“The Rule of Law” Is An Inside Joke

By Anna Von Reitz

When you hear these jokers talking about “The Rule of Law”—- realize that this is an inside joke. 

They are talking about the Court Rules that the British Courts get to make up as they go— not any Public Law, not any kind of law you ever agreed to. 

They are using this as a buzzword to make you think that they are pro-sanity and public safety, but no, what they are actually talking about is using the Blackrobes to rule and protect them from the rest of us. 

This is the result of the corruption of the English Common Law and its admixture with Admiralty Law in the 1750’s, which gave all the power of the courts to the judges, not the juries and allowed the judges to use their own politicized “discretion” to ignore the Public Law and enforce private policies instead. 

You don’t want “The Rule of Law”— you want the Law. Period. The real deal.  

So the next time some politician starts talking blithely about “The Rule of Law”— bring that person up short, explain what it means, and ask—- now, is that what you mean to say and support?  Judges unaccountable to the Public Law making things up as they go? 


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