Magenta Pixie VIDEO 1-8-21… “Mr Tea Tree and the New Earth Convergence Shift”

This was a marvelous presentation by Magenta of the multi-level, multi-timeline scenarios that can be playing out right now.

For myself, it helped me understand that I am choosing, one moment at a time, which timeline I align with. It also assisted my Higher Self in releasing any “concerns” about the outcome of the “Mr. Tea Tree vs. Mr. Bumblebee” conjunction.

And each will need to use their own Higher Discernment faculties to “understand” this one.

Personally, I loved it!!

Magenta Pixie discussing the plotline for her urban fantasy novel with characters such as Mr Tea Tree and Mr Bumble Bee. Set in an alternate America around the events leading up to and after a big competition. Contains references to small fluffy squirrels and bunnies and various types of fruit.

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