The Accounting

By Anna Von Reitz

For all the confused people out there: 

An accounting ledger traditionally has two sides to it, a plus side, and a minus side. 

For 150 years, without our knowledge or consent, the purported “Trustees” have had all American land, property, and assets sequestered and held in trust, accruing credit and interest and lease payments and fees and rents.  

All that has been going onto the plus side of the ledger for the benefit of the American States and People —- supposedly.  

In actual fact, the American People were never told a word about this cozy arrangement, with the result that the Trustees (Queens, Kings, and Popes) were able to invest our assets “for” us and benefit themselves and their bankers via having access to this gigantic Slush Fund and control of all our assets. 

They borrowed against all our assets and thus created obligations that they forced their own subjects — the unwitting “U.S. Citizens”— to pay off as franchise debts. 

So, as you can now see, all the debts and costs have been accruing on the minus side of the accounting ledger, against all the “U.S. Citizens”.

Americans = credit.  U.S. Citizens  = debt.  

Of course, accidentally on purpose, we, the Americans, were all systematically mis-identified as “U.S. Citizens” and divested of our lawful inheritance and forced to go through an unmarked legal obstacle course to prove who we are and regain what was always rightfully ours.   

All of this, everything we have suffered, is nothing but a gigantic Breach of Trust and Identity Theft swindle– using a bogus accounting system, falsified public records, a rigged foreign court system, and private, foreign mercenaries operating under color of law to provide enforcement.  

The bankers have sat in the middle and profited as middlemen, making sure that they had access to all our assets for their investment slush fund, and making it difficult nigh-unto-impossible for people to ever find their way “home” again and reclaim their estates. 

What happens when you bring both sides of the ledger together?  

The “U.S. National Debt” vanishes like a pfoof-tee in a high wind.  It is literally nothing compared to what the Americans are owed. 

And that puts an end to the “presumption” that we are bankrupt and that our service providers are bankrupt and also puts an end to U.S. receivership by “U.S. Bankruptcy Trustees” appointed by the guilty banks responsible for this situation.  

We, the People, of The United States of America [Unincorporated] are richer than Midas, several times over.  They, the “inhabitants” of the British Territorial United States and Municipal United States, are destitute. 

And this is all arbitrary, the result of false accounting practices and deliberate self-interested falsification of public records.  

Many banks have benefited themselves from this situation — not just the Federal Reserve.  The IMF has been on the receiving end, too.  The World Bank. The IBRD.  The BIS.  J.P. Morgan.  Citibank.  Wells Fargo.  Bank of America.  Bank of England.  Bank of Scotland.  Parabas.  UBS.  The list goes on and on.  

They all lined up at the trough, they all benefited themselves at our expense, they all conspired to rob us blind and leave us mis-characterized as destitute, endlessly indebted  “U.S. Citizens”.  And at the end of the day, even that wasn’t enough. 

No, this time around, they planned to take it all, and “resettle” America, just as they resettled Ireland 150 years ago, using mercenaries from the Federal Agencies acting under color of law to displace and evict their clueless victims —- over debts the victims never owed. 

What we have done is to reclaim the American Credit side of the ledger and put the screws to these criminals.  Now, acting as the Priority Creditors, we are waiting for Mr. Trump to bring us the debt side of the ledger.  We will exercise our option to reconcile the books.  

By law, we are owed our estates back, free and clear of debt or encumbrance compiled by secondary parties.  See the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, which is still standing and still part of the international probate code.  See Article 9, Section 402, of the Uniform Commercial Code. 

Not only are we owed back all of our actual factual assets and our Good Names free and clear, we are also owed 150 years worth of fees, leases, rents, accruals, insurance payments, labor contracts, and joint venture proceeds, plus interest.  

Thanks to action taken by Living Law Firm members, all the assets of the Territorial and Municipal United States and the Federal State of State Trusts have been rolled over and under the protection of the sovereign unincorporated States.  

Thanks to our Living Law Firm, the Constitutions are still in place, and the Queen and the Pope are still obligated, but no longer in control of our contracting process. 

Thanks to our Living Law Firm, your lives and your property have been re-secured and returned safely to the land jurisdiction States. All you have to do is the paperwork to identify yourselves as Americans, native to your State of the Union.  

Best of all, all our Delegated Powers have returned to our control by Operation of Law.  That’s the cherry on top of the whipped cream.  We are free to determine our own future and enjoy our rightful place as a free and independent country. 

It has only taken 242 years.  

“But, but, but….don’t we have to pay taxes to pay for all the public assistance and welfare and costs of government and the military and…..” 

No.  Not anymore.  A new way of financing government is being put into place, one that does not depend upon human trafficking, bogus accounting systems, identity theft, enslavement, or any other evil.  

This will bring wonderful changes not only for America, but for the whole world.  So, take a moment. Bow your heads. Listen carefully to the silence.  The Great Fraud is ending as quietly as it began, with the shuffling of some words on paper, and the reconciliation of an accounting ledger.

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