HUGE Human Trafficking Busts, While You Were ‘Sleeping…’

(Shem) Child trafficking busts are quickly becoming the new American mainstay for Super Bowl Sunday. It used to be only the game and halftime show that drew the attention of audiences. However, now, that norm appears to be changing. Both in 2019 and here in 2020, large pedophilia busts have taken place in parallel with the Big Game and are quickly painting a new picture of what this sporting event entails.

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Super Bowl LII (that’s “52”) Halftime Show 2-4-18… “‘One image that ‘Stood Out’” (possible St. Germaine reference?)

Snipped from the video posted here (thanks to JW for posting a similar one on FB). This is Prince’ name symbol (link to image).

Since it was all done in Purple (yes, a most famous song of his was “Purple Rain“), but my immediate “get” was that this color was a code for St. Germaine, and the violet flame. Planetary prosperity ahead, perhaps?

That’s what I got, anyway.

Super Bowl LII (that’s “52”) Halftime Show 2-4-18… “‘Sorry’, folks, I found no ‘Illuminati-isms’ in here””

Prince tribute snip… Click to enlarge.

[Kp update: compare this year’s to last year’s Super Bowl, posted here.]

This is the official NFL YouTube channel video, and although I saw a few things possibly Illuminati-ish (some red lights and red clothes at the beginning, maybe a few triangles in the displays here and there), mostly I did not see the extreme Illuminati symbolism that has appeared in other Super Bowls. I liked the Prince tribute, and ends with a lot of rainbow colors at the end (I’m sure some “ultra-conservatives” will claim that is part of that “gay agenda”). See what you get.

Could this indicate a positive sign for humanity?

And, btw, the Philadelphia Eagles won the game. Their first Super Bowl win. They did win the NFL championship in 1960 (pre-Super Bowl era).