The Brits — Incredibly — Again?

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember my observation that the Brits are always, always, always at the bottom of every dog pile.  Always.  Without exception.  Wind your watch by it and take it to the bank: 

But, occasionally, in their zeal to “maximize impacts” and get as many strikes in with one blow as possible, they overthink themselves.

Remember that the rats have attempted to relocate their operations to China?

The parasites decided to leave the US two decades ago and have been steadily relocating to China ever since, investing in China, corrupting the Chinese Government with bribes — like the outrageous offer to pay a gold head tax for voluntarily reducing the population — and beginning the frog boiling process on the Chinese Government, just as they did in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Carthage, Rome…. and of course, the US. 

Not too long ago, HSBC was well on its way to becoming the most powerful bank on Earth.  

The venerable HSBC Holdings PLC is a British multinational investment bank  holding company that got its start in Hong Kong in 1865. Not coincidentally the same year that the Civil War ended, and Confederate Gold seized by British Privateers had to find a new home. The initials stand for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.  

Stock down 33%.  All because of a virus that MI6 and Company unleashed. 
Really makes you wonder which side they are on.  The Exodus to China has been halted, but at a terrific cost. 

In the days to come this kind of profit and loss analysis will reveal who gains and who loses by the Corona Virus, and together with the patents, will tell us exactly who to blame and also, will suggest what motivated them. 

The losses of some Brits through HSBC are, you can count on it, being offset by gains for other Brits and persons sitting on the mainland of Europe. No doubt there will be “US” beneficiaries of this atrocity, too.  We will be able to see with pinpoint accuracy who was in on the scheme, and which Master they serve. 

For right now, take a look at this amazing statistic about the effect of war on the United States economy, taken from Prolegemena to Current Martial Law, cited from: The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1993, page 127.  

This shows the Average Annual Increase in Federal Receipts following upon each war: 

After the Colonial War (Revolution): $869,000.00 per year
After the War of 1812:  371% increase.
After the Civil War: 997% increase
After the Spanish-American War: 19% increase
After World War I: 1,226% increase
After World War II: 3,290% increase
After Korean War: 622% increase
After Vietnam War: 315% increase

What this translates to is unimaginable profits — long term profits — for “the” United States of America franchise of the British Crown, all funded on our blood and our resources, and the blood and resources of other innocent people.   

It is no longer any mystery why this country has been kept at war for the better part of two centuries, and why other countries have been made to suffer, too. 

Quite simply, with corporate profits of this magnitude to be made, the mindless, faceless, immoral governmental services corporations — have every profit motivation to promote war and suffer no sure and certain reprisal for these activities, because the Pope/Pontiff has skirted his responsibility to revoke their charters and liquidate them. 

And why, absent any common sense or vestige of Christian morality, would he do that, when these same parasitic and evil corporations are kicking back vast amounts of payola and political power to him?  

Think about it.  997% increase in annual Federal Receipts following the Civil War….. 3,290% increase in annual Federal Receipts following World War II…. 

No wonder these “Crazy Pigs” have been so fond of war.  They aren’t exactly crazy.  Just shameless and greedy and immoral and hypocritical and a whole bunch of other things I won’t try to list. 

And now, we are about to find out exactly who they are, where they live, and what makes them tick.  That was hardly their expectation when they unleashed this scourge, but that is what will happen as an unforeseen result.  

It’s a lot harder to kill innocent people when they are finally awake and watching what you are doing. 


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