A Sacred “Laying to Rest” of a “companion…

This may appear like something in a trash bin, but to me, it’s more than that. These surf shorts have been with me for about 4-5 years. They have been on many many missions, and have always been my most comfortable pair. Eventually, they thinned out and started to tear, so iron-on patches and stitches were used, but last night, after a shower, I tried put them on, but my toe went right through one of the legs… again.

So, I got the message that it was time to lay these surf shorts to rest. Since I did not want to just throw them in any old place (like, a dumpster), I brought them to my favorite coffee place, Kona Coffee and Tea. This is their final resting place. That seemed “right” to me.

May they rest in peace, as I rest in the wonderful memories of the fun and the Light work that these surf shorts enjoyed, with me in them…

Aloha Kp

PS… I never paid more than $15 for a pair of surf shorts. Always got mine at Ross Dress for Less!!