medical intervention to get it to stop.

  • I’ve had 2 bloody BMs today.

  • Muscle twitching in injection arm

  • Inability to focus

  • Tingling in my feet and legs that comes and goes

  • Heart Palpitations

  • Hot flashes, chills, body aches, headache, elevated heart rate, exhaustion, swollen lymph nodes, temp 99.5-100.3 for five days

  • Fever 48 hrs after the 1st vaccination

  • Brain fog

  • Brain fog inhibiting me to function mentally as a nurse, had elevated blood pressure and near syncopal event and was seen in the Er twice with multiple tests.  Taking a lot of supplements/vitamins to help with brain fog and muscle weakness i’m having

  • Fatigue has been the symptom I’ve had most with the second shot.

  • Metallic taste

  • Nausea and headache on the day of the vaccine. On 1/11/21

  • Left side of face and scalp flushing burning and tingling lasting about 2 hours.

  • Vertigo 12 hrs post vaccine. For a duration of 24 hrs.

  • My arm where the injection was given after 8 days had a local reaction of red and swollen, then 2 days later bruising appeared.

  • Loss of appetite

  • Large painful mass in armpit on injection side

  • Swollen Lymphnodes

  • Headaches after 2nd shot

  • Sores on my tongue

  • Got vaccine 12/31/2020. On January 1 & 2 I experienced extreme drowsiness on & off. On 1/7, I noticed injection site swelling redness and itchiness, it also looked like a welt and was warm. On 1/8 improved, 1/9 improved, 1/10 improved, 1/11 resolved

  • Hematuria-clots

  • Possible swollen lymph node near left collar bone (same side of injection site)

  • Feel flushed

  • Enlarged lymph nodes left armpit.

  • Swollen lymph node in armpit on the side of injection

  • Vaccine lead to a genital herpes outbreak (already have it, just caused an outbreak).

  • Moderate Pain in armpit

  • Lymph node swelling

  • Shortness of breath

  • All my food tastes really salty

See the full file for comments from nearly 400,000 satisfied clients! Now you too can destroy your health!

And the fringe benefit is you’re more likely to die from COVID as noted in this article.

So don’t wait! Get your shot now so you can start enjoying all many the benefits! Some of these benefits will last a lifetime!

Download here

Summary here

Announcement here

The CDC should be promoting the COVID vaccines using the product testimonials from V-safe on radio, TV, and on the Internet. Nothing like hearing directly from satisfied customers to get the vaccine hesitant to start taking the shots!


New Zealand OIA request reveals the COVID vaccines increased your risk of dying

New Zealand resident Chris Johnston submitted an OIA request (similar to a FOIA) to the New Zealand health officials.

I analyze the results in this article.

Short story: The data they returned shows that the COVID vaccines didn’t save anyone from dying from COVID. They did the opposite: they increased mortality. Even worse, when COVID deaths peaked in July 2022, the vaccinated were disproportionately affected.

In short, they lied. Their own data shows that if you followed their advice, it was more likely you’d die during a COVID outbreak.

Are you surprised?

You can download the source data from the public link.

I’ve downloaded the data, changed the numbers to numbers, did a pivot table analysis on the data, and posted it all to the New Zealand repository in this folder:

data-transparencyNew ZealandFOIA responsesvaxxed vs unvaxxed deaths

I’m not aware of any respected epidemiologist who has published an analysis of that data showing that the COVID vaccines are safe and effective.

Odd. I wonder why? There must be a reason!!!

This is, for now, the gold-standard data on mortality of the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated because the NZ health authorities won’t release the record level data so this is the best we have.

It’s not as good as the record level data that New Zealand released earlier, but it’s not bad and we can draw some important conclusions from the data.

You’d think that the epidemiologists worldwide would be all over this data. And all the trolls on X who claim to be expert in statistics would be all over it as well.

But there is not an analysis in sight! Just hand waving attacks on my post on X that I’m a liar, etc. The usual stuff.

Maybe if we looked at the data ourselves, we might have a clue!

Here’s a plot of the data they provided:

Two things jump out immediately in looking at this graph:

  1. Monthly death tolls hit new highs after the COVID vaccines roll out. These are excess deaths. They started making fresh highs after dose 2 and and after dose 3. Some deaths after March 2022 could be ascribed to COVID, but that’s a bit odd since the death spike is in the vaccinated, not the unvaxxed, and the vaccine is supposed to protect you from dying from COVID. Also, the variant was Omicron which wasn’t very deadly. So if people were vaccinated and died from a mild COVID variant, this should be very alarming to the authorities if they were paying attention.

  2. The deaths for the unvaccinated are relatively flat over time. So the excess deaths in New Zealand clearly was caused by a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

But this interpretation based on the aggregated data could be misleading. For example, suppose that everyone over 40 years old was vaccinated and everyone under 40 was not vaccinated. The differential in death rates could be due to the mix of ages in the two groups.

So to account for that we can either compute an age-standardized mortality rate for the two groups (which we don’t have the data to do since we don’t know the population sizes) or we can simply age-stratify the graphs. Since we can’t do the former, we’ll do the latter.

Let’s start with 81 to 100 since that is the range where we have the most deaths so the data will have less statistical noise.

Because I used pivot tables, it’s trivial to use the popup menu in cell H1 to change the age range to 81 to 100. Here’s the new graph restricted to ages 81 to 100.

All-cause deaths in New Zealand by vaccination status at time of death. This chart is ages 81 to 100.

Let’s look at that peak in July 2022. This is when there was a huge COVID outbreak in New Zealand:

Official NZ COVID deaths. You can find this in the New Zealand repo (NZ official COVID deaths.xlsx)

So how did the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated fare? The spreadsheet tells us:

If you were unvaxxed, the death count went from 94 to 103. If you were vaxxed, the death count went from 1662 to 1992 during “peak COVID.”

If the vaccine protects people, the increase will be smaller for the vaccinated.

One little problem: it’s not!

Here is the calculation:

So there you go. If you got the shots, your mortality skyrocketed during peak COVID.

The vaccine didn’t reduce your risk of dying from COVID. It increased your risk.

It was a simple sign error!

There is no need to look further. This was the big test and the vaccines failed.

This is why no mainstream epidemiologist is ever going anywhere near this data.

You’ll only see the analysis from “misinformation spreaders” such as myself.

They’ll try to gaslight you into believing that the mortality was higher in the vaccinated because the healthy people avoided vaccination and chose not to participate in New Zealand society. Right. Sure. The data Barry Young released shows the opposite: it was the healthier people who opted for the shots. This makes the disparity even more troubling.

Of course, we’ll never get a chance to discuss this publicly in an open debate because nobody will show up.

The reason mainstream epidemiologists are avoiding the latest New Zealand data drop from the health authorities is that it shows the vaccines increased your risk of dying from COVID.

So these epidemiologists stay silent and refuse to be questioned or participate in any public discussions about the data.

That’s how science works!


Our paper critical of the COVID vaccines will be retracted by Cureus!

The paper I co-authored with 6 other authors will be retracted by the journal because the publisher won’t allow any paper that is counter-narrative to be published.

So our paper has to be retracted.

Please download it now by clicking the PDF link to the right of the title.

Here is the email we received:

From: Springer Nature Research Integrity Support <researchintegrityteam@springernature.com>
Subject: RIG-12669 / Concerns regarding your recent article in Cureus
February 16, 2024 at 4:19:45 PM EST

Dear authors, 

I hope this email finds you well. I write regarding your article recently published in Cureus entitled, ‘COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign’.

The journal was recently made aware of several concerns regarding the validity of the work and, upon conducting an internal review, the journal has decided to retract your article. Upon further review, we have identified a significant number of concerns with your article that in our view can’t be remedied with a correction. The concerns include, but are not limited to: 

  1. We find that the article is misrepresenting all-cause mortality data

  2. We find that the article appears to be misrepresenting VAERs data

  3. The article states that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine saved two lives and caused 27 deaths per 100,000 vaccinations, and the Moderna vaccine saved 3.9 lives and caused 10.8 deaths per 100,000 vaccinations, though there does not appear to be convincing evidence for this claim. 

  4. Incorrect claim: Vaccines are gene therapy products.

  5. The article states that vaccines are contaminated with high levels of DNA. Upon review we found that the cited references are not sufficient to support these claims. 

  6. The article states that SV40 promoter can cause cancer because SV40 virus can cause cancer in some organisms and inconclusively in humans. However, we find that this is misrepresenting the cited study (Li, S., MacLaughlin, F., Fewell, J. et al. Muscle-specific enhancement of gene expression by incorporation of SV40 enhancer in the expression plasmid. Gene Ther 8, 494–497 (2001). https://doi.org/10.1038/sj.gt.3301419 

  7. The article states that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines did not undergo adequate safety and efficacy testing, which the journal considers to be incorrect

  8. The article incorrectly states that spike proteins produced by COVID-19 vaccination linger in the body and cause adverse effects.

Given the concerns with your article, we find that the stated findings in this narrative review are to be considered unreliable, and are not sufficiently supported either by the cited research in the article itself or by other research. In line with the COPE retraction guidelines, the Editors have therefore decided to retract your article. The journal will publish the following retraction notice: 


The Editors-in-Chief have retracted this article. The following publication concerns were raised regarding a number of claims made in this article. Upon further review, the Editors-in-Chief found that the conclusions of this narrative review are considered to be unreliable due to the validity of some of the cited references that support the conclusions and a misrepresentation of the cited references and available data.   

[will be amended as appropriate:] All authors agree to this retraction/ None of the authors agree to this retraction /[author name] agrees to this retraction/[author name] does not agree to this retraction/ [author name] has not responded to any correspondence from the editor/publisher about this retraction.


Please let me know by 23 February whether you agree or disagree with this retraction, as this will be noted in the retraction notice. Retraction of the article means that we will publish the retraction notice as a separate publication which will bidirectionally link to your article. The article itself will be clearly marked as retracted. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

Best regards,

Tim Kersjes
Head of Research Integrity, Resolutions
Springer Nature Research Integrity Group

It doesn’t do any good to show them these reasons are all bogus. The laundry list of items is simply a placeholder to make it look like the journal is following the science.

Nothing we can say on appeal will make any difference.

The decision was made to retract the paper and facts don’t matter. It’s about supporting the narrative. When they write “in our view can’t be remedied with a correction” it means “don’t even bother arguing with us, your paper is retracted.”

According to the journal, the COVID vaccines were adequately tested, even though we have multiple whistleblowers who will testify in a court of law that the data in the COVID trial data were fabricated!

And people who were seriously injured in the trials, like 13-year-old Maddie de Garay who can no longer walk, are ignored by the journals as if they do not exist.

Their data is excluded from the trial results which is a criminal offense. But Pfizer won’t go to jail because the DOJ will never press charges. And the medical journals will go along with the narrative and not allow any of these case histories to be published.

Here’s some background on fabricating clinical trial data. And like I said, the DOJ will not even talk to these whistleblowers. They don’t want to know. Neither do the journals.

There will be no public debates on whether the paper should be retracted because nobody is going to challenge us in a public debate. They can’t. They’d lose.

That’s the way science works: when a journal decides to retract your paper, there is no discussion and no appeal. The journal is always right. No public discussions.

The medical journals get to decide what is true and what is not and evidence doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is their perception of reality.

There will be no debates. They have spoken.