Faux Feminist Gloria Steinem: A Portrait of CIA-Controlled Opposition for Internationalist Agendas

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Feminist icon Gloria Steinem

Throughout the post-WWII era, certain usual suspects have been given a pedestal and have been promoted. The dead give away is that these individuals just aren’t that compelling or even intelligent. They are hired hacks whose mission is to tear down traditional institutions and degrade society. One of those targets was the family and relationships between men and women.

The point of the spear of the attack on family and anti-male demonization was the manipulation of the “left” or “liberals” by the internationalists. This is sometimes referred to as the “Liberal or CIA-controlled opposition.” Today, there is plenty of vitriol against liberals. But is it really the liberals at all? Hidden history reveals that liberals were led around by the nose by foundation-sponsored CIA-controlled opposition. This is very similar to what we are now witnessing with the controlled-opposition Alt-Right.

One of the poster girls for the more radical feminist movement was (((Gloria Steinem))). She fessed up to being on the CIA’s payroll, openly describing them as “enlightened.” Today, through the wonders of the Internet, people who are awake can see her in the flesh talking about her CIA activities.

This is not the only time so-called counter-culture mucky mucks have praised the CIA. Tim Leary in his autobiography wrote, “You may not know that dissident organizations in academia are also controlled. The CIA creates the radical journals and student organizations and runs them with deep-cover agents.” [See “In Plain View: Jaw-Dropping Video of LSD Promoters Holding 1979 Meeting“]

“Alot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.” Allen Weinstein, founder National Endowment for Democracy, stated in 1991.

Steinem worked with the CIA’s Cord Meyer and his Independent Research Service and the National Student Association. The Redstockings Collective was an above-board, legitimate feminist organization. In its 1979 book “Feminist Revolution,” they devoted a whole chapter to Steinem’s CIA work. After Steinem threatened to sue them, they deleted the chapter.

A version of what The Redstocking Collective revealed can be gleaned from a 1975 article in the feminist magazine “Off Our Backs.” “The discovery of Steinem’s CIA employment raised a host of concerns about her sudden installation (mainly by corporate media) as the official leader of the U.S. women’s movement without any previous involvement in feminist groups or campaigns.”Redstocking also details the corporate funding that helped Steinem inaugurate Ms Magazine and promote the magazine’s pivotal role in transforming American feminism from a broad multi-class, multiracial movement to one devoted to divisive male bashing and advancing career opportunities for white upper-middle-class women.

In response to the Redstocking’s 1975 article, FederalJack.com offers:

“[Clay] Felker was Steinem’s editor at Esquire, where her first free-lance pieces were published. Felker hired her as contributing editor to New York magazine in 1968 and booked publicity spots for her on radio and television talk shows. Felker put up the money for the Preview issue of Ms. in January, 1972, a large part of which appeared as a supplement to the 1971 year end issue of New York magazine. In effect, it was Felker who made Steinem famous by giving her a platform from which to establish her women’s liberation credentials…What has not been widely known up to this time are the earlier political roots of the Steinem/Felker collaboration.

“Felker was with Steinem at the Helsinki Youth Festival, editing the English language newspaper put out by the CIA-financed delegation…In the case of Ms. there are two major sources of financing that we know of in addition to the help which was provided by Clay Felker. The first wource was Katharine Graham, publisher-owner of the Washington Post and Newsweek, who bought $20,000 worth of stock before the first issue of Ms. was published…The other major source of funds was Warner Communications, Inc. which purchased $1 million worth of stock after the preview issue of Ms. appeared. They took only 25 percent of the stock, though putting up virtually all the money…”

Interestingly Ms Magazine‘s first publisher was Elizabeth Forsling Harris, a CIA-connected PR executive who planned John Kennedy’s Dallas motorcade route.

More on controlled opposition can be gleaned from an archived article on Steinem that appeared in Newsweek, on June 4, 1984.

“In previous incarnations, Steinem dated Mike Nichols, Rafer Johnson, and other notables. For the past nine years she has been romantically involved with Washington attorney (((Stanley Pottinger))), a Republican and former Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.”

Pottinger was in the Nixon/Ford administration, from 1973 until 1977. They continually ran aggressive COINTEL programs. Why would a woman and hardcore feminist like Gloria Steinem be involved with Pottinger for nine years? And last — but certainly not least — it’s interesting to note that she dated Henry Kissinger. Steinem denies this. The people one associates with intimately and over a long period of time are one of the indicators of where one’s real sympathies reside — especially on intelligence operations.

Who is Cord Meyer?

Cord Meyer was a minion of the Anglo-American Zionist-internationalist apparatus. Researchers like Timothy Kelly, Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin have devoted many hours to covering this network. It is suggested readers go there for deeper material on the who, what, where and when. Meyer came from a very wealthy family. At every turn, he shows up as a globalist/internationalist. Early on, he traded in warmongering agitprop against the America First movement for U.S. entry into WWII.

Cord Meyer Jr., president of United World Federalists, Inc., visiting physicist Albert Einstein in 1948 at his home to discuss Russia’s attitude toward world government. PHOTO: Alfred Eisenstaedt/Time & Life Pictures

However, after losing an eye in combat during WWII, he supposedly had a change of heart and became a pacifist. Next, Meyer set up the United World Federalists, a body aiming for one world government. He was also senior staff member of the American delegation to the San Francisco U.N. conference, and played a significant part in drafting the U.N. charter.

He married a heavyweight in the Progressive movement, Mary Pinchot, who was the daughter of another wealthy family of operators. Her father, Amos, was co-founder of the ACLU.

Mary Pinchot has a storied life of her own and is widely believed to have been a mistress of JFK as well as an intelligence operative. She was mysteriously murdered execution-style on Oct. 12, 1964. Myers on his deathbed was asked about her death. He hissed it was “the same sons of bitches that killed John F. Kennedy.”

Meyer just so happened to be the initial organizer of Operation Mockingbird, the secret campaign by the CIA to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, this was passed on to the Zionist CIA operative James Angleton. The media from that point forward was increasingly infested with internationalists and Zionists.

Cord Meyer was placed into the CIA as the head of labor, student and education operations. A couple of years later, the precise nature of this job was disclosed by Ramparts magazine. It found that Meyer had been distributing clandestine funds through a wide range of front organizations. These fronts were also funded by the Ford and Rockefeller foundations (and others). Others, like the Fairfield Foundation, were entirely CIA creations.

Cord Meyer

Their beneficiaries included the National Student Association and, wholly unknown to its staff, the cultural magazine Encounter. The public and congressional row sparked off by these disclosures were further compounded in 1972, when Meyer ran interference on Alfred McCoy’s impending book about south-east Asia’s heroin trade. Tacitly acknowledging the CIA’s probable involvement, Meyer demanded the book be officially vetted before publication. This unconstitutional attempt at prior censorship garnered huge headlines, and the book was issued unvetted.

Meyer further demonstrated his involvement with nefarious activities in 1972 during the Watergate scandal. Among those who burgled Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist in the hunt for evidence about the leaked Pentagon Papers was Eugenio Martinez, a Cuban activist retained by the CIA. When other staff questioned the agency’s illegal involvement in domestic affairs, Meyer said it was authorized and warded them off.

Saudi Media Releases Propaganda Film Showing Invasion Of Iran

By Tyler Durden | 17 December 2017

ZERO HEDGE — It’s been a little over three weeks since Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) called the Supreme Leader of Iran “the new Hitler of the Middle East”, escalating the war of words and ultimately launching the next leg up in the infowar between both countries.

And now the Saudi media, building on that rhetoric, just published a powerful short 3D-animated film depicting the Saudi military invading and conquering Iran.

Al-Riyadh newspaper on Friday said the video called “Saudi Deterrent Force”- was created by “young people from Saudi Arabia”, which it “depicts reality and the prestige of the Saudi Armed Forces” invading Iran by air, land, and sea.

Further, Al-Riyadh noted, “the 5-minute film tells the operational reality of how the Saudi armed forces” plan to use advanced technologies from the United States, such as weapons, aircraft, ships, and tanks in an upcoming operation against Iran.

The film “Saudi Deterrence” not only revealed the defensive power of Saudi Arabia, but went beyond the detection of strategic missile system “East Wind”, which exceeds the range of 12 thousand kilometers, and can thus reach the Iranian military bases and nuclear reactors, F15, Taifon, Tornado and AWACS, as well as strategic Abrams tanks, high-armed naval frigates and the Air Defense System of Patriot batteries

Meanwhile, The New Arab said the short film has been widely “mocked” on social media as nothing more than propaganda from MbS. The film shows MbS in a control room orchestrating air, land, and sea missions, while the military has very little resistance against Iranian troops. At the end, the film shows the Saudi army taking control of Tehran, where the Iranian civilians are thanking the Saudis for the liberation. […]

Satanic Exhibit in the Vegas Courthouse

By Shari Dovale | 5 December 2017

REDOUT NEWS — One of the nicer parts of being in Vegas was the art display in the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse. Right in front, they had several photographs displayed of Classic’ Vegas. You might find Frank Sinatra or Marilyn Monroe, Elvis or Ann Margaret. Some of the photographs were of the older casinos. They were well done and historical.

Yesterday saw the removal of these beautiful photos, and they were replaced with drawings and paintings depicting evil. Now, you will see goat heads, dismemberment, bird men kidnapping women or children, and references to the Evil King. I am told that these are all textbook references to Satanism and Satanic beliefs.

These are reportedly created by local high school students. Their teacher said to one of the complainants, “They are learning that they don’t identify people by their faces.”

They were hung in the very front of the courthouse, next to the main entrance, just in time for a group of children to peer and gaze upon them during a field trip today. […]

PHOTO: Redout News/Raja Dee

Trump Honored With Friends of Zion Museum Award in White House Ceremony

‘President Trump’s historic recognition of Jerusalem will secure his place in history as the first American president to take that step since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948.’

13 December 2017

JERUSALEM POST — U.S. President Donald Trump received the Friends of Zion Award from the founder of the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, Dr. Mike Evans, in a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday.

The event was attended by Vice President Mike Pence, senior advisers Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and faith leaders representing more than 150 million Christians globally.

“No president in history has ever built such an alliance for the State of Israel and the Jewish people, and no president has courageously stood up for the State of Israel on the global stage as you had Mr. President,” Evans declared at the ceremony. “President Trump’s historic recognition of Jerusalem will secure his place in history as the first American president to take that step since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948.”

The Friends of Zion Award was previously been bestowed on world leaders such as president George W. Bush, Prince Albert II of Monaco and president Rosen Plevneliev of Bulgaria. Evans presented those awards together with the late president Shimon Peres, former chairman of the Friends of Zion Museum, to honor their courageous support of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. […]

Aristotle on Immigration, Diversity, and Democracy

By Guillaume Durocher | 24 February 2017

Aristotle (trans. Ernest Barker and R. F. Stalley), Politics (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995)

THE OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER — One measure of the intellectual and moral degeneration of the West over the last decades is the now near-total ignorance of the founding Classics of Western civilization, even among the so-called educated class. Those who remain in ignorance of what superior minds have thought before them are condemned to remain as children, at best reinventing the wheel, rather than standing upon the shoulders of giants.

While the Classics were clearly written for a time and place very different from our own, their concerns often speak to us very directly. Aristotle’s Politics, his main political treatise, is replete with comments concerning the dangers of diversity and egalitarianism. Aristotle’s political thought does not soar to the eugenic and spiritual heights of Plato’s utopia. However, Aristotle’s moderate and pragmatic brand of politics is much more palatable to someone raised in modern liberalism, while at the same time being a better introduction to the communitarian and aristocratic political ethics of the ancient Greeks.

Aristotle is greatly concerned with the preservation of civil peace in the city-state. One of the most common causes of “faction” and civil war, he says, was the unhappy consequences of unassimilated immigration and the consequent diversity. Aristotle’s prose is perfectly clear:

Heterogeneity of stocks may lead to faction – at any rate until they have had time to assimilate. A city cannot be constituted from any chance collection of people, or in any chance period of time. Most of the cities which have admitted settlers, either at the time of their foundation or later, have been troubled by faction. For example, the Achaeans joined with settlers from Troezen in founding Sybaris, but expelled them when their own numbers increased; and this involved their city in a curse. At Thurii the Sybarites quarreled with the other settlers who had joined them in its colonization; they demanded special privileges, on the ground that they were the owners of the territory, and were driven out of the colony. At Byzantium the later settlers were detected in a conspiracy against the original colonists, and were expelled by force; and a similar expulsion befell the exiles from Chios who were admitted to Antissa by the original colonists. At Zancle, on the other hand, the original colonists were themselves expelled by the Samians whom they admitted. At Apollonia, on the Black Sea, factional conflict was caused by the introduction of new settlers; at Syracuse the conferring of civic rights on aliens and mercenaries, at the end of the period of the tyrants, led to sedition and civil war; and at Amphipolis the original citizens, after admitting Chalcidian colonists, were nearly all expelled by the colonists they had admitted. (1303A13)

Thus, immigration of different peoples was a common source of conflict, often leading to civil war and concluding with the ethnic cleansing of either the native peoples or the invaders. […]

‘Black Legend’ Propaganda: In Defense of the Spanish Inquisition

The agitprop and demonization operations we write about on the pages of The New Nationalist (TNN) are nothing new or modern. In fact, the usual suspects were behind them then just as they are now. Case in point is what is referred to as the “Black Legend.” The principal target was the Spanish Inquisition. It was built into a massive atrocity campaign throughout Europe by Spain’s enemies and opponents.

Oddly, the Frankfurt/Main area of Germany was a hotbed of propaganda against Spain due to the great number of Jews who fled Spain and settled there after Ferdinand and Isabella expelled them in 1492.

It’s a fact of history that Jews aided the Moorish and Berber tribes from North Africa in their entrance into Spain, and they flourished under Muslim rule with some achieving high positions in government. When the Christian Reconquesta was achieved, they began to be suspected of disloyalty to the united Catholic Kingdom of Spain under Ferdinand and Isabella. Much of the basis for the Black Legend is derived from the supposed mistreatment of Jews and Muslim Moors under the rule of Spain’s Catholic kings.

Most Inquisition measures against false conversos (crypto-Jews) took place between 1491 and 1530, as the Reconquista was consolidated. Typically, these populations were expulsed, not executed. True conversos were not persecuted, but instead often maneuvered into the bureaucracy and noble classes, typically through the age-old methods of marriage and money.

The War of the Alpujarras (1568–1571), a Muslim-Morisco uprising in Granada, ended with the forced dispersal of about half of Castile and Andalusia Moriscos (crypto-Muslims) populations. The coast was regularly raided, and slaves hauled off by Barbary pirates backed by Spain’s enemy, the Ottoman Empire, and the Moriscos and Jews were aiding them.

Between 1560 and 1571, 82% of those accused in Inquistion proceedings were Moriscos. Between 1615 and 1700, cases against Moriscos constituted only 9% of those judged by the Inquisition. Philip IV in 1621 gave the order to desist from attempting to impose measures on remaining Moriscos “unless they caused significant commotion.”

As different geopolitical conflicts developed with the English, Dutch and French, the agit-prop took on a life of its own. Italy developed a virulent black legend agit-prop as Spain occupied various lands in Sicily and southern Italy. The tools used against the Spanish were the printing press combined with lies and fabrications.

Contrived rumors were spread that Spain was planning an alliance with the Turks in an attempt to subjugate the German people. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, since it was actually Spain at the forefront of European defense against the Turks.

One of the most famous and influential agit-props was the “Book of Martyrs” by John Foxe (1516–1587). Many of the themes that are repeated later on are to be found in this text: anyone can be tried for any triviality; the Inquisition is infallible; people are usually accused to gain money, because of jealousy or to hide the actions of the Inquisition; if proof is not found, it’s invented; prisoners are isolated with no contact with the outside world in dark dungeons, where they suffer horrible torture, etc. Foxe warned that this sinister organization could be introduced into any country that accepted the Catholic faith.

The other atrocity agit-prop was the “Exposition of the Arts of the Spanish Holy Inquisition” published in Heidelberg in 1567 under the pseudonym Reginaldus Gonsalvius Montanus.

By and large, the principal writers of that day (like now) would cite and copy each other without doing any real research or even visiting Spain.

French philosopher Montesquieu joined the pile on by describing an inquisitor as someone “separated from society, in a wretched condition, starved of any kind of relationship, so that he will be tough, ruthless and inexorable.”

Satire and ridicule were popular writing styles, which drew Voltaire into the fray. Voltaire advanced the theory that the Spanish monarchy was nothing more than the plaything of the church and specifically the Inquisition.

In reality, there were a number of powerful interests besides the clergy in Spain, including merchants, tradesmen, nobles and military. These would often mitigate the influence of the Inquisition. Many influential Catholic archbishops and clergy were opposed to forced conversions.

In 1673, Francis Willoughby wrote “A Relation of a Voyage Made through a Great Part of Spain.” He summed up the demonization of the Spanish as follows.

Spain is in many places, not to say most, very thin of people, and almost desolate. The causes are:

1. A bad Religion
2. The Tyrannical Inquisition
3. The multitude of Whores
4. The barrenness of the soil
5. The wretched laziness of the people, very like the Welsh and Irish, walking slowly and always cumbered with a great Choke and a long Sword
6. The expulsion of the Jews and Moors
7. Wars and Plantations

The term “inquisition” has become so widely used that it has come to be a synonym for “official investigation, especially of a political or religious nature, characterized by its lack of respect for individual rights, prejudice on the part of the judges and cruel punishments.”

Black Legend propaganda led to the anticlerical ideologies of the left wing, such as socialism, communism and anarchism. It played a role in the mindset of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). It is reminiscent of the staged deceptions and “just make up shit” anti-white (and anti-Muslim) agit-prop we are witnessing today.

It should be noted that TNN writers are neither Catholic nor Hispanic- we have no dog in this but the truth.

What’s the Truth About the Activities of the Inquisition

In terms of the context of unifying Spain after centuries of war and Reconquista, the Inquisition was relatively tame. Far worse abuses were going on elsewhere.

An important point of which most people are unaware: The Inquisition had jurisdiction only over those who claimed to be Christians. Besides Protestants, that would include Conversos, Muslims or Jews who converted to Catholicism. It had no authority over the unbaptized.

Primarily, the philosophy used was suasion, shunning, expulsion and the bully pulpit. The accused had a period of grace in which to repent and confess their false teaching or gross misconduct on their own accord. If this was done, only a mild penance was imposed, never a severe punishment. The objective was to correct the Christians’ errors so that he or she would return to correct doctrine and practice. One’s beliefs were not seriously punished — openly proselytizing “false doctrine” was.

Far from being a star chamber, the accused — if he or she went to court — would write out a list of all their enemies. NONE of these people were allowed to testify against him. He was given trained lawyers and had the right to disallow any judge he thought would be prejudiced against him. (Is this ever done in modern American courts?) False accusations were punished severely. There was a strict protocol. The inquistors were typically lawyers or legal experts.

Citations for the next three paragraphs come from this excellent video documentary. BBC produced this in 1994, back in the day when it still had some reputation for legitimate truth and historical revisionism.

The Inquisition kept voluminous records of proceedings and on those it was keeping an eye. These records have been the subject of deep research in recent decades. Although the Inquisition had a chilling effect, in most parts of Spain — and especially small towns and rural areas — it had almost no authority or clout. The inquisitors would reluctantly roll into these towns once in a blue moon, but the local priests would not cooperate and would instruct their parishioners to speak no evil about their neighbors, cautioning even against gossip.

Juan Antonio Llorente (1756–1823), a fierce enemy of the Inquisition, whose “Critical History of the Inquisition” of 1817–1819 remains the most famous early work estimated the number of executions carried out during the whole of the period that the Spanish Inquisition existed, from 1483 until its abolition by Napoleon, at 31,912.

Recent scholars, such as Henry Kamen [“The Spanish Inquisition” 2014] conclude: “We can in all probability accept the estimate, made on the basis of available documentation, that a maximum of three thousand persons may have suffered death during the entire history of the tribunal” (p. 253).

Inquisitors did not believe torture produced the truth; therefore, it was rarely used. Research suggests about 1% of the more serious cases were subjected to lighter forms of torture and almost never prolonged or repeated torture. The only genuine iron maiden ever found came from Germany. Torture was widespread among Spain’s enemies. Its use in Spain was a myth.

Most of the Inquisition was, in fact, internal security measures taken during wartime conditions to deal with traitors, criminals and subversives, which were typically found in the crypto-conversos population in Spain and among rebellious Protestants in the Spanish Netherlands. Foreign Protestant agents operated in Spain as missionaries. For example, there was a surge between 1557 and 1562 (early stage of the Dutch Revolt) as the courts in Antwerp executed 103 heretics. There were many non-Catholics killed in religious wars, such as the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), but that had little to do with Inquisition activities.

The Inquisition was also a response to the depopulation of the Spanish coastal towns by Judeo-Muslim criminal slave-trading pirates. Many Muslim ship captains who raided Spanish coastal cities were Jewish.

The most important of these was Sinan, called “The Great Jew,” who would later be called the Muslim name of Kaptan Pasha. He was the leader of Barbarossa’s Muslim fleet. He captured Tunis from Spain in 1534. Much of the Spanish fleet was destroyed by Sinan in 1538. Meanwhile, Portuguese Jews (Morranos) were rearming Turkish Muslims. One of Sinan’s biggest operations was ravaging coastal Catholic districts of South Italy and Sicily in 1553 and hauling off tens of thousands of slaves.

American historian Robert Davis in, Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800, concluded that 1 million to 1.25 million Europeans ended up in bondage.

The second major Jewish pirate was Samuel Palache and his brother (aka the “Pirate Merchants”), who left Spain and settled in Fez Morroco. He operated out of Tetuan, a pirate port infestation astride the Strait of Gibraltar. Palache ended up in Holland in 1608, planning for Holland and Morocco to team up against Spain. When Spain and Portugal were united in 1580, the outgunned Inquisition was brought in to deal with this world-class skullduggery.

Witchcraft in Spain

In northern Europe, witches were burned at the stake by the tens of thousands. The Spanish believed witches existed, but were often viewed positively as healers. Ancient cults remained strong in many regions, and the Church rarely had a problem with that. An estimated 50 witches were burned at the stake over 350 years and usually in combination with some other behavior or heresy.

TNN Takeaway

Given the context of what they were dealing with, the Spanish Inquisition “didn’t do nothing wrong”. This is yet one more inversion of history in which the good guys who protected the safety and welfare of their people against predators and renegados, are painted as nasty.

One Bank Believes It Found The Identity Of Who Is ‘Propping Up The Bitcoin Market’

By Tyler Durden | 14 December 2017

ZERO HEDGE –Back in May when the Chinese domination over Bitcoin was ending, we predicted that it would shift over to Japan, specifically, we said that “just as the Chinese bubble frenzy in bitcoin is fading, it may be replaced with a new one, in which thousands of Mrs. Watanabe traders shift their attention away from the FX market and toward digital currencies” and added that “If the transition is seamless, there is no telling just how far this particular bubble can grow.”

Judging by the exponential price surge in bitcoin in the subsequent period, we were clearly right on the latter, and now, according to a new analysis, we were also right on the former, because as Deutsche Bank reveals in a new report by Masao Muraki, “Japanese men in their 30s and 40s who are engaged in leveraged FX trading (or who used to trade but have stopped) are driving the cryptocurrency market” and who according to DB, happen to be more or less idiots, arguably because for the time being they are outperforming every other asset class… in history, to wit: “Japanese retail investors are less financially literate than their US peers across all age groups. Compared to the US, financial literacy is particularly poor among people 35-54 years of age. The poor literacy of Japanese retail investors also stands out beside UK and German investors.”

Ah yes, by contrast the financial literacy of the world’s central-planners is off the charts. Look where that got us…

In any case, and without further ado, please meet the (rather boring) people who are propping up the Bitcoin market, at least according to Deutsche Bank. […]

Mastermind Of $4 Billion Bitcoin-Laundering Operation Will Be Extradited To US

By Tyler Durden | 14 December 2017

ZERO HEDGE — Greece’s Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by Russian national Aleksandr Vinnik, the purported mastermind of what US authorities have described as a $4 billion bitcoin money laundering operation, to avoid extradition to the US, where he has been indicted – along with his former company, mysterious digital currency exchange BTC-e – on nearly two dozen felony counts, including fraud and money laundering.

Russia, where Vinnik is accused of stealing 600,000 rubles ($10,500) from an unidentified entity “using… deception and the internet,” also requested extradition. The competing request had earlier been approved by another court ruling, but the final decision on the matter will be made by the Greek Minister of Justice. […]