The Most Important Part

By Anna Von Reitz

The Most Important Part
Somehow, though I repeat and repeat the most important part of the message isn’t getting through.
There are and there have always been two (2) populations of people in this country. Pay attention. This is critical.
The two groups as defined by the Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783 are: the “free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States” and the British “inhabitants” left here after the Revolutionary War to provide– as Article IV of all three Constitutions puts it — “essential government services”.
The Brits are subjects of the King (or Queen). No mystery about that.
The Americans are supposed to be acting as “free, sovereign, and independent people”, but thanks to British Breach of Trust and legal chicanery and deliberate falsification of public records and bankruptcy fraud and identity theft — you have (nearly all) been mis-characterized as “volunteer” British Territorial Merchant Mariners and British “citizens”.
It’s up to you to correct the falsified public records and clearly identify your permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born, and to stand your ground and properly identify yourself in the face of any police or court action— but most importantly, to behave accordingly.
Think about it — if you really were a “volunteer” in the British Merchant Marine service, you would be expected to obey their rules, would you not?
That’s the presumption that the courts have.
As a result of falsified public records and various mistakes you have made over the course of your life seemingly allowing them to identify you as a “citizen” of the British Territorial United States, you have been tagged as a British “federal employee” and as a “Tax Payer” and as a “criminal” and as a “Withholding Agent” and all sorts of other things.
None of which you are.
It’s up to you to become aware of who you are and who they are, and to put them resoundingly in their places when they approach you with their false presumptions about your political and employment status.
Some of the first questions you may want to ask after you present them with your Mandatory Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Notice are:
Who gave you permission to address me?
We want to get to the bottom of who is responsible for mis-directing the police and the courts to address Americans “as if” they were British subjects. Eat your way up the food chain. It’s a simple question and deserves a simple answer.
By what right or evidence are you presuming to know my political status?
Again, we want to get to the bottom of the dog pile.
Are you aware of the fact that I am owed The Law of Peace and all aid that you can provide me?
This is bound to be big news to the Equity Judges who think that they are here to rule in the Queen’s stead and to exercise her “prerogatives” over her subjects. Present them with a copy of Department of the Army Pamphlet 27-161-1.
This British Fraud Scheme has been going on a long, long time, so don’t be surprised if you meet resistance and dumbfounded expressions (“OMG! The horses are talking!”).
We’ve been asleep for 150 years. They aren’t expecting us to wake up.
One of the key things for you to do now is to recognize the difference between “us” and THEM.
We are free, living sovereigns of this country. They are “dead” corporate franchises merely residing here, doing the job of providing “essential government services”.
They owe us their Good Faith service in performance and exercise of the delegated powers. We owe them payment for performing those nineteen enumerated services.
It should be a simple relationship, but generations of self-interested British Bunko and false claims have confused both sides of the issue.
One is reminded of a Grade B Hollywood movie based on mistaken identities.
They profit by claiming that we are one of them, and we have been deceived by clever constructive fraud and similar names deceits into allowing this confusion of identities to exist.
When we step back “over the line” and onto the land and soil of our native state, we “retire” from all presumptions and obligations of federal service— regardless of what age we are when we do so.
We are no longer “eligible” nor obligated to participate in Social Security (except to receive back what we mistakenly put in), and we are certainly not federal nor federated “State of State” Tax Payers of any kind. We are not obligated to register anything as belonging to the Territorial or Municipal “State of States”, not obligated to pay any mortgages owed by these entities, nor to be licensed for any activities except: interstate sale or transport of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. We are not obligated to participate in any “Selective Service” registration process, either.
They are they and we are we, and what all this amounts to is that THEY owe the return of all our assets free and clear and unencumbered. Now.
THEY also owe the return of all the credit owed to us — all that we paid in federal taxes that we never owed, all that we paid into Social Security under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit, all the money we paid in to mortgages that were in fact owed by their organizations and not by us at all, all the money that was owed to our parents and grandparents as a result of usury against our actual silver and gold, all the money they collected as property taxes based on false titles—- all due and payable and on our side of the ledger. Now.
They have attempted to claim that we “abandoned” all this credit owed to the American States and People, but that is not the case.
They have attempted to distribute our gold (from the 1933-34 confiscations) and our credit to all the other nations in the world and make themselves out as great philanthropists in the process.
The truth is that they have acted as common identity thieves and fraud artists and that they did this in gross Breach of Trust.
The further truth is that they have plotted — in desperation to avoid the truth — to kill off 90% of the world population in an attempt to avoid paying all their Creditors.
They’ve also knowingly and illegally foreclosed on millions of Americans who are in fact their Priority Creditors.
These are all commercial crimes and war crimes of the most profound nature and THEY are rightly scared witless of the consequences. If you are still acquiescing by inaction and ignorance to being tagged as a British Territorial “Citizen” you should be making tracks out of Babylon as fast as you can go.
However, the vast numbers of innocent people who have been duped begs for mercy.
Therefore, what we have proposed is a simple step-by-step process by which the central banks forgive all debts and the government corporations stop all commercial prosecutions of people living on the land worldwide.
Upon forgiving all debts, the banks can be allowed an equal amount of credit for distribution.
To begin with, according to our plan, everyone on Earth has their guaranteed and inviolable identity secured to them, their own unique account, and two lifetime stipends — one sufficient for basic living expenses and one for making investments. These stipends are non-taxable, private, and lifelong.
All titles to land are to be returned to the living people they belong to and all public land titles returned to the actual land jurisdiction States or counties or provinces where they belong.
Beta Tests have already been run to gauge the affect of our plan.
1. It avoids hyper-inflation entirely.
2. It provides permanent insurance for losses and damages for everyone worldwide.
3. It provides for all necessary government services without taxation ever again.
4. It provides for secure private identities and new hack-proof, secure internet and banking services.
5. It provides a base-line income for everyone young or old in every country, so that abject poverty will be a thing of the past and all the economies will be stimulated by new consumers.
6. It provides a basis for individual investment in the world economy and de-centralizes investment decisions, which has proved to be a a superior model for maximizing investment potential.
Our plan also provides substantial planetary social benefits:
1. New investment in infrastructure and technology worldwide.
2. New investment in pollution control and clean up.
3. Excellent early retirement options.
4. Free continued education
5. Job mobility.
6. Improved preventive medical and dental care.
7. Improved upkeep and maintenance of homes and other structures.
Best of all, with our plan, there doesn’t have to be any big social upheaval or displacement. Nobody has to die for their participation — witting or unwitting — in the criminality of the past.
It’s clean, it’s efficient, it helps everyone and harms nobody.
At which point, compared to the other plans that have been brought forward, our plan stands nose and whiskers above all others.
And it is assisted by the fact that the lion’s share of all this credit is owed to us, as are all the charters of all the Territorial and Municipal governments worldwide — so this is the option being promoted by the Priority Creditors of the entire world infrastructure.
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