War Room With Owen Shroyer… Steve Pieczenik VIDEO 11-5-20… “Intelligence Insider: President Trump Setup Democrats In “Sting Operation” To Catch Them Stealing Election!” (#Sting #Watermark #trusttheplan) (…the biggest sting operation… that we’ve ever had)

More validation of the sting operation using the watermarks. Very, very fascinating! More exposure, baby!!

Steve says, “This is the biggest sting operation, probably, in our country, that we’ve ever had”. He also explains that he had received permission to share this information at this time.

“Dr. Steve Pieczenick drops a huge bombshell exclusively on The War Room. Dr. Pieczenick claims that election ballots across America have been watermarked and the Democrats will be exposed when they attempt to cheat!”

Video link: https://79days.news/watch?id=5fa480cc65f2d419a08b54e2

Note: earlier someone had sent this same video (a shorter version) with this link. Some may wish to view that as well.

Charlie Ward 11-5-20… “Charlie’s Important Webinar Update on the Election” (#Sting #Watermark #trusttheplan)

Charlie reminds us that this has been planned out for a very long time, and to #TrustThePlan. He points out the watermarks and the sting operation that haas been carried out.

Thanks to BP who wrote and sent the transcribed summary notes from this video, and I’m listening to the video now.

Note that the video cannot apparently be played from this blog page, but click the Dr. CharlieWard.com or the Vimeo link link below the video to view it.

He also answers questions at the end.


Charlies Important Webinar Update on the Election

Click either link below to view the video:
Charlies Important Webinar Update on the Election

Summary notes (via BP).

How much is happening is incredible.
Feeling happy, knowing the truth.
Other side realizing they’re caught with fingers in the till!

Grateful for the positive people
What’s happened today, is off the scale,,,so exciting!

someone in chat asked: Start with a prayer.//sure we can

many more people are expected,,,but Charlie is starting anyway.

Thankyou to god for looking after us and protecting and guiding and
clarifying what’s happening in the world, standing up against evil.

Very special time: get

forget about T and B now… battle is between G & E.
forget the identity,,,,of those who hate him.. the only way thru to those
people is to understand, that it isn’t about him/T,,,it’s about G&E.

About 6 wks ago…CW said he thought the election would use the old system,
knowing that the Quantum system in the background,,,.
T repeatedly said “watch the water”,,, CW NOW learned it was the
‘watermark’ .

Dems unaware that every ballot has watermark
ACB verified that the watermark on the paper was official on ballots. She
talked about that before she was made SCOTUS.

he will end up winning by aobut 80%..

Will go to the SC.

Evidence is damning.. The fact that ACBarrett was the only person, and
under an NDA, to go the confirming.

It’ll end up being a landslide.
Dems have no idea, that the T Team has all the ammunition.

on top of the watermark, 5 states had more votes, that registered voters.
So, that’s an obvious issue.

T,,,a chess master,,,able to play 5 games at once.

Don’t worry,,,this is the most exciting day,,,Dems caught red handed.

ACB briefed ahead of time.

Tried to destroy T votes, use pens not allowed, and other tricks attempted.

Trust the Plan,,,well thought out strategy.
People CW is connected to are rubbing their tummies in glee.

CW just learned about the proof of the watermark this morning.

Biden is not the real Joe Biden>either a clone or a body double.
take the JB we knew 2 yrs ago,,, check the pictures to someone who isn’t
following so closely. They’ll see it immed.

T totally in control,,,exposed them for who they are..
11/5 in England is ‘bonfire’ day in England.

Next step: change from Admiralty Law to Common and Constitutional Law

Politicians all over the world have let us down..virus, vaccine, 5G, there
are so many ways we’ve been let down. They will lose their jobs once we
return to Constitutional Law..The ‘govt format will be very diff.
Only 5% of those in gov’t now will remain.

He’s not trying to break up the states. The states will choose a clean
business man, woman, any color…who wants to represent the people and
isn’t a lawyer. 13 th amendment, I think.

Common Law: don’t steal, hurt or kill me and I won’t do that to you!

end the covid precuations.
They’re set so the gov’t can do facial recognition! ILLEGAL…who’s doing

American flags behind potus on election night had no more gold fringe.
I saw that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bragging rights

seeing signs, with numerology, signs, the GREAT AWAKENING.

most amazing time to be alive…battle between G&E.

Donot let your guard down against Evil…ready to attack at 1st sign of
weakness. Don’t be fearful!

more died from suicide than cv19. going to remove all those who demanded
it, soon.

MASKS CONSEQUENCE:recycle own germs and Co2…poison and suffocate self!

Go to Bitchute channels, Patreon, Brighteon channels have people like cw,
who are informative and GET AWAY FROM REGULAR TV.

CW likes to establish the truth.

that was his introduction!

Now to Jimmy, who is giving Charlie the Q&A.

Q:Will Nesara start? A: CW gut feeling: yes, announcement expected before
Christmas,,,,but that’s his conclusion based on his educ. so far. that will
bring us to a new election of gov’t officials.

Q:wil false electino result lead to the Quantum voting system, that’s
already created? A: yes,

Q: Bill Gates: A: await until March for it to be public knowledge, He’s
been dealt with.

Q: how soon for results? A: won’t take long for court to estab. that the
vote was hijacked by evil.

Q: Dem will attempt to impeach A: yes, they’ll attempt, it won’t happen tho.
Battle bet. G&E is very real.

Q:will elections go to a revote? A: T will offer that using the Quantum
System. This has been carefully thought thru and planned with all
possibilities considered. He’ll decide. It’ll be the perfect way to
introduce NESARA with all the Quantum programs.

Q: B exposed,,,,who runs against T in a new election? A: CW’s gut
feeling,,,revote, same people, using Quantum system,,to prove T will win.

Q: What does Q refer to with space shuttle launch? A: CW hasn’t followed Q
for 4 mos. already, doesn’t know.

Q: remove $ from banks? A: crooks are all over,,no diff.

Q: 10 days of darkness? A: waiting to see…this chaos is the perfect foil,
to change over to the quantum system.

Q: send debacle to SC? A: when the military are checking ballots, they have
machines to do that,,,the quantum system will verfy that, so the Dems can’t
fight that. T remains in power throughout for how long it takes

Q: Pelosi? A: what a desperate state of affairs she is! She deserves
everything coming to her.B and his family: disgusting, sacrifices his own
children,,,,,,so did Pelosi!

T was DEM all his life,,, until he realized the party was taken over by
Evil people! then he chose to become a GOP member.

21st of Dec. is an important day, SUBJECT DROPPED, BUMMER!

Q:1111 is coming up,,,what’s going on? He said “we all know what it stands
for” but doesn’t say his understanding………………BUMMER
I wrote a question in chat to have him explain it.

Once in the 5th Dimension,,,he talks to 5-6 spiritual leaders and
Spiritualists… we’re moving to the Spiritual side of this Great Awakening.
Justin (Charlie’s son) went to the 15Th Dimension.
He said: My Dimension is higher than mom and dad’s put together..he sees
things so clearly.
CW is happy to learn from young people…see without barriers.
CW is retired and does a great deal of research to help us know the truth.

A: 1111: major changes are happening, typically in a spiritual context,
global and universal message is coming, when you see that number!

Mel K is a friend of CW, who worked for Trump. She said he never forgets a
name or face. He’s always considerate and has an amazing memory.

Q: Barr get involved with this eelction”A: maybe.
We know T will be pres for next 4 yrs,,,he will know exactly which way to
go to expose Evil and move forward.
We’re gonna have some bumps in the road, but we’ll get there.

Haven’t seen HRC in last 2 wks. Don’t need to be a rocket scientist to
understand….didn’t explain..

Q: will both H and S have GOP majorities? A: YES.

Q: will QFS include more than 1 crypto type currency
There will be Crypto currency as well, but QFS is not a currency.
CW personally says only good crypto are ones backed by gold.

3D: live in a box, see whats inside your world:programming, believe only
what you see in the box,,,see the trees, can’t see sky.

For 5D: look inside spiritually, nothing to do with religion,,,look inside
yourself and make sure your moral compass is good…ask your god to help y
if your religious,,,to understand right v wrong..then the info you take
from anyone,,,you can take that inside and trust your intuition and
judhgement……you’ll find a happiness when it’s True.
if uncomfortable: the info is not true

5D:see the trees and sky, touch your spiritual side and know truth..
see everything from above, rise up and trusting spiritual intuition,
trusting what your’re atking in,,
CW, works hard to try to estab. how to deliver his information acurately.
Knowing everything he says is his interpretation. Tries to deliver things
accurately, and it makes sense.
Gov’t delivers info,,,not accurate,, doesn’t make sense is in the 3rd D.

5D consciousness,,,,,,,,aware of what’s happening in the world..
Start seeing it regularly,,,,,,,,5D=Truth Dimension

Living in an amazing time. When you feel yourself connect to the Truth, and
we all have the capability to do that,,,with your accurate moral compass it

Q: when will we see confession videos of the those who are quilty of
treason A: March…Dec to March is 120 days,,, which is part of the Nesara
program. the WH only tells him a certain amount of info and that was their

Q: Jerod Kushner/Ivanka good or bad, why is Ivanka pushing vaccine? A: CW
doesn’t know.

Q: Are Alliance members working for Canada? A: yes,,,moving away from
Admiralty Law effects every govt…not just US.
This was consented to by the US Govt AND all this has to come out and the
collapse of the current legal system happens,, we’ll elect new and good

Q: Tech giants: FB, T, G, etc,news orgs,,,A: Team in WH CW talks to say
that MSM AND TECHs will be taken down, but they’ll be taken down LAST.
4 tweets by T , removed by Twitter yesterday…put back up…They’re
committing suicide!!

Q: Govt’ just launched a Quantum.gov site.
talks about ways to protect ourselves from wavelength shows that mess with
us. Get away from MSM, get to 432 music and other wavelength
shows..positive, use a salt lamp in your home.

CW: SUMMARY,, will come out fine,,,now seen how bad the people are who
pretend that they work for us. all part of the swamp being drained. Do not
keep any of those people in govt, when the new elections happen!
In England,,,he says get rid of the House of Lords. (cw is originally from
the UK)
Understand our own sovereignty.
Get all our own currencies,,,trade wars will end.
CW says he’s more excited now that he knows how the election fraud will be

CW talks about being grounded by his wife and son and tries to keep his ego
out of every program.

end with prayer: thank you Father for showing us about the corruption and
shining the light on it, to win the spiritual battle against this evil.
thank you for surrounding Charlie and all the people he works with in your