Parler (free speech social media platform)… I just joined it! (6-26-20)

Some may be interested in this one. I’ve seen this “Parler” app discussion flying around several places, and apparently this is currently a relatively big deal among many who want a pro-free-speech social media platform (like Gab, and MeWe). I found a few relevant videos (below), which some may wish to view.

Here’s my data…

Kp Identifier: @Kauilapele

Link to posts:

It appears a lot of people, which many who read this blog would know, are on this platform. I’m trying it out, and posting regularly on it, as I feel it is one more strong alternative to Twitter / FaceBook, etc.

Here’s a few videos I have seen about it:
video 1 (Styxhexenhammeer666); video 2 (Jordan Sather); video 3 (Parler CEO)

So if Guidance leads you, feel free to check it out.

Aloha, Kp