The Great Abomination

By Anna Von Reitz

When I was a child, and even as an adult, when I was reading the Bible I would “stumble” over my understanding of certain references. For example, I always wanted someone to plainly and succinctly explain what was meant by “The Great Abomination” and other numerous references to “abomination” in the Bible, such as the one referring to sodomy as “an abomination”. 
We all tend to vaguely realize that we don’t actually know for sure what certain things mean, but with no ready answers available, we also tend to make shift with what the context seems to be and assume a meaning for it.
Most people assume that “The Great Abomination” is referring to some loathsome sin, but no, it refers to an ancient and profane religion — the same profane Babylonian religion that Abraham was running away from when he left the Babylonian City of Ur, and the long trek of the Hebrews began.

So what was this loathsome religion? Who was “The Mother of All Harlots”?

To this day, this secretive religion, doesn’t really have a name. We call it “Mystery Babylon”, but strangely enough, none of the Christian Churches or Jewish Synagogues talk about it or appear to know what it is, what it believes, or even that it exists in the modern world. Yet, “Mystery Babylon” is very much alive and in evidence nearly anywhere you care to look — street plans, place names, corporate logos, statues — it’s still here.

This religion according to the ancient records of numerous cultures in the Middle East, began in Babylon, when a beautiful woman “fell to Earth in a silver egg that landed in the Euphrates River”. This woman had rays of light coming out of her head. Her name was Semiramis. She married Nimrod, the King at that time, a grandson of Noah.

The story is consistent with a space ship escape pod crash landing in the Euphrates about 8000 years ago, and with Semiramis being some kind of E.T. from an advanced humanoid society being stuck here in the near Stone Age. As it turns out, the story is also consistent with Semiramis being some kind of criminal on the lam, because she brought to Earth any number of evil ideas and traditions— among them:

1. Sex as a sacrament;
2. Temple prostitution — you expiated your sins by paying for sex with a temple prostitute;
3. Idolatry — the use of money to “represent” goods and labor, also the worship of other kinds of idols to “represent” gods and goddesses;
4. Tree worship/sacred groves — used as places for sacrifices;
5. Immolation of infants — death by casting babies into fiery (often owl-shaped) furnaces;
6. Pedophilia, bestiality, sodomy, fetishes, etc.,
7. Public orgies as festivals and celebrations;
8. Use of masks and wigs to hide identities and commit crimes;
9. Castration of priests
10. Worship of the “Father of All Lies” – aka – Nimrod, Poseidon, Satan, Neptune, etc.
11. Telling lies and making up con artist schemes as “prayers” and “worship”.
12. Drinking of blood; ritual cannibalism.
13. Soothsaying, speaking with the dead, astrology, forecasting the future.
14. Casting of spells and incantations.
15. Invoking demons by “sacred utterances”.
16. Abuse of alcohol and drugs of all kinds.

All this came from one humanoid woman named Semiramis who splashed down in the Euphrates River. You would think, that given the terrible impact that she has had on this planet, we’d all know her name? 
It turns out that we know her by many, many names. In addition to her oldest name, Semiramis, we have Isis from Egypt and Africa, Astarte from the Levant, Ashtoreth is the name the Hebrews gave her, Cybele was her name in Asia Minor, and….Columbia, as in District of Columbia and Columbia Motion Pictures.

No wonder that the religion that she founded is referred to as The Great Abomination and no wonder that it has been repeatedly suppressed throughout the world for centuries, as its entire premise is based on purposeful deceit and lies, crime, power-mongering, parasitical abuse of others, selfishness, immorality, instant gratification, illusions, sex, idolatry, cruelty, exploitation, superstition, black magic …. the list goes on. 
The Great Abomination is, literally, a Satanic Religion, built to honor Old One-Eye himself: The Spirit of Falsehood. Everything about it is twisted, inverted, sideways, upside down. Dog’s hind leg and worse.

So when you hear militia groups calling themselves “ISIS” you know what to think. 
When you hear that large numbers of “Roman Catholic” priests are diddling little children, you know that Mystery Babylon has been festering in the Church like a flea on a dog, using the actual Church as a storefront.

When someone talks about Temples, such as the Crown Temple, you know that they aren’t talking about any Christian Church. 
And when you see a statue of a beautiful woman with rays of light beaming out of her head, you know better than to call her the “Statue of Liberty” —at least, not with a straight face.

I hope all you New Yorkers are listening. That’s the Great Whore, the Mother of All Harlots, standing out there in your harbor. Continuing to have it there is like painting a target on your city. 
And, as Jesus said — “When you see the Great Abomination standing where it should not stand, you know the time is short….”

Should Semiramis be standing in New York Harbor, on the threshold of a largely Christian nation? 
I would say that that definitely qualifies as “standing where it should not stand” and I would advise everyone based on everything else I can see — to turn your minds and hearts away from violence and toward peace, away from sin and toward Our Father, away from death and toward life, away from falsehood and toward truth. 
Do this with a will and a vengeance, as this is your greatest weapon and protection in this spiritual war between Truth and Deceit: “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid…..”


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