The Bond Company/Insurer, Black Rock, Inc.

By Anna Von Reitz

There’s a lot of wild supposition going on about the status of the economy and the role of Black Rock, Inc., and on and on. There are even stories circulating that Trump somehow planned all of this to happen on his watch and that he is in cahoots with Black Rock and so on.
Let’s get this straight.
The bond company/insurer would have been there no matter who or which political party happened to be in power when the government corporations defaulted. It’s not Trump’s “fault” nor was it part of his plan to be in this situation at this time. Okay?
These are big business operations — both the US. Inc. and the USA, Inc.
Black Rock is holding a lot of their bonds, and many of those bonds are euphemistically called “labor bonds” based on the “presumption” — False Presumption, as it is — that you are a “ward of the State [of State]” and that your labor is “pledged” to support the government service corporation’s debts.
If true, that would make you a voluntary indentured servant of the British Territorial State of State organization operating in your State of the Union— and this would have to be “voluntary” on your part, or it would be recognized as international crime.
Remember the video I shared of the IRS Commissioner asserting on camera (and with a straight face) that Federal Income Taxes are 100% voluntary?
They dolled this basic scheme up in 1937 by creating a Municipal corporation franchise named after you. This entity is openly a slave.
Municipal Law and Noahide Law are the only laws left on Earth that allow slavery, so they created a whole bunch of “slave shell corporations” for themselves, named them after you, and left you with the bill. And four members of “Congress” acting in the dark passed Noahide Law as a law allowed by the Territorial Congress — and applied it to Territorial U.S. Citizens. So everyone is a slave now, according to them.
The Pope simply claimed that you were “pledged” to do this by the Queen who claimed that you were voluntarily indentured as a ward of the British Territorial State of State substituting itself for your actual State government.
Step One, voluntary indentured servitude — the status of our military as U.S. Citizens.
Step Two, involuntary enslavement as Paupers / Wards of the State (status created in Step One by the Queen) defined as Municipal “citizens of the United States”, the status of the Federal Civil Service employees.
Mr. Fink and his world-spanning corporation, Black Rock, Inc. and all its affiliates invested in this scheme and bonded it. So now the rest of the world is finding out what these monsters in suits did here, in Breach of Trust and commercial contract.
It’s not plausible to think that the world’s largest bond holder wouldn’t know the whole schtick, front and back, but just to make it clear —- Mr. Fink bought a Fat Pig sold to him by the Shills in Washington, DC, who are actually the responsibility of the Queen and the Pope. Not our problem.
Oh, make no mistake — he knew he was engaged in “securitzing” living flesh. He knew that was absolutely forbidden under all law under the sun, except the Pontiff’s Municipal Law —and the at-the-time no longer used Noahide Law, which also has to be removed to end slavery.
Larry Fink knew that we weren’t all Municipal Employees. He knew we weren’t “voluntarily” paying Federal Income Tax. He bonded the scheme anyway, and became the de facto insurer for it.
We, the gullible, trusting Americans, have been the “marks” in this fraud scheme for 160 years, and nobody expected us to wake up and say, “WTF?”
But we did.
So now Mr. Fink has been out and about trying to get people to sign up as “shareholders” and re-enslave themselves “voluntarily”. This activity on his part is what prompted my letter to him yesterday, reminding him that we are back on the land and that shady deceptive sea jurisdiction contracting processes are no longer allowed.
The day before, I reminded him that his company and its affiliates are all chartered under the [Territorial] State of Delaware and sheltering in the Delaware State Trust — all of which belongs to the actual State known simply as Delaware and the properly constituted Delaware Assembly, so he needs to talk to me and Annie McShane, the Delaware Assembly Coordinator.
The Municipal Government has been folded up like a tent in the night. Look around. See any STATE OF STATE signs anymore?
And as the Municipal Government leaves, the slaves are set free.
This cracks it down to the level of the British Territorial Government and the “presumption” of our “voluntary” indentured servitude. And that’s a crock, too.
The plain fact of the matter is that they have acted as our Federal Subcontractors — employees — and they have usurped upon and bilked their employers to enrich themselves.
And now Mr. Fink, whose company is on the hook for all of this, is trying to “manage the assets” —- us —- and get us to accept a position of “shareholders” in corporations that owe their charters to us.
IF we were to do that and “accept” his assertion that we were shareholders, and U.S. Citizens, we would automatically be re-enslaved, only by the Territorial Government applying the Noahide Laws, an eventuality already prepared for.
But, in fact, and in all venues of the law—-
We already own all the corporations chartered under our auspices.
No need for us to accept the much lesser position of “individual shareholders” and give our proxies to political lobbyists who are in fact working for foreign governments —so that they can make trouble and waste our substance with absolutely no accountability at all.
Been there. Done that.
The corporations chartered by our Territorial minions all belong to us and to our States of the Union, and instead of illegally trying to tax our right to buy and sell whatever we want to buy or sell, the corporations are going to come to heel and pay their share for a change.
Or they all get liquidated and their assets get nationalized.
If they want to live in a paper world and play their paper games, they are welcome to do so; but, in the same token, everything they have built and everything they profit from, is subject to liquidation for cause.
Corporations are allowed to exist “for any lawful purpose” — not “any legal purpose” —- a blunt point that the lawyers and attorneys can grasp with no trouble at all.
It would take all of ten (10) minutes to prove that:
(1) the Municipal Government in this country is limited to one mile square in the District of Columbia, and the 185,000 corporate subsidiaries it established on our soil are here illegally;
(2) that the Municipal Government’s continuing refusal to abolish slavery is a threat to the health and happiness of every community of mankind on Earth;
(3) that every Municipal Corporation established using our delegated power in fact belongs to us, the American States and People;
(4) that all Territorial Corporations likewise established using our delegated power also belong to us, the American States and People;
(5) that we are not franchisees of corporations; we are in fact the issuers of all the charters of all these Territorial and Municipal Corporations via the delegated powers — and now, instead of living our lives as slaves to our own creation, the corporations are going to serve us.
Or we will pull their charters and nationalize and re-sell every single corporation that has functioned as an accomplice or collaborator or beneficiary of crime against the Public Interest.
So, Mr. Fink, think carefully. GM, Raytheon, General Electric, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed, EXXON, Elon Musk, SpaceX….. have you all got your thinking caps on? You owe your existence to our sovereign power.
Without us, you don’t have a corporation. Betray us, and you don’t have a corporation. Do anything to harm the Public Interest at all, including the individual best interest of our people, and you don’t have a corporation.
Gone. Poof! Like a puff of smoke in a strong wind.
Go tell the Prince of Bunk to stick that in his stack and smoke it.



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