The Missing 1100 Years

By Anna Von Reitz

I got a very angry letter from a Catholic (former) Nun, about six months ago, berating me and asking me how I could be so idiotically stupid as to issue a Payment Bond to the Holy See with what appears to be a maturity date 1000 years from now. 

She didn’t understand, but the scribes and blasphemers do. 

You see, the difficulty is, that we spend most of our lives facing backwards and trying to move forward.  The moment that something becomes the object of our attention, it is already in the past. 

That essential moment of power called “Now” is hard to catch.  It’s always moving onward faster than we can train ourselves to keep up, and unless we learn to focus on and ground ourselves in that precious moment, we are living backwards— not just facing backwards.

We become disoriented and trapped in the delusion caused by faulty senses and faulty reference points. 

So now imagine what happens when the men in charge of keeping the calendar — which in itself is a foreign invention used to calculate debt — decide to arbitrarily delete 1100 years-worth of mankind’s existence? 

All the history, the threads of many ancient cultures, and vast amounts of knowledge are burned, bartered, and given away. All sorts of tricks are employed, even Black Magic, to erase and hide those missing 1100 years.

That, “adjustment to the calendar” and a lot of other “creative reshaping of the narrative” is what the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church did during the Council of Nicea and afterward at other Councils, like the Council of Trent. 

They waved their hands and flicked their pens and wiped out over a millennium, and that was just for starters.

So, everyone assumes that the world is younger than it is, and as for debts being due, such a ruse — if successful — gives you 1100 years of “extra” usury that you never have to account for.   

Until, of course, you are facing a Fiduciary, who knows exactly what you’ve done.  

This isn’t actually 2020.  It’s 3120. 

So as you can now see, the  Payment Bond is Due and Owing, and if we were to hold the whole debt against them, it is 107 years overdue, because they were supposed to pay up and the Sons of Saturn were supposed to leave in what we think of as 1913, aka, 3013.

Instead of paying up, or leaving, either one, these False Guardians, these crooked Noisome House Guests doubled down.  They decided to dig in harder, extract more “penance” from the Earth and its people—when in fact, they are the ones who are the Debtors. 

The entire circumstance is exactly 100% the opposite of what they want you to believe.  They want you to believe that you are the Debtors, when in fact, they are the Debtors.

They want you to “forget about” all that they owe you and what they spent of your inheritance for 1100 years, plus the interest they owe on that, and which they promised to pay back, in addition to all the rest.  

They want you to ignore the fraud involved in all their shimmy-shuffle “symbolic” money systems, which are obvious idolatrous BS, that they used in non-equitable exchange for actual goods and services for centuries.

And at the end of the day they want to find some specious excuse to kill off most of their creditors, enslave the rest, and steal their creditor’s assets for their own?  Really?

Yes, really. 

Welcome to the diabolical world of the Father of All Lies.

Even though the entire situation and all of what is coming to them is all their own fault, the Evil-Doers among us are very angry, stomping their little feet and waving their little hammers, blaming everyone but themselves.  

It won’t do them any good.

The Payment Bond is due and owing. In fact, it’s overdue.  Is there any doubt that your Father will settle this for you? 

Will the Curse of Lamech not overtake them? 

Be patient yet a little while longer, while everything is prepared. Turn your thoughts to Jerusalem and the mighty city gates….. all opening up, at last.


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