Trump’s Administration Has Been Briefed About UFOs – According To Steven Greer

(Arjun Walia) What do presidents know about UFOs? Well, if you’re an avid researcher of the topic, you’ve probably realized by now that presidents don’t really have a “need to know” about these things. The “military-industrial complex” that Eisenhower spoke of, which has become as uncontrollably powerful as he feared, has completely taken over operations that not even the president knows about. Many from within political realms who’ve held esteemed positions have spoken out about this fact.

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Dr. Steven Greer Interviewed by the Health Ranger: Secret Groups Planning False Flag “Alien” Attack to Roll out World Government

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is an interview with Dr. Steven Greer and Mike Adams wherein Dr. Greer discusses his theory that a cosmic false flag event is slated to occur in the near future. This is a contentious question in ufology, not only because it suggests the military industrial complex wants to use the notion of negative ETs to further a political agenda, but also because Dr. Greer asserts there are no negative ETs at all. Despite the uncertainty surrounding this information, there is much that can be gained in contemplating it. 
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A Sneak Peak At “Alien (Extraterrestrial) Reproduction Vehicles”

(Arjun Walia) It’s hard to know where to begin when writing on a subject that seems to top the Google search engine charts year after year. It’s no secret that the world is fascinated with the idea that intelligent extraterrestrial life did, and currently could be, visiting our planet, and regularly. The unfortunate part about the phenomenon is that the world rarely sees evidence for it presented in a credible way. Nearly all mainstream media outlets, news anchors, and journalists do more harm than good, discrediting a topic that has plenty of proof behind it. Either it’s not discussed at all, or it’s done through ridicule.
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