Several VIDEOs viewed today (11-20-20), with data that may “blow socks off” (aka, “dee*p s*tate going away… Important actions may be in progress… in this now moment)

Image links to the final video

[Kp update: added one more video with Juan O’Savin.]

Okay, I’ve seen quite a few videos today. I’m going to list them off in order of viewing. I’ll highlight the ones I’ve felt were “highly resonant” with my “Higher Inner Guide”. Here we go:

MACRON GETS RED PILLED as He Gives French Muslims ULTIMATUM!!! (Dr. Steve Hurley)

Ep. 2333b – Dominion Execs Running, Message Sent In The Past, Received In The Present (x22Report)

Ep. 2334b – Once The [News Unlocks] Can The Puzzle [Full Picture] Be Put Together, Panic In DC (x22Report)

Special Forces Operators are activated directly to the Secretary of Defense. Bye Bye Deep State (Michael Jaco) (Kp note: great intel here, and a short 5 minute Crystal Bowl meditation (to end the lockdowns) is at the end of this; I feel it will be helpful to participate)

Janine & Ania do Tarot Card Readings with Charlie Ward (The Gesara Club) (Kp note: very fascinating readings done with Janine; also Charlie receive intel at about 22 minutes which indicates a major operation is about to take place via General Flynn. I’ve felt this was important enough to download as an MP4 (157 MB).)
MP4 download (157 MB)

Juan O’Savin, “The Hammer Falls, Here Comes The Pain!!!” (Rogue News) (Kp note: points out how vote count in a “small district” in Nevada is drawing major legal groups to try to prevent investigation of the vote computers.)