How one ‘unstoppable’ mother transformed the health of her family and took on big industry

Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America, is nothing if not committed to action. In this inspiring interview, we discuss her book, “Unstoppable: Transforming Sickness and Struggle Into Triumph, Empowerment and a Celebration of Community,” which delves into the state of the world’s food supply, how to navigate through the many hazards of the standard American diet, and how you can become a powerful change agent yourself.

Like so many other parents, Honeycutt struggled to identify the roots of her children’s many health issues, which included allergies, autoimmune problems and symptoms of autism.

“I was completely confused and baffled,” she says. “Why was this happening? My kids had 19, 20 and 22 food allergies [respectively]. My husband and I had none of them. What was going on with the food supply? Thanks to Robyn O’Brien, Jeffrey Smith and all the scientists who started exposing information, I found out about genetically modified organisms (GMOs).”

She also discovered the disturbing truth about glyphosate, and how this pernicious weed killer, used on a wide variety of foods, whether they’re GMO or not, decimates your gut microbiome and contributes to a host of health problems, some of which plagued her own children.

“The problem is glyphosate’s so prevalent. This is the declared active chemical ingredient in Roundup that 80% of GMOs are engineered to withstand. Ijust’s sprayed on all kinds of crops as a drying agent. It’s in most of our food.

And then you combine that with all the other toxins in our environment, in our vaccines, in our pajamas, in our sofas and baby bottles and all of that — you’ve got all these chemicals and toxins coming at our kids. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

Our kids are sick. One out of 2 children have a chronic illness; 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females are expected to get cancer in America today. That’s not OK with me. That was the impetus for me starting Moms Across America. It was to raise awareness about GMOs and toxic chemicals in our food supply.”

Standing up to Monsanto

On January 30, 2015, Honeycutt was given the opportunity to speak at a Monsanto shareholders meeting1 as a proxy for the John Harrington Investment Group. You can read her presentation here. The referendum she presented was passed, causing Monsanto’s stock to significantly drop in the aftermath.

“I think a lot of the shareholders in that room probably were uncomfortable with owning Monsanto’s stock after that meeting,” she says. “That was probably one of the most terrifying and significant moments of my life, because I had the opportunity to speak on behalf of parents … with sick children.

I got to stand up in front of the entire shareholders meeting and basically hold them to account, to say how their products are harming our children. I got to meet Hugh Grant … the former chief executive officer (CEO) of Monsanto.

I looked him in the eye and said, ‘You know, Mr. Grant, it takes a big man to make a big and powerful company. But it takes an even bigger man to acknowledge when something’s not working and to go in a new direction … Moms Across America is looking forward to the day when Monsanto makes products that no longer harm our children.’

He said, ‘We’re always looking forward to have progress. We’ve got science on our side.’ I said, ‘Well, we actually have science on our side too, [and it shows] that your products harm our children … Just consider, what if you’re wrong? What are the consequences?’ … There’s … global consequence.’

He said, ‘If you’re wrong, you’re worrying an awful lot of people.’ I said, ‘But if I’m wrong, the consequence is only that people are eating organic. There’s nothing wrong with organic’ …

So many of us get concerned about … ‘What if trolls come after me? What if I get attacked?’ People are actually concerned for their physical safety in this climate right now. But … we cannot be stopped … We need to be unstoppable … We cannot let fear interfere with our commitment. We need to take action … Chemical companies should not be involved in our food supply. That’s all there is to it.”

As noted by Honeycutt, it’s important to realize that the science Monsanto (now Bayer) claims is on their side was bought and paid for by them. Some studies have even been shown to have been ghostwritten by the company itself. Such facts have come out during the discovery process of some of the lawsuits against Monsanto, which now number well over 11,000.

Meanwhile, many peer-reviewed, independent studies have found glyphosate-based herbicides to be carcinogenic.2 Glyphosate has also been shown to be a DNA mutagen, a chelator of important minerals,3 an antibiotic,4 an endocrine disruptor5,6 and more.7,8,9,10,11

Recent research12 even found that among children born of women with high exposure to glyphosate during pregnancy the rate of autism spectrum disorder with intellectual disability was 30% higher than among those born of mothers who lived further from highly-sprayed areas. Children who on top of that were exposed to pesticides during their first year were at 50% increased risk.

As noted by Honeycutt, while the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s review13 found glyphosate was not a carcinogen, its conclusion was based on industry-funded science, not independent science. In fact, according to some of the members on the scientific advisory panel convened to evaluate the strength of the EPA’s decision, the agency violated its own guidelines by discounting and downplaying data from studies linking glyphosate to cancer.14

Turning devastation into triumph 

More often than not, people who stand up to big industry end up paying a high price. Many lose their careers in the process. A similar situation, although impossible to prove, happened to the Honeycutts. Two weeks after Honeycutt attended Monsanto’s shareholders meeting, an outside consultant came into and reorganized her husband’s company.

“My husband was the only one fired,” Honeycutt says. “Now, I can’t say that it was definitely connected to Monsanto, but Monsanto was one of their clients. My husband was in the information technology (IT) division. He had nothing to do with Monsanto. He had nothing to do with sales. I don’t even think he knew that they were a client for a very long time, not until I got into this.

He lost his job. At first we thought it was devastating … But … everything that seems devastating can actually be the best thing that ever happened to you … We made this into the best thing that ever happened to us. My husband got search engine optimization training. He became a consultant. His company is called Organic Results.

He now does consulting for companies that we believe in, to improve the traffic to their websites. He’s a consultant for Moms Across America. He runs our marketing. He … helps us with our Health Solutions Store … He’s been an integral part of Moms Across America, and part of the reason why we’re able to still stay around.

The cool thing is we get to work together every day. He gets to be with our sons who are 16, 13 and 10 now. They get to have their dad around. It’s just phenomenal. I just absolutely love that we get to do what we’re doing.”

Eating organic can make a world of difference

As mentioned, all three of Honeycutt’s children struggled with food allergies. Her oldest son had a severe allergic reaction at 18 months after eating a nut. At the age of 5, he nearly died on Thanksgiving due to a pecan in the stuffing.

“One day, when he was about 8 years old, he had this rash around his mouth that had been going on and off for about seven months. It would last for about two weeks at a time. We didn’t know what it was. He looked at me really forlornly. He said, ‘Mom, I wish all my allergies would go away.’ I said, ‘Me too, buddy.’ But in my head, I was thinking, ‘That’s never going to happen.’

Then I realized what I was saying in my head. I was like, ‘Wait a second. That’s not what I’m committed to. I’m committed to empowerment. What if there was something we could do?’ I remembered my cousin, Sara, who had gone gluten-free for a long time and then was able to eat gluten about a year later.

I said, ‘Ben, would you like to be able to eat a slice of pizza or have a piece of birthday cake at a birthday party like a year from now?’ I painted that picture; that future. He said yes. I said, ‘Well then, would you be my partner in your health? Would you drink green drinks and go to alternative doctors?’ He said yes … We made a deal, and he did.

I did the research. He took the actions. He drank the green drinks. We took care of his gut bacteria. Within four months of going GMO-free, the rash was dramatically better. You could barely see it. It was a faint pink line under his lip if he was exposed to the allergen, which we figured out was carrageenan, by going to an alternative doctor.

And then within about a year or two of going organic … his allergies to walnuts and pecans went from a 19 down to 0.2. He no longer has a life-threatening food allergy. The peace of mind that I have as a mother that my son won’t die from food is priceless. It’s enormous. Our doctors’ bills, by the way, are dramatically lower.

We used to spend $12,000 to $15,000 with good health insurance. Now it’s maybe a couple hundred. It’s nothing. That’s just for checkups or whatever. We haven’t had to go for a sick doctor visit in three and a half years. He’s dramatically better.”

Autism symptoms linked to glyphosate exposure

Honeycutt’s second child developed a sudden onset of autism symptoms. “He was basically like an 8-year-old who was acting like a 3- or 4-year old. He was having tantrums. His grades went from As to Ds in math … His behavior was very erratic. He was trying to hit us … He was not being himself.” Honeycutt says.

A medical checkup revealed he had gut dysbiosis caused by C. difficile. According to the doctor, who specialized in autism, the inflammation in his gut was also causing inflammation in his brain. Glyphosate is known to do this, which prompted the Honeycutt’s to have him tested for glyphosate exposure.

“My son was the first one to be tested in America for glyphosate in his urine. We had finally initiated that. Moms Across America had put out the word to everybody. You can get your urine, your tap water and your breast milk tested for glyphosate.

His levels were eight times higher than was ever found in Europe, when Friends of the Earth did testing in Europe. I was furious that Roundup was in my son. We went 100% organic. Within six weeks, we retested him. His glyphosate levels were no longer detectable, and his autism symptoms were gone.

All we did was take care of his gut. We did give him an antifungal. We didn’t have to do a probiotic in there, but we gave him lots of sauerkraut, organic food. He ate no sugar from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, so he didn’t feed the bad gut bacteria. He recovered. He has not had a single autism symptom [in] five years now.”

Glyphosate found in vaccines

Now, food is not the only source of glyphosate exposure. Years ago, Honeycutt came across a Facebook post listing vaccine ingredients. Among them: polysorbate 80 — which like glyphosate can break down the blood-brain barrier and let toxins in — aluminum, bovine serum (blood) and egg.

Honeycutt realized some of these ingredients are likely GMO, or have been fed GMOs, and if so, they’re likely contaminated with glyphosate since glyphosate cannot be washed off. When an animal eats glyphosate-contaminated feed, their body parts become contaminated as well. Moms Across America sent five childhood vaccines to be tested for glyphosate, and every single one of them came back positive.

“The measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine came back 25 times higher than the other vaccines. Another scientist independently tested 14 more vaccines, and they also came back and confirmed our results,” Honeycutt says.

“His MMR vaccine came back 35 times higher. We all know that the problem around the MMR vaccine is that … it causes gut dysbiosis. [Andrew Wakefield] didn’t say it causes autism. He said it causes gut dysbiosis. Incidentally, practically every child who has autism has gut dysbiosis.

This, to me, was huge, because what I’m thinking is, ‘What if glyphosate in vaccines is one of the major contributing factors to vaccine damage?’ If you think about it, mercury was in vaccines back in 1929, but it wasn’t until the late ’90s when GMOs and glyphosate came on the scene that there was a huge spike in autism.

Now, to be fair, there was also a huge spike in the numbers of vaccines given. Our children are now getting 49 doses by age 12 and 69 doses by age 18. The numbers of vaccines our children are getting are also extremely high. But there are children who get one vaccine and they’re damaged after that. You have to look at what changed in the ingredients.”

Another variable that happened in the late ’90s was the dramatic increase in exposure to wireless radiation, and this too may be a significant contributor. There may even be a toxic synergy between the two that is contributing to the health deterioration we now see in so many children. The good news is that you have the ability to make a difference.

More information

Aside from reading Honeycutt’s book, “Unstoppable: Transforming Sickness and Struggle Into Triumph, Empowerment and a Celebration of Community,” you can also learn more by visiting and signing up for their newsletter. When you sign up, you’ll receive a free mini e-book of “Unstoppable.” Under the Action tab, you can also sign up to volunteer and post events.

“When you have that event, we know you’re serious about getting the word out, so we send you free materials,” Honeycutt says. “You only have to pay for shipping … We have some great flyers, ‘Why Eat Organic?’ ‘What’s Going on With Toxins in Our Food Supply?’ … We don’t make it a scary situation. It’s just informative. We always bring solutions …

You give them a stack of 100 flyers and you say, ‘Could you leave this at your school? Or your library? Or your community center?’ … Just get the word out about what’s happening in our food supply … That’s a great way to get involved … You can also join in the 4th of July parades. It costs anywhere from nothing to maybe 30 to 50 dollars, if you want to buy a banner and also pass out flyers.

You can have movie nights. There are some great movies you can show over an organic potluck. That’s my favorite thing to do. We’ll also connect you with other moms on our Monday Moms Connect Calls at 5 p.m., Pacific time. If you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll get an invitation to that.

We’ve expanded our mission to ‘We educate and inspire mothers and others to transform the food industry and environment, creating healthy communities together.’ By environment, we include anything that’s coming at our kids. If that’s a vaccine, if it’s drugs, if it’s pollution, if it’s EMFs — no matter what it is that’s coming at our kids that’s going to overwhelm them [or] increase the toxic burden — we will address that …

To opt out of this toxic system, we need to not only eat organic food or grow our own organic food. We need to also learn how to take care of ourselves through herbs and plants and opt out of that whole Big Pharma system.”

Moms Across America is also looking for more advisers, including moms who want to help educate others on these topics. If you’re interested, please contact them.

Get involved!

As noted by Honeycutt, everyone has a moment when they decide to take action. For her, the realization that she had the power to make a difference came early. Her father was a great supporter from an early age and when, at the age of 12, Honeycutt came home saying class president elections were coming up, he suggested she should run.

“I said, ‘Me? Why me?’ He said, ‘Why not?’ I was like, ‘Oh. OK. Why not?’ I ran and won,” she says. “If there’s something you want to do or you’re interested in doing, something you want to take on, [ask yourself] why not you? That quote from Lilly Tomlin: ‘I always thought someone should do something about that, and then I realized I am somebody’ — that’s it.

I want everybody to believe that they are somebody; that they are, in fact … amazing … My personal commitment now is to empower community leaders to be global game changers, because that’s what it’s going to take …

Moms who are watching us right now … say, ‘You know what? I’m the one who’s going to get Roundup out of my town. I’m the one who’s going to stop this vaccine mandate in my city. I’m the one who’s going to get my school to have GMO-free food.’

When you do that, you — us, all of us collectively — we change the game around the world … So, sign up to Moms Across America and see where you can start taking action. Because when you do, it’s incredibly fulfilling.”

In the Engine Room

By Anna Von Reitz

It’s Saturday.  I should be wearing play clothes and be outdoors mowing the lawn.  Instead, I am sitting at my desk, explaining history to the United States Attorney General. And suing him for performance.

And writing letters to the Pope and members of the Curia, taking exception to their Collective Entity Doctrine nonsense, which facilitates the crime of impersonation (already proven to be against the scripture and the common law) and violates the Law of Kinds. 

Now, all of what I am explaining is actually either: (1) readily available for anyone to see, or (2) easy for anyone to determine given a modicum of guidance telling them where to look for specific information — but here I am, plodding away, step by step….and another step….. and another….  

Sometimes readers see a copy of a letter being sent to Donald Trump or the Pope or the King of Spain from the actual, factual land jurisdiction government of this country acting in behalf of the living people who are being criminally mistreated and abused by their own misdirected and ignorant employees. 

The published letters are just the tip of the iceberg, a small sampling of what goes on.    

Sometimes the lack of education and awareness is also pervasive at the top of the pyramid, too.

Up and down and around and around we go. 

Suffice it to say that the sheer volume of correspondence which goes out of my office is humongous. The effort to maintain it and catalog it and keep all the mailing receipts and return cards is mind-numbing.  Yet, it has to be done.

Each new crop of people, each new political appointee, has to be addressed, has to be brought up to speed, the Conversation has to be engaged. Other countries have to be addressed. Other organizations, like the United Nations, have to be addressed. 

Why?  Because this criminality is ultimately a political problem.  Organized groups of public employees operating as crime syndicates are fleecing and demeaning and abusing their employers on a worldwide basis.   And it has to stop. 

Educating people and objecting to the criminality and talking about it and exposing it, is key to getting it stopped. 

I hate to ask for donations again, but they are needed— partly because I am recovering from my own stint of bad luck: dog surgery, dental surgery for my son, major car repair, etc., etc., so that I don’t have any extra right now to give to The Living Law Firm — and partly because the scope of the work expands.  

The outreach of the diplomatic effort increases exponentially, as does the effort to get the salient facts into the hands of more and more Americans. 

Thanks to all of you smelling the java and sharing the news by word-of-mouth and thanks also to all your efforts to educate local, State, Federal, and International authorities, there is both a top down and bottom up effect taking place. 

Remember Scotty, the Engineer on Star Trek — “I dunno, Captain!  I dunno if she’s going to hold!” as the laboring engines sparked and sputtered and the Starship Enterprise lugged to haul herself into hyperdrive one more time—just at the crucial moment? 

That’s how I feel most of the time.  We’re going to make it, or we’re going to blow up. Only God knows the outcome.

If you have the ability to help, please do so.  If you can’t send a donation at this time, pray.  My Paypal is:  The Snail Mail address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. I divvy up the donations and send wherever and to whomever on our team is most in need of help. 


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Situation Recap Report and Resolution

By Anna Von Reitz

The two remaining branches of the original Federal Government are playing war games on our shores in contravention of their duties and contractual obligations. 

They are secretively preying upon Americans via various means of fraud which they have attempted to excuse by deliberately engaging in the following actions: (1) falsification of records; (2) identity theft;  (3) secretive unilateral contracting processes serving to confer opposing citizenship obligations — so that Americans are presumed to be both Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal Citizens of the United States, when in fact they are neither; (4) confiscation of assets based on a phony interpretation of the Trading With the Enemy Act; (5) holding of assets based on a phony interpretation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address; (6) misdirection and corruption of the Judicial Branches of the respective Territorial and Municipal Government corporations to secure enforcement for all the above crock of horse hooey. 

So, it is apparent to us and it should be apparent to everyone reading this, that the entire country has been run amok by two competing commercial corporations, both of which are operating as crime syndicates in gross violation of their treaty and commercial contract obligations.  

It should also be apparent that their criminality is orchestrated and purposeful, and that they have colluded together to produce a single desired result: the rape and pillaging of the American States and People that they are all sworn to protect and defend, and the avoidance of the limitations of the Constitutional Agreements that permit the existence of these corporations and their presence on our shores.  

The duty which the Roman Curia owes the entire world is to prevent this kind of thing from happening and to promptly liquidate any corporation caught engaging in unlawful activity.  They created all these corporate entities — thought them up out of thin air and gave them form; they thus remain responsible for them. 

So, they shuffled off the assets of the Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., left the victims on the hook as Presumed Co-Signers of its debts, and allowed the same perpetrators to boot up numerous new corporations which have offered to continue on with business as usual, promoting the same frauds, and operating in the same way as the UNITED STATES, INC.  

The IRS for example, simply moved its Headquarters from Puerto Rico to the Northern Mariana Islands, and snugged down, ready to continue on beating and fleecing Americans under the same false presumptions of Municipal Citizenship and under the same old tired excuse of relocating the Municipal PERSONS to a United States Commonwealth where they can be prosecuted under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition.  

Their remedy has fallen far short of what the victims of this perfidy are owed and thus far presents nothing but another fraud and another con game that obeys the letter, but not the spirit or intent of the Ecclesiastical Law, and which immediately engages the new corporations in the sins of their predecessors— all without any relief to the victims of these crimes who are in fact the Priority Creditors of these corporations. 

They have also failed to liquidate the holdings of Her Royal Majesty, the British Territorial Government, and those of the Lord Mayor of London and the Government of Westminster, all of which have exercised the privilege of issuing incorporation charters and allowed the resulting corporations to operate as crime syndicates.  By international agreement, the Pope retains the ability to liquidate these monstrosities as well, and owes it to the American States and People to do so without further adieu. 

The Territorial and Municipal Corporations have all trespassed in a criminal and
coordinated fashion and committed capital crimes against their employers, the American States and People.  They deserve to be liquidated and all their assets returned to their Priority Creditors — the same American States and People who have been harmed and victimized by these crimes. 

Our agreements with the Pope, Her Majesty, and Westminster are very clear and do not allow such Breach of Trust and legal chicanery.  Mr. Trump and his Administration have been and are being fully informed regarding these issues and all Parties concerned worldwide are being called upon  to put an end to these outrages and return the purloined property to the rightful owners. 

This is nothing more or less than the exercise of international and commercial law and its requirements, well-agreed upon for hundreds of years.  The claim that hundreds of millions of Americans have “voluntarily” and knowingly embarked on careers as British Merchant Marine Warrant Officers is ludicrous. 
The claim that we are “missing, presumed dead” is equally ludicrous.  

We have been deliberately scammed, misinformed, defrauded by dishonest employees, have suffered identity theft, have been robbed, pillaged and plundered by mercenary pirates, and in all ways abused in Bad Faith by the Popes and the British Monarchs and the Lord Mayors of Westminster, who have pretended to be our Friends and Allies, and who have instead acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of commercial contract obligations that we are clearly owed.  

Giving their own lackeys our property is not relief nor is it remedy for this circumstance and any continued pretension that it is, will be met with instantaneous rebuttal.  Creating a Revolving Door where one corporation is shut down for criminal activity and another corporation operated under a slightly different name or with a different headquarters is allowed to resume the same criminal activity, is not an answer.  

We insist that the American States and People be fully recognized and their political status be honored.  We insist that our property be returned to us free and clear and unencumbered by foreign debt.  We insist that all right, title, and interest naturally belonging to us be returned to us.  We insist that our employees cease and desist all false claims and false citizenship presumptions and render Good Faith Service instead. 

We can read the historical record, the Territorial Code, and the Municipal Code for what it actually says.  We are not confused by Doublespeak.  We are not confused about the identity, function, or administration of either the United States nor the United States of America, and their relationship to The United States and The United States of America, respectively.  

If the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor expect us to honor our obligations under the Constitutional Agreements and the international law, they must also honor theirs—- and not via some oblique mockery of substituting one criminally misdirected commercial corporation for another criminally misdirected commercial corporation with the intention of continuing to promote crime against the American States and People. 

We wish the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS to be completely and permanently reformed.  We wish for these organizations to be re-directed and enabled to modernize their delivery of credit that is owed to the American States and People via application of our exemptions and Mutual Offset Credit Exchanges we are owed.  

We deny the Territorial United States Congress and the Municipal United States Congress any ability to pass Flat Taxes or Sales Taxes “for” us, and we deny their franchise operations any ability to pass or enforce Property Taxes on our private property assets, which are all due return and revenue.  

A grotesque and profound Breach of Trust and international law has occurred here and no succor can be afforded to the guilty parties on the basis of any “law of necessity” or the existence of any “war powers” exercised on our behalf to justify our destruction.  We have our own recourse to the law of necessity and as a sovereign government, we have the lawful ability to enforce the Public Law upon all and any perpetrators and promoters of these crimes on our shores. 


1. The National Credit owed to the American States and People must be made available to them, and their public and private property assets must be lawfully conveyed and officially re-venued without recourse to any presumptions otherwise. 

2. Peace must be declared with respect to the land and soil of our country and peace between the Territorial and Municipal United States while operating on our shores or in our Territories and Insular Possessions must also be maintained.  We are not putting up with any more pretensions of “commercial warfare” on our shores, in our Territories, or in our Insular Possessions. This country has been at peace since 1814 and for everyone’s sake, it is best that it remain so.  

3. All Federal Service Providers and all Federal Franchise States of States and Agency Subcontractors must be brought into alignment and compliance with the respective Constitutions and Service Agreements owed to the American States and People, together with their guarantees and limitations, without delay.  

4. The conscription apparatus put in place by the British Territorial Government to entrap and arbitrarily confer Territorial United States Citizenship on Americans must be dismantled and subscribed to the Dust Bin of history. This includes all registration of births and all retention of all false claims based upon such registrations.  The registration and securitization of living flesh using the pretense of non-existent citizenship obligations is forbidden by both international law and scripture and has no place in America. 

5.  The corollary apparatus put in place by the Municipal United States Government used to create bogus Cestui Que Vie Trusts and Public Transmitting Utilities and Public Charitable Trust ACCOUNTS must also be reformed.  Hundreds of millions of innocent people have suffered probate fraud as a result of these activities and a mighty correction is long overdue. 

6. No foreign government is allowed nor entitled to confer citizenship upon anyone born in the States of the Union and no pretense or excuse may be offered for this circumstance in which the Hired Help have deliberately mis-characterized and mis-identified Americans as either species of Federal Employee or Dependents or US Franchise Corporations and sought to entrap and persecute their Employers in Gross Breach of Trust.  

7. The foreign governments responsible for this circumstance have employed fraud of various species throughout this process of misrepresentation and entrapment and both bankruptcy and probate fraud upon the courts has been employed.  As fraud vitiates everything tainted by it, we exercise our Natural and Unalienable Rights and our Law of Necessity to invoke the Public Law and the Law of the Land owed to this country and we invoke the Grandfather Clause of all Acts of Congress since 1861, declaring ourselves free of any taint or obligation or crime committed by these foreign political lobbies deceitfully operating “in our names”.  


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Modus Operandi 4.0

By Anna Von Reitz

So we have learned how incorporation is used as a trap or self-entrapment device, by which the vermin obtain ownership of everything in sight for free, and the only obligation they have is to offer bankruptcy protection. 

This is a form of entrapment that only succeeds to the extent that the nature of it remains undisclosed and/or undetected or both.  It only succeeds because people don’t realize what they are giving up when they incorporate anything.

The same is true of another insidious theft and entrapment mechanism — registration.   People think that registering something is the same as recording it, but in fact, any time you “register” anything, you are at least temporarily giving up your ownership interest in it.  So, think about that one….

Registering your private auto or truck as a “motor vehicle” with the what?  Oh, the Division of Motor Vehicles—- notice the verbiage — means that you are: (1) claiming to be operating a kind of business that makes use of the public roads for private profit — like a taxi service, courier service, trucking company, etc. and (2) admitting that your private auto or truck is engaged in this business as a “motor vehicle”.  Look up the definition of “motor vehicle”.

Have you ever driven a “motor vehicle” in your life?  Most of us haven’t, yet our names are on record as being professional motor vehicle drivers and our private property cars and trucks have been registered as “common carriers” — public conveyances belonging to the State of State organization running this scam.

Yet, if you insist that yours is a private auto, you will face constant harassment and racketeering efforts by clueless “state patrolmen” and traffic court personnel.  This is the very definition of “organized crime” and it is being promoted by foreign commercial corporations on our shores, acting under color of law, pretending to “represent” our State of the Union.

Voter Registration is a similar entrapment and theft mechanism.  When you “register” to vote, you in fact give up your right to present yourself.  It hands your proxy over to whomever gets elected out of the political party stew pot and makes you responsible for their spending and their crimes.  Now, who in their right mind would ever want to hand their proxy over to a Washington, DC Lobbyist, and “stand good” for whatever that PERSON does?

Nobody.  Yet, because the actual results of “registering to vote” are not disclosed to you, and because voting is propagandized as a good and wonderful thing, and your “right to vote” is constantly being held up as something sacrosanct– millions of Americans get suckered into co-signing loans for the brigands.

Yes, that’s what you are doing when you “register to vote”— you are “volunteering” to act as a co-signer on the loans these cretins take out “in the name of” your State, and if for whatever reason, they don’t pay the resulting bills, guess who the Creditors of these foreign commercial corporations go after?  

All the foreign commercial corporations have to do is go bankrupt, and voila, you are on the hook for it — and once again, you have unknowingly, unwittingly gotten sucked into this position for lack of full disclosure. It’s a form of commercial constructive fraud, complete with false advertising.

And really, this is the small end of the pool, because the vermin have not been content with issuing false titles to non-existent motor vehicles or gulling unwitting co-signers into inking the dotted line.  No, beginning in the 1920’s, the temptation to run the Big Con on us was just too strong. They had to start registering births, too.

The moment that 200 million American Moms and Grandmothers wake up and realize that they are signing away their ownership interest in their babies and allowing foreign commercial corporations to “seize upon” their children as chattel backing the debts of those foreign commercial corporations, there’s going to be an awakening in this country —- an awakening where hospitals and hospital administrators and those “state of state” officials running the Birth Certificate scam are going to be skewered in the cross-hairs and the politicians responsible are going to be hiding under their desks.

Because “registration” of your children as a “Person” means the same thing as registration of your private car as a “Motor Vehicle” — it means making a false claim about them, that then allows false legal presumptions, which in turn subjects them as slaves and chattel of these foreign commercial corporations operating under color of law on our shores.

It’s another entrapment/coercion/racketeering scam, only this is the Big One. This is where they take your most precious property — your kids.

Your children are born as living people with honest Trade Names that you give them, but then, charlatans trick you into signing over your children and unwittingly making the False Claim that they are “US Citizens” when in fact they are Americans.

That then allows these vermin to make false assumptions called “legal presumptions” about your children and also about you. 

You naturally think of your own country when you hear the words “United States” —- that is, you think of the Proper Name: The United States.  And when you hear “United States Citizen”, you naturally assume that yes, you are a United States Citizen.  But what if there are other kinds of “United States” involved? 

And different kinds of “United States Citizens”, too?  Which there are?

There are Territorial United States Citizens and Municipal Citizens of the United States, too.  By checking the box ‘US Citizen” without stipulating which kind of “United States” you are talking about, you allow whatever kind of interpretation someone wants to put on it. 

So the Territorial Government presumes that you are a Territorial Citizen and under obligation to them.

And the Municipal Government presumes that you are a Municipal Citizen and under obligation to THEM.

But in truth and in fact, you are a State Citizen of The United States and they are all under obligation to you. 

They’ve been working their little fraud scheme pretty good, haven’t they?  Hooking you to serve them, instead of them serving you.  Fingering you for their debts and wild spending.  Mis-characterizing and misidentifying you and your children for fun and profit.

And now comes the reckoning, and they need to know it and pay up, because you now know what they have been doing and how they have been doing it — tricking and entrapping you, abusing, misusing, and in fact, enslaving you in your own country. 

Now, you might think that Mr. Trump is responsible for this situation, but he is not.  And you might think that the members of Congress are responsible, but they have been using a Disclaimer for all their Acts since 1861: “This Act shall not effect any rights thus previously established.” 

That is, nothing that they have done since 1861 has any effect on you—except to the extent that you have been “mistaken for” a Territorial United States Citizen or a Municipal Citizen of the United States. 

Only the Judicial Branch is responsible and accountable for this criminality. 

In 1991, the Congress altered the wording of the Federal Judicial Oath so as to sever their accountability to the Constitutions and they have run like wild horses without a backward glance.  They have pillaged and plundered and utterly ignored their moral and actual duty to the Public Law and the People of this country. 

It does not take a Juris Doctorate to know that unconscionable, illegal, immoral, and unlawful contracting processes are being used to pillage and plunder this country and its people under color of law. It is simple and self-evident and any Judge worth the salt in their fecal matter knows it as well as I do. 

The entire scenario reeks of racketeering, fraud, False Claims in commerce, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, press-ganging, and enslavement — and the people who are taking their paychecks from your pockets and who are supposed to be protecting you are sitting on their thumbs, participating in and benefiting from all this instead of doing their jobs.

So, what do you do?  You reclaim your birthright political status. You assemble your State Assembly.  You operate your State Courts.  And you fire the rats.  And you hire new people.  And you enforce the Public Law.

It does not take rocket science to figure out who is ultimately responsible: the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor of Westminster, all three, are responsible.  They, though obligated to act as our Trustees, have profited themselves via these schemes and thereby acted as accomplices to this genocide on paper.

The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate has now gone full circle, and instead of pointing at us, is pointing at them.

They have used False Claims in Commerce to create a criminal system of Commercial Feudalism. 

The rest of the world got sick of their old system of Colonial Feudalism, so they re-branded it and moved their operations to the Municipal Jurisdiction to create something even worse. And now it appears that by joining the EU, the corrupt government of Britain has fallen into its own Bear Trap.

As for you, come out of Babylon.  The fact that you are reading this is not an accident.  Come out, together with all of your children. 


See this article and over 1800 others on Anna’s website here:

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

5G Poster — Is Our President Insane or Clever?

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I have concerns and reservations — the recent Presidential announcements enabling 5G, glysophate, and vaccines — and his failure to make arrests — are all daunting to me.  HOWEVER, I am with this President to the end. I will work toward his re-election.  I am doing this for three big reasons:

01 I am in touch with some extraordinary sources that assure me that 5G’s threat can be by-passed, and all of the toxins including those being maliciously inserted into vaccines, can be neutralized, when the time is right.  I believe this.

02 There is not another President since Washington, Lincoln, or Reagan who could have gotten so far against  the Deep State and who offers so much promise against the Deep State. This President has allowed my voice to be heard, and that alone is going to be worth quite a bit in 2024 and beyond.

03 George Will’s new book The Conservative Sensibility draws the battle lines clearly. We are in a fight for the 2nd American Revolution. It is a fight between those who believe in individual (and state) sovereignty and very limited federal government, and particularly believe in the  First and Second Amendments, and the so-called progressives who believe in subordinating everyone and everything to a federal monster that feeds those who bribe and blackmail its legislators — a federal monster that enables the Deep State 1% to treat all of us as fodder — disposable deplorables as Hillary Clinton would put it.  ENOUGH!

In August, at the Dimensions of Disclosure event, I will be delivering what will be, in effect, my manifesto for the future of the USA, Earth, and our cosmic role as a force for good. I have very high expectations for the President’s 4th of July speech and hope that Stephen Miller has the brains and the balls to reach out to George Will, because George Will is the incarnation of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, and I want nothing less than a Gettsyburg Address for the ages on the 4th of July.

Bottom Line: Our world is better with Donald Trump as President.  He has earned four more years, and as President, made it possible for the rest of us to finish the job: people, not parties, authentic, inclusive, and truthful.

Event: 23-25 August 2019 Ventura CA Dimensions of Disclosure With Sacha Stone, Bill Binney, & Robert Steele Confirmed, Along with Laura Eisenhower, Jordan Sather, & Many Others

Robert Steele: What Would a Full Disclosure Government Look Like? Bill and Robert’s Excellent Adventure (Preview) UPDATE 17

Robert Steele @Amazon & Free Online: Trump vs. The Deep State – Recent Reflections of a Former US Spy & Marine Corps Officer (Trump Revolution Book 35)

George Will: Wrestling with God, Conservative Sensibility, and the Dangers of Libertine Progressives

Robert Steele: The Second American Revolution – Reflections on the Near Future UPDATE 2

Above Majestic: The Movie Produced by Corey Goode & Jordan Sather Reviewed by Robert Steele

Summary review below the fold.

Above Majestic Trailer Exposes Craziest Alien Conspiracy of All Time

Above Majestic is a shocking and provocative look at what it would take to hide a multi-trillion-dollar Secret Space Program (a clandestine group of elite military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology also known as “Majestic 12”) from the public and the implications this would have for humanity. Viewers will be guided through the origins, technologies, history, cover ups, conspiracies, testimony and research that goes beyond and Above Majestic.

This stirring new documentary features some the most prominent and prolific authors, researchers, whistle-blowers and disseminators in the movement for Truth and Full Disclosure. Roger R. Richards directs the movie.

ROBERT STEELE: As someone who has been actively defamed and attacked by the Zionists for telling the truth about Zionist atrocities and crimes including the complete subversion of the US economy, US government, and US society, I have zero tolerance for all the pin-heads that seek to defame and attack people like Corey Goode, David Wilcock, and Jordan Sather. The truth is both absolute and relative, get over it.  What we are dealing with today is a massive web of censorship and deception — lies are the currency of banking, corporations, governments, and religions. The truthers are a mixed bag — some of them are self-promoting morons, some are paid or volunteer deception shills, but most of them are using a combination of intelligence and intuition to extract weak signals long buried or ignored, toward “full disclosure.”

There are three forms of disclosure that are required:

01 Truth about stellar civilizations in all their forms including pure energy, and all of the good

02 Truth about the secret space budget including Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB), bases on Mars and Saturn, and all forms of conflict and experimentation that have in essence sucked the bone marrow from Earth — every penny spent on the military-industrial-space complex is a penny not spent creating a prosperous world at peace.

03 The ethics of soulcraft and the methods of human evolution — we have been dumbed down and drugged up by design. The human experiment in free will, in the integrated application of intelligence, integrity, and imagination,  has been deliberately and with malice sabotaged. Instead the 1% have sought over hundreds of years to divide and conquer and diminish humanity.

I never expected to become a bridge between a larger group of very intelligent individuals who KNOW in their hearts that there are stellar civilizations and secret technologies both good and bad but FEAR a loss of their credibility if they speak to this, and a much smaller group of very intelligent individuals — with a few nutcases — who have no fear and seek to educate all humanity.

My job as an intelligence professional who is also the top non-fiction reviewer, a former presidential candidate, and recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize, is to make full disclosure a central  topic of national and global conversation. I do not have the direct knowledge — the breadth of knowledge — about these matters that others do — David Wilcock and Kerry Cassidy for example. What I have is absolute integrity, a very open mind, and an unshakable faith in the ability of humanity to reinstate itself as a stellar civilization capable of infinite love — the positive energy field — creating heaven on earth and then elsewhere.

28:00: Every book on the planet is mis-information.

30:00 Everything we are taught is designed to program our minds away from the truth.

Includes compelling video of William Tompkins, whose book below is highly recommended.

William Tompkins, Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries (CreateSpace, 2015).

See Also:

Michael Salla, The US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance (Exopolitics, 2017)

Michael Salla, Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs (Exopolitics, 2018)

Michael Salla, US Air Force Secret Space Program: Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances & Space Force (Exopolitics, 2019)

David Wilcock, The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil (Dutton, 2017)

There is a very strong theme focused on Nazi-Draco treaties intended to put massive numbers of humans into slavery programs.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy is tied to his intend to eliminate secrecy and do full disclosure of the secret space program.

The toxicity of US secret societies (particularly Skull and Bones at Yale but Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford all have their equivalents) is addressed briefly.

David Wilcock discussed the burning of the Library of Alexandria as a false flag, most of the collection was actually stolen by the Vatican and moved to the Vatican library [side note: the Vatican has an official officer for extraterrestial affairs).

Elongated skulls are discussed — twice the volume of our skulls today — and the Vatican posited as a “safe haven” for the elite from an earlier generation of high priests with elongated skulls, at the same time that multiple royal families in Europe were known for elongated skulls.

King John I (who chartered the Magna Carta) discussed as the known ancestor of all but one US presidents.

Halfway through the two-hour show Mike Ruppert is featured calling out John Deutch on CIA running drugs, and there is a discussion of how the 1% are using the secret agencies to run drugs and launder money and do other criminal things that are profitable — from here there is a discussion in two branches:

— elite crime across all aspects of society from food to housing to medicine

— elite longevity via age regression or cloning

57:30 Elite is a very small very pathological group that has acquired almost total power over Earth across the past century

58:00 At the highest levels, the offer to participate in pedophilia and human sacrifice is the offer you cannot refuse — that is the final portal to the highest levels of power.  Ronald Bernard, a witness to the International Tribunal of Natural Justice, is featured.

1:01:00 The sacrifice of children provides the elite with a special energy source.  The sacrifice of innocent (pure) children, inclusive of torture (which produces adrenochrome) is the ultimate “high” for elite psychopaths.  This is not a new practice — it extends back thousands of years.

1:08:00 Discussion of a typical day in a Mind-Op (programming susceptible children), Cory Goode discusses his personal experience being abused in an underground US Air Force facility, and transport in underground train rides going at 500 miles per hour, then being injected and given screen memories to cover up what they actually experienced.

1:10:30 Arizona Wilder on being mind-controlled, most of the rituals done at US military bases. States that US naval intelligence is involved in overseeing a great deal of the mind-control abuse across the USA. Long discussion by another person of being injected in a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB), perhaps part of testing chemical enhancements of minds or bodies or both.

1:17:55 Max Spiers on being selected based on DNA, describes Mars Jump Rooms, growing up in space, and then on return being age regressed to where they started from.  Cory Goode expands on this.

1:20:30 Brief mention of on-going time space battle between Nordic group (good) and Reptilians (bad). Jordan Sather discusses various forms of star species.

1:22:30 Discussion including graphic of long-standing Moon base started by Nazis. Operation Paperclip. Electromagnetic flight, breakneck speed.

1:25:00 Discussion of warp speed spacecraft and multiple conventional cities with humans across the galaxy. Also discussion of extra-terrestial kidnapping of humans for various reasons including use as skilled labor.

1:32:00 Debt slave program – discussion of missing $2.1 trillion that became $6.5 trillion missing from Pentagon budget. Phil Schneider $500 billion dollars a year, over 131 active DUMBs in US, 1407 around the world, each one costs about $15B dollars.  Now building two a year.  Spending 28% of the Gross National Product on building DUMBs.

1:35:00 Discussion of Chinese ghost cities and US loss of half the wealth in past decades — huge underground cities on Earth and breakaway civilization cities off Earth.

1:39:30 First even real audit of Pentagon under Trump Administration.  What might it reveal?

1:40:00 Discussion of LIBOR scandal and collusion of all banks with one another.  David Wilcock: this is financial organized crime on a massive scale. Segues into Federal Reserve which in printing money has eroded value of the US dollar by 99%. The metrics are all false — it is a rigged system. Need a collective massive understanding if we are to overcome all these challenges.

1:43:30 DeSouza on embargo against truth in the extraterrestial arena.

1:45:07 President Trump

1:46:00 Suppression of technology that President Trump is seeking to disclose. Trump given credit for knowing, through his uncle John G. Trump, of Tesla and other advanced technology possibilities. Corey Goode discusses emergence of White Hats  — Earth Alliance — including elements of US military and intelligence  — who allegedly approached Trump as a solution.

1:47:59 David Wilcock on the Alliance — international, agrees on one thing: taking down the Satanic elitist cabal. Includes a “surprising majority” of personnel from US intelligence and US military.  Sealed indictments as of August 2018 (40,000 at the time, over 100,000 now) are a huge indicator of massive clean-up that looms large in 2019-2020.

1:51:30 Jordan Sather discusses the Q phenomenon as a means of communicating a concept for taking down the Deep State.  David Wilcock says that the indictments include many media personalities, Weinstein is said to be revealing everything he knows.  The clean up will be done legally, something we have never seen before, “a true second American revolution.”

1:55:00 DeSouza on anomaly of fossil fuel and autos still being a primary economic driver.  Free energy was discovered by Tesla, is available now, but is being repressed.  Thomas Edison said to be part of the cabal, turned against Telsa.  Free energy is coming and coming soon, it will be a game changer.

1:59:15 Bob Wood – the giant discoveries of future science.

PDF (20 Pages): 1982 Bob Wood on Future Science

Conclusion: a movement begins to stop fighting one another, come together to demand full disclosure, the truth about all things, such that we can create heaven on earth.  Emotion (the heart chakra) is critical.


Robert Steele: What Would a Full Disclosure Government Look Like? Bill and Robert’s Excellent Adventure (Preview) UPDATE 17

FY2020 National Security Space Budget Request: An Overview, CRS In Focus, June 7, 2019

See Also:

Extraterrestial @ Phi Beta Iota


Elon Musk’s Company Launched 60 Satellites Into Space to Blast 5G at Us. More Planned Despite Telecoms Admitting There’s No Research That Proves 5G is Safe.

By B. N. Frank,

Activist Post has reported about the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allowing companies to blast harmful WiFi and 5G from the sky and from space.  Despite warnings from many credible sources about the serious biological, environmental, and safety impact associated with this, it’s not just Elon’s company, SpaceX, doing it — GoogleAmazonAirbus and OneWeb are doing it too.

Thanks to scientist Arthur Firstenberg for updating us on this craziness as well as organizing the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space which has been signed by approximately

2,000 scientists
1,400 medical doctors
4,000 engineers
2,200 nurses
2,500 psychologists
1,200 organizations

or 100,000 total individuals and organizations from 187 countries

From Arthur:

On the evening of May 23, 2019, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX launched its first 60 “Starlink” satellites into low orbit around the Earth. The satellites were launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a Falcon 9 rocket. Musk announced his intention to carry out six more launches this year, each carrying 60 satellites, and that when the first 420 satellites are in orbit, they will be turned on and will begin providing global 5G service to SpaceX’s first customers. This could happen by the end of 2019.

SpaceX intends for its rockets to carry 120 satellites at a time into orbit beginning in 2020, and to complete its planned fleet of 12,000 satellites within a decade. SpaceX’s license from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission permits each satellite to emit an effective radiated power of up to 5 million watts.

SpaceX’s competitor, OneWeb, is not far behind. OneWeb launched the first 6 of its planned fleet of 4,540 satellites on February 27, 2019. It announced its intention to launch 36 satellites per month and to turn them on as soon as 648 satellites are in orbit. This could happen by the end of 2020.

On April 4, 2019, Amazon announced that it is planning to launch its own fleet of more than 3,000 5G satellites.

5G in Space is a planetary emergency, as outlined in the article of that title that I wrote a year ago: It is an emergency not just because of the direct radiation from the satellites, but because of the location of the satellites in the ionosphere. The ionosphere is an integral part of the global electrical circuit that animates all living things. Even a few hundred satellites using the enormous amount of bandwidth that is available in the millimeter wave spectrum is expected to pollute the global electrical circuit — and therefore our bodies — with what building biologists call dirty electricity. This is likely to be catastrophic to all life on Earth.

I am presently involved in an effort to open up lines of communication with the principals of the satellite projects, including Elon Musk. They care about the future of this planet too, and they mistakenly think they are doing good.

It is time to push this Appeal hard.  (

Every person on Earth has a stake in our future. We need as many signatures from as many different kinds of people as possible.

Image credit: Pixabay


Russian Military Colonel Publishes An Article Claiming Human & Animal Telepathy Is 100 Percent Real

Is telepathy real? It’s hard to argue against it; in fact, I would say that it’s not really up for debate. That being said, when it comes to topics like these, the field is polluted with a bad reputation given its association with magic, superstition and ‘pseudoscience,’ terms that often come from those who condemn the subject without ever really looking into it. The evidence for the existence of telepathy is actually quite overwhelming, and in many cases, much stronger than most other areas of science.

Dr. Jessica Utts is a great person to bring up, as I’ve done many times before, to hammer this fact home. She is the  Chair of the Department of Statistics at the University of California, Irvine. In 1999, she published a paper showing how the statistical significance with regards to results seen from studies under the realm of parapsychology (telepathy, remote viewing, etc) are stronger than some of the studies used to approve some medications. In a recent interview, she emphasized the following.

“What convinced me was just the evidence, the accumulating evidence as I worked in this field and I got to see more and more of the evidence. I visited the laboratories, even beyond where I was working to see what they were doing and I could see that they had really tight controls… and so I got convinced by the good science that I saw being done. And in fact I will say as a statistician I’ve consulted in a lot of different areas of science; the methodology and the controls on these experiments are much tighter than any other area of of science where I’ve worked.” (source)

Why is it that these topics are not touched by mainstream academia, yet studied at the highest levels of government? Multiple governments all over the world have been studying this phenomenon for decades, and a lot has been declassified. Take the remote viewing program that was conducted by the US government/CIA and Stanford University, for example.

After its declassification in 1995, or at least its partial declassification, the Department of Defense and those involved revealed an exceptionally high success rate.

To summarize, over the years, the back-and-forth criticism of protocols, refinement of methods, and successful replication of this type of remote viewing in independent laboratories has yielded considerable scientific evidence for the reality of the [remote viewing] phenomenon. (source)

The latest example comes from Russia, as their Ministry of Defence recently published an article about the existence and study of parapsychology within the Russian military. The article explains how these techniques are and were used to penetrate the thoughts of the enemy (mind-reading) as well as to hack into enemy computer systems. The article is titled “Super Soldier for the Future Wars” and was published in the Defense Army magazine.

The article was written by Colonel Nikolai Poroskov, who explained that they use parapsychological techniques like telepathy for combat purposes, revealing secrets, disclosing locations, etc… He even discloses that Russian specialists have learned telepathy by working with dolphins.

As a note to readers, we here at Collective Evolution do not condone the use of animals for any type of experimentation. There is no information on the conditions of these experiments, but we are assuming they were captured for military purposes, which is extremely sad and heart-breaking.

Poroskov writes:

“They mentally gave the animals the commands that they carried out. Similar practiced by the famous trainer Durov. The technique, as it turned out, is applicable to humans. Moreover, the impact was even possible on the technique. With an effort of thought you can, for example, shoot down computer programs, burn crystals in generators, eavesdrop on a conversation, or break television and radio broadcasts and communications. Good luck ended with such experiments as reading a document lying in a safe, even if it is in a foreign language that we do not speak; identification of individuals belonging to the terrorist network; identifying potential candidates for terrorist groups,” the statement reads. (source)

Quite astonishing, isn’t it? Parapsychology seems to be the largest known threat to any type of secrecy, doesn’t it? I found the reference to hacking computers quite interesting. Can telepathy really be used for purposes like hacking electronic equipment? I did some more digging and found an interesting document inside of the CIA’s electronic reading room with regards to the Soviet Union.

Here’s a quote from the document:

The Soviet Union is well aware of the benefits and applications of parapsychology research. In 1963, a Kremilin edict apparently gave top priority to biological research, which in Russia includes parapsychology. The major impetus behind the Soviet drive to harness the possible capabilities of telepathic communication, telekinetics, and bionics is said to come from the Soviet military and the KGB. Today it is reported that the USSR has twenty or more centres for the study of parapsychological phenomena, with an annual budget estimated in 1967 at over 13 million dollars and reported to be as high as 21 million dollars.

Today, we know that trillions of dollars have gone into black budget programs in the United States, many of which likely deal with parapsychology, as they have in the past.

The document also states:

There are reports that the Soviets are training their cosmonauts in telepathy to back-up their electronic equipment while in outer space. One of these back-up schemes is known to involve coded telepathic messages. This method was previously demonstrated in March 1967, when a coded telepathic message was flashed from Moscow to Leningrad. The involvement of astronauts or cosmonauts in telepathy experiments is not necessarily unprecedented. In February 1971, during the Apollo 14 flight to the moon, astronaut Edgar Mitchell made 150 separate attempts to project his thoughts from inside the space capsule back to an individual on earth. The results of the Apollo 14 experiments have been well-documented in detail and are published in the Journal of Parapsychology. (source)

Deeper Black Budget Discussion On CETV

Again, these programs lie within the realm of the black budget and are highly classified. Who knows how far ahead of the mainstream world they truly are?

CETV is a platform we created in order to combat the censorship and demonetization we have been facing over the past few years. On episode 4 of The Collective Evolution Show on CETV, we discussed the black budget in much greater detail. Below is a clip exploring the missing money from the black budget and special access programs, explaining where the money is going and what exactly it’s being used for.

You can become a member of CETV, get access to the full show and many others, and support conscious media here.

The Takeaway

Human consciousness and parapsychology should not only be studied for the purposes of learning new defence tactics. Humans have great potential, and there is still so much that we have yet to discover about ourselves. What needs to change is the intention behind these discoveries.