in progress, M
signal field substable. Dreamland v1.0 master test in progress, wipeout sequence 10 in progress, multiple system security breach at 504 deflected. Minimum M / HP
/ SD / DL / MDS  requirements met, VTX  requirements not

Short Situation Update


Light Forces are doing whatever possible to contain the conflict in
the Middle East. They have communicated to Black nobility families
that they will begin removing them from the surface of the planet if
this conflict escalates much further. Quoting Fulford:


This is the real reason why Israel is hesitant to begin the ground offensive in Gaza.

Resistance is getting much more directly involved in surface
operations, top priority being the removal of scalar and directed
energy weapons, among other things. Resistance agents are using Hamas
tunnels in Gaza as a perfect cover to emerge on the surface:



Light Forces are still asking as many people as possible to
participate in our meditation for peace in Israel every 4 hours:

is important at this time during this meditation is added focus to
visualize humanitarian aid reaching people in Gaza and their
situation being resolved in the best possible way. You can also
visualize negotiations resulting in lasting peace in the area.

following article, quite relevant for the times we are in and which I
have posted in 2018, has been censored by Blogger and forcefully
removed from my blog, and has been since reposted here:

Another article has many useful meditations you can use for your
spiritual growth:

useful meditations can also be found from the transcript of my mini
workshop in Germany:



are still more than welcome to join our Ascension conference in
Thailand in November, as we still have a few spaces available:

your Ascension process, the following book from Solara can be very useful:

Goddess temples are finally being open:

are getting closer to the completion of the Galactic prophecy:

of the Light!




in progress, M
signal field substable. Wipeout
sequence 9 complete, wipeout sequence 10 in progress, lock secure sequences complete, IS:IS reactivation attempt, L51.exe in progress. Multiple system security breach at 504, in deflection. Minimum M / HP
/ SD / DL / MDS  requirements met, VTX  requirements not

Situation Update and Thailand Ascension Conference


Light forces have scored a huge victory recently. The last pit under
DARPA has been cleared, and all Chimera individuals from that pit and
from the surface of the planet have been removed. Thus Chimera has
been completely defeated, and is no more.

the removal of the Chimera, cosmic evolution into the Light is not in
danger anymore, and positive timeline has been absolutely stabilized.
This means that final victory of the Light and the liberation of this
planet is absolutely secured, as there are no timelines with negative
outcome remaining.

the removal of the last pit and its mainframe computer, the biochips
can not send audio and video signals anywhere anymore, and the main
control network has collapsed. Biochips are now only dark
electromagnetic portals with their power diminishing fast, and they
will be removed very soon.

main control network on the surface of the planet is now scalar
monitoring network through cell phone 4G and 5G networks, and through
wifi networks. These networks are far less reliable, as they can scan
human activity with the resolution between 6 and 15 cm ( 2 to 6
inches), depending on the network used. This is the main control and
surveillance tool the cabal still has in their hands.

main factor now delaying the planetary liberation is the Lurker
with its subquantum anomaly. The Lurker directly influences human
subconsciousness by manifesting subquantum anomaly into quantum
fluctuations at the weakest spots of the human energy system. These
spots are biochips on the physical plane and implant anomaly remnants
on the etheric, astral and mental plane. These quantum fluctuations
then facilitate Murphy’s law on the physical plane, depression on the
astral plane and confusion on the mental plane:

nobility is now on the top of the food chain on this planet. They
were mandated by the Chimera 26,000 year ago to run the management
and control of the surface population. Since the Chimera is now gone,
the are connecting with the Lurker in their black magic rituals,
receiving guidance from him. Main black nobility families such as
Orsini, Colonna, Torlonia, Theodoli and Massimo claim their descent
from the Roman empire. This guy is their leader:

nobility members together with their Jesuit agents are about 2000
people strong.

them are about 50,000 Draconians in cloned humanoid bodies which
infiltrated the surface system since 1996 as politicians,
businessmen, lawyers, doctors:

there are about 400,000 members of the Illuminati network who are
there willingly, and about 2 million members who were forced into it.
This network is also called the brotherhood of death because someone
needs to kill a human being to be initiated into it.

we have about 100 million psychopaths who can be quite dangerous
under certain circumstances, such as these covid doctors and nurses:

there are about 400 million sociopaths who lack empathy.

there are about 3 billion sheeple who do not have the ability for
critical thinking, and just follow the trends of the society.



finally we have about 4 billion people who have the ability to think
clearly at least to a degree, and they are the hope for humanity.

main factor now delaying the liberation of the planet is the Lurker
with subquantum anomaly. The Light forces are now removing as much of
this anomaly as possible to then safely trigger the Event. They are
also releasing intel gradually, because if too much is released at
once, it triggers a too strong purification process of the anomaly.
This is the main reason why intel is being released gradually.

can help clearing the subquantum anomaly most effectively with the
violet flame:



fire of AN can also help:

of Tachyon chambers is one of the main networks that helps the Light
forces in anchoring Light on this planet, reducing the anomaly and
accelerating the process:

forces have arrived to this planet 900,000 years ago and almost
caused the extinction of humanity: 

they are nearing their final defeat.

awakening is coming, and scientists are finally beginning to search
for life in the center of the Galaxy:

X is on the verge of being discovered:

ideas how to colonize the solar system are being born:

all of this will change soon:

following part of the above book is the most interesting:


that is done will be undone:

prepare for the final phases, you are more than welcome to join us
for the Ascension conference in Thailand in November:

of the Light!



As promised, here are 20 answers to
your questions.

will the First Contact happen for people like me who don’t own

Contact for people who do not own property will happen at the private
land of people who volunteered to give that land for mass Contact.

the single person can contribute to get rid of the opressors of this
Planet, besides the meditation? I mean, in more active way .

the intel, plant Cintamanis, be kind and loving.

is the liberalization process so slow? Why aren’t the Galactic
Federation forces taking any physical action against the dark forces?
There is one answer, and that is the right of human choice… Who
among us does not want freedom, welfare and love, when the
intervention of the forces of light is against our will?

process is so slow because there are so many layers of the dark
matrix that have to be dismantled. The will of the surface
Lightworkers is clearly in favor of intervention, and intervention
will happen as soon as it is safe enough.

I ask Cobra, will directed energy weapons be dismantled during the
event? I was targeted by directed energy for 8 years.


is said that paying attention to negative and emotionally disturbing
news, such as the recent so called “natural disasters” and
Cabals other heinous acts, causes a decrease in the frequency of an
empath. How can we keep our frequency up while we’re getting aware of

yourself informed, but do not spend more than 20 minutes daily for
doing so.

you give an update on approximate percentage of clearings? (Ex: How
much anomaly, reptilian souls, Chimera, Archons, underground
bases/tunnels have been cleaned out?). Things feel a lot lighter
lately, much less dark attacks. Thanks for all the insights and info
on this blog!

is in the process of being cleared, almost all Reptilians are gone
from the etheric and astral planes, Chimera is almost completely
defeated, Archons/black nobility still keep most of their power, deep
underground bases are all cleared, some shallow underground bases and
tunnels still exist.

are the Light Forces (with it’s various races and organisations) and
the Resistance Movement’s feelings about the surface human
population? To elaborate the question: Do they hate us, do they love
us? Are they dissapointed in us, are they pitying our situation and
care about us? Are they neutral or confused about us and our
situation? What is an aproximative proportion of how many of them
care about us and how many just care to whipe out the darkness? Are
they excited or aprehensive to meet us? Are they excited to release
all those physical and emotional healing technologies that we can’t
wait for?

care about the surface population, but they feel pain because they
can not intervene directly yet. They are afraid of the power of
subquantum anomaly. They do not understand many things about the
surface population. They are excited to release healing technologies,
they are looking forward to interaction with humans, but are also
afraid of it.



the Evacuation, most of the surface population will live on a
Pleiadian planet. Will there already be a structure ready there, of
houses, products, technology, a government… or will we have to
start everything from scratch in the middle of the jungle?

infrastructure is already there, human beings there are given
assistance, technology, healing and guidance by the Light forces.

our pets come with us when evacuated?


will happen after the Event with the many resources accumulated by
Humanity, such as literature, poetry, music, art? Much of this has
been digitized and is on the Internet. Something is present on the
surface of the Earth only physically… If there is a big tsunami,
and much on the planet is washed away by water, what will be
preserved? What will happen to Internet resources, such as YouTube
Music, for example, and other resources containing the accumulated
cultural achievements of Mankind?

of the best pieces of art have already been rescued from the surface
of the planet and are stored at safe locations away from the surface
where they will survive the polar shift intact. All online resources
of the surface population are copied and stored at safe locations

the rumor of simultaneous meditation around the world
Is it true
that it is dangerous or ineffective to participate unless you are an
expert meditator?
I personally feel safe and effective because the
meditation procedure includes a protective process, and I will
continue to participate, but the above theory is still often claimed.

is safe to participate in mass meditations.

the Cabal push a new pandemic/lockdown event during this
autumn/winter and strech it into the next year (elections)?

might try, but they will fail.

Delta Option still a possibility the light forces are considering?

is possible, but unlikely.

Cobra, Has all physcial Chimera Spiders been cleared


it possible for someone to meet their soul mate but not recognize

and it happens often.

invoking the White Fire of AN clear subquantum anomaly?

it helps.

asked the light forces to very quickly show themselves a while back
and i saw 2 very quick flashes of gold light a minute or 2 after
asking. So because they showed themselves very briefly does this mean
it is somewhat safer for them to briefly show themselves now even
though i understood they cant show properly yet?


the Hawaiian fires an attack from the Dark forces?


will cities of light be needed during the tsunami?

stabilize the energy grid to guide the planet through the Ascension

Cobra, right after the Event will the people know from the free media
the importance of the lightworkers’ mission?