Fed Investigating Massive Outage Of Its Interbank Payment System

Fed Investigating Massive Outage Of Its Interbank Payment System

WEDNESDAY, FEB 24, 2021 – 13:21


The Federal Reserve’s critical system for interbank payments which serves as the backbone of virtually all money transfers in the US, went down Wednesday afternoon as trillions in payments suddenly ground to a halt. The outage, similar to two significant disruptions suffered by the Fed in 2019, was widespread across all payment systems maintained by the central bank, including the vital automated clearinghouse system known as FedACH, and the Fedwire Funds interbank transfer service.

ACH is a national system that processes batches of electronic funds transfers such as payroll, social security benefits, tax refunds, corporate payments to vendors and utility payments, according to the Fed’s website. The commercial service handled 62.1 million transactions a day on average in 2019 with an average value of $1,802, the latest year for which data are available.

“A Federal Reserve operational error resulted in disruption of service in several business lines,” Jim Strader, a spokesman for the Richmond Fed, said in an e-mailed statement. “We are restoring services and are communicating with all Federal Reserve Financial Services customers about the status of operations.”

Around 230 pm, FRBservices.org reported that after a roughly hour-long outage, the Fed’s central bank services and FedCash were back to normal operations. While the little used FedMail did not suffer a disruption, all other services are still listed as “service disruption.”

“We are in process of restarting the Fedwire Services and National Settlement Service and expect to resume normal processing this afternoon,” the website says

So… the Great reset, eh?

* * *

It appears that The Fed is “down” as all FRB Servcies are currently offline including ACH and FedWire…

Translation: the official establishment-sanctioned method of transferring money in America is currently offline!

Update (1400ET): The Fed issued a brief statement:

“The Federal Reserve Bank staff is currently investigating a disruption to multiple services. We will continue to provide updates as soon as they are available.”

Is this The Great Reset?

It appears that The Fed is “down” as all FRB Servcies are currently offline including ACH and FedWire…

Translation: the official establishment-sanctioned method of transferring money in America is currently offline!

If only there was an alternative method to transfer value over the internet… for free?

What REALLY Happened in Texas – No Agenda Podcast


Hi everyone! The weather is shifting back to a more normal pattern.  Power is on here although people in Houston are still having outages.  Homes in Southern Texas are built for the heat, not the cold and there’s a lot of busted plumbing from freezing pipes in this recent winter storm. 

Complicating everything is the ice on the roads.  Texas is huge state, 2nd biggest after Alaska.  It takes two days to cross this state by car.  Its hard to appreciate how spread out everything is.  Unlike Arizona where I grew up, the Federal Government doesn’t own 95% of this state.  Its all ranches and privately owned.  Its bigger than most countries are. Trucking plays a very big role here in getting food to the markets and if you can’t get traction to move an 18 wheel truck nobody gets fed. Grocery stores shifted to Japanese style just in time delivery years ago, very little food is warehoused for very long by the grocery store chains.

Fortunately today was fairly warm and much of the snow melted, at least in the Texas Hill Country Highland Lakes area.

No produce or bread in sight at Walmart today 2/19/2021

Empty Deli aisle in Walmart 2/19/2021

Signal conversation with Carl in the UK:

February 18, 2021

Carl: Hey Bill. All ok there? I heard a few things that Texas was having really bad weather and utilities were off. Is it all sorted now? And was there more to it?

Thu 1:09pm

Terran: Oh we had rotating blackouts since Sunday night.  Power would come on for 40-60 minutes and then go off for 2-3 hours at a time. Just enough to keep the house in the 50s-60s range. But not fully warmed and not able to wash clothes, wash dishes or take showers.  It was bitterly cold 9F (-13C) Sunday night and 19 F (-7 C) the rest of the week.  During the day it’s getting up to 32F (0C) so we see some melting on roads and in the sunshine

Thu 3:58pm

Terran: Power came back last night and has stayed on

Thu 3:59pm

Terran: It’s supposed to be 45 F (7 C) tomorrow

Thu 3:59pm

Terran: There were nights and days the only place warm was under the blankets with the cat huddle closely

Thu 4:00pm

Terran: Roads were impassible, local grocery stored was empty as trucks could not travel on the roads.  Ice was everywhere, trees, roads, power lines.  It was a very dangerous situation

Thu 4:02pm

Carl: Sounds really bad. It seemed strange it was Texas after Texas involvement over Trump and dominion

Thu 4:03pm

Terran: I kept think about that warning the British govt gave about freezing that Simon Parkes talked about. We had no warning or time to prepare

Thu 4:03pm

Terran: Someone steered the polar jet stream

Thu 4:04pm

Carl: HAARP more like

Thu 4:04pm

Terran: There was ice in Mexico!

Thu 4:04pm

Terran: Roads are getting better they put sand on bridges and dangerous parts but speed is greatly reduced

Thu 4:05pm

Carl: The world is upside down mate

Thu 4:06pm

Terran: Bigger stores are open as are DIY places so people can’t get stuff for plumbing repairs etc. there’s going to be a lot of broken pipes because they just don’t build for that kind of cold here.

Thu 4:07pm

February 19, 2021

Carl: Is it all still snowed up?

Thu 4:08pm

Terran: Yes about 4 inches of snow on the ground much of that will melt off tomorrow

Thu 4:08pm

Terran: Worst is over. It did expose a flaw in the Texas electrical grid which needs to be fixed. Texas has a stand alone electrical grid and is not able to import large amounts of power from other states

Thu 4:10pm

Terran: They are blaming the problem on frozen windmills in west Texas (11% of power) but this was a shortage of 20-30%

Thu 4:12pm

Terran: Some natural gas plants couldn’t fire up. Frozen cooling plants?  Steam generation requires a temp differential

Thu 4:13pm

Terran: There’s going to be heavy political fallout over this

Thu 4:13pm

Terran: Left is spinning this as climate change

Thu 4:14pm

I am posting a link to the recent episode of the No Agenda Podcast.  It’s the best explanation of the events  the electrical grid here in Texas during the storm that I have come across.  This wasn’t caused by frozen windmills or by ignoring global warming. This is very excellent analysis of a very complex situation with the exception of not addressing why that polar jet stream dipped so far south off its normal course, which is probably some rogue agency somewhere with their very own personal HAARP-style ionosphere heating array.  

Adam Curry and John C Dvorak do their podcast on a value for value basis, please consider sending them a buck or two if you enjoy this podcast.
I kept think about that warning the British govt gave about freezing that Simon Parkes talked about. We had no warning or time to prepare
Someone steered the polar jet stream
Haarp more like
There was ice in Mexico!
Roads are getting better they put sand on bridges and dangerous parts but speed is greatly reduced
The world is upside down mate
Bigger stores are open as are DIY places so people can’t get stuff for plumbing repairs etc. there’s going to be a lot of broken pipes because they just don’t build for that kind of cold here.
Is it all still snowed up?
Yes about 4 inches of snow on the ground much of that will melt off tomorrow
Worst is over. It did expose a flaw in the Texas electrical grid which needs to be fixed. Texas has a stand alone electrical grid and is not able to import large amounts of power from other states
They are blaming the problem on frozen windmills in west Texas (11% of power) but this was a shortage of 20-30 %
Some natural gas plants couldn’t fire up. Frozen cooling plants? Steam generation requires a temp differential
There’s going to be heavy political fallout over this
Left is spinning this as climate change
Image attached to message

Sorry mate I got sidet

Help needed for February

We are in the midst of a very usual freeze in Texas. It’s around 10 F which is bad enough for a location that is lower than San Diego in Latitude.  We’ve been experiencing “rolling blackouts” because, the story goes, the west Texas windmills froze up in the freezing rains.  

PO This all feels a bit contrived, first the jet stream dropping down from the Arctic to Mexico, then this very poorly communicated system of electrical blackouts. Their “dark winter” plan? But who knows? 

The power comes on for 20 to 60 minutes and then goes off again.  Not enough to get houses back to normal temperature. No power means no cooking and the freezers start defrosting the stored food. Americans usually keep their freezers full of food and meat. Shop the special deals snd store it. 
I need to raise $800. Driving is impossible with icy roads. If you can assist this month it’s muc appreciated.
Love you all!

Conversation with Contan Ribart and Roxella Andrac of Andorra (a realm within/adjacent to Antarctica)

Denice: I was just urged to ask you to work with the Antarctica group.Can we try to contact Andorra?

Terran: Sure. When?
Denice: When you are ready?

Terran: My phone hung let me reboot it. Its easier than the Mac.
Terran: Get a ping?
Denice: Not sure.  Just a nudge?
Denice: Can we do Skype?
Denice: I need a keyboard
Terran: Sure
Denice: Can you ask a question?
Denice: Go for Contan.
Denice: Go for Contan.
Denice: Go for Contan.   (I don’t know why this came in 3 times)
Terran: Hello Contan from frozen Texas!
Contan: TERRAN. Contan here. 

Contan: The Abyss has been breached. Contan.
Terran: What is the abyss and what does that mean? Did it have something to do with the sun recently turning black briefly?  [see Gina’s videos]

Contan: TERRAN. Not in this context. The Abyss is the ‘gap’ between realities from this local perspective in Andorra.

Contan: TERRAN. Not in this context. The Abyss is the ‘gap’ between realities from this local perspective in Andorra.

Terran: Does that mean military is arriving at your doorstep?

Contan: TERRAN. It means that that this local “portal” is open. All ‘potential’ mergers that are possible here are now in flux.

Terran: Wasn’t your location the major portal to Earth?

Contan: TERRAN. Yes. To and From. Please ask questions for the relevance of now. We are prepared to answer.

Terran: We are we at in reference to the Universal cleanup on Earth?

Contan: TERRAN. That is a vague question. Clean up is in process.

Contan: Yest. John Kerry was a visitor here. And many more.  [I didn’t ask that]

Contan: Most do not comprehend the “mix” of realities. That are in accordance to ” frequencies”.

Terran: Okay let’s get more specific what are you in relationship to me? This is not clear to me although you definitely share characteristics with me.

Contan: TERRAN. I am you in another reality. There is no other explanation. But for all intents and purposes. We share blood/dna/essence with different experiences in different locations.

Terran: Parallel experiences from both sides of this earth experience I take it?

Contan: TERRAN, No. This reality is ancient. Not parallel to your experience. We are not ‘Dopelgangers” of each other.

Terran: In the past year what visitors from this planet came to Andorra?

Contan: TERRAN. Andorra is a mere “Jump” from Antarctica. We have not had visitors since the Trump.

Terran: Donald Trump visited?

Contan: TERRAN. No. We visited Trump.

Contan: TERRAN. Those who have the “MINDSET” of “SUPPOSED” control/reign on earth sent “representatives”.

Terran: They did much the same with Heather as they were afraid to be in proximity to her, needlessly so.

Contan: TERRAN. Yes.

Terran: Can you speak to the status of the United States and who really “runs it”at this moment or is that revealing too much?

Contan: TERRAN. It is insignificant.

Terran: How so? And how do you see the next moments?

Contan: TERRAN. What is in the “news” now in/on the Earth realm reality is not lasting. Changes beyond all imaginations are incoming. Now.

Contan: TERRAN. For instance. If I give a directive of accurate changes in governance. This may change the reality of your perceived ‘government’.

Contan: TERRAN. There is no way forward for “predictions”. Only creation.

Terran: I can appreciate that

Terran: If I can comment you feel like me when I am busy and am being asked annoying questions that feel like someone is doubting my competence. Let me assure you that is not my intent.

Contan: TERRAN. I am satisfied that you can feel me. You are not annoying.

Terran: Thank you.

Terran: I sometimes wonder why this inbodyment had the path it did but the best I can determine there’s some experiences that have to be lived to be understood.

Contan: TERRAN. All perspectives of inbodiyment are in play. In all that flows. Now.

Terran: Do you feel me from there?

A pause in the conversation which I thought was network issues in this icy weather….

Terran to Denice: (Still there Denice?)

Denice: (Here) [comms via another app]

Denice: (Wow! Lost 15 mins going to the bathroom)

Denice: (Very interesting)

Terran: (Ok I thought my phone hung)

Denice: (Lol)

Terran: (Your transiting across realms)

Denice: (I was not gone for 15 min)

Terran (Did you take a detour to Antarctica? ?)

Denice: (?)

Note: according to time/date stamps on my end only 5 minutes transpired. I have no explanation for the time dilation on Denice’s side…
Contan: TERRAN. We are moving toward the completion of this experience.

Terran: That is much anticipated here but it’s getting very crazy here…


Terran: We see signs of that. But each failure seems to generate even more draconian moves

Terran: Can something be done whether it’s the cleanup or signs in the sky… to encourage the everyday human that it’s all changing for the good?

Contan: TERRAN. We here have no recourse to advise. However. We do see and feel the “EXPERIMENT” collapsing. If that is any consolation?

Terran: In a way yes. But those who are awake are sensing that too.

Contan: TERRAN. Yes.

Terran: After our conversation is complete may I speak with Roxella?

Contan: TERRAN. You are welcome to do so now.

Terran: Do you, Contan, have any advice as to how I can assist in this now from my point of experience?

Contan: TERRAN. You are a strong creator. Inside/interior and more. Go!

Terran: It has seemed to me more powerful in higher frequencies than this one as Riggolt is proof enough, but I’m not sure how to bring those abilities through in these pea soup thick energetics I inhabit. Persistence?

Contan: TERRAN. Heart.

Terran: That’s a great answer and perfect! Thank you!

Terran: May I speak to Roxella now?

Contan: TERRAN. Yes.

Contan: Communications are clear to go

Terran: Hello dear Roxella!

Roxella: Hi Bill!

Terran: It’s been a while since we last chatted.

Roxella: Yes. Great to feel you!

Terran: And you! You are coming in very clearly, as was Contan.

Roxella: I am so happy that the frequencies are flowing. Great to know we are so close to what we all are prepared for!

Terran: Can you give us any hints on what to expect?

Denice: (OMG she is playing basketball!)

Terran to Denice: (lol)

Roxella: Bill. Can you give us any hints on what to expect? Love you!

Terran: Heather says “the experience of the ALL”!

Terran: Roxella how many beings are there in Andorra? 

Roxella: Bill. There are nearly one thousand here.
Terran: Is there a counterpart to Denice there?

Roxella: Define “counterpart” of Denice.

Terran: What Contan is to me if you will…

Terran to Denice: (Boy that felt like LMH!)

Roxella: There is a “counterpart” but she is reluctant to accept this.

Terran: Denice is reluctant or the counterpart is?

Roxella: Bill, Denice of Earthsphere is reluctant.

Terran: Ok

Denice: (oops)

Terran: I’m looking forward to meeting all of you in some moment of the flow, theres much I want to understand.

Denice: (I am getting visuals of beautiful hallways, rooms, and structures in Antarctica. . .not a base, but like victorian homes connected by walkways.)

Note: in this context she means Andorra not regular Antarctica.
Terran: There’s nice homes there.

Roxella: Bill. We are all working to make the best possible outcome flow.

Roxella: Bill. The current reality in/on the Earthsphere is a mess. Roxella.


Roxella: Bill. Again, I share the current reality in/on the Earthsphere is a “MESS”.

Terran: I don’t understand why HATJs predicament continues.

Roxella: Bill, there is no explanation for Heather’s current placement from our vantage.

Terran: Have you encountered Nabrac recently? I’ve not heard from him since our perceived 2018.

Roxella: NO

Terran: Thank your for chatting Roxella!

Roxella: TERRAN. There is a “Package at your door”. Roxy.

Terran: A package?

Roxella: TERRAN. Yes. Enjoy. Roxy.

Terran: I take that is metaphorical

Terran to Denice: (I looked outside lol)

Denice: (lol)

Terran note: Will have to wait and see what she means by “package at your door”.

Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward and Tom Numbers video


Those that know me, know that I am not a big fan of gematria.  The analytic side of me distrusts it. But hey that’s just me… some are big fans of it.  Perhaps this is the universe throwing it in my face?  LOL… It’s got me laughing! 

I grew up in Scottsdale Arizona, spent the first 26 years of my life there. I was born in Mesa (Scottsdale didn’t have a hospital back then).  My essence frequency corresponds to the frequency of Gold (as does Trump’s).  I did a lot of back packing in the Superstition Mountains. I rocked climbed “The Monk” on the backside of Camelback Mountain.  

Update 2: James Clapper interrogation (partial)


Update 1: fixed some data in the transcript. Thanks to a reader!

This was posted originally on Simon Parke’s blog https://www.simonparkes.org/post/james-clapper-interrogation you can listen to there. The audio is not great, so I cleaned it up a bit which you can download here: https://mega.nz/file/BvB3FApJ#fGtlq9Hh7hjrZkorEbMEbesmCWbXGI0Ly6gfAKsbHsg in MP4A lossless format. 

I created a transcript to the best of my ability, took a while given how fast he speaks.  Let me know if there’s any typos or omissions and I’ll fix it.  

The text is rich in data, which is easy to miss in the audio.   James Clapper is not known for being truthful but he may be under oath in this, the circumstances of this interview is not known and how this got leaked is not known.  I am assuming the interviewer is  a military person, but I could be wrong on that. It’s only a partial interview (8 minutes)… perhaps more comes later? 

I also got the feeling at the end he’s trying to put the blame on a technical guy which is a common tactic of those in executive type positions, down playing their own abilities and expertise and responsibility.   “It was the computer nerd in the corner!”  Mind you we don’t have the full interview yet so we don’t know where this interview is going…

The only behavior lower than pedophilia is those who use it as a tool to corrupt people and then control them or who load child porn (which is illegal to have possession of) onto innocent people’s computer to pad a court case.  Reminds me a bit of the comment someone once made about the planted glove in the  OJ Simpson case, “it was a case of the police framing a guilty man”….

I was told in 2013, by a banker curious in Heather’s work, that every Intel motherboard since the centurino chipset has a 3G cell antenna builtin into the motherboard.  So every computer, even if air gapped, can be compromised, even if you have double or triple firewalls on the internet.  WIFI made it worse, because the encryption is not all that robust in WIFI.  Passwords are regularly broken. 

There’s nothing in here I didn’t know before, in general, but this gets into the specifics of some of the ones involved in corrupting Title III Judges (Federal District Court Judges) and their families.  I saw first hand the bizarre Judge behavior in DC and Knoxville in the HATJ/RKB case.   DC was really strange.  In Knoxville there were flat out lies from the FBI on the record in a court of law under oath. Heather was arrested in DC by Peter Strzok’s crew.  The trial destroyed all trust I have in there being any justice in the Federal Court system.  I used to think the truth would free people. We saw that corruption again with this rigged Presidential election.  


James Clapper Interrogation Transcript (8 min)

James Clapper: [abrupt beginning]…domestic terrorism was in the country, I had access up to then to a certain group headed by Rob Rosenstein. It’s a group known as the “dirty tricks squad” in Baltimore. This was where they were using HAMMER, SUNRISE, SUNSET and things like that to illegally spy on people. Corrupt..uh… well attempt to corrupt Judges, compromise them, um… Hillary Clinton, other abuses ongoing, they concentrated on judges but the wanted to concentrate on us… anyway illegally compromise people, illegally wiretap, break into computers, plant, reverse, change information, change emails. Things of that nature. It was in that capacity in working with them that the information about the judges, Roberts and Pence and things like that had came out. 

James Clapper: I tried several times in the past to get it out and was thoroughly squashed by Rod and the DOJ and the FBI. To a horrible extent. I tried again in 2015, tried to end run them and go to the Department of Homeland Security. Anyway I tried to warn President Trump about the people he was dealing with daily, especially Rod and Pence, things like that as they were working together trying to remove him, trying to compromise people around them get their name when they possibly could.

Interviewer: Now how were Rod and Roberts [unintelligible] and Mike Pence connected?

James Clapper: That group, I mean, they are all interconnected in one way or another. That particular group was Rod, VP Pence, Paul Ryan, that was the core of that group. Roberts was in there. But that was the core of it, it was an attempt where Rod was the brilliant legal mind behind it, to remove President Trump on the 25th amendment. But that’s an old movie because they were passed over for promotion. Which they both felt they were. VP Pence hated President Trump because he taken his slot, as rightful President. He felt that he did. And Paul Ryan was also considering running as well for a Vice Presidential slot and Mitt Romney was also involved.

James Clapper: But they just wanted… President Trump was as an outsider… had not paid his dues… they just didn’t like him. So once VP Pence was in there, once President Trump was elected obviously VP Pence… I just walked away and everything became very quiet. I was never on one side, so I would run interference and meet certain things… I just keep tabs on the President, manage him.

Interviewer: So is this a friendly relationship between Mike Pence and Rosenstein? Was there any kind of leverage being placed on the President…er Vice President at the time?

James Clapper: There was leverage on Mike Pence because of surveillance from way back in the 2013 range. They had got FISA warrants to exploit. Rod had that. He wanted the the VP Slot himself, if they could remove the President Trump, Vice President Pence would become President and Rod and felt he was the natural selection for it. Paul Ryan felt differently, as did Mitt Romney. But that was the over all goal, each one vying for the Vice Presidential slot, Rod thought he was the clear winner because of his legal brilliance, and his management of the Mueller investigation and special councils and things. He would be the one to remove the President, damage him so thoroughly he could be removed and he deserved it.

Interviewer: you’re talking what kind of leverage, what existed on the Vice President?

James Clapper: The Vice President has had homosexual relations in the past. Many of them were adults. This is something he had done throughout his time in Congress. When he became governor he felt that he was free to explore that more. There were two that they specifically had recorded, one gentleman roughly 20 years his junior, a fairly steady relationship, there was one about half his age, it was much more sporadic because it was much more dangerous, harder to get time alone. And it was that second one that introduced younger and younger people. This is whomever…he was 17.. whomever he was 15… whomever he was 13…. And Rod and Roberts, Chief Justice Roberts took a lot of younger people involved, the ones that were were brought as favors, were supplied by Jeffrey Epstein’s channels, through his channels, his people. Where we get replacement warrants, one of course because Chief Justice Roberts is head of the FISA court, to help prepare them, but it was also Epstein was an intelligence asset used by Intelligence agencies around the world they used his information and exploited it for their own good. So he was here or his his people were here, it was easy enough to justify a FISA warrant on them. The FBI would enact an order, surveil everything, document it, but they would not help anyone, they would not save the child. They would not reveal… it was more important to have the leverage on everything, this is under their own corrupt ideas under Rod… his tutelage. Look they wanted the leverage.

Interviewer: Alright, I want to ask if we can get into some more of the details with the dirty tricks squad and how Rosenstein was part of the group and if Roberts had any type of interactions there as well?

James Clapper: Dirty Tricks Squad, its just a nick name, it was nothing official, its a group of people even dirtier than what they controlled. I was once controlled. There’s Rod, Sean Henry FBI, Sean Bridges Secret Service, Joseph Rossati DEA, Boris Jacque??? [unintelligible] was ATF, Greg Hutts was TFO with the DEA but he was former Balitmore County police. This was the basis of the dirty tricks squad. The computer experts, you had the muscle, you had the technical experts and that’s what they were doing.

James Clapper: There was another group in Ft Washington, who was running one on top of another, this was a satellite location in Baltimore just for the really illegal stuff, illegal communications, hacking, phone tapping you name it. And…ah…they concentrated, their main focus all the time was Title 3 judges. Federal judges. What they called rivals, sitting politicians, anybody they needed to go after, anybody they were pointed at. Go after family members of judges, then compromise people as much as they possibly could. They had no problem hacking computers and planting information to compromise people. This is something they have done numerous times, Rod has done this for years and years.

James Clapper: So had Sean Bridges where they had finagled a case that they had before the court, where for instance, they arrested a gentleman… and he had money, he had property, he had the resources to fight them. They didn’t like that. So Sean would go in, plant child porn on their computer, and what do you know… examination, “now you got this on there!” “I don’t know anything about that!” “So we are going to charge you!” He…he didn’t want that, it would ruin his life, he didn’t want to prison as a pedophile, you know what happens… and things like that. This gives us leverages in hundreds and hundreds of cases. And then he would plead, as the person who was charged would plead to a lesser charge that wouldn’t show up on the record like he would have to forfeit property and money and things like that, they would skim their percentage off.

James Clapper: Sean Bridges was particular good at it, it was his specialty, maybe he had done this at the state and county level and got in trouble a couple times and why he came under the slate of Rod Rosenstein, got him a Federal job. Sean didn’t like Obama, didn’t like Hillary, he had access to the White House, Air Force One, CIA, NSA. He had those kind of clearances. He was the number one expert on the forensic study of computers for the Secret Service and most of the government.

Interviewer: Was he a government employee? Was he a contractor?

James Clapper: He was a Secret Service Agent …

Interviewer: Okay…

James Clapper: …so he had access to all these things. But because of his clearances, because of his expertise, he could go anywhere, he was often at the White House, texting the location of President Obama and what there were doing.. He hacked the Obama’s Library just for fun. He shared messages with people. He hacked the girls phones. I was nothing for him. He had a list of people he would call up and watch them do their daily stuff. He’s truly gifted with computers. I’m good with computers I can do [unintelligible] but he’s one of those born to do it.

Simon Parkes February 6, 2021


Update 1: Fixed the video URL

There is much disinformation/misinformation in play right now for various agendas.  Feel the information as it comes at you. Do you feel off kilter when when you get it? Then you know the frequency with which it was sent.  It seems particular bad on Telegram.  

Rather than disparage certain pundits (some of which I know a lot about – but truth always outs) I’ll just say that of them all I like Simon Parkes and Sean Stone.  I think their personal frequencies and their genuineness.  Some of the others are as transparent as brick. 

I do greatly appreciate Simon’s reasoned tone and sense of the every day man.  Same with Sean Stone. I may not always agree with everything Simon says, but I do think he’s making the best effort with the information he has on hand.