Healing Circles – Mike Emery

Mike Emery has a wonderful heart. This is very empowering information about healing circles. This is a practice we can develop with local folks with good intentions. Well worth 10 minutes of your time.

Imagine if we all got together in small groups once or twice a month for stimulating conversation and to form a seated healing circle to send healing energy (euphoria) to those people, groups or situations in need. The benefit would be amazing!

Let us all make a commitment to forming a healing circle with good intentioned friends and family within 7 days of watching this video. Taking this positive step has the potential to improve the lives of everyone and everything on the planet.

It Is Simple, Mr. Trump

By Anna Von Reitz

Return our National Credit to us, which is your National Debt. 

That will cancel that portion of the Debt, set you free of it, and let us all get on with our lives. 

Because we never received the equitable payment we were owed it became a debt for the US and a credit for the actual States and People. 

Via discredited unconscionable contracts and false claims the United States has contrived to deny the American States and People the credit and other assets we are owed. 

The United States, Inc. and the United States of America, Inc, have both lied through their teeth to prevent us from accessing and claiming what we are simply owed as the actual landlords of this country. 

The fraud and the deceits are discovered.  There is no way for Washington or London or Rome to hide it anymore. 

So move our National Credit off the books of the DOD and give it back to The United States of America— the unincorporated version, because We and our States are Parties to the Constitution and we earned it all. 

Tell the Queen and Pope Francis that we are back home, alive and well, and not pleased by this ongoing stalemate and avoidance of the facts. 

We are also displeased by the scandalous abuse of our banking system, most especially the abuse documented at HSBC by John Cruz and the abuse of Attorney Escrow Accounts and especially the abuse of our identities and personal data by these banks to create phony debt, phony tax claims, and to launder money. 

These abuses must stop and these banks and securities corporations must be brought to bay, even if it means a military take-over and nationalization of the banks and securities industries under the auspices of our lawful restored American Government. 

Please note that our States are competent to enforce the Constitutions and to act independently in trade or commerce with or without appointing new Federal-level States of States. 

That is, the absence of Federal entities exercising delegated powers in no way hinders the delegators of those powers from exercising those same powers in our own behalf. 

It’s time we all had a frank and honest conversation about these issues.  May we suggest that Lancaster County in Pennsylvania is neutral ground, centrally located, and lovely this time of year? 


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Advantages of Being an American — And Not Being a "US Citizen"

By Anna Von Reitz

I recently re-watched the Episode 1 video from Cal Washington and the InPowerMovement.com. 

For those who haven’t seen it and understood the commercial level remedy they are working on, I highly recommend it.  This is powerful information when it comes to dealing with the perpetrators on their own turf. 

Don’t be surprised if Bar Attorneys (British Territorial Bar Attorneys, that is) wave their hands and poo-poo it.  They are not necessarily trained in the Municipal Law Merchant or its processes– most of them aren’t– so their “opinion” is worth as much as my old kitchen broom.

One of the best things about Cal’s Episode 1 presentation is the perspective he brings to the various kinds of law involved, using a simple example.

An employee of the Auto Department at Walmart accepts (or doesn’t accept) the demands of the corporation employing him, WALMART, INC. which in turn accepts the demands of DETROIT, INC. which is subject in turn to MICHIGAN, INC., which is subject to the UNITED STATES, INC., which is subject to The United States of America, Inc. which when engaged in international business is subject to The Law Merchant which is subject (on the land) to Common Law which is subject to Spiritual Law — Ecclesiastical Law.

These things nest inside each other like Nesting Dolls, with Ecclesiastical Law being the final, highest level, with the broadest reach. 

As Cal points out, we get “stuck” dealing with entities that are at the UNITED STATES, INC. level.  This is largely because we have allowed commercial corporations to mis-identify us as franchises belonging to them, JOHN MICHAEL DOE, INC. just like DETROIT, INC. 

JOHN MICHAEL DOE is “a” name of one of several corporate franchise NAMES assigned to and “conferred upon” you, as the “presumed” Authorized Representative of a whole MUNICIPAL CITIZENSHIP ORGANIZATION doing business as a “Collective Entity”.

Thus, there is JOHN DOE, a Public Charitable Trust, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE, an American Foreign Grantor Trust located in Puerto Rico, and JOHN M. DOE, a bankrupt Puerto Rican Public Transmitting Utility, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE, LLC, and J.M. DOE, and so on and on — all bogus, all unauthorized, all done without your knowledge or consent, and all considered to be part of your “Collective Entity”—- all these different “PERSONS” are given to you, ostensibly, so that you can participate in Global Commerce. 

99% of us have no need nor desire to participate in Commerce and can accomplish all that we need to do via peaceful International Trade, but the mere existence of these PERSONS creates the presumption that you are knowingly, willingly, subjecting yourself to Municipal Law in order to do business as a corporate franchise — just like a Dairy Queen franchise, and that you have knowingly registered your name as a Municipal FRANCHISE and removed this franchise to Puerto Rico, where it stands under the law of Puerto Rico.

So, you can either return the MUNICIPAL FRANCHISE agreement represented by the BC to the Territorial Government and make the Secretary of the Treasury responsible for it as Fiduciary (leaving the Perps no basis for supposing that you are responsible for it anymore) or, you can do what Cal Washington has done, and use the Law Merchant against them.

Or both. 

Making Mnuchin Fiduciary for the FRANCHISE absolves you from responsibility for it, and all its ugly step-sisters, too, under their “Collective Entity Doctrine” — but as it represents a “derivative” of your Proper Name, you can always safely use it, once you have removed it from Puerto Rico and declared its permanent domicile on the land and soil of an American State. Doing so removes the MUNICIPAL FRANCHISES from under the Spanish Inquisitorial Law still used in Puerto Rico, and places them all under American Public Law.

Now when you accept their foreign Oaths of Office, you do so as an American. And when you send them a Notice of Liability, you do so as an American. 

As it slowly dawns on them that you aren’t operating these DERIVATIVES under the law of Puerto Rico anymore, and that they are in fact obligated to serve you in Good Faith and recognize YOU as an American VESSEL — the worms will turn.  In fact, they are already turning.

Doing your paperwork to return your Proper Name to the land and soil jurisdiction of the State where you were born has a lot of profound ramifications — all of them good. And protective.

They can no longer presume that YOU are conducting commercial business as a Municipal FRANCHISE standing under Puerto Rican law.  If you bring the facts forward and provide Notice to the DA and the Prosecutor, they have to recognize YOU as an American standing under American law— and that is a real game-changer all in and of itself.

If you then use the tools that Cal and the InPowerMovement.com folks are providing, you can do so with even more power and safety, because once YOU are back on the land and soil of an American State, YOU— that is, YOUR VESSEL in commerce— is owed all protections of all the treaties and all the constitutional contracts that are owed to Americans. 

Our paperwork takes any simple Law Merchant Remedy and puts it on steroids. All these Undeclared Foreign Agents have to flip-flop and instead of attacking you, have to protect you instead. 

Yes, it’s nice to be an American — once you finally are one, and not being misrepresented as something else — a “US Citizen”.


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Especially For Lawyers — Public Notice

By Anna Von Reitz

This goes out to every American and to every United States Citizen and to every lawyer in America—-let’s all get this straight once and for all: 

No incorporated entity can be a sovereign entity.  By definition. 

All incorporated entities are created by a charter or other written covenant granted by a sovereign entity or some higher level parent corporation which is in turn granted a charter or covenant by a sovereign entity. 

There may be layers upon layers of different trusts and foundations and C-Corps and S-Corps and LLCs and only God knows what else, but at the end of the day, all the corporations in the world owe their existence to a sovereign and not a single corporate entity is sovereign. Not one. 

Therefore, when you have an incorporated entity pretending to be a sovereign government and claiming such things as sovereign immunity, you’ve got an obvious fraud going on.  

When you have an incorporated entity pretending to be an agent of a sovereign government and exercising authority “as if” it were a sovereign entity, yet it has no valid authorization  —- again, you’ve got a fraud going on.  

None of these Federal Corporations and none of their States of State organizations are sovereign entities.  

They have no sovereign immunity.  

They have no authorization to act “as” sovereign entities on our shores; any such presumption is a violation of the Constitutions owed to our States of the Union. 

These entities are renegade foreign commercial corporations traded on the Stock Exchanges, acting as Taxpayers with EINs and TINs and CAGE numbers and Dunn and Bradstreet and Standard and Poor’s ratings: 

Internal Revenue Service, Inc. 
State of Colorado, Inc. 
Ad Infinitum…… 

These are all foreign incorporated Governmental Service Contractors that are supposed to be providing the services stipulated under their respective Constitutions. 

The only thing confusing about this is that there are two groups of them operating at the same time —- Territorial corporations that use the Upper and Lower Case naming conventions, like the State of Wisconsin, and Municipal corporations that use the Roman all capitals letters style: STATE OF WISCONSIN.  

One set of these corporations is run by the British Territorial United States Government.  The other set is run by the Municipal United States Congress.  

And none of them are sovereign entities with respect to us and neither one suddenly morphed into anything that can claim to be our government just because they are under contract to provide governmental services to our States of the Union.  

Please take Notice of these facts and conduct yourselves accordingly, or risk being accomplices to fraud and other crimes.  


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Update on the Money Situation

By Anna Von Reitz

As at least some of you know, March 29 was the Drop Dead date for countries to be Basel III compliant and post a gold-backed currency.  The Territorial Government under the direction of Donald Trump managed to do that, just barely.  

The situation with the British Brexit and the impact on the European Union remains up in the air until April 12.  This is viewed as a necessary reprieve, both to allow the Brits to get their panties sorted and the rest of the EU nations to face up to the realities of dealing again in national currencies backed by actual assets.  Or the necessity of backing the Euro — which is all but impossible absent an act of both God and the German Parliament. 

So, at least the Territorial Government is swimming forward and will participate in what has been dubbed the Global Currency Reset (GCR).  

We, the American States and People, have no need to worry about “transitioning” to the gold and silver standard.  We never left it.  Our gold Eagles and silver coinage and all the certificates and bonds based on the same will simply have a new valuation relative to other currencies in the world and will be recognized as “cash values”. 

The same is happening within all the Central Banks — a switching of gears.  

For many decades they have been sitting on the gold and silver stockpiles and not counting those assets —-  ignoring their existence as assets on the bank ledger. Now they have all been kicked into gear and forced to admit that, yes, we have all these assets.  

They still haven’t been brought to bay and forced to admit who or what those assets actually belong to — but that, too, is coming. 

As a result of all this, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) will be announcing new currency standards, also known as values, based on gold being “the” standard commodity.  

As of March 30, all the World Banks adopted Basel IV and gold became a world currency. 

Based on this new (and highly arbitrary) valuation scheme and the return to the old Gold Standard, people will be dealing in actual money instead of commercial script, and a great deal of the fraud and counterfeiting and “money” laundering that has gone on will fade away. 

The Americans, who never went off the gold standard, have nothing to lose and the accruals of ten decades to gain.  The Municipal “United States” hegemony has been liquidated to back the change.  The Territorial “United States of America” is sliding along just off the lee shore in a gale, thanks to Donald Trump and the faithful elements in the US Military. 

As a result of the double-dealing and bankruptcy protection schemes that went on at the turn of last century (1898 to 1934) and the Japanese Rumba during World War II, a lot of our actual American gold is in Indonesia and the Philippines.  

At least some of that stash–  which actually belongs to the American States and People– has been underwritten by the Chinese and credited to “the” United States of America on an emergency basis to allow this country to maintain a basis of trade with the rest of the world.  

Count it as “Baby Steps” allowing us to continue to function and make the necessary correction of our political identity and processes.  Make no mistake –Americans are rich; it’s the US Citizens who have been spent into oblivion. 

So now we have to moderate all that imbalance — release the US Debt and deliver Offset Credit to the Americans. 

For all those Junk Bond Traders who sunk their Penny Stock Dreams in Zim and Iraqi Dinar, the pay off is coming —- not as good or as bad as the extremes of various prognosticators, but coming nonetheless, probably this week.  

Be careful how you sign the paperwork.  Retain your copyright on your own names.  Use a private copyright Notice after your signatures — a small “c” surrounded by a circle.  

The States will be enforcing the Constitutions and the Lanham Act, which should discourage a lot of Municipal Freebooters and other vultures. 

As everyone who knows me is aware — I don’t believe in money.   The worldwide addiction to money is the worst kind of idolatry and it needs to end, but for the moment, to prevent worldwide disaster, we need a means to trade and this is what has been worked out to allow that.   

That doesn’t mean that there is no way to design an honest form of asset-backed money. It just means we aren’t there” yet. 

I look forward to the day when we are.  


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