The Most Secret "Society" and The Key Issue

By Anna Von Reitz

Keys and locks correspond symbolically with answers and questions, problems and solutions, and, strangely enough, both security and imprisonment— which is just a matter of which side of the door you are on.  

So when you innocently glance upward and see the “Three Keys” of the Urban Trust (City of Rome Trust) and see them plainly displayed as the logo of the Swiss Bank and Trust UBS and also on the Papal Tiara, the odd multi-layered crown of the Roman Pontiff — an office that they now claim is defunct, at least in name — it should make you pause and think. 

These are the Three Keys of Enslavement — mental, spiritual, and physical.
If they have your mind, they can have your soul and body.  And this enslavement, for better or worse, is the key to everything else that you now see going on around you. 

If you believe you are a slave, you will act as a slave.

If you believe you are a servant, you will be one.

If you know you are a king, you will be a king, despite all outward circumstance. 

This is the truth of the matter.  This is what the enemies of mankind cannot abide.  It ruins their entire matrix, their sun, their clouds, their story lines and everything else depend on enforcing their set of ideas about who you are — on you. 

They start their insidious program very early, telling you who you are, what you are, what you should expect, what you should not dream of, where you fit in their cookie-cutter model of reality.  At this age, you “should be” doing this, and at that age, you “should be” doing that.

You must believe this and not believe that, even if you don’t and do, according to your own observation and logic.  You are not allowed to think.  You are not supposed to question anything.  Just open your mouth and your brain and ingest, ingest, ingest everything and anything that they happen to be selling.

Did Jesus die for your sins, or did he die because of our sins? 

All through school it is the same way.  You have age-based performance standards, age-based Intelligence Quotients, and age-based peer groups, all rigidly enforced.  And none of this is natural.  None of it respects our unique nature or our individual developmental schedule.

God forbid that you not graduate High School at age 18 and then, depending on your social class, go straight into the military or into a tech program or labor job or college.  It would be the end of the world if a woman should simply graduate from college and not get married and produce her 1.75 children by age 30.

Slavery comes in many colors and shades of belief, from believing you are too young or too old, not the right shape, or not the right color, but in the end, slavery is always about the ideas that people hold about themselves and about each other. 

The Mystery Babylon Religion was centered around slavery and profit from slavery from the very start of its idolatrous existence, and it cannot form its powerbase without slaves.  Someone has to fill the base of the pyramid scheme to keep those on top, on top. 

If you understand this thoroughly, then it is no surprise at all to learn that the Popes and the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy and all their Federal Civil Service Employees working for the Municipal United States Government sided with the South in the so-called American Civil War.

And the key issue was?  Their support of both slavery and peonage as a “necessary” part of the human condition. 

They were pro-slavery from their days in Babylon and ever after; they even contrived to abuse the teachings of Jesus to promote slavery and indentured servitude, calling themselves “bondservants” of Christ. 

This was the reason for the Scottish Protestant backlash known as the Fourteenth Amendment — describing all the Pope’s Municipal “citizens of the United States” as both criminals and slaves.

And this is the background that FDR was treading upon in his First Inaugural Address to the Municipal Employees, where he announced — more or less — that he was selling them into bondage, and issuing “clearing house certificates” in their names.

They, the Pontiffs and City of Rome oligarchs, have always promoted and allowed slavery and profited themselves from it– from the days of Rome onward. 

The First League of Nations was disbanded because of this same issue.  In 1926, thanks to the League of Nations, slavery and involuntary peonage were both universally outlawed, worldwide — but the Roman Curia wouldn’t hear of it. 

You have to have slaves to build a pyramid. 

So they disbanded the League of Nations and tried again, with the more compliant and less wary United Nations. When Dag Hammarskjold discovered what the Insiders were up to, they killed him. And now, again, when the United Nations takes a stand against human trafficking, human enslavement, and involuntary indentured servitude — what happens? 

The move is on to disband the United Nations, the same way they disbanded the League of Nations. 

It’s only handy to have such a tool when the tool obeys you, right? 

And when the United Nations recently grew a set and said no to the horrors that the City of Rome and their understudies at the Vatican have perpetuated, the complicit members of the “Scofield Bible Institute” come forward with yet another multinational control plan, and proposing that we all replace the UN with “The Covenant of Democratic Nations”. 

Remember, my children, that a “Covenant” is a Coven Agreement, a binding made of energy, created by witches, warlocks, and sorcerers in the realm of the spirit.  It has no place in the realm of international diplomacy.

Also remember that “Democracy” is Mob Rule, a primitive and horrible form of tribal government that was thoroughly detested by our actual Founding Fathers, and despite all the talk, talk, talk about “American Democracy” — was never any part of the actual American Government. 

Democracy was the form of government adopted by the British Territorial Government of “the” United States of America, a Federal Subcontractor doing business “in our name” and using our Delegated Powers — but which has never attained a majority mandate at any time in its history. 

So much for “democracy”. 

Finally, you want to know about the most secret and terrible “society” — it’s the Bar Association, and due to the false assumption that this organization is a professional organization devoted to high professional standards for lawyers and attorneys, we all quite miss the fact that this organization functions as the bill collectors of the Roman-based Municipal Government and has done so since the Second Century Before Christ. 

We also miss the fact that every Bar Attorney is forced to swear a secret oath to accept and uphold the principles of human slavery and involuntary servitude. 

So, you want an end to the evils of all the Secret Societies? 

Start with the Bar Associations and their “secret” support for enslavement and peonage and their role as bill collectors for the City of Rome and their collusive attachment to the Roman Catholic Inquisition and in particular, the Dominican Order—- also known as the IRS.   

There’s enough rat-faced vermin in every place you look, so choose a target and set a hook. 


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