From “Autonomous” (on 4chan board)… “The Swamp (Down the Rabbit Hole)” jpeg

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Well, somehow this “showed up” via an IntelDinarChronicles post. Here is the link to the 4chan post where it came from.

Direct (original) link to the jpeg: (3.33 MB)
Alternate link (on Kp storage site):

I looked through it and it seems to be pretty accurate. May be helpful for some to view.

One thing I noticed (3rd level down) was the “Major Funders Triangle”. The three points are Soros (top), Rothschilds (lower left), and Saudi Arabia (lower right). This triangle (or what appears to be that) was mentioned in the Part IV TruthEarth posting (Kp blog post here). Here is what it said:

Why were the events in SA [Saudi Arabia] extraordinary?…
Dark to LIGHT.
Why is this relevant?
One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history).
Other sides falling…
Families combined (TRI) = NWO. Inner TRI families will collapse.
What is the keystone? [apparently, Soros)

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