Sympathetic Vibratory Physics — An Introduction

(Stillness in the Storm Editor’s Note) Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the cutting edge of science, where Physics, Acoustics, Cosmology, and even Theology become one in the same study, under the banner of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP).  This is an enormous field of knowledge that requires our most diligent attention, for mastery over the vibratory matrix of matter itself may confer upon humanity untold powers.

What kind of powers am I referring to?  I am talking no less than the power to generate potentially unlimited energy, heal almost any ailment, and possibly even travel the galaxy.  We shall see if this will prove true; as for myself, I personally am convinced that this is the case.

When popular science and popular academia reach a point of terminal dogmatism — when they become impervious to novelty and innovation, as they often are today — then society will inevitably undergo an intellectual “pole shift.”  That is to say, the educated, prestigious, and credentialed classes become the greatest inhibitors of science, which places the burden of progress upon the shoulders of society’s many unsung autodidacts and tinkerers.  We are currently undergoing such an intellectual pole shift in society today, and I am quite certain that much of the “science clergy” of the 20th (and early 21st) century will in future centuries be regarded as virtually identical to the inquisition who refused to peer through Galileo’s telescope out of fear that they might discover that the world is not exactly as the Church described it.

But you, my friend, need not be party to such an inquisition.  It is well within our capability to divest ourselves of those prejudices inculcated in all of us by mainstream education and media.  I invite you to, as Buckminster Fuller put it, “dare to be naive” and look at this wonderful field of knowledge through the eyes of a child discovering science for the very first time.

The material below is offered not as a complete treatise, but as an introduction to SVP.  We hope you both enjoy and are uplifted by this knowledge.

– Conscious Optimist

SourceAether Force

by John Echel

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, discovered By Jon Ernst Worrell Keely, reveals a vital puzzle piece in investigating the polar streams of force and their harmonic, enharmonic, and disharmonic triune expressions from the neutral center, The mystery of the 3, 6, & 9 is found within Keely’s musical physic of life, sympathetic vibration, and Mind.

Among his discoveries include disintegrating quartz ; disassociation of water; amplification of thought and sound through Trexar (silver, platinum, gold wire) harmonically shaped capacitors to produce an etheric vapor capable of hydraulic work. He discovered nature divides itself in triplets, and may divide into infinite regress. Keely claimed to have subdivided matter in 7 distinct levels. He also theorized of the actinic rays, emanating from neutral center of stars to the brains of man, claiming the brain was an interface for these sympathetic streams. He produced Dynaspheres, musically designed globe capable of producing etheric force. A cool ionic breeze can be felt feet away from dynashperes, even in a static state. To become a dynamic engine for etheric force requires a coherent mind in which the dynashpere can engage in sympathy. Keely’s science demonstrated a direct interconnection between mind and matter, and the necessity for mankind to investigate more balanced modes of power generation.

“All force is mind force.”

Picture of Dale Pond with one of the Dynaspheres.  Can you feel ?
Keely’s Four Laws:

Introductory Lecture on SVP and Keely by Dale Pond

Introduction to Keely Wave Function by Dale Pond

Mind Force — The Hidden Scalar Potential of Mind

Dale Pond demonstrating Transmission and Reception

Support the Aetheric Revolution by reaching out to the Pond Science Institute. Dale has laid a major foundation for us. It is time to build on what has been given. Gratitude !!!

Pond Intitute Mission Statement

Compendium of SVP
About the Author

John Echel is a regular contributor to Aether Force.

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