New Moon In Libra: Intensity In Relationships

We are having a New Moon in Libra on October 9th, 2018 at 3:47am Universal Time. This is initiating a 29.5 day Lunar cycle and a new wave of energy for the coming month. This cycle will peak at the Full Moon in Taurus that is occurring on October 24th.

The Sun entered the Libra (of the tropical zodiac) at the previous Equinox on September 22nd/23rd. As an air sign, it is social and intellectual. Libra is about all types of relationships, as well as balance, fairness, equality, compromise, harmony, and diplomacy. As a Venus ruled sign, it is also associated with beauty, aesthetics, creativity, and appreciation of art.

Libra is about consideration and cooperation, however, because of this it can also be indecisive and lack direct action. It is still an initiating energy because it is a Cardinal sign, yet it mainly initiates socially, intellectually or anything to do with relating. Libra can be ‘people pleasing’ which can also translate as superficiality and fakeness.

Venus, Ruler of Libra, Is Now Retrograde

Venus went retrograde on October 5th/6th which will last until November 16th. Retrogrades are a time to revisit, reflect on, and make adjustments to things represented by that planet. Venus rules all of the same things associated with Libra (as mentioned) and also rules over money, values, sensuality, femininity, and pleasures.

With Venus just beginning its retrograde just prior to the New Moon, this really emphasizes a shift a potential for changes and re-orientation regarding Venus-Libra areas of life throughout this Lunar cycle, yet will still play out in the month following. You can read more about this Venus retrograde here.

New Moon Conjunct Ceres and Square Pluto, Venus Square Mars

This New Moon is aligned with Ceres, once classified as an asteroid but now considered a dwarf planet by astronomers. It is a feminine energy associated with nurturing, mothering, unconditional love, fertility, family, food, agriculture, sustainability, as well as the rhythms and cycles of womanhood.

Ceres is also associated with grief, loss, and separation. It can be about destroying to regain what was lost. Ceres has become increasingly used in astrology over the last decade and this is reflected in the shifts society is experiencing around women’s issues/rights, as well as both the constructive and destructive aspects of modern day feminism.

This New Moon and Ceres are both in a square with Pluto. This can bring Plutonian energy to Libran and Ceres themes mentioned above. It can be transformative, purging, renovating, regenerating, deep, powerful, sexual, and evolutionary.

However, it is a tense square which increases the potential of the more challenging qualities which can be intense, obsessive, compulsive, manipulative, secretive, dark, destructive, fearful, vengeful, and can trigger jealousy, power struggles, or reveal hidden matters. This energy is strongest from October 11th-12th, but it builds up leading up to those dates.

Venus retrograde is in the Plutonian sign of Scorpio while also  in a square with Mars which is strongest October 10th/11th. This reinforces some of the same themes regarding that square with Pluto. This can be  passionate when it comes to matters of love, or even socially and creatively. However, it can also stimulate tension and conflict.

Mercury is also in an opposition with Uranus on the same day, and this combined with Venus square Mars can trigger impulsive spending of resources. This can also reflect stimulating communications, ideas, and innovative thinking. However, this can make it harder for us to focus our minds, and there can also be some sort of disruptions or potential separations.

Making Intentions And Things To Consider

What has been coming up for you recently regarding your social life,  matters of love, and sexuality? Do you feel like you need to proceed differently when it comes to these areas?

What major changes can you make to bring in more harmony and balance in your life or regarding relationships? How could you evolve in your creative expression?  Do you feel like you need to make an aesthetic or stylistic revision in some way?

These are just some examples of what to consider or focus your intentions on at this time, however, it is good to reflect on anything else that is coming up for you. It is generally best to make any intentions within the first 24 hours following a New Moon. However, the closer the better and can be as early as 30 minutes prior to the exact moment of it. This New Moon will be occurring at 3:47am Universal Time. You can click here to see what that is in your time zone.

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