CAUTION: Extremely Hilarious! The Amazing Lucas VIDEO 3-27-19… “Senator Mike Lee is LEGEND”

This makes a bit of fun about the “Green New Deal”. I found it absolutely hilarious! Personally, I’d love to travel to and from Hawaii on a giant purple seahorse!

And, no, I am not opposed to many of the things that AOC was outlining, in the “Green New Deal”. I do believe that these seeds (that of no burning oil products for travel, etc., etc.) needed to be planted in the visible planetary consciousness field, and they will come to pass. I mean, hey, they’re already here… just ask anyone in the Secret Space Program (or the Pleiadean Star Fleet)!

Published on Mar 27, 2019
Senator Mike Lee is LEGEND
Senator Mike Lee goes off on the Green New Deal, which obviously no one voted on because it was prattle.
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The Whole “#MakeALabelAndPushIt” deal is falling apart… (#WalkAwayfromLabels)

Links to first video

Links to second video

(By the way, that’s “Make a Label and Push It”)

This is just a “Label Circus” that have things like #SomethingPrivilege, #LiberalLunatic, #ThisorThat. There’s always some intention behind it. And they are all failing. These are very low vibration 3D things that are bound to fail during this time of intense Higher Vibrational incoming energies.

Enjoy laughing with these!