Swindle School 101

By Anna Von Reitz

When I was young we had a rash of land ownership scams based on abuse of Quit Claim Deeds.  The fraud artist would offer to sell you this beautiful piece of land and deed it over to you via a Quit Claim Deed. 

The problem was that the purported Seller never had any valid ownership in that land to begin with, so his Quit Claim was meaningless. 

For only $50,000 I will gladly give you a Quit Claim to all the land I own in Florida.

The Municipal United States Congress has been doing the same thing. 

They don’t actually represent you, but they let people assume that they do, and then they act as if they had the authority to do all the things they have done— when in point of fact, they don’t.  

They have no valid interest— no land in Florida. So all their works and ways are invalid from the start and as if they never existed since 1860 with respect to us.  The technical legal term is: void for fraud. 

We have our republics, if we occupy them.  We can, if we get moving and organized, “reconstruct” our Federal States of States and impose sanity on this asylum.  

The complete fraudulent nature of this entire situation is made clear from the fact that the perpetrators endlessly describe their aberrant, renegade government of, by, and for corporations as a “democracy” — and they have never yet had a mandate of 51% of anyone voting for anything.  

They proclaim that they are a democracy, albeit one without any mandate to exist.

That’s like claiming to be a milk cow without an udder, or a cat without claws, a bird without feathers, or a snake without scales. You might as well claim that your wife is a hat, as to claim to be a democracy without a mandate.

You need look no farther for any explanation or fact.  The entire house of cards falls apart on the first defect, and there you have two (2) defects that are completely unanswerable: (1) their United States Congress does not represent our United States; (2) their democracy can’t exist without a mandate, and so far as we can determine, they have never had a mandate to do anything at all. 

Bottom line, the whole circumstance is nothing but a criminal Breach of Trust and Swindle owed immediate correction and cessation. 


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