Usual Suspects Reassert Warmongering Script for North Korea

Following along the usual erratic pattern of Trumpian “deal making”, suddenly out of the blue the scheduled June 12 summit meeting and negotiations with North Korea has hit a wall. It would appear that marionette Trump is in his typical lap dog mode of following his Jewish neocon master’s script.

The large reptilian brain capacity is why I was chosen to get paid the big bucks, you Kansan plebs.

And what exactly is that script? They are recycling and invoking their “Pearl Harbor” neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). And it is not enough for these reptilian warmongers to work over the Middle East. No, we would suggest Asia is also on the menu for hell on earth destruction.

In the policy rag, The National Interest, one Stephen Bryen and Shoshana Bryen co-authored this NLP article. Shoshana Bryen is Senior Director of the Jewish Policy Center and has more than 30 years of warmongering under her belt. The National Interest was founded by Jewish neocon Trotskyite Irving Kristol. The magazine’s honorary chairman is one, Henry Kissinger.

The magazine’s advisory council are an assortment of we aren’t in Kansas anymore Frankist usual suspects:  Morton AbramowitzGraham AllisonJohn Mearsheimer, and Dov Zakheim. The contributing editors are Andrew J. BacevichIan BremmerTed Galen CarpenterBruce HoffmanAndrew KohutPaul R. PillarMilton Ezrati, and Kenneth M. PollackAnatol Lieven and former editor Nikolas Gvosdev serve as senior editors.

Among the contorted gems in this article,

“Because of the shortcoming of missile defense and the fact that North Korea seems unresponsive to persuasion in the form of three aircraft carrier task forces and sorties by B-1 bombers off the North Korean coast, President Trump’s options are bleak: wait for a real North Korean attack with the risk of something far worse than Pearl Harbor, or preempt if preparations look threatening. No matter how you look at it, the threat is circa 1941, while our preparations are stuck in the mid-1930s.”

Yes, for those who turn off the Kardashians long enough to get acquainted with our entry-level course, Dot Connecting 101, we’ve been down this Pearl Harbor rodeo before haven’t we?

Soon after the Bryens laid their lizard egg, followed yet another National Interest doozy. Once again we are subjected to twisted, inverted Luciferian/Frankist Talmudic algebra. It’s like another Shoah! The author is basically saying, “Let’s definitely kill 1.4 million people now so 7.5 million – a number I’ve essentially pulled out of my ass – won’t potentially be killed at some point in the future.”

Of course big “preventive war” in Korea turns China’s attention away from Syria and Iran, killing several birds with one stone for the global Crime Syndicate.



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Temple Mount Optics Offers Unprofessional US Ambassador to Israel a Freshed Shitstorm

The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is situated in the center of the Temple Mount. The rock is the spot where Islamic prophet Muhammad ascended to Heaven accompanied by the angel Gabriel. This is also the site of the Temple of Solomon (aka First Temple) and the Jewish Second Temple, which were destroyed by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago.

Due to its significance, the Dome fuels the emotions of both the Jewish and Christian religious messianic zealot communities. Nutwings claim that destruction of the Dome of the Rock would be the “turnkey event” for the start of the prophesied Judgement Day.

The Temple Institute wishes to relocate the Dome to another site and replace it with a Third Temple. The conversation centers around the requirements to rebuild the Temple as a function of the messianic era. Nutters believe that supremacist Jews would ride herd over the world. The internal debate centers around the “controversy” of forcing God’s hand. Many in the Evangelical Christian nutwing faith consider rebuilding of the Temple to be a prerequisite to Armageddon and the Second Coming. That’s when 144,000 nutwing chosenites are raptured into heaven while the rest of us burn in hell.

Nutwing chosenites ascend to heaven

Needless to say, the mere threat of damage to or destruction of the Dome of the Rock would be fightin’ words in the Muslims world and could even threaten the rest of us with Armageddon, according to prophecy. But go back to sleep Martha- nothing to see here, move along.

Enter one David Friedman, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, who on Tuesday posed with a shit-eating Cheshire-cat grin holding a poster of the powder keg Temple Mount area. An image of the Third Temple had been inserted at the location of the Dome of the Rock. The ambassador’s stunt naturally was met with a storm of outrage.

The U.S. Embassy now claims that Friedman was ambushed with this “cheap trick” photo by his cronies at Achiya, an Israeli settler organization. Even if one took this explanation at face value, it shows that Friedman must have the I.Q. of a crocodile reptilian.

Our go-to source for actual news in Israel, Haaretz, adds more color. It reports, “Friedman has been a controversial figure in the U.S.-Israel-Palestinian Authority axis. Known for his support of the settlements, Friedman headed a group that has raised tens of millions of dollars for Beit El, one of the most radical settlements in the West Bank.”

Photo: Haaretz

There have been threats before to the Dome of the Rock. They’ve come from the more extreme elements of the Likud power structure, which runs Israel. It has not gone without notice.

Even before the horrific optics for Israel of the massacre of Palestinians on their side of the Gaza border, Ronald Lauder, who’s head of the World Jewish Congress, weighed in (March 20) on the overall issue of escalating Israeli nutwingism and going so far as calling it a “grave threat to Israel.”

The New Nationalist (TNN) could just as easily offer the exact same observation that American and British goyim are held captive by messianic extremist “Zio-evanelgicals,” who are “a grave threat to America.” But nobody is even addressing this. Both of these elements are being funded and nurtured by a group of transnational Jewish and Zio-Christian mega billionaires, who operate without restraint.

Lauder offers his view, and everybody with a pulse should read his statement (below). As background to the sway of the Jewish-supremacist elements within Israel, there are locations within Jerusalem religious shrines that are closed to not just Christians and Muslims but also to non-observant Jews. And TNN can’t imagine that Lauder is too happy with the latest shit storm created by U.S. Ambassador Friedman.

– [The] threat is Israel’s capitulation to religious extremists and the growing disaffection of the Jewish diaspora. Most Jews outside of Israel are not accepted in the eyes of the Israeli ultra-Orthodox, who control ritual life and holy places in the state. 

– Many non-Orthodox Jews, including myself, feel that the spread of state-enforced religiosity in Israel is turning a modern, liberal nation into a semi-theocratic one. A vast majority of Jews around the world do not accept the exclusion of women in certain religious practices, strict conversion laws or the ban of egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall.

– By submitting to the pressures exerted by a minority in Israel, the Jewish state is alienating a large segment of the Jewish people. The crisis is especially pronounced among the younger generation, which is predominantly secular. An increasing number of Jewish millennials — particularly in the United States — are distancing themselves from Israel because its policies contradict their values. The results are unsurprising: assimilation, alienation and a severe erosion of the global Jewish community’s affinity for the Jewish homeland.

Ronald Lauder tries to keep it “in house,” and we doubt the goyim could get away with saying the same thing. His final warning addresses the big issue we have with Jews in general and cuts to the heart of the matter. We can only hope his hive-minded tribe members take heed.

“Sometimes loyalty requires a friend to speak out and express an inconvenient truth.”

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J’Accuse! Media Matters: Astroturfing Con Artists Manufacturing False Divide-and-Conquer Dichotomies

We took note of an article that Media Matters for America (MMfA) published titled “Here are the conspiracy theories and hoaxes being spread about the Santa Fe shooting.” This “article” is merely a list of lame comments curated from 4chan, Twitter and Reddit. However, interspersed with the stupidity are some genuine truth bombs — but the manipulation here is guilt by association, or genetic fallacy. There’s no Trivium method or even analysis, as MMfA operatives only allow terse one liners.

The vast majority of stupid comments center around political left-right false dichotomies. This is defined as a situation in which two alternative points of view are presented as the only options, whereas others are available.

The alleged shooting started at 7:45 a.m. CST on Friday, May 18, and it was a good half hour or more before preliminary reports began to emerge. As a reference, The New Nationalist (TNN) has learned that we need to sit back and wait before selecting the more blatant anomalies in these events. In the case of the Santa Fe “shooting,” our initial post went up a good 24 hours later. We updated and added to it over another 48 hours. If you read the comments from our readers, you will see discernment and a desire for veritas.

Somehow and incredibly MMfA had already gleaned through thousands of comments, most of little merit, and had its contrived story up at 12:54 p.m. EDT (11:54 a.m. CST) — a mere four hours after the event began to go down in Texas. We are asked to believe that these fools were online within a few hours and without any basic facts or information and yet were just blowing it out their asses. Then MMfA conveniently “located them” and “exposed” the skullduggery.

Almost simultaneously, Zio-conman Mike Cernovich was also spewing forth false dichotomy and worthless nonsense. Just one big distraction. Probably two-thirds of his retweets are bots.

J’Accuse! MMfA is a well-financed, high-order, blow-it out-you-ass, astroturfing fake and con and political lobbying group of the DNC. (Astroturfing is defined as the artificial creation of a buzz for a product, service or political viewpoint.) Astroturfing has a negative connotation, because deceptive tactics are used to build a buzz by taking advantage of the anonymity the Internet provides. Do you see real names in its “story.”

We suspect MMfA just manufactured the majority of the “conspiracy theories” for a quick hit-and-run effect. For the kind of oligarch money MMfA has to play these games, it sickens us to imagine what kind of real investigations and truth-seeking TNN or others with some integrity could do. By the way, George Soros funds at least 10 percent of MMfA’s operations and John Podesta provides it office space.

TNN has also noticed that despite the fact that we generate about 75,000 views a month — and many thousands viewed staged-deception post — that nobody is the faux media like MMfA takes us on. That’s probably because an ad-hominem attack against us would have a Streisand Effect, meaning free advertising for us. And other than one-trick-pony shaming and gaslighting, a debate on the details and anomalies could red pill too many people. We view gaslighting from these reprobates as a badge of honor.

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Canada’s Brookfield On Buying Spree In Brazil, Where There’s ‘Blood In The Streets’

By Tyler Durden | 21 May 2018

ZERO HEDGE — Brookfield Asset Management is one of Canada’s largest investing firms, with over $285 billion under management. The company was formerly founded in 1899 as the Sao Paulo Railway, Light and Power Company, but over the course of over a century has turned itself into somewhat of a Berkshire Hathaway of Canada, with deep ties to investing in Brazil. Not unlike Berkshire Hathaway, Brookfield looks for deep value and distressed situations – exactly what it was able to find, and capitalize on, in Brazil over recent years.

The recent economic climate of corruption and recession in Brazil has meant that assets have been put up for sale at dirt cheap prices. Brookfield has been quietly and methodically scooping up these assets, using its experience in Brazil as a guided to navigate a volatile economy. Reuters reported:

In 2016, for example, Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (BIP.N) led a $5.2 billion acquisition of a pipeline operator from Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PETR4.SA), the state-controlled oil company at the heart of the Car Wash scandal. Recently, another Petrobras pipeline network with half the capacity fetched a top bid of around $8 billion from other investors. Bargain-hunting Brookfield gave that deal a pass.

The Canadians’ savvy is built on nearly 120 years of experience in South America’s largest economy. But the recent buying spree pushed the company to new extremes of due diligence and bulletproofing, according to interviews with six people involved in the deals.

Brookfield’s CEO was tongue in cheek about the way he described buying distressed assets in the company’s letter to its investors from February of this year, using the term “sellers in need of capital” instead of something less tasteful, like “desperate sellers”:

Chief Executive Bruce Flatt, whom some call the Warren Buffett of Canada for his value-investing approach, called recent Brazil acquisitions “quality businesses from sellers in need of capital” in a February letter to investors.

Left wing politicians in Brazil have been notably against the scooping up of state assets by private companies. […]

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Senate Candidate Patrick Little Hates the Jews. Here’s Why That Matters.

By Rob Gloster | 10 May 2018

THE JEWISH NEWS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA — Patrick Little is more than an hour into an anti-Jewish tirade that doubles as the centerpiece of his campaign to unseat U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein when he issues a blunt warning.

“The longer the Jews try to hold onto power in a country where the public’s waking up to them … the harsher the reprisal is,” the Albany resident and former Marine told J. this week. “It’s Jewish behavior that gets people angry at Jews. What you call anti-Semitism is caused by Jewish behavior.”

Little, 33, calls himself a white nationalist. He rejects the labels of white supremacist and neo-Nazi, saying the latter would just play right into the hands of the Jewish media. During the interview, he rattles off some familiar anti-Semitic tropes: that the Holocaust is a hoax, that Israel played a major role in the 9/11 terrorist bombings, that Jews controlled the African slave trade before the Civil War, that “Jews kill Christians — they do it a lot historically.”

He adds a few more contemporary charges, such as that President Donald Trump is being held hostage by Jews and that media organizations including Fox News are mouthpieces for Israel. He says one of his major goals as a senator from California would be to reroute all U.S. aid now going to Israel to Hezbollah, and make it a crime — punishable by the death penalty — if any politician ever suggests aid be restored to Israel. […]

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Wiki Battle: Philip Cross — A Person or a Crusade?

The Philip Cross Affair

UPDATE: “Philip Cross” has not had one single day off from editing Wikipedia in almost five years. “He” has edited every single day from 29 August 2013 to 14 May 2018. Including five Christmas Days. That’s 1,721 consecutive days of editing.

18 May 2018

CRAIG MURRAY — 133,612 edits to Wikpedia have been made in the name of “Philip Cross” over 14 years. That’s over 30 edits per day, seven days a week. And I do not use that figuratively: Wikipedia edits are timed, and if you plot them, the timecard for “Philip Cross’s” Wikipedia activity is astonishing is astonishing if it is one individual:

The operation runs like clockwork, seven days a week, every waking hour, without significant variation. If Philip Cross genuinely is an individual, there is no denying he is morbidly obsessed. I am no psychiatrist, but to my entirely inexpert eyes this looks like the behaviour of a deranged psychotic with no regular social activities outside the home, no job (or an incredibly tolerant boss), living his life through a screen. I run what is arguably the most widely read single person political blog in the UK, and I do not spend nearly as much time on the internet as “Philip Cross”. My “timecard” would show where I watch football on Saturdays, go drinking on Fridays, go to the supermarket and for a walk or out with the family on Sundays, and generally relax much more and read books in the evenings. Cross does not have the patterns of activity of a normal and properly rounded human being.

There are three options here. “Philip Cross” is either a very strange person indeed, or is a false persona disguising a paid operation to control wikipedia content, or is a real front person for such an operation in his name.

Why does this – to take the official explanation – sad obsessive no friends nutter, matter?

Because the purpose of the “Philip Cross” operation is systematically to attack and undermine the reputations of those who are prominent in challenging the dominant corporate and state media narrative. particularly in foreign affairs. “Philip Cross” also systematically seeks to burnish the reputations of mainstream media journalists and other figures who are particularly prominent in pushing neo-con propaganda and in promoting the interests of Israel. […]

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