Thasja Update — And Other Kinds of Human Trafficking

By Anna Von Reitz

The vermin kidnappers of Thasja didn’t succeed in making their Border crossing into Mexico yesterday, thanks in part to all of you ringing the phones off the hook at the California Justice Department.

While en-route to the Mexican Border, the kidnappers turned back and around, most likely tipped off that they were being observed and reported on. They beat tracks in reverse direction and are being closely surveillanced now.

One of the terrible things about the crime of physical human trafficking, is that it gives the vermin a hostage.

The situation with Thasja and the little children with her remains tense, but we are closing in and we have whipped and beaten the “authorities” into taking action. We may have uncovered one of the largest trafficking operations on the West Coast. It is beginning to look that way.

We will keep you all updated as we learn more and hopefully, as she and the children are recovered and set free.

Meantime, I want to observe to all of you that it is possible to “traffic” people on paper as well as in physical fact, and that is exactly what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did.

FDR trafficked millions of Americans — kidnapped them, literally, as babies in their cradles, into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea controlled by the equally foreign British Territorial United States. He press-ganged them and enslaved them for life, via the presumption of [Territorial] United States Citizenship and transported them on paper into the jurisdiction of a foreign country.

FDR is, arguably, the greatest criminal of all time, having ultimately done this to more people worldwide than Mao, Stalin, and Hitler combined ever dreamed about. He and his older Cousin, Theodore Roosevelt, worked the whole scheme together, with “Teddy” laying false claims against our land and FDR laying false claims against our money, our labor, and our souls.

Every time that one of these quasi-military tribunal “courts” attacks YOU they are doing so on the basis of having trafficked your Trade Name into their jurisdiction on false pretenses. They are engaged — literally — in human trafficking, inland piracy, and enslavement.

It’s time to start charging these courts and their officers, the attorneys, with the crimes they are guilty of and using their own system against them.

Once you have issued your Foreign Sovereign Immunities Notice to them and having “fully informed them” regarding any crime you may have witnessed or have first-hand knowledge of via a letter on your own letterhead addressed to the Judge, Registered, Return Receipt Requested — you have discharged any duty you may owe THEIR court to inform them about crimes happening in their jurisdiction.
If they continue to address you with “Motions” and actions calculated to force you to engage them, it’s time to report them for misaddressing you, for using deliberately deceptive language (the all-capital letter Dog Latin NAME) and attempting to traffic you and to seize upon your lawful Person and its derivative PERSONS — all of which have been re-conveyed to the land and soil of your birth state— thanks to your diligence in correcting your own political status records.

You will want to file a simple Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney effective with your actual birthday as an Extension to your Re-Conveyance Deed, and also a Letter of Appointment making your Trade Name the only Attorney-in-Fact and Power Holder associated with your names, estates, and accounts.

Denying all Powers of Attorney serves to discourage any further action against your Persons and explicit appointment of your own Trade Name as the Attorney-in-Fact and Power Holder puts an end to any argument over your standing and capacity.

Having your paperwork done, knowing what it means, and how to use it, is like having a loaded .44 in your purse (or holster) for when the kidnappers come.

If they persist in misaddressing you as any form of YOU after you have given them Due Notice and having fully informed them, take the docket sheet down to the nearest Public Safety Office and swear out a complaint against the named Court, Judge, Clerk, and Attorneys for: (1) willful trespass, (2) willful false presumption, and (3) attempted human trafficking.

It turns out that trafficking your name on paper into foreign jurisdictions is just as serious a crime as trafficking your body.

Start hoisting these judges and clerks and attorneys on their own petards and it won’t take long for the word to spread and the courts to start functioning properly again.

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