“Telegram”… I am currently on it, as, “Kpblog.space posts”

Image links to the Kpblog.space Telegram page

Yes, Telegram is another of the social media that is currently very popular with “The families of ‘the Banned’” (from Twitter, FB, etc.). I have been posting on it for the last few weeks (since 1-24-21, to be precise). So in order to view anything there, I believe one has to become a member. Below are my links.

To join the “Kpblog.space posts” channel, click here

To find other people of interest, one can use the search box.

Here are a few I’m following:

Santa Surfing
SBA Ascension Works TV

Now, to be very clear, I am still learning this platform, and I do not claim to “fully know” anything about it. But it’s very easy to post KpBlog.space articles on Telegram, so I’ll keep using it (and learning about it). It may be something others will want to explore.

Aloha, Kp