The New American Patriot Silver 1 ounce Medallion

Here are the first photos we have of our new American Patriot Medallion.

The obverse features the Revolutionary war Minuteman, but with a modern AR15 rifle instead of a Musket, driving home the point that ultimately our security is in the hands of We the People, and the Second Amendment is meant for our time for the same purpose it was written back then.

The reverse is our design for a divisible round that can be divided into half ounce or quarter ounce pieces so we can continue to do business when the silver prices go out of sight during the coming currency crash. Each quarter ounce is clearly marked .999 fine silver and one quarter troy ounce.

Using a sharp chisel these come out perfectly at 7.78 grams per quarter for a total of 31.1 grams per troy ounce.

We have a very limited quantity left from the first large batch of 1120 of these that we had minted.

Many of you asked for a lower minimum order so we are offering just 40 ounces total.

These will be sold in batches of 4 (4 rounds per batch) at a price of $108 including shipping via US priority mail insured and with signature required for each batch of 4.

If you want some click the PayPal link below to order. These won’t last long.