The Prince of the Air

By Anna Von Reitz

I have taught you all the basics of jurisdiction — air, land, and sea.

Most people tread the boundary of land and sea and find that most difficult, while the air doesn’t seem like that much of a problem.  After all, as my husband once joked, you can’t trip on the air.

That’s true, but one of the few redeeming aspects of it.

The Bible describes the Devil as the “Prince of the Air” for a reason. 

The air is the realm of bad beliefs, lies, deceits, “words of art”, patents, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, global law — and, yes, corporations. It is also the realm of energy, demons and angels, spirits, and elemental forces, light and sound and all else that conspires to create and support –or distort –the physical realm. 

It is at once the least substantial and the hardest to control realm, and it is also the battleground and location of the Final Battles of this World.

For many generations people have interpreted The Book of Revelation literally and making all sorts of surmises about it, but our Creator is Spirit, not Flesh and Blood, so all the great battles are fought and won or lost in the Unseen Realm and anything that happens in the physical realm is just a reflection of that which unfolds in the realm of pure energy and thought-feeling.

Some of you may have read about and studied the “Sacred Marriage” — which is the marriage of thought and feeling which ultimately creates us and creates our world.  This isn’t about creating any literal gold.  This is about mastering our ability to think and feel with purity and force, so as to move mountains, heal the sick, and transform our world.  All this takes place in the Unseen Realm of the spirit, in the jurisdiction of the air.

So even though it is least substantial, the jurisdiction of the air is the most important, and so the final battle of Armageddon takes place in our minds and hearts, and not on a plain giving access to the heart of Judea.

Please note that while the Devil may be the Prince of the Air, there is One who is the King of the Air, and against him the Devil has no answer.  Before him, the Slanderer stands still and silent. 

The story of the War in Heaven and all the many wars on Earth, has indeed been an epic drama, and in its way, no prophecy will be left unfulfilled, but there must be an end to all the fear and anxiety and the most pernicious “we’re all going to die!” hysteria. 

Your Father in Heaven knows you more intimately than your own breath, and he searches your heart.   Remember the words that have been spoken to you: “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

The actual battle is already over.

The Prince of the Air is vanquished and the True King comes; when what is true comes, what is false must pass away.  You are witnessing that, day by day. All the secrets and the lies are being exposed, until not one “stone” of Satan’s Kingdom will be left standing. Not one bit of The Spirit of Falsehood will remain.

Then you will know that actual Battle of Armageddon has come and gone in the twinkling of an eye, and that all has been made right, established on the Earth as it is in Heaven. 

And then, you will be astonished and rejoice and praise your Savior, Faithful and True, and praise your Father in Heaven along with the Heavenly Host and the evils of the past will be like shadows that fade away and words you can’t remember.  


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