Ten Billion People Have Tested Positive!

By Anna Von Reitz

What?  Yes, according to the official records being promoted by WHO and the rotten CDC, ten billion people have tested “positive” for Covid 19 since January. 

There’s just one problem.  

There are only about 7.2 billion people alive in the world.  

They must have gone to the cemeteries and exhumed some more “voters”.  Quite a few more, in fact.  

Not only has our $50 Billion Dollar Reward gone unclaimed, those promoting this GIANT HOAX have sunk to a new low.  Even Joe Biden only missed the mark by millions; WHO and CDC have missed it by billions with a “b”.  

How can people continue to live in a world where such obvious bunk is being blatted out on the public airwaves by straight-faced “news” anchors shoveling this crap all day long?  

Where is the man (or woman) with guts enough to shut this carnival down?  

And arrest Bill Gates, the international criminal already indicted in India and elsewhere for killing, maiming, and sterilizing hundreds of thousands of people with his insane vaccine scams?  

Really.  An estimated 750,000 children in India have been murdered, maimed, deformed, left sterile, blinded, and otherwise harmed by Bill Gates. 

Why in Heaven’s Name is the monster still walking around free on our streets? 
Still making threats about releasing the Bubonic Plague?  He’s insane.  Loony. Bonkers.  Bill Gates needs a rubber room and permanent sedation. Let’s give it to him. 

Mr. President, if you need someone to swear out a complaint against Mr. Gates, there are about 320 Million Americans who have been harmed by his most recent caper.   

And if anyone wants to argue with me, there is the $50 Billion Reward issue. 
I say it’s all bunk and nobody has come forward to prove otherwise. 

This latest compilation of literally impossible claims by WHO and CDC is just more proof that we are all being used and scammed by reckless entities that have no granted authority to do as much as sneeze on our shores. 

Shut them down.  Now, please. 


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